Two Training Strategies For A Calmer Walk!

By | September 3, 2022

Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash is an essential life skill. In this video I talk about two concepts that can help you understand your dog's behavior: your dog's emotional state before the walk and the importance of the dog's learning history.

To learn more about how to teach your dog to master the skill of leash walking:

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There are a few activities that you can Do with your dog that are more rewarding Than a nice long walk it's one of the Finest displays of teamwork you can tell That the person and their dog are Connected they're communicating with one Another about what they need and they're Just able to make that work in a way That is enjoyable for everybody but that Is not how it always goes in fact loose Leash walking is one of the more Difficult skills that you can teach your Dog and it takes a significant amount of Training and time and effort so today I Want to share two concepts that I think Will help you have better walks with Your dog and calmer walks with your dog [Music] Oh [Music] My God first concept or thing to Understand is that what happens before The walk is just as important as what Happens on the walk the technical term For this is the antecedent to the Behavior in other words what kind of Emotional state is the dog in before we Step out the door if at this point your Dog is already over excited and in an Emotional state that is probably Stressful it's going to be very Difficult to have a calm walk what is The dog anticipating is going to happen And what kind of mental state are they

In if you begin in a calmer emotional State you're more likely to have a walk That is more focused and more calm so How do you do that well there are many Different ways of getting your dog to be Calm but I think the easiest and perhaps The most accessible for most people is Going to be to exercise your dog get Them a little bit tired before you step Out in the walk the second thing to Think about is what happens in the Routine of your walk not just during the Walk but immediately after the walk dogs Are creatures that anticipate they Predict what happens in their routine And the sequence of events and sometimes They react not to what's happening at This moment but what they think is about To happen for example when I was Training my puppy star I noticed that Near the end of our walk when we'd be Close to our final destination she would Begin to pull more there would be this Sudden burst of excitement just as we Were finishing up our walks and as I Looked closer at my routine I realized That we had this habit of coming home And getting into doing a lot of playing And working with food and training and It turned out that her response of Getting excited was very appropriate Given the history of what has happened At that time in that routine so what we Had to do instead is to try to create a

More calm routine after coming home I Would give her a few minutes to just Relax and do nothing and allow her to Just readjust to being indoors and Calming down once I could Reserve in her Body language that she was relaxed we Would then go on to do the other things That we were hoping and planning on Doing now of course there are many ways Of controlling both the antecedent to The walk what happens before and also What happens after but neither of these Are going to be sufficient in actually Teaching your dog how to walk on a loose Leash that is a whole separate set of Skills that dogs need to learn and if That's something you're interested in Learning more about check out my videos On those topics and if you found this Video helpful let me know in the Comments below what do you do to set Your dog up to be a successful Walker And as always thanks for watching and We'll see you next time Foreign [Music]