Training a K9 dog on a fire hydrant??

By | December 8, 2022

“Evel”…….Hydrant Day. Decoy is Jaiden Juan. Things you will see.

1. No pulling. This is my go to thing to teach pushing bites. I do not ever tie my dog back.

2. Remote (away from me)commands. Dog learns to work away from me, and none of that default to come back to you is used.

3. Retrieve ‘fetch’. I DO NOT use the command ‘hold’, if the dog is mouthing, I make him ‘fetch’. Holding and not mouthing is what fetch is…..they are NOT 2 separate things.

4. Retrieve to place with decoy distraction.

5. Staying steady on ‘out’

6. Body awareness to both sides while on a bite.

7. Driving in even with a dead passive bite.

8. Staying on hydrant and body awareness even when I move it.

I’m sure I am missing some stuff but you get the idea.

Place Fudge Good L Thank you nice fetch Good Can't walk around him while I'm doing This Just keep walking the circle out Fudge place Okay now what we're gonna do is okay Please I'll fix it if he comes off Yeah you're gonna walk always In there Place folsa place place I'm just trying to turn him now Good good Boy Good boy otherwise Place Out place Try it again ready Also a place Good good Place Okay stop okay right there turn the Other way Walk in close up please turn Place Right there let's just stay right there All right now go the other direction Boy Good boy

Good boy freeze stay right there Good morning Good boy out Set Evil said Quiet Good all right now let's just do one off Of a retrieve with you walking around Here here fetch here Out Fetch place Circle Out Patch please Sit badge Place Set That's good good job