Data Shows People Want to Delete Instagram More than Any Other App

It seems like people are done with Instagram and Facebook and are looking to delete their accounts from the Meta-owned platforms. VPNOverview, a cyber security website, recently released data that showed a considerable increase in searches for terms such as ‘deactivate Facebook' and ‘deactivate Instagram.'[0] The analysis of search trends for the top 30 most popular apps showed that Americans wanted to delete Instagram far more than any other app.[1]

The data showed that searches for ‘deactivate Instagram' rose by 2,400 per cent, peaking on February 19, whereas ‘deactivate Facebook' team in the search was increased by 1,566 per cent.[0] This is not surprising given that the Mark Zuckerberg-owned Meta has suffered after Apple changed its privacy policy recently.[2]

Apps like Instagram survive on mobile ad revenue and heavily depend on tracking.[0] Apple's new update gives users more control and allows them to stop apps from tracking their moves on the device through the Cupertino-based tech giant's privacy features in Settings.[0]

If someone wishes to terminate their relationship with Instagram, they have two options.[3] They have the option to make a permanent change by deleting their Instagram account forever with no chance of returning, or they can temporarily deactivate their account.[3] A user has the option of returning at a later date.[2]

Overall, the data showed that Instagram had the highest search volume with 900,120 searches coast-to-coast. Facebook was second with 385,410 search requests related to finding out how one would get rid of the app on a phone or tablet.[4] Snapchat had 217,400 searches, Twitter had 92,490, and Telegram had 24,819.[5] TikTok had a “marginal delete search” with just over 14,000 searches.[5]

It is clear that people want to delete Instagram & Facebook – or deactivate their accounts, but it might not help. It's important to remember that these apps are popular and are on most people’s phones. One app has been particularly targeted by people who wish to delete it from their phones, for a variety of reasons.[4] Now we know which one that is.

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