Meta Developing Text-Based Social Network App to Rival Twitter and Mastodon

Facebook's parent company Meta is reportedly developing a new standalone, text-based social network app that will rival Twitter and Mastodon.[0] According to Moneycontrol, Meta has confirmed the news and the app, codenamed P92, will be branded with Instagram's logo and allow users to log in with their Instagram credentials.[1]

The app will support the decentralized social networking protocol ActivityPub, which is what Mastodon is based on.[2] It will also be offered under Meta's existing privacy policy, with a supplemental privacy policy and terms of service specific to the app.[3] Reports suggest that the app will leverage existing Instagram data—like names, profile photos, followers, etc.For both those who sign up for the decentralized platform and those who do not.[4]

The app will include features such as tappable links in posts with previews, user bio, username, verification badges, images, and videos.[3] It will also have functionalities such as followers and likes, but it is uncertain whether commenting and messaging features will be available in the product’s first version.[3] Meta is also considering the ability to reshare content like Twitter, but only for business and creator accounts.[5]

The dev team is debating the potential of permitting the redistribution of content, akin to Twitter, but solely for business and creator accounts.[6] The MVP will incorporate a rights manager for content created by the company itself, but not content from external applications and servers.[3] As the app is decentralized, users can create their own servers and establish their own guidelines for moderating content.[4]

It is unclear when the app will be released, but the development team is currently in the early stages of development.[7] It is also worth noting that Meta launched a $12-a-month paid verification service for Facebook and Instagram back in February, and it is uncertain whether the company will be charging a fee for its badges as well.[8]

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