What my board and trains experience daily

By | October 20, 2022

I’m happy with where we are at. He’s training and doesn’t even know it. Watch at end when I say All
Done. He just ends like he should. After a week and a half I’m pleased. He will just get better everyday

All right what's going on guys in the Next video it's just me and Meadow Having a really good time together so He's here I think a week and a half now And I'm not sure what most considered Balance training right so I'll just give You a little idea of what our day looks Like Um starting with today for those who ask What do you do on a daily basis with a Boarding train Our day started off with a nice 45 Minute almost an hour walk just me and Him and the nice nice cold early morning And one of Meadow's big issues he likes To Mark and pee on everything so during That walk I take advantage of that and He's got one job just follow me be with Me take all this in and let's enjoy each Other and that's what we do so along the Way there's no sniffing there's no Peeing there's no pooping we just walked Together when we got back home I let him Off run around go be a dog buddy okay Now during the day there were a couple Of sessions just basic obedience on Leash very few rewards very very few far And few in between with food but very Few only a couple here and there because He knows the behaviors now so we're not Going to just keep shoving rewards down His throat I'm going to use the leash to Control him when he doesn't get things Exactly right so I could show him what I

Want that leash is still the most Important tool we have that's your Translator it tells the dog what you Want it's your GPS it shows the dog Where you want it so two very unsexy Boring long obedient sessions on leash Just the basics building that Foundation That's it okay then this session that You're about to see it's our second play Session of the day you see in a week and A half he's really changed his attitude He really really looks forward to this Now and he loves playing with me playing Together having a good time he looks Forward to this and he knows when we're Doing the work He knows what he's going to get later on Or even as soon as we're done training The dog is going to learn much faster When he's having a good time Also those rewards that play Corrections anything all have much more Meaning to the dog when that Relationship and that trust is strong When that dog gives a damn about you and Who you are together Everything gets easier without it you Have nothing and then it's not training Or learning it just becomes force and we Never want that I want to have a good Time while I'm working with him and I Know he wants to have a good time while He's working with me so he doesn't know He's being trained right now he just

Thinks he's now my dog he belongs to me And we're having a great time together So just a a fairly long session but I Just want you to see his attitude how Much more drive he has from the day he Got here all right check it out Foreign Oh Ah there you go Oh Oh Oh Down down Oh my God Oh Foreign Dogs aren't supposed to fall down Foreign Very nice buddy Very nice pal Oh All right What are you doing guys what's up You fell for it you fell for it Did you Hey Let's see if he's dumb enough he's dumb Enough to do it twice Two times You're getting tired all right out Now out You ready Yes All right we keep going we keep

Oh Beautiful buddy Good job pal Out Out All right Ah that was a good one that's good I got Dizzy That's good boy Bob All right man down Boy Oh you got me with the sneeze Foreign You don't want to stop now Is that the neat trick between the legs Is that the new trick all right go ahead Going Bubba All right all done You win All done pal Good job