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By | November 3, 2022

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Going on it's a bear hole Is it like button What's going on PL how you been How's it going Are you in the uh Miss UK Artist body competition You can't slay I get like that sometimes like they um I don't I'm so tired I can't sleep Sometimes I'm good What's up Aiden I want a coffee And I can't find my cup I'm trying to work work my This section lately So I'm trying to do different things I'll hold a position And um Oh it's uh Jim brote what's up Jim brote German protein Protein that's good that's class Right That's classy that's a classy name Protein Missing Jim broke Jim brote It's got it's got its classy name I do have some information But I'm not going to tell you all what It is because it's sort of hard to Believe [Music] We'll talk about It it's all good

I need a cup I do I need a cup I can't find my A McDonald's class It has the toad man Right over there he's listening to what You just said It's a frog manage not a toad Not talking about favorite bug so but no Favorite characters in books I like Scrooge I like that little Matchstick boy who is Matt who's the Matchstick boy Central Ratio Alger Uh I read one called coyote in Manhattan As a kid I can't find it anywhere I said like dibs and searches self or Something About a Holden Caulfield I'm dearly sorry frog man Pissed Oh your mom's so tired how is how's your Mom doing Hello Mom It's hot right It's your friends trying oh there's There's Kennedy what's up What's up Kennedy Jay it's your friends flirt with your Mom That's not the truth do they Everybody's mom says hi even mine lives From heaven Mine too

What's up candidate Cynthia uh Kennedy do you girls uh get Out of control Uh dressing like vampires I know you did Three girls All dresses for Empires with Blood dripping down and [ __ ] I need a I need a coffee really bad Okay What happened to germbrote He's doing good thanks Peter her Birthday is on Sunday All right you didn't answer my question Though didn't you Baja we definitely did you didn't answer My question Your friends ever turned flirt with your Mother Yes or no Let's answer it man it's no big deal It's your mom She that Mom and that everybody tries to Work with Kind of sucky sucky sucky thank you Wow What are you trying to say Jake answer my question It's cool man nobody cares Does do any of your friends ever try and Hit on your mom or do they ever say Anything like Your mom's kind of hot and you're like Dude that's my mom yes she is they all

Have the hospital oh really is that a Bummer Like like she comes in and then they Start like Talking to her and you're like Mom I Don't even get the [ __ ] out of here Uh Nate says my my friends sometimes say That really your mom's hot too Okay Everybody likes a hot mom Right Uh neck nibbling it's King Peter Okay Toxics uh hear no evil see no evil do no Evil Jake's got a hot mom anybody else have a Hot mom that they want to confess that They um their friends like flirt with Them They all think my dance had too no [ __ ] No [ __ ] your dad's a good looking guy Is that like the guys and the girls like What do you mean like Who's who's thinking your dad's hot like Tell us more Like is that like Frontiers that are gay Oh it's just like yeah he's pretty good Looking guy that's how I got your mom Like that Or is it like um Like a friend like uh like your Girlfriend mostly guys most of the guys Are into your dad really no [ __ ] Um

Are you straight are you friends Straight are they just what do you mean What do they say Sarah Um It's all right right your dad's a good Guy I take it or else they wouldn't be Saying it was hot right because if he Was good looking and a dick they go like He's a [ __ ] [ __ ] Correct So he's sort of cool like your parents Are sort of cool I I let you nibble him I mean Kennedy it Would be saving your life you can have My blood anytime Uh hello uh Archimedes Hold on I'm going to change my profile Picture it's Uh not longer Halloween time to change I really need a coffee really bad Citizen of Earth We should sorry I was bad in responding This week shitty couple of days and yes PL give it to me God damn Canada 's not screwing around She's liberal she's liberal definitely Liberal So let a lot of people that Come to the live streams they're super Liberal most of my guy friends are gay Oh really that's cool are you gay are You straight

Not that we really care I'm just curious Well that's why they say that about your Dad right if they're gay they're like They're not gonna be attracted to your Mom although It was a gay dude that'd be said yeah Your mom's real hot right [ __ ] fire dude look at look at your Mom right they probably like your mom Right does it go up and like Eat probably You're straight Oh no don't be sorry I'm straight too I'm sorry Peter Um that's cool Well that's that's cool you're straight Dude you got gay friends too that's Great my mom says she likes your voice All right don't tell your dad that All right I don't want your dad trying To beat me up or something she's dead a Tough guy but I don't like come on Clay To go get jealous Bye You never know I bet I'm older than am I Older than your dad Is a young pup maybe not it might be About my age right You look like you're an adult so you Look adultish You know I'm straight sorry Peter He's trying to imply something

Jake's funny I can tell Jake you are Funny Does does anybody You're funny right I can tell you you Could take him Peter he's not the king Of the Bigfoot community Jay You would be considered Bonnie right You're funny correct you are witty my Dad's 52 he's a pup Is a puppy How old's your hot mom I'm Gonna Catch 48. It's around 48. But she's got a smoking Bob right I had a weird day man I did I had a Weird day uh yeah not too bright but Thanks Um 58. oh your mom's older than your dad That's cool she went for jailbait huh It's cool Are you are you in college out of College where are you I'm assuming you're in college for some Reason Uh nothing similar I wanna I wanna Coffee and I um I don't know where my cup is it's bummer I had a real weird day It's good and then it was Weird and then it was good That's weird it's different from here Um

You know Can't have coffee without a special Coffee cup and I was not even Specialists something to put it in I Don't know where it is Just working full-time good luck you got A good job with no College requirement [ __ ] school man What's up Big Al [ __ ] School how you Doing Pig Out Big L one two Kansas City Art Institute You can actually draw and make it look Like You know the proper thing like you could Take it you could take a shoe And say Hey Big L draw the shoe and It'll look just like the shoe like a Truck go right a bunch of goats and put Them on a plaque sell those Big Al Big Al you know I got a goat dude hang on L Check this out Check out Pam check out his big he knows How it goes Hey man say hello to hell Let's say Alex say Hello Alex Just like they had uh at the Kansas City Zoo and when's that opening When you did those those Allen to these plaques like these um They opened this part of the Kansas City Zoo where it was like a petting zoo or Something there are a lot of goats in There and Um so they hired Island to like paint

These like plaques and like say it would Be like a a Nubian gold and then You know they'd be riding underneath it You know did it all in hand and you know Script you know because Some people have better hand-eye Coordination than others for sure It seems like every one of my friends They can draw or when I draw It'll look like that Um gotta go all right I'll see you Jake Tell you tell your mom Dad I said hi don't tell your dad Hey mama said hi Um yeah [ __ ] cool I agree You know this is a shitty knife but for Some reason I like it I'll be right back hang on I gotta I Gotta get two things hang on Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Class my McDonald's class Foreign Peter what kind of music do you listen To Um Not the Eagles can't stand that band What other bands do I not like the Eagles Journey Um it'd be easier to do that Um

And let the Eagles at Dolan churning [Music] I mean I listen to Billy Thorpe children In the Sun but there's some bands I'm Just not into Not really a big JS fan Like as a kid I would listen to Um I would listen to like um George Benson stuff like that I would I Would do that but I'm not a big jazz fan And I'm not really into it So um What else what else what other music do I hate I like I like Bluegrass a lot I'm a big Bluegrass fan Girl Scruggs just whatever if it's Bluegrass I'll listen to it Um What else do I listen to Um I like I like rock I like classic rock I don't like Jimi Hendrix I was never a Hendrix fan I know I know people like You got to be kidding me I don't care if I don't like I like it The the bands that I'm not into Is it it's not you know it's easier to Do that I like a lot of a lot of stuff Um if it's real mainstream I have a Tendency not to like it Um

Like Journey What the [ __ ] But then I would like to I like super [ __ ] Um I like the band I like um Who else do I lying I don't know I don't um I'm more of like a listen to people talk Guy I mean Us listen to Zeppelin the other day Let's take a bath Like on Spotify this is it like Greatest hits or something That Immigrant Song man they have so Many so many heads it's unbelievable So those bands really threw it into a Bullseye and had hits but I'm not really A big music I I you know When people say like what's your Favorite song too that boggles my mind Like there's so much good stuff and it's All so different Um You know What's up Gemma I have to go get um I Gotta have a coffee I'm [ __ ] dying here Hang on Shut the [ __ ] up I thank you it was Asleep All right by the class

Foreign [Music] Foreign Just about the right amount of coffee In this thing What's up skirts Um I noticed him with my favorites Or moving yeah yeah it's impossible Right yeah how can you say that like What's your favorite movie like there's So many You can't have a favorite like a Favorite song I mean how many songs are There like if you said hey what's your Favorite uh Richie Haven song right Okay That might be possible or if somebody Said like what's your favorite Led Zeppelin song song I'd say well they Have a lot of them but if I was gonna Make a music video I'd use um Immigrant Song Yeah it's just milk [Music] Okay I want somebody to do it Tell me though rest of the words of this And the first person that gives me the Answer wins right Are you ready Everybody ready get ready to type your Answer You got to finish this this okay ready Milk milk lemonade Finish that whoever can finish that wins

Oh who's gonna win man you don't know What that is milk milk lemonade Around the corner punches May See in red she won nobody on Instagram Could even knows they don't know what The [ __ ] their you guys are lost Not I was close I said no you weren't that Was it Around the corner if I just made milk Milk lemonade around the corner fudge This night that's it Rhonda uh scoot almost had it but she Was late All right you want another one You ready The people from England don't know what The [ __ ] the UK people don't know what The [ __ ] we're talking about one around The corner hemorrhoid war crimes are Happening We give you an honorable mention okay Okay you ready I see England I see France Who's gonna win I see England I see France Who's gonna win [ __ ] seeing red again You won man Scooter mooses American she probably has The answer she's saying slow typer Uniquities is in there with uh I see Someone's under pants he knows I see Peter's Underpants I see spiders eating

My hands that is what you say when You've done too much acid that is Different Oh they have that in the UK really Making only fans I haven't only fans That don't use it I was going to use it Because they were going to change it and They were going to make it like no it's Just gonna be like a No no more like sort of nudity and [ __ ] So let's go to do comedy on there Because you could get away with more Right guidelines are way less strict But um then they went back and said Because everybody was quitting that Thing they're like going to say no no You guys can stay we're not going to Change the the platform so I had one but I'm not going to use it why would I use It why would you want to what you want Me to like wear underwear over there I've never Seen an only fans this is true I've Never seen it What do they do over there can somebody Tell me On only fans are people totally naked Are they just like wearing lingerie What's going on over there So that other women using vibrators and [ __ ] I've never been there I swear to God I'm Not gonna pay It why

Uh tasteful notes Is that true so so Skittle moose you've Been over there You you have seen it tasteful moons I've gone over there personally and put All sorts of nudity and whatnot People are [ __ ] oh really people are Just butt naked And are they Using vibrators or jerking it what are They doing Squirtle you sound like you've been over There a lot Tell me more what do you mean they're Just like are they sitting around naked Only fans gets wild oh Could there be a couple in there having Sex and stuff like that like that while Is that what you're talking about God I've never do that No [ __ ] way man [Music] Um I serious side Laughing out loud no I heard things That's second hand man Uh I just started watching your videos My teacher don't like them My videos If I can teach you It can even get Wilder oh so can they Have just full-on sex is that what You're saying only fans that stuff's Going on

Is it like cam girl stuff is that is That what's going on I don't know why It's they always say only fans it's the Most popular I guess I know why because you every Implement Every hole is that right no [ __ ] Do they um Hang on Yeah they that type of stuff Do they interact with the people Watching like is it like this like but But I get like a face time is it like That only fans in the UK London on Company ha ha Uh is it like that I really I really I don't know like Um What's up Chris Is is that going on too like you say Like Um sometimes not all the people though My significant other was doing that I Would Um I know some people that I think At one more up I'm out or something but I think a lot of people look more bad I Guess one one woman that comes to the Stream she seems like I don't have any Trouble with her what she's doing I Don't know if she's an only fan But um I I would sort of have more problems With um

The weird stuff on Tick Tock to tell you The truth [Music] It's weird [ __ ] it's weird It's really good crap that platform Uh PayPal blast [Music] Meaning what what is what is what is It is that Jacob Who said You Jacob is that you know I gotta go I gotta go I gotta hang on Hang on I gotta go to I gotta go to PayPal I Hang on [Music] [Music] Right hang on I'm flustered here a Little flustered hang on let me put this Back let me go get my laptop Hang on I'll be right back hang on I'll Be right back [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Ah [ __ ] [ __ ] Are you [ __ ] kidding me [ __ ] What the [ __ ] [Music] Jacob [ __ ] I love you dude are you [ __ ]

Kidding me The [ __ ] man I'll get my car fixed [ __ ] Thank you so much that you don't know Wow man he just disappears We're a [ __ ] awesome [ __ ] Dude Wow what a generous guy seriously Jesus Christ [Music] [ __ ] That Jacob just gave the channel a huge Donation are you kidding me The [ __ ] I've been in a real good mood lately This is true like that I sort of Got something going with someone It's a long story but um You know I've been in a really great Mood because I'm like talking to Somebody I'm like And then like this like [ __ ] Flap Jacob Um I thought the laptop got popped on for a Second I don't know what that means no It says Jacob just gave the channel a Huge donation that gets me Like um Uh stop making a rock as I live alone What the [ __ ] it matter okay what Get the [ __ ] out of here man [Music]

What No yeah I don't know what you meant Jesus Christ Jacob Jesus [ __ ] Christ Unbelievable Seriously unbelievable Oh [ __ ] I didn't hit the back button I didn't Know what you're talking about what the [ __ ] Oh my [ __ ] god Do you need me to train your dog Holy [ __ ] I'll train your dog anytime you want Seriously I will train your dog You get a dog I'll train it for you I I Don't even know if you live in this Country What the [ __ ] What the [ __ ] I was looking at my [ __ ] I have five kids Uh you know oh so you don't have a dog You got five you got five kids Said you're like in your 30s you got Five kids I I do like in your 30s and you have Five kids you what about you said you Were married to your wife from 12 years But what's definitely possible You got you have a kid like every two Years or something So you don't want a dog no you got kids You're smart [ __ ] Jacob

[Music] I might as well tell everybody you know [Music] I opened up my laptop today because like I you know you have to know where you're At you know because if you you don't Want to overdraw and [ __ ] right and I go To my laptop and I'm like you know I'm Like okay I can I can make it I can make It But it's gonna be tight What do you mean three [Music] Because Cat Jacob [Music] God Wow It's like a ranch That's rich for me [Music] [ __ ] If I if I honestly If I had somebody to watch the animals Right now I'd go see this friend of mine Just doing something you know She's in California doing this black mom Hit that reload button I would go I would go out and see her I Would oh [ __ ] Oh [ __ ] [ __ ] I would I would go see her but you know What I'm gonna see her soon enough I

Can't I got these dogs you know but this It's going to make everything a lot Easier If you like I was sort of I was sort of worried About if she showed up like because I don't really have that much money to Do [ __ ] [ __ ] [Music] I wouldn't be rude for me to say how Much money Jacob just gave me but It's the most generous Anybody's ever been Some generous people for sure but this Is a This isn't the first time Jacob's done This Is it Do you have six cents that like [ __ ] Oh my God man [Music] What's happening uh I just uh Jacob just Gave like a huge donation to the to the Channel Like um I would I'd go out and see this person I'm gonna I'm gonna see her thank you so Much seriously I'm gonna I'm gonna see Her soon enough and [Music] Um I'm gonna do some stuff with her I don't

Know you know You know like uh What do you mean reload But like Oh my God my Banner's dead Hang on I go hang on hang on [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Like the strangest day ever I've had the Strangest like wake ever Seriously It's like It's been great It's been absolutely fantastic I haven't Had a [ __ ] time like this Now this is just so I can talk about the Sherry [Music] Like money Nice [ __ ] great Top This week off I mean I got we left a conversation with Like the BF and GF thing It's like We can't say It's a long story She's uh [Music] It was deformed you can't you can't see

Her In a good way [ __ ] I can't I can't even type in my thing I'm like my head is [ __ ] swimming Like That like an hour ago like this weird Talk and now Jacob's like Like my head is swimming it's swimming [ __ ] um [Music] [Music] Oh my God Oh my God Jacob [ __ ] [ __ ] I would be so gone if somebody was here To watch the dogs I would I would be out There I would be so gone It's all right I don't you know it's all Right God I I it's not I can't uh I can't it's Just not polite to say how much money Jacob gave me it's just Incredible Incredibly generous [Music] Well I guess I'm going to Wegmans Tomorrow that's for sure I was getting Low on food No I'm not going to say it's rude it's Just like wow

[Music] Um [ __ ] Sometimes I feel like I'm in a dream This week was like that and then now This is like really sort of making it Seem like it's in a journey like I'm in A dream I know this is reality I said This to That the person that I'm talking about I I said like this seems like a dream like Is this even real Like What's this And then that like now this like [Music] Like Um you know like some sometimes in your Life there's like these low periods and You sit around and wait for like the High periods this whole week has been a High period and then now this it's like It's like I'm like Um Todd thank you thank you so much Um I would I would just be so Pop dude [Music] What's that uh That's that's some kind of sign that the Kids say but um I I don't I don't know what that means That's like uh

An arrow With three together that looks like a See I'm at least half a [ __ ] Together Well it looks like two pairs of boobs or Something What that means but um God Jacob [Music] You gotta know what you just did for me Unless you wanted to dot it it's a heart Man Um You know I'm not a rich guy you know I'm Scraping by you do something like this I gotta go with it hang on I gotta go to Something [Music] Lights Goddamn Oh they got my [ __ ] together I'm okay Love you dude I don't really know who You are I know your name and that's About it but Um the way you support the Arts Through five kids and [ __ ] no dog you Are a supporter of the Arts I don't know how much you're into art I I don't know maybe it's just like YouTube or something I don't know I don't know really who you are Jacob All I know is your name But uh You're a supporter of people you're a

Generous guy Which is uh It's nice You're a good guy dude [Music] All today I was like um there's a you Know it's a person I'm talking to Your skin It doesn't matter [Music] Wow what a week What a [ __ ] week [Music] Um I I want to send you art or something Thank you I'm gonna try and contact your email Okay You can't come close to this but Uh Thank you I really appreciate it you Know you're [ __ ] awesome man Yeah I know effing awesome right God [Music] My life is a piece of art Um my life is weird Uh I must I will say that like this week Was One of the strangest Wings I've ever had And this is sort of the cherry on top For sure weird in a real good way like Um You ever feel like you're just being

Swept away and you're just like [ __ ] it Just go with it like that's how this Week was because it's like [ __ ] it and Then like Like uh Like you know Um [Music] I got let me I gotta touch that person I Gotta text her something okay Um I'm I'm sorry I I gotta text this Person okay Jake Jacob I got hang on [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay I can't even spell I'm having Trouble spelling I can't spell anyway [Music] [Music] Okay That's it I like When I say This person it's just real sweet Um I can't remember what I was watching I'm Just saying like if I if somebody watch The dogs out [Music] [ __ ] Um Well I might as well have some coffee Because I'm too excited to sleep anyway

So [Music] Um crazy [Music] Say something [Music] [Music] [Music] She's sort of stuck right now too [Music] Not a stuck it's me I'm stuck Can I say I guess I'm off the market [Music] It's weird It is it's not weird it's just weird Okay I'm sorry I'm back Um there I let out a bunch of Information look at Jacob got me in a good mood I just Released information Um Nobody seemed surprised anyway so [Music] Um Wow A little big I feel like um right now Please no I understand I know you don't I know you don't and that's the thing About you and that's about that's the Thing about people that are generous you Don't want anything You just give a gift For the sake of giving the gift to help

The person and that's it you don't want Anything I know that it's not Like no sense in me even like saying can I send you something that's not what This is about [Music] You want to help Right it's this [ __ ] You know I said this earlier today I Said this earlier today People like generally speaking people Are good and nice It's a it's a smaller percentage of People that are pieces of crab I think Everybody is sort of like I assume Everybody's good in varying degrees I always assume People are uh generous and charitable And uh like varying degrees Um I I get it I get it like I'm not I get it I'm just like a different Um Uh What are you doing No no you get you're gonna have to go I Think because I don't know what you're Saying but Oh oh I'm sorry I'll put you back I know What you said okay I can't spell you're Coming back here hang on hang on I I'm Dyslexic I'm sorry Stacy I didn't know What he I didn't know what Stacy was

Saying you're back you're back sorry I Thought you were trolling or something I'm sorry yeah but I'm gonna I don't Really want to kiss Jacob but Um yeah I do [ __ ] it if you were here I'd give you a big hug man Um that's the thing about Um being charitable and generous that I've learned throughout the years is That like you get something out of it it Gives you a power to like help someone [Music] You know if you see the homeless dude on The street you could at least talk to Him and [ __ ] you know Um Thank you I really appreciate it No idea what do you do five kids no [ __ ] I don't have any oh yeah I do I have a Son he's a pigeon Um He's my son yes he said he is my son Don't say he's not because he is I held The egg so it is my son Um Thank you uh Jim I appreciate that [Music] Um But it is my son I do have a wife and it's a pigeon My Tick Tock see my tick tock's doing Real good it's it's weird man like Everything's sort of got solar's good Everything like in my life has sort of

Been real good lately my tick tocks Running My Instagram I'm actually increasing on Instagram and it's just like like for me It's like a content creator It's important because Um I never My Instagram never moves and I got back On Tick Tock it was somebody's idea that I did it and uh I'm not I'm not Regretting and I have a backup Channel Because I know The Chinese government will ban me again They will but um I've learned so much From From Tick Tock as far as like editing And making sure things and stuff like Always thinking well I want to make it Longer and crap like that tic tac's been A really sort of positive thing for me Even though that it's a uncompanied Time Uh on company time Arctic time Any time On company 10. You know I'm handful something about me As I have trouble sarcasm I have the Inability To read sarcasm When it's written or somebody's saying It Um somebody told me that that's Indicative of people that have Asperger's or Autism however I don't

Have that but I did fall off a cliff so There you go Um Uh headed up by scootal Mouse Um But Tick Tock is like It's sort of the perfect platform for me As talking with my friend about this I Was she she was saying like you're more Um my Tick Tock is on company time Oh You have tick tock and your Tick Tock is On company time is that what you're Telling me You do have Tick Tock is that what You're saying you are on tick tock My Tick Tock is on company time I will look for you So you you know that I have tick tock Of course you do Yes Awesome it's going good right It is it's going good I'm really happy With the way that it's going Um I danced today and I I sung I told I Told everybody about how I was I was a I Was a robot at one time And now I have this form But um I I thought like that song that that uh Nicki Minaj song I was like I want to Use that because every other idiot in The entire world is using it right And um

[Music] I'm not gonna Jacob am I gonna am I Gonna go and see do you have videos on Tick Tock are you a tick tocker You're a business guy aren't you you're Not a you're not a tick tocker are you I'm gonna look on company time I'm gonna I'm gonna look Are you are you a content creator Are you I thought you were like a business too Like New content creator That would be real weird Just started two weeks ago Do you want to do it to whatever Um are you are you putting out are you Putting out content Hardly but you're considering that you Put out some hardly it's like you are Putting out content I'm going to Vlog I mean if I can't is It is it public I don't care I'm gonna go look I'll find You But the the tick tock sort of Might Remain like um like I was talking with All what's her name It's that's debatable Okay Hang on Instagram I'll be right back [Music] Um I I'm having trouble thinking

Oh it came off [Music] Is that you're singing Color S It's a kid talking about taking a dump [Music] Hang on I'm not done here I'm still I'm Still looking Um hang on How would I find this I'm on the wrong Area here and you go like this and You're gonna go there and they're able To look All right it's kind of a profile thing About here it's like this I I I've been On this you've been on for two weeks I've been on for months and I still Can't figure it out The truth Truth But then again I'm having trouble Thinking technology is on a company 10. Yeah I'm trying Um I'm just like my head is swimming Like seriously it's like I I don't know If I'm even typing it in the right place That's how [ __ ] up I am right now I'm Not buzzed I'm just like Like I I feel like I might be going Insane or something Uh okay on company time [Music] Um users hang on

Company time Do you have two followers is that you That's you right Are you You have two followers Jacob [Music] No videos yet nine following Is that you Jacob You don't have a picture There's a couple of them I don't see there's another one it's got Betty White given the finger I have 16 Cape followers But Europe Hang on Here's one with 17K negative negative What Yes Is is this you Is that you Is this yours If you were tuna if you've been doing it For two weeks how do you already have 16 000 followers dude That's it You've been doing it for two weeks You already have 17 000 followers You you put out one he's got check this Out check this out Jacob puts out one two three four five Five videos This this this is the numbers The first one is 283. 283. Right the second one is eighty nine

Thousand eight Okay The next one is 130 000 right Then he's got six hundred thousand Thirty nine nine And then his the first video he puts out Here it's a 132k hang on It's a sweet looking ride Oh come on Jacob Who the [ __ ] are you I'm sorry that's rude but like [Music] Like he's got this like it's really Slickly done it's an Audi R8 This is this is like you have some kind Of skills or you you hang on let me let Me watch another one Tipping delivery driver [Music] You [ __ ] are awesome dude Yeah James Pond I know The right difference Just giving you a magnet I'm just gonna pull up He handled her a stack of [ __ ] What's she gonna do when she's outside Let's see her She's she's walking away with the stack Of money saying I can't I can't Go out and do something good today You're a good guy that's true man Try and try and make somebody's day Somehow Tipping the delivery guy a thousand

Bucks what the [ __ ] do you do man Oh you gotta you gotta Some kind of business Jacob's got tats he's got sleeves Looks like you got the word crew launch There's there's a lot I should I should be showing you all This but I'm hogging it The hell are you Seriously [ __ ] I don't understand What's he do when he gets out Why did he say something something It's not Jacob no wonder you have a 17 000. Um hang on here's another one tip in a Delivery driver a thousand I'm the I'm the Chunk in the first video Oh so you don't have the slaves [Music] You let other people give people Thousands of dollars don't you they let Your workers do that to get the thrill You do that don't you [Music] Man you are a [ __ ] good dude Yeah please Take another one [Music] All right okay You got sodas and bottles Look at look at this guy Are you gonna get me

Crazy Can you imagine him going back to the Restaurant what he's [ __ ] dude look At this awesome All right Hey that's all you do take it Come on man what the [ __ ] yeah are you Kidding me you made my month my year Oh that's the delivery guy John we gave Him again today a tip of five grand you Gave it delivered Hang on okay here's here's the first one Here's the here's the one you did today Given our delivery driver for two Thousand That's odd company time Fat Christmas Will help you with your uh uh your truck All right well you make me look like a Bad flavor you make everybody look like A bad stepper Get it look at this For real man that's that's never Circulated come on here right there man Got a road trip yeah I appreciate you Getting up here man for real because This is our business you know we don't Have this stuff we're done so you you Still kept going on what I appreciate it What was he delivered Hey Good you guys look like some amazing hey You know we'll see you next time You're in the first one right thank you

Um Good Wait a minute Are you are you in the first one that You did like today that only has 285. [Music] You can't even do wet it Rugs Right trucks they're drugs I just I Can't figure out like what you guys are Doing It's like um It's like a factory building in the Middle of I don't know man It's like Midwest it looks like the Midwest Or something Is is this is this you Jacob with the uh Red and black check Is that you Know that was harking here and stuff is This you maybe so help me with your uh Uh your truck all right all right Yeah I said Does that view Jacob's not an answer It is here right because this is our Business you know if we don't have this Stuff We're done What are they deliver you You don't need to tell me Thank you

You don't even seem like a religious you Might be but I don't think so that's my Gas sister just like You know like you don't really need Religion to you know [Music] Um Yes it's like no hardly right Jesus Christ Is this your ride You guys filmed this real good Seriously it looks great It's a sweet ride What the [ __ ] is that Looks really good I'm It's an Audi R8 You definitely the United States We don't need to know Wow Jacob I'm following you Yeah you don't you don't like um Yeah interesting Um Like Uh thanks man I appreciate it I hired my Cousin and he does amazing work on the Car it looks real sweet Um yeah the thing about you go to Jacobs You can't even do a duet he doesn't You know you don't you don't wanna Jacob Doesn't want anything You don't have any idea what you did for Me yeah

I'm about the same level as his Delivering gods A lot of money Wow Hang on let me see this Just yeah it's real weird because like Your building is like Feel it's just it's like a Butler Building Some town you know You might you might even like if a Delivery guy came there and you guys Were working at night they might be a Little freaked out you know like pizza Delivery like it's sort of secluded Looking This boat and uh You know it's really like I just really Can't even like Oh no man Because I had to take my daughter to the Hospital tomorrow I'll see you I'll see each other [Music] Um [Music] I got five kids huh it's not your boat Tonight Um [Music] There's like we rent space We rent space We probably don't even have to work [Music]

That's what I think I don't know I don't think you have to work I think this is your work [Music] That's what I think That's my guess if I had to guess I bet you do work But You work with your friends You really like the people that you are Work with And this is probably more fun than Anything I mean I see pallets of stuff in there But It's not like This forklifts moving around It looks like you guys like are sort of On your own you're on company time You're on company time You guys are Doing whatever on company time Craziest [ __ ] I've ever seen Jacob So you started this two weeks ago Um that business is my work actually We sell baking ingredients online Interesting because I saw those bags and I was wondering if that was flour or Sugar or something like that Built from the ground up this is your Business No [ __ ] You started it and then like

[Music] Baking ingredients online [Music] A weird thing to sell I'm sorry that Sounds strange but I mean it's not Really it's just like I can't see you sitting on my going I think I'm gonna sell some bacon good But I don't know maybe your family was a Baker or something I don't know like Maybe you were a chef or something see See I'm like who's Jacob you know I Don't need to know [Music] Can't help but be curious Jacob you Understand that right You're all's hobby your hobby and you You let your employees Get involved with it like Jacob Jacob is uh Jacob gave the channel A huge donation To take up his um And me and my guys just have fun Shooting videos Do you Um Do you do other video Like um Do you have do you do like YouTube or Anything like that or are you Uh make film for like uh Sundance or Anything like that or are you just like Making this kind of video What do you mean

You guys just you mean these videos or You do other stuff too because the car Video looked a little chill Pro I mean Honestly that's your first video It's clearly thought out Where these are sort of like we're gonna Set the camera up here and here okay Column who's gonna give him the money No No You don't you don't make um other videos This is it Huh Their car videos pretty well done It is like Um Those are your buddies you work with Right you're all you guys all get along With friends yeah those videos we have a Car mount Oh I see so you put the camera on the Count Carmike news okay right drive up Next to the the sweet ride What is that oh it's an Audi that's Right Foreign I'm just abusing them Not that I really care Oh They ended my life my cousin is very Talented you mean that with the car He would he he's he's the uh the guy That worked at work worked the car Looks nice

That's not You're giving away a hell of a lot of Money Um It's awesome it is it's awesome I can't Thank you enough God this will get me through to like Christmas and [ __ ] this is um I was out of almost I could I couldn't Find a cop So the instant coffee I like instant Coffee because I like the taste and it's Easy I can mix it with milk So um I just pour some milk in here and a Little bit of sugar and um you know That's it I've heard it get me through Christmas Man I'm giving up caffeine though at least I'm gonna try Uh now I'm not gonna try I'm gonna do it What's up Tom Cruise I've done it before I just there's no reason for me to even Drink drink it because it's like it I Can sleep on on Red Bull I got a REM Sleep disorder so I can sleep on that [ __ ] no problem Um so why why am I why am I even Bothering with the [ __ ] [ __ ] Hope you and your other subs have a Greater Jacob thank you so much I really Appreciate it you're [ __ ] awesome you [ __ ]

[ __ ] dude Thank you so much I'll see you later thank you Unbelievable that was Jacob every month And Jacob Jacob is is awesome Oh there's my friend hang on [Music] Let me tell her I'm gonna put her in Diamonds and Furs She's it's a long story it's kind of a Joke I'm sorry I'm ignoring you this big Night I'm sorry I'll come back in a Second [Music] [Music] I think she could get her own diamonds First No but it's I've I no yeah I have a Muslim women that have dated recently Are Broker Than Me It doesn't matter You know you know what you need you need Enough money to survive One of them by happiness but boy if you Have it and you can give it away like Jacob did [ __ ] that'll make you happy Giving What he's saying is true and I don't Have the ability to do it but I have Always done it on a smaller scale and That's like See that homeless guy right

The guy's got no money and and you have 20 bucks in your wallet You know that if you give him the 20 Bucks you're not gonna have it at twenty Dollars left but you know that you got a Place to live a roof over your head And you'd probably be able to get twenty Dollars later give him the 20 bucks and See how it feels This it gives you a power That is unbelievable you can you can Never There's nothing like it man Just you know trying to help Try and help you know That should be your date that should be Everybody's deal to try and help and not Everybody can do like Django You know that's But It's sort of relative To generate someone I'm saying Like I don't I don't know what his Situation is but he's giving away Thousands of dollars so Is if you're like me and you're poor and You have five dollars Or ten dollars you can give it away and Not put yourself you know you can still Eat give it away see how it feels It gives you power it does it gives you An incredible power that It's it's better than being Um

I'm not on Instagram I'm talking to my Friend Um Silly I totally understand I try and help out As much as I can but not as large I know Right and I think that that's the point That Jacob's trying to make is that Be generous to people like You know like he's changed my life like Several times like the first time he did This I was out back in the snow with Katya we Were [ __ ] broke And I was like well let's go in the back And we'll Barbecue and we'll do a live stream out There in the snow and maybe somebody'll Give some money So we go out there And um It was like out there like huddled it Was really cold it was wet snow a bit of A fire going in the um in the creek Cooking sausage or something I think And Jacob gave um on a Super Chat he Gave 500. I'd never had anybody give that amount Of money in a super chat I was like what The [ __ ] is this real I got that's that's what I said I said Come on this isn't real Like no way and he goes no it's real That's the first time I I saw Jacob

And he's he's done it before and it's Weird it's weird man It's always when I'm getting low on Funds you just showed up But today man this afternoon I was um I didn't want to look at my lot my Laptop I I had to see how much money I Had in there And um I had nine hundred dollars okay And I was like [ __ ] I gotta figure Something out You know as managed to get by this Really helps out but I had 900 bucks and I'm like well if I can make it until the 22nd then I'll get some YouTube money Which isn't alive you know keep me going Again that was today's You got people know what I'm talking About like you don't want to look at Your bank account because you know You're low but if you don't know how Much you have you can really [ __ ] up You know So I remember I was like I had the Laptop open I was like I gotta look at This I gotta look at this that's what I Kept thinking about got to look at this And um So I did I signed in And I was like when I went up right Before I just got a sign I'm going God I Hope I got 13. I hope I got 13.

And then You know what I'm talking about and then It You know I log in and then 900 and Something comes when I'm like ah okay I'll be all right You know not a ton of money I'll be okay And then he shows up in the [ __ ] Stream Go check PayPal Peter Hang on [Music] [Music] God Jesus I I told her I said I said I love you I'm rich now I'll put You in diamonds and Furs said yeah I Want to make and then she said look I Found a photo I was on the internet and It's um What's what's your name look Anna Nicole Smith and the old guy Guy looks like he's [ __ ] half dead You know God Like Who was that guy It's like a Oil guy or something I I never really had too much of a Problem with it right but she clearly is In the money a little bit too much you Know it's clear what she was doing which Would have been irritated

For his family but he doesn't care it's His money Do you know what I'm saying This is money he knew what was going on Come on look at her he's [ __ ] on his Deathbed he's on his [ __ ] death bed Right You can do it whatever he wants with his Money He's like the Grim Reaper I'm talking to my friend and ignoring [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Man what a night what a day [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

I don't want to ignoring you all I'm Sorry [Music] Oh my God I I feel I feel like emotionally trained man Like [Music] Like I can't explain it it's like [Music] Foreign [Music] My girlfriend Whatever I swear Because it's real weird Just uh You never know what's waiting around That corner Down I used to watch Peter two years ago Bigfoot stuff mostly the hard pop in Except JP how you doing man Um Jacob came by and gave me 8 500. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm ignoring you all it's fun that Yankee Candle [Music] It shows up [ __ ] 8 500 bucks man

As you know I said God I gotta get a dog Here and a train he's been broke You know I I can sort of like If I don't spend any money right I can live on the YouTube I mean if I Live stream I can do it it's really close Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow Got weak Kind of got money in the bank God Oh did I see how much it was I was Supposed to do that it just like It's a lot of money I'm saving 500 it's Too late now It's like it's a lot of money right It's not polite to talk about but it was 8 500 bucks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Because it's good let's go back here And It's [ __ ] go off Instagram

I think I'm gonna go find a candle to Light it up [Music] I'm just like uh I like I don't I don't you know like My head was swimming like And now I'm like I can't describe the expense like I I'm Like If I had a thing I can think [Music] Sort of like my mind is like Sort of plank Like [Music] Um If I had to talk to somebody right now I Can I can talk but it's like Like Mine is just like [Music] It's like I'm in shock or something This whole weekend has been like this Whole week has been like shocking Like intense Yes it's been the most intense like Sort of like Good Feeling I've had in a Long time Um I you know like seriously I was saying This like it's like um [Music]

[Music] Those are nice Um Yeah I I'm really having trouble hearing Thinking [Music] Like the most intense week I think I've Ever had [Music] Jacob gave me a ton of money I wasn't Saying when it was just give me 8 500 The live streaming it's like go check PayPal Done this before I appreciate that Aunt Manny It's good almost I'm going back I'm Opening what you call it back up I you Know I my friend texted me and I wanted to Text her back So I just had my like out of my mind Right now Absolutely the craziest [ __ ] week I've had in a long [ __ ] time Um My oh there it is okay Whatever I guess so I'm not gonna I'm gonna go get a Yankee Candle and Bring it down I you know I'm [ __ ] out of my [ __ ] Mind right now I am The whole week was [ __ ] insane It was insane

Craziest week I've ever had seriously Like I can't tell I can't tell you how crazy It was just trust me this craziest [ __ ] I've ever had Good crazy but like whoa what's what the [ __ ] is that This Jacob's showing up to put the cherry on Top Finding out the Jacobs stuff the money Angel Take him to deliver a guy like thousands Of dollars they get one delivery got Like five grand I think or something Like Here you know Can you imagine working at the pizza Place no I'm taking it I'm taking the Pizza this time why do you get to take It I'm broke You know What am I talking about Um A supporter of the channel Gave me a lot of money tonight And then before that I had like a Still weak that was just been like whoa [Music] I feel sort of like Like emotionally sort of drained in a Way Um like uh I I can't I can't explain this feeling

It's like It's really weird it's like um I'm sort of space spaced out I feel real space time Um But for lack of a better term like Spaced out I guess Um I don't know if this Sort of because earlier in the week I Was going this is a [ __ ] dream What's going on here I met animals so I don't currently I Haven't counted I don't count I don't Know I have a goat though and dogs and Cats and birds A duck Um Like uh Just like a sigh of relief Because I looked at my bank account Earlier it was pretty low it was it was Pretty low Um [Music] Sort of exhausted but um too wired to Sleep or does that make sense like Maybe I should go find that Yankee Candle Oh that'll help Light one of those up like a chamomile Candle or something I'm going shopping tomorrow I'm going to Wegmans and I'm gonna buy cheese

I'll buy one Burger Peter no matter what hardships you might Have know that you are inspiring many People including me That's a real kind thing to say I Appreciate that it's really sweet Um It's very nice of you to say I don't really know how I affect people But people say some of the nicest stuff I said that recently to someone that Said like man With some people just say like the Nicest things like That's it's incredible like Get some sushi to celebrate or something Nice Or cheese that's Sushi idea is great we Had sushi in a while That sounds great I'm going shopping though [ __ ] awesome Stocking up on food I'm about six seven hundred dollars Worth of food to stock up [Music] Something else that I know that I need To do Oh yeah get the power steering fixed on My car Right Yeah that can't cost 8 500 bucks Um Have a plan for the money yeah live on

It I'm not a rich guy I need to live on That I can't do anything with that That's gonna that could keep me going From you know some months man that's 80 8 500 bucks Never put all your eggs in one basket Um you know I don't know I'm sure I'll Get a dog to train I don't know where it Is but I'll get another dog to train I Don't have one right now it's real dry Right now this is a terrible time of the Year for business It's always like them oh my God I just Realized something I'm paying off my [ __ ] property taxes [ __ ] [ __ ] Oh my God [ __ ] God damn it Jacob already left My property tax is gonna be paid off [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] So [ __ ] happy God what a great [ __ ] wake I'm caught up [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] Oh my God Where's my candle where's my Yankee Candle Jesus Christ [ __ ] love that guy [ __ ] chance of God damn it [Music]

[Music] [Music] But no [ __ ] stress [ __ ] neighbors Look at hey [Music] Fine art materials tomorrow too [ __ ] hey Peaches [ __ ] a [ __ ] property tax thing I forgot About it man it's got to be pain [ __ ] What a [ __ ] day what a [ __ ] night God sharing on top Oh my gosh I forgot about that when I When he was here it's just like yeah I'm Not gonna have any problems I'm not I waited after a dog comes I pay I'll pay that property tax thing Off Tomorrow or something [ __ ] Down I would kiss that guy you're damn right I would what a guy man What a [ __ ] guy Son of a [ __ ] [ __ ] man My property taxes I'd go there I'll give a Write them a check here I'm paid off now Got another year What else do I got to do my car the

Property taxes this is so such a great [ __ ] day Back Jesus And this person we'll just say talk in a Person is [ __ ] awesome I don't even know what to think of my Life Man I got my plugin You know It's pretty good It's pretty good and then it just really Gets better you know it's just like Like uh Like money's never been my thing you Know It's like it's nice to get right But I've never been like It's not the end all get all and I don't Buy happiness but boy I'll tell you what When you get it and you can pay that [ __ ] off that stresses you out that's What money does It makes it so That you you don't have to be stressed About it that's it that's all it does Like how much do you really [ __ ] need And [ __ ] I don't need that much man I Don't I don't [ __ ] give a [ __ ] about It My my whole thing if I got 10 grand in The bag you know like I got the money About the amount that I have right now I Am really sort of stress-free I'm

Totally stress free I don't need [ __ ] Fifty thousand dollars in the bank I'm 10 grand in the bank is [ __ ] awesome For me I love it that's the number that I love [ __ ] What a great day seriously what a [ __ ] great day Up by a thin set for the [ __ ] uh clam Shell I'm buying I'm gonna go get the uh A property taxes paid what a [ __ ] Great day oh my [ __ ] god this whole Week has just been [ __ ] great [ __ ] Oh that said Sophie Henley again [Music] What she looks I wonder what you look Like you know that Sophie Henley I I bet that girl's I bet That woman's high I bet she's really [ __ ] hot I had a Really Sophie him I had a really great Week and then to top it off this guy Jacob comes and gives me a chunk of Money I'm gonna buy going down to Wegmans I'm Buying Limburger cheese I'm buying Expensive cheese [ __ ] it then I'm gonna Go get my property tax thing paid off And then I'm gonna go to Home Depot Tomorrow and I'm gonna get materials to Finish the [ __ ] clam shell which I'm Making a big pearl it's gonna be sweet Buck what a great week this has been the

Best wake I've had in so [ __ ] long I Don't know if I've ever had a week this Good It's not Mania either it isn't it isn't [ __ ] Mania You know [Music] It isn't It it's just like been like this week That's been like [ __ ] incredible I wonder what I'm serious I wonder what That Sophie him man that name's Sophie I Was thinking like a really hot woman I Don't know why like Sophia Loren and [ __ ] like that [Music] I got this image in my head of that that Sophie girl I think she's hot that's my guess I Don't I don't know I'm not sure what you Look like but I do think you're probably Smoking It's a gas one You can kind of tell by somebody's name Can like uh khaki like if khaki was a Human khaki would be smoking hot Um Many blessings when you need them man Then it's been my whole [ __ ] life I Swear to God Like You Gotta hang on man Things get really shitty in life but you Know just uh just hang on because There's when it gets when it gets really Down

But you get to your lowest point hang on Because I swear to [ __ ] God that's When it's going to go up and something Really great is going to happen You know you you just try and like get By or something you know what I mean Like like you're like God this is Terrible like you know I'm walking Across the street like in Brooklyn I'm Not suicidal but I'm like man I wish That cab would run me over this is Miserable you know not totally suicidal But like [ __ ] shitty and then you Know you just always hang on and then All of a sudden something happens like I You know you get an art shot get an art Show or someone just keep keep me going You know that's always how it is it's Like You know you can't have the good without The bad but you know it's like um I don't know I can't I can't explain Like I'm not like I've never I've never been like I never Think that like money money to me is Always just I just need enough to like I Might know how much do you really need Not much So I have a tendency to get like down Low and I'm flipped out and then like Something happens like Jacob shows up or Like this is the truth don't get Negative keep The negative thoughts out and then I

Know this so like I'm getting low and Then all of a sudden I get a [ __ ] Email from somebody that wants me to Train their dog it's been this way the Whole time You know it's like my dad used to Describe me and say uh Peter you're a Survivor oh okay what's that [ __ ] Mean you mean uh because I don't call You and ask you for help or something Okay dad you know But it's the truth like if you just [ __ ] hang on everything's sort of all Right like don't this is what we get man Don't This is what we get is it ain't that bad It's better than walking around with Gray aliens in the interior of the sun I Would imagine that would be pretty Intense hey kiddles I'm gonna go to Home Depot Wegmans [Music] I'm gonna drive around with pan tomorrow I'm gonna do [ __ ] nothing I'm not gonna do a [ __ ] thing it's to Get my [ __ ] to work on the clam shell Maybe talk to my My friend you know my friend Text her or something talk to her on the Phone She's enjoyable to talk to I'll tell you That You know what she's enjoyable is because

She talks There's no just like no games man it's Just like I hate games but I hate that [ __ ] Psychological [ __ ] like Warfare or Something you know you're in a Relationship with somebody that wants to Do that and you're like why are you Gaslighting me you know it [ __ ] sucks Like don't Gaslight me I know you're Gaslighting me and then You know don't bring that up I'm because Somebody's gaslighting you you know what They say No I'm not [Music] That's the great thing about that person Just whatever's on her mind just Thank you thank you Uh What kind of name is that Oh come on that's [ __ ] that's Khaki Leanne You're uh you're so clearly a troll [Music] I'm not a fool That that is one thing I'm not I've been On the internet for a long time I can Smell a troll a mile away or like a Catfish don't don't [ __ ] with me because It's not worth your time it's not I'm Not saying I'm psychic I'm really Intuitive She's saying hi to someone online in the

Chat yes so what hang on Yo I don't know if she's saying hi to I don't know it's just I see the name Khaki I'm like Come on You know you said a girl called khaki Then the trolls coming yeah CPL knows What I'm talking about right yeah PL Knows exactly what I'm saying you think I'm a [ __ ] idiot Piano is what I'm what I'm talking about It's [ __ ] don't give me [ __ ] That won't work with me it will not work With me I'm tell I'm telling you that's No way man I'm not Well you're not gonna PL is a real one PL is real yeah What do you mean me PL toxic Scuttle Mouse That was no I shouldn't talk about that Almost feels personal I just have a Feeling this selfishness I don't think that she's a troll I can Tell a troll she's not a troll Um Skittlemos is in control Khaki Leanne give me a [ __ ] break You take you take khaki Leanne's picture Put it on Google photo search and see What comes up I guarantee it'll be a Model or something it'd be a catalog Shot Come on man what do you think that

You're gonna [ __ ] you can't [ __ ] with me [ __ ] with yourself because you're Wasting your [ __ ] time Exactly what you're doing you're wasting Your time And pl School most all these all these People in here are my uh moderators on YouTube they know what's going on too We're not idiots okay We've seen this so many times so many Times it's ridiculous I say khaki's name and then the Khaki Lands in here oh okay You know Guys are stupid but sorry I'm not Typical [Music] I'm not saying that I can't be stupid I Am God I'm just not stupid about certain things Can I you need to contact me through Email or something and you know it's Just not gonna work So that's so funny I don't know what she Looks like I just keep thinking about That I actually gotta think I'm stalking I'm not stalking you I don't know people Which has happened I got I got this Picture in my head like it's like a Playboy bunny looking That's sort of what I always think of Though I don't I'm from the you know I grew up In the 80s and [ __ ]

That's what I was raised him Toasted the magazines that My friends would look at and I would Look over the shoulder sometimes But when I was a kid that Victoria's Secret catalog though What's that that's porn is what it is That was that was porn for the 15 year Old Uh how much does it cost for you to Train my dog It's inappropriate for you ask that Question on a live stream or underneath A video and if you really wanted your Dog trained you know what you would do Do you know what you would do a [ __ ] you Would Let's see let me Google Peter Kane and See if he's a a You know a website see how much it costs That's not what you're doing You're taking you know Train do you just admit it You don't want your dog training you Might not even have a dog You should hang out with khaki Leanne It's ridiculous man What is that like gotcha [ __ ] off Seriously that's that's [ __ ] Ridiculous [ __ ] How how much not one person that has Ever said that in a live stream has ever Contacted me ever [Music]

Hang on [Music] Oh I just turned off the [ __ ] stream Hang on Well that see that that was that was Really rude of me again I got I got a text from a friend of mine And I um And they asked me a question I had to Answer it okay That ain't tobacco Um So many names and pictures copied these Days I trust no one on the internet I Agree I agree [Music] Oh God what a [ __ ] night Yeah I mean how many times how many Times do you see that like It's it's like [ __ ] sport or Something you know It is seems like a good moderator good Choice you know she is a good moderator So toxic it all of you guys are really Helpful Hang on Thank you [Music] I'm back again well I'm really being Rude To uh Instagram aren't I Am I'm being totally rude Toxic is number one she is great toxic

Why aren't you uh Like Robert said like is toxic here Hang on Toxic should be hanging up [Music] Awesome I'm sorry I'm back uh hold on mom's just Told me something important I keep I am Really being rude to you Instagram People I'm sorry I'm sorry you know I shouldn't do that It's just wrong Oh [Music] I'm totally be on the road to Instagram More important [Music] I get sidetracked she's such a you're Such a distraction she's such a Distraction Like you know it's just like [ __ ] Instagram I don't care What happened Yeah I'm just gonna turn this off and Talk to