We saw a bear so I decided to train my dog!

By | October 7, 2022

Oh there's a bear there's a bear Brave There's a bear that's a grizzly bear Right there I believe I wonder if it's Thinking about coming over here And I mean that's pretty offensive I Wonder if I should do some training with Inertia in the presence of a bear look At that that is see you can tell that's A grizzly bear by the hump it's looking Right at us too can you make sure There's not a bear behind me yeah I was just standing on the edge of the Lake and look what this bear is doing Walking on the edge of the lake wow I Know they're quick but I can I'm pretty Sure I could get away if I had to look At you are you smelling us Pump her leash is on good Speeding I want to see if I'm able to get a Nurse's attention on me I also want to Make sure that inertia doesn't bark at This bear further escalating a situation So giving her access safe access Hopefully look at that thing at this Distance