What To Expect From Your Four To Six Month Old Puppy

By | October 21, 2022

Today Uncle Stonnie is talking about what to expect from your four to six month old puppy. In this video Stonnie demonstrates obedience training, talks about goal setting and expectations, then takes the pups for a hike!

00:00 Introduction & Basic Obedience
08:15 Puppy Montessori – Hiking and Exploring

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Welcome back to Bluegrass this beautiful October afternoon today we are talking About what one might expect from a four Or five month old puppy to illustrate my Point I have four tired puppies out here Ranging in ages from about 14 weeks to Just shy of six months and so we're Going to walk them on the course and We're going to talk about goal setting And then we're going to go out and we're Going to go on a little hike okay now so For the first thing and I really try to Everybody that contacts me I always try To make sure that they understand that Being happy with a dog is a subjective Not objective process okay and what I Mean by that okay come on Rico and what I mean by that is that You know over the years I've known a lot Of people with a lot of dogs that kind Of minded the varying degrees and Believe it or not how well a dog minds Or doesn't mind has very little to do With whether someone ends up being happy With the dog okay happiness comes from Met expectations I've seen a lot of Fellows with dogs like Rico who are Really easy to train they really fetch Well they're very pattern cognizant but Their owners are still unhappy because They expect for them to do just a little Bit more you know some of the happiest Owners I've ever known personally had Dogs like English Bulldogs or French

Bulldogs and the dogs didn't even mind a Lick right the owners just loved them For who they were and uh you know they Just were happy with them they just Chose to be happy with them so that's The first thing I want to tell you about What should you expect from a four and Five month old dog you should expect Whatever it takes to make you happy Okay like around here I've got a pretty Simple metric for determining whether or Not I consider a puppy or even an adult Dog pretty well trained okay kind of Nine things I expect dogs to come when I Call them I expect them to be still when I tell them I expect them to have good Manners from my neighbor's perspective I Expect for dogs to start social Situations off by being calm attentive And plight and I expect dogs to refrain From Behavior that's dangerous Destructive or rude if I have those nine Things then I'm pretty dang happy with The dog okay come on Rico now Let's take these two dogs for instance If I judged this English Cocker okay Oscar by Rico this field bread lab if I Judge them by the exact same standard I Would be unhappy because they're two Different dogs if I judged either of those dogs uh you Know by the standard that I would Normally judge a greater Swiss mountain Dogs you know those guys they're not

Going to give me the same behavior this Guy's going to give but this guy's not Going to give me the exact same behavior That they're going to give I'd be Unhappy and that's why I'm telling you That you have to choose to be happy okay And you just need a real simple set of Baseline metrics okay in other words you Need good basic obedience and you know What's the foundation for basic Obedience a good attention span good Impulse control lots and lots and lots Of socialization okay if you have good Attention span good impulse control lots Of socialization and a dog that'll come When you call it and be still when you Tell it and have good it's hard to not Be happy okay now believe it or not come On Rico I still see people that are Unhappy with their dogs and I honestly Believe That most people are unhappy with their Dogs uh for two reasons number one uh Well people are just too lazy to do Proper foundation work and to manage Their dogs properly with the amount of Exercise and social interaction that it Takes for a dog to be successful I would Say that's the most common I would say The second most common cause of Unhappiness uh and this is subtle but I Think it's true the second most common Cause of unhappiness is what I call Training dysmorphia in other words

Watching things on YouTube or Instagram Or Tick Tock where people are doing Things with your dog with their dogs and Then thinking that you should for some Reason be doing those exact same things With your dog okay I think it's very Important that you sit down with your Family and you make an objective list of The things that it takes for you to be Able to be happy with your dog and then You take the steps necessary okay to Check off everything on that list every Single day and I really think that's all There is to it Um When you're watching TV sometimes Or watching your phone or whatever Sometimes it's easy to you watch a guy Like me who does dog training all day Every day and so I walk around on this Little course or I go hiking or I go out To my farm and my dogs are doing really Well and think that you your dog has to Do exactly the same uh you know on the Same timeline well of course that's not True I mean I'm walk I'm working with a Wide disparity of dogs okay and some of Those dogs do better than the other dogs Right okay but all of the dogs that come Here the amount of total training volume That they get per day the amount of Environmental socialization the amount Of environmental exposure things like That it's just so much higher than

You're going to get at home that I try To tell you don't just click on my Videos and then like choose to be happy Based on whether or not your dog is Progressing at the same rate I'm Progressing at even for people that send Dogs here when people send dogs here It's a one year process you know there's Some pre-boarding work then the dogs Come here and they board and train for a Little while then they go home and I Monitor their progress over the course The next year in a training Journal but It's a long process because What happens is life gets in the way of Perfect training okay like this video I Always wanted to make this video at About nine o'clock this morning but my Son's going out of town and so we had a Lot of stuff to do and then we had some Things some equipment things that we had To work on and so I didn't get to make The video until almost 1 30 in the Afternoon okay well so what's happened Is all my dogs are tired and so what you Would normally see is a bunch of dogs Running around here really happy Following me along you know and going oh Stone eats great Stoney's great well They're all kind of Off in different directions now and are All laying down and taking naps because They're tired okay and that's what You're going to run into in your real

Life you have to remember when I'm Making a video I'm usually making a Video and this is the truth for Everybody on YouTube we're making videos When like the dogs are doing great okay Because that's that's that's what we do You know we want to showcase the Highlights of our day but in reality What we get a lot of is what's going on Right here you know I got one dog that's Minding I got one dogs off chasing flies I got two or three other dogs that are Just off laying down in the Sun and no Matter how much I try to get them to Work on their vocabulary work or their Uh you know their physical skill set Development right now on this course You know they're just kind of done for The morning okay because it's not Morning anymore this is a morning Activity that we do and it's the middle Of the afternoon okay this is your life Right here okay You're not always going to have the Perfect training time you're not always Going to have the perfect training group Around you maybe the people at your dog Park that are not really fun to go Socialize with okay and I want you to Understand it's okay not to be making Progress at the same rate that you see Dogs making progress on social media Okay because it's not that like you know Someone like me is being disingenuous

I'm usually showing you really what I'm Doing I'm just showing you at a time of Day where it's fun and it looks good and It's uplifting and it's upbeat you know I make YouTube videos to inspire people To get out to get moving and to be Interesting you know and uh when the Dogs are tired it's only so interesting You can be right okay now that being Said I'm going to show you right now how To kind of take a situation like this Where the dogs are tired and you didn't Quite get to doing your you know Quote-unquote training you know like you Wanted to do and still turn it into an Upbeat and positive experience where the Dogs are learning a lot and you end your Day with you know some good valuable Time in your training basket okay so What we're going to do is we're going to Take these dogs away from this boring Classroom and we're just going to go out Back and we're going to take a walk and I'm going to let them learn by doing Okay we're going to go out in nature and I'm gonna let them Sniff and and have Around and uh you know let them just Learn what the environment has to teach Them Okay so how do you Salvage a day when You're trying to work on training and Like your dog is too tired or too bored Right you do what old-fashioned School Teachers who were the school teachers

Who really knew what they were doing Right you do what they did which is have A recess okay so we walked out back from My exercise response challenges course And we're just going to take a walk and We're going to do some learning by doing And we're going to work on some recalls And really just letting the dogs kind of Have a good time you know I'm always Trying to make myself interesting and a Great way to make yourself interesting Is to be a leader on some awesome and Fun expeditions Hey dogs come on come on You're very good dogs every so often What you'll see me doing is oh and of Course I have no name out here whenever I go on my big field trips I always take A mentor dog because the mentor dog Keeps all these young guys in line but I'm gonna walk around and I'm gonna let These guys smell and periodically I'm Gonna call them maybe run away from them I might go hide in the brush a little Bit and let them come find me but all in All I Just Want to Have Fun okay so the Next time that you find yourself in a Position where like your your formal dog Training is not going very well how much You just lighten up and go through Something fun you know Rome wasn't built In a day and good dog training is not Built in a day either you know there's Very distinct faces to dog training you

Know when you have a puppy they kind of Do better and better and better than They hit adolescence and they get worse And they start to climb out of that Trough and they level off you got a lot Of time between four and five months and An adult dog that Minds super reliable You know so like don't be afraid just to Have some cheat days you know just some Days where you just go out and you just Goof off and you accept the fact that Your formal class work ah you know you Missed it right you missed the time of Day or you missed the environment or you Yourself you're not in a good mood and When you know when dog trainers aren't In Good Moods it's reflected in the dog Training activities right and just go Take a walk You know and while you're taking a walk Don't micromanage You know what you're going to see is I'm Just going to kind of walk around here And let these dogs pretty much do what They want to do I'm just kind of keeping An eye on them making sure they don't go Off too awfully far Very nice and get themselves in trouble Okay cameraman if you want to go ahead And go that way Now out here in my pre-adventure area I have uh like a kind of well-defined Mold pass and so you know people a lot Of times they'll ask me they say well

Stoney aren't you kind of worried you Don't have the dog on the leash I don't See any equipment on the dogs well the Way I've designed my pre-adventure area Is that all the paths are circular right And so like if the dogs take off running They always end up circling back and Finding me anyway you know and when they Find me I always want to be doing Something interesting look you know so One of the things that uh you know for People watch my channel a lot you all Know about the brush pile challenges so I'll let the dogs run off and do Whatever they're doing and then they'll Come find me and I'll be up here on the Brush pile and they'll be like hey Stoney what are you doing up there I say Nothing dude I'm just chilling you know And they'll say well can I come up there I'm like sure that's awesome I'd be glad For you to come up here that'd be great Very nice and look at Caleb he came Right up here on top of the brush Pond Very nice dog I like it right okay give Him a little attention and then I'm Gonna get down and I'm going to go about My business okay I'm out here taking a Walk because I want the dogs to enjoy Themselves I'm not out here taking a Walk so that I can boss the dogs or so That I can micro manage them or make Them feel that recess isn't Fun okay This is learning by doing you know my

Kennel is a puppy Montessori I shape the Environment and the environment shapes The dogs and I really think that when Normal pet owners adopt that same Mentality that the training goes a lot More smoothly when you don't get so Obsessed on super well-defined uh you Know goals at the four five and six Months I think that's a little better I Like to keep the goals kind of you know Big in general and lose use you know in Other words I like to know That when I go out my dog's not going to Go too far right no name I like to know That you know if I call the dogs they're Going to come to me Caleb come here Caleb you go boy You know this is what I like I like to Just come out here and have enough rules That allows me to help the dogs have a Positive learning experience safely okay And I think if you would maybe stop Thinking about dog training so much as Like this series of you know commands or Directions or this artificial sense of How important you are this was killing Me nowadays for the dog training dog Trainers a lot are making dogs lives so Much about the dog trainer I mean you'll Hear this wrapped up in various Terminology right like engagement or Whatever but I see people and they're Going out in the world and they're Acting like the dog shouldn't want to be

Petted by anyone and shouldn't want to Be friends with any other dogs that Shouldn't want to go off and check out What's in a ditch like the dog should Walk and be engaged with the owner all The time and this is what I always ask People where does that happen in your Real life like how many people do you Know that are so interesting that they Go out and people follow them around and Look at them I mean not too many people Are like that and I think the really What's eminent is that people don't like The fact that nobody pays attention to Them and so they get a dog and kind of Make them a little captive audience Right and that's not cool at least not For me you know What I want out of my dog at four five Six months or six years is I want them Just to be a pal you know I just want to Be able to like go out and like have fun In the world and I accept the fact that You know I'm in charge of keeping the Dogs safe I'm in charge of making sure That the dogs don't interfere with Someone else's happiness or damage Someone else's property so I do you know Unfortunately get stuck in the role of Being the uh you know the the rule Enforcer right okay that but that's not Because I want to that's just because Kind of you know how life works so Cameraman you can back up up there we'll

Go to the left So look see this little dog This is English Cocker now what this dog Likes to do more than anything else in Life is to come and run zigzags and That's just genetics and so you know Let's talk about being happy with the Dog if you buy a little dog a flushing Dog that's bred to run zigzags in front Of you guess what they're going to do When they're on the leash a whole lot of The time is they're going to want to Zigzag in front of you right okay so What do I do when people have English Cockers and they say well Stoney this Dog won't walk right beside me I said Well yeah that's what you bought you Know okay so you're gonna have to be Super patient and you're going to have To really go out of your way to convince The dog that walking right beside you is A good idea you know see this Swiss Mountain Dog Huh Swiss Mountain Dogs uh you know they Like to tell stories about how they used To you know pull milk carts or whatever In the Swiss Alps I don't know about any Of that but I do know this that they're Big blocky dogs and they get tired Really quickly okay so if we go out here And we're walking around uh you know on A hike okay and I'm calling the dogs and Some of the field bred dogs are coming Back super fast and uh you know Tucker's

Just kind of loping back or sometimes he Just Lopes halfway back and lays down Okay The only realistic way for for me to be Happy with them is to accept the fact That that's going to happen right these Dogs oh I'm sorry these dogs are who They are let me see if I can call Tucker Tucker come on Kind of like Tucker you can do it here You come now watch I can get a pretty Good Recall now I'm gonna come up uphill Cameraman good dog so watch I'm gonna Walk uphill Rico come on Now the difference between going uphill And downhill is I could walk this Circuit like Uh to my right and call him downhill and I can get a super fast recall every time I call him because he's running downhill If I run counterclockwise okay then my Recalls are always slow because it's Really hard for big blocky dogs to run Uphill okay and that's another place Where you have to understand that Setting your expectations okay is Important understanding the the Environments is really important Understanding the breed specific Tendencies of the dog it's very Important okay having a mentor dog to Pal around with and help out that's very Important you know and if you go to look

How fast that's because he's running Downhill and if you you know if you go To if you go to having trouble okay Don't externalize all that blame on the Dog I mean if you set the situation up For the dog to be successful is it the Right time of day is it the right Environment or the right group of dogs Around you know are you in a good mood Are you doing a good job you know so When I started to make this video I Initially thought I was just going to Show you you know a little bit about Food work and and maybe uh you know how You should start to be fading off the Treats by about 16 or 18 weeks he says We don't use treat work for very long Around here that's kind of what I was Thinking and then the day just got away From me and all the dogs were tired and That's when I realized that that's what Today's video should be about because if It happens to me guys I mean I'm a Professional Doctrine I do this every Day then I know it's happening to you All the time okay so we're just going to Keep walking but I want to leave you With the idea that Huh what you should expect at four or Five months okay you should expect a Puppy to come when you call it you Should expect it to be relatively still When you tell it you should expect it to Have good manners from the neighbor's

Perspective with a little help okay and What that means is you're still going to Be using your system at that age right Okay whatever system you're using okay You should be able at 16 weeks old a Puppy should be able to go out in public And be around people and be relatively Calm relatively attentive and relatively Polite without much of the way and help Of training AIDS okay that's pretty Important right uh At 16 to 24 weeks old the dogs are going To kind of be doing really well in terms Of avoiding Behavior that's dangerous Instructive and rude okay so you should Be pretty pretty far along in that okay But here's the caveat there Puppies get to where they've got super Good like self-control between 16 and 24 Weeks and then they hit adolescence and It's like it's just all gone it's just All gone right and you wonder where your Smart puppy went okay so like understand That 16 to 24 weeks you're going to get This if you're a good proactive dog Trainer and then 24 to 32 or maybe 28 to 36 somewhere past six months but before A year you're going to go through some Very distinct boundary testing phases And you might also depending on the type Of dog you have go through some very Distinct fear periods okay and fear Periods cause a lot of trouble I've got A little dog here from the Bahamas it's

Got it kind of went through a late onset Fear period we might make a video about Her okay but uh okay well so that's kind Of my video I know it's a little bit Rambling okay but just to sum it up guys Set your own goals for four or five Months but have a baseline okay need a Dog good attention span good impulse Control And a good solid basic obedience okay Understand that 16 to 24 weeks should be A honeymoon phase if you're still Struggling at 16 to 24 weeks okay and Remember 16 to 24 weeks is easy compared To to to you know six months and Beyond Okay if you're struggling get with a Local trainer and learn a system I don't Even care what system you learn learn The system don't technique hop going From system to system to system find Somebody that can demonstrate competence Learn the system and Implement that System and get your puppy caught up to Where to come when you call it be still When you tell it and have good manners Between 16 and 24 weeks okay because You're going to lose some of that past Six months then it'll come back don't Worry but you're going to lose a little Bit during that adolescent boundary Testing phase okay and choose to be Happy okay and that's with the dogs That's with everything in your life okay Get Up Hold Your Head Up Get keep your

Eyes out looking for the good in life Because if you're looking for the good In life if you're looking for the good And the dog then you're going to find it And I would say that's really what you Need to be focused on between you know Say four and five months maybe up to six Months with a dog and don't forget to Relax and enjoy the process because Trust me I've been through it a lot of Times it will not be very long until Your puppy who seems to be a little bit Aggravating right is an old dog and You're wondering where the time went all Right guys I'll see you next week Oh let's go you're very good dogs you Ended up doing okay today you ended up Doing okay today no name you were a good Mentor a very good dog