WMAD VOTE for Jesse Support! & Useful Dog Tricks 4 Teaser!

By | March 31, 2019

Vote, Vote, VOTE for Jesse!~ Also Useful Dog Tricks 4 Teaser!

This video took a long time to upload I do apologize for the quality I uploaded direct – please cast your vote for Jesse!!

~Heather and Jesse~

Very pronounced My brother Jesse that's an image you're In a contest He needs your help yes just amazing dog [Music] Wait more than that college playbook Melba follow the information that Description box below the lower protect Just means truly deserving of winning This competition let's take a look He's a true leader He's over there a minute he'll be pop He's empathetic [Music] Be the best bro Oh yeah any stupid talented [Music] Oh tell me who said that who said that Mm-hmm anyway this message is approved By Jessie [Music] [Music]