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By | November 4, 2022

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Whatever Whatever I got I got I did the shopping that I Wanted to do Let's try this again Didn't work last time but maybe it'll Work this time Hello What's going on Not like an Amish dude coming out of a Truck He wasn't driving it either that's for Sure I'm gonna go the back roads because I Want to go get something to drink I don't know what but I'm gonna get Something I am you're not gonna stop me either are You don't don't try and stop me because That's what I'm gonna do I got um I got a new board I did I got one with decent wheels on it But Is it a professional board no it's from Walmart I don't need a professional board I don't I could I could ride on anything It shows I'm always in the bowl When I can be when I have extra time I'm In the bowl That's what I plan to do I'm gonna go to the skate park tomorrow

Get some [ __ ] done Practice kick flips and [ __ ] You know you think I can't do it but You know you're gonna find out I can [Music] Real good too [Music] Might have to get along [Music] So everybody down I'm taking a long long Route home Because I did get everything I wanted I think That's right I got two two bigger litter boxes Because I have bigger litter boxes and I Work great the smaller litter boxes from The cats use them they don't work so Great I got big cats [ __ ] it's a real big cat so sometimes a Mess I can't have that Um So I got two of those I used Crystal Letter now Because you know what it ends up being They prefer it one And it ends up being About the same price It's and it doesn't smell you know That Crystal cat litter is just [ __ ] I love it I've always liked it and then I don't know I'm [ __ ] on clay for a While

Um just because it was at the dollar Store just grab it you know [ __ ] it he's been on he's been on Crystal before years ago I had I was Using Crystal with the boy and um Kittle Seems to to dig it too so it's just like Whatever that's that's what they're Gonna It's gonna give [Music] Yeah So I got that I got some paint because I'm making a couple props Um What else I got [Music] Some socks thank God I just got to do some laundry and get Caught up that's about it It's fine That uh that one is that I went to Wasn't real good but Who is the eight I wish there was something to watch on TV tonight like something real good but I don't know if there is there's Probably nothing real good on it's Friday I know that I know that my weeks are Just flying by lately just Wow it's Friday again I don't necessarily like that but I think I mean something [Music]

Time flies when you're having a good Time I think that that's it Yeah because when you're not having a Good time just like drags Drags on and on and on This [ __ ] crap Crap every day you've served a crab Sandwich you know like that Wow I got a full tank of gas Got the litter boxes I wanted I got some Spray paint okay I got a chance of foam I got a scoop for the litter box because I can't find the plastic one so I got a Metal one this time Um To it's around I know it's around I just Don't know where it is So I'll have two I have a lot of litter Boxes though so it really doesn't matter That's the thing about the crystal you Know you gotta I'll scoop it you know Clay I have a tendency to just Use it and throw it away or something Pull it back up again which isn't Necessarily good I'll tell you that It's the crystal man I don't know how That [ __ ] works it just soaks everything Up It's so weird I'm starting to I drive by the weed store now and I Don't even think about it It's a legal State now

It does have people there They're still in a position where they Had to sell stickers though and then They give you Wayne like you it's a gift like if you Buy a sticker Ride for a bucks [Music] Then you can buy Art then they gave you a weed as a gift It's just [ __ ] absurd So ridiculous [ __ ] sell it and stop with the [ __ ] nonsense it's It's [ __ ] ridiculous I'm cooking beef tonight It's like a Rose I don't know what it is it's beef It means I'll eat it Not real not a real cheap Cod It's not like a sirloin roast or Something it's not like that like a Sterling tip it's not like that I'll Tell you what I wish I had was something A rib roast I cook that man Salt It's nothing better than rare beef with Salt I forgot potatoes you know what I didn't Go I didn't really go food shopping That's I'll do that tomorrow I didn't I got some things that I'm Making for a prop too food

I didn't you know whatever it doesn't Matter How's everybody doing everybody go I'm Going in this gas station I want Something to drink It's a cross-country train team Practicing I used to do cross-country Just grueling And put fluid in here too it was Drooling and I only did it I only did it for wrestling that's the Only reason I did it It was drudgery even though then I went To running Camp as a kid I didn't want to do it Because I'll be right back Thank you Foreign Each other Thank you It's looking for old people [ __ ] old People do you know what I'm saying hurry The [ __ ] up You're my baby girl Kane well no no not No thanks though I don't really want to Be your baby girl Um I don't want to be your girl baby Dude Um I mean I appreciate it but um I mean It's an offer because I'm I'm not okay Um Thoughts on the Mothman I'm not in West

Virginia man I thought I did see Something like that I was gonna go back I just haven't Generally seen in West Virginia this New York I don't know what I saw It was a Cryptid of some kind though It's a flying Cryptid Yeah he has to mean These Are awesome because there's no sugar in Them Yeah You like that t-shirt It's real sweet isn't it I just got this got this at Walmart for Six bucks it's right by my clothes Thank you Um Yeah it's real Lively isn't it it's a Lot of color to it Really conscious about what I wear See what Gemma has to say Um What's up Gemma Hey what are you doing Oh you're a great parent I couldn't see I got like you know what are you doing Snuggling with your gray parrot yeah It's a cute bird how old is that bird 22. You get it did you uh hand feed it or Was it hand fed where'd you get it It was 20. we'll say he's actually she She's 24 weeks old so she was still

Partly being hand fed oh yeah there you Go Cheat bird Look at that bird What's the bird's name Max I had a I had a great part named piggy I Love that bird We thought she was um a boy I still call Her a boy right the breeder was Convinced it was male right [Music] I had that same [ __ ] thing happen Yep Peaches I knew was a girl a woman But uh and peaches has laid an egg Before but only when I was feeding Peaches Harrison's because Peaches is a Plucker that's how I got her you know so She's got nutritional problems So if I give her Harrisons which I'm Going to do again Um She she light an egg but like yeah That's about it it was it the piggy was Old before piggy laid an egg and I found It in the [ __ ] cage and I was like What What what's going on here What do you what what do you feed her She has she has mainly Uh-huh Yeah I I had a uh a lesser gray parrot you Know the smaller one

And she was uh yeah she um Hey she whatever Piggy This is a cool bird I mean I turned I Taught at some tricks and stuff I missed The bird I shouldn't even think about Stuff bumming me out Whatever Um it sucks Red meat laid eggs for [ __ ] God every Month that Remy wanted to have a baby so bad Say what [Music] I can't I'm having trouble hearing you I Got the I got this this windows open I Can't I It's like it's [ __ ] up [Music] Right Sorted Yeah What did you do with the eggs [Music] Right [Music] I Yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna I can't hear Anything I'm hearing like nothing I'm Gonna shut this down yeah I'm gonna go Bye-bye I'm gonna go guys I can't hear [ __ ] [Music] I can't hear crap unless I feel bad so I'm gonna shut this down too