Panic Sweeps Start-Up Industry as Investors Urge Portfolio Companies to Withdraw Money from Silicon Valley Bank

Shares in SVB Financial Group (NASDAQ:SIVB), the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank, plummeted 60% on Thursday, followed by a further 21% drop in after-hours trading.[0] This was after it announced an emergency $2.25 billion capital raise to cover expected losses.[1] The losses have been triggered by a sharp run on its deposit base by clients who are running out of money.[1]

SVB Financial Group Chief Executive Officer Greg Becker held a conference call on Thursday advising clients of SVB-owned Silicon Valley Bank to “stay calm[2] amid concern about the bank’s financial position, according to a person familiar with the matter.[0]

The Bank stated that it was doing this as it expects [2] continued higher interest rates, pressured public and private markets, and elevated cash burn levels from our clients as they invest in their businesses.[2]

Concerns about the financial stability of Silicon Valley Bank were raised among tech venture capitalists and entrepreneurs due to the events.[4] Advice from some prominent venture capital firms resulted in their portfolio companies withdrawing their funds, creating the potential for a bank run.[4] If things were to take a turn for the worse, the bank may not have enough money to run its operations.[4]

People familiar with the situation have reported that Founders Fund, the venture capital fund co-founded by Peter Thiel, has recommended that companies withdraw their funds from Silicon Valley Bank due to worries about its financial situation.[5]

On Wednesday, Moody's lowered SVB Financial's credit ratings, citing their opinion that the market environment is unlikely to become conducive to SVB materially improving their profitability, funding, and liquidity.[6] Standard & Poor's (S&P) decreased their rating of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to BBB- from BBB, making it one notch above speculative[0]

Futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 17 points, amounting to a 0.05% decrease.[7] The S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures both decreased, with the former dropping by 0.06% and the latter by 0[7]

On Thursday, fear and worry spread through the start-up world as some venture capitalists advised the businesses they had invested in to transfer their funds away from Silicon Valley Bank due to worries about the bank's economic soundness.[6]

At Silvergate, the problem was a run on deposits that began last year, when clients – cryptocurrency ventures – withdrew cash to weather the collapse of the FTX digital-asset exchange.[8]

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