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By | March 10, 2022

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Bump All righty Get this set up here Hello everybody Who's coming in now Watching this on the replay Welcome welcome Just wait in a second here get started And Got some more videos to go over tonight Um It's been fun doing this the last couple Of times i've done it i really like this And Giving people a different perspective of What they're actually seeing what's Going on and of course we will uh Stop for questions hello i think uh i Can't read your russian name i think you Were the guy who was here the other Night right the one who was in the Negative 70 degree weather i think that Was you haven't had too many Russian friends come in but um Nice to see yf you're the same guy Uh How's your dog doing Ask me Here in chat and i All right That was you yeah i thought that was you What's going on today how are you Okay so i think we are Good to go

I got that i got the my chat Videos I think i'm ready just watching i don't Have anything to talk about really um At the start of this video i don't mean Comments or questions that uh i need to Catch up on so i'll probably just get Right into doing some videos here pulled Up this first one just to get ready i Haven't watched it yet Um I found a new dog training subreddit That i wanted to go go through and uh See if there's any videos this was the First video that popped up on there Somebody had posted so i'm gonna go Through this Hey joni How are you welcome back Um so yeah i'm gonna go through this one And see how What happens well i'll wait like a Few more maybe like a minute or so and Get going on it just in case anybody Else i put a notification out so see if Anybody else pops in And if not That's okay they can join late And we'll start watching this one And see what's what's going on here I just briefly scrolled through the dog Training subreddit a lot of it is just Questions people just putting text and Typing but um

This was the first video that popped up And maybe there's more videos so be fun To Go through and see if we can Figure out what's going on Here all right Let's get started and see uh so what was The question can anyone explain the Dynamic here Uh yellow 10 gray three assuming years Not sure what's going on Today she's going to ring training I'm not familiar with ring training what Uh what is that oh like a dog show okay Okay ring training oh cool Oh wow That's exciting Yeah those dogs are usually very well Trained they kind of have to be um That's a good those dogs you know it's Funny you bring that up because those Are a great example of dogs to look at For Being very well socialized because you Know when they're judging them the Judges come over they touch them all Over they touch right their face under Their bellies their feet they lift up Their tail and you see those dogs are Completely non-reactive those um Dogs actually have really really really Good training as far as exposure and Socialization goes Okay one more time um so we have a

Yellow Yellow Yellow dog 10 years old great dog three Years old she wants to know what's going On let's have a little look put our Volume up so we can hear Oh julie's giving her a meme face the Older dog younger dog Oh look at him he's about to yell at her She never makes that Face you see him Oh She's okay Grace leaving me So super interesting video um what do You guys think is going on here we'll Watch again This is actually an amazing Amazing um interaction between these two Dogs And this is a perfect example of why us Humans um Need to really hold back on when we step In and try to interact with You know breaking up multiple dogs Because there's a lot of people That The second that this dog raised their Lips or yeah raised their lips let's see Can we rewind here Would have started yelling screaming Going oh my god my dog is aggressive Stop that knock it off right now right But

So here's what so so they want to know What's the dynamic here so here's the The dynamic the quick version here's the Great dog wants to play and the blonde Dog is saying i'm not in the mood back Off getaway and we see so many warning Signs right the lip going up the licking The lips the dog this this dog saying I'm not in the mood to play get away Back off right and this little gray dog Keeps coming back for more they're doing The play bow they're trying to get the Dog the yellow dog to chase them right They're lunging for it and then run Lunge forward then run right all signs Of play Um and it's really interesting this this Yellow dog has Uh Very very very good patience very good Tolerance right they're not biting They're not actually snapping but she's Giving plenty of signs that in dog world Are communicating listen i don't want i Don't like what's going on leave me Alone right and it's very easy like i Was saying that a lot of times we would See this right the first time the dog Raises their lips and our natural human You know Instinct is to go jump in because oh my God we think a fight's going to break Out But this is something

That i talk about a lot Where Letting dogs work things out amongst Themselves and how good dogs are Actually at doing that without our human Intervention and this is such a great Example of Nothing bad happened right this dog Didn't bite this she's under he'll have A very good threshold um She could buy she'd be right to if Because this dog is just you know Continuing to try to get this one to Play um But yeah that's what the the basic Dynamic of what's going on is the great Dog wants to play and this dog is saying Nope i'm not really in the mood back off Um It'd be super interesting to see More of this video what happened in the Next minute or so because just from this Part here right the last like 10 seconds It looked like the gray dog was starting To kind of go okay yeah you don't want To play i got it and kind of was getting Less excited once the dog walked over to The person Um but this is such a great example of Just letting dogs work things out on Their own Dogs know and can communicate with each Other very very well better than we ever Could can it can with them

So this is actually a really good thing To see nothing to be worried about Nothing to be scared about um I love seeing this kind of interaction This is two dogs Working things out amongst themselves in In dog world yeah that's really good um Can you react to the dreadlock dog Trainer that guy's a character i've Never heard of him um is he on Youtube or something Or i don't know i don't know where where Would i find him tick tock or something Uh Yellow dog needs some personal space Yeah exactly yellow dog was giving all The warning signs saying back off i Don't want to play leave me alone um Great dog kept going back for more and Then eventually they backed off so yeah That was really good uh let's see if There's more videos here um This one a video okay here's another Video Does anyone have advice for tr for Training For whining One and a half to two hours of walks and Play a day This used to be a signal for poop i Think he realizes we take him outside if He does this and now he whines so much We have tried ignoring it but usually it Just gets more and more worked up until

We give in um Yeah he's on youtube okay i can take a Look at some point and see See what he's all about Let's have a little look at this dog see What's going on [Music] I like his eyes two different colored Eyes um Just Yeah very pretty dog Okay Let me just double reread the question Does anyone have advice for training two Hours they go on walks all day this used To he used to signal for poop i realized He takes him outside Winds so much we've tried ignoring it But it just gets more worked up until we Give in okay Well the last sentence just Last two words just gave it away so yeah This kind of whining right is a dog this Is demand whining the man barking same Falls into the same category he's Whining because these people are holding A camera staring at them and they're Completely and they're not they're not Touching him they're not petting them They're this what this video is Basically them teasing them you know Which which is fine i mean they're doing This to just to see Show you know what's going on but yeah

Right now the reason he's reacting this Way for a minute straight is because the People are just there with their phone Right just going like this not talking To the dog not do you know it's to the Again we got to look at it through dog Eyes versus people eyes right in dog World put ourselves in the dog's Position and you see your owner just Staring at you but not talking to you Not touching you it's it's like we're Taunting them okay um So he's whining saying hey pet me touch Me talk to me hello you know i see you Right there dude give me give me some Attention um It's it's demand whining same thing as Demand barking and they they cut they Fall in the same category so they had The right idea right We tried ignoring it but usually just Gets more and more worked up until we Give in Exactly and here's what happens right we Say okay you know what we're going to do When this dog does this demand whining We are going to ignore them so we ignore Them we ignore them ignore them five Minutes goes by six minutes goes by 10 Minutes goes by and we've been so good And then all of a sudden after 10 Minutes we go oh okay i've had Enough what stop be quiet right And then all right all right we're gonna

Try it again next time So the dog starts whining again and we Ignore him ignore him we hit seven Minutes we hit 10 minutes again and this Time we're a little bit better we hit 12 Minutes of ignoring the dog and then After 12 minutes we got jesus fine move Stop up and we give the dog attention They give in right And this keeps happening and every Single time the dog goes well Last time they broke after 10 minutes i Should keep going And then they try again they break after 12 minutes and the dog goes you know What that time they broke up to 12 Minutes so i got to go to 15 minutes This time right we teach the dog we Almost do a reverse training by giving In to the dog of teaching them that hey The longer you go and the longer you Cry and whine Eventually you're going to get us Eventually we're going to break we're Going to give in And this is one of the things that that Requires a lot of patience on our human Side on our human end right to have the Patience to ignore them that when the Dog is demand whining we don't look at Him we don't touch him we don't call his Name we pretend the dog Doesn't even exist Because any form of attention even even

Eye contact Eye contact for one second while the dog Is Uh Whining like this and in demand whining Is reinforcement it's telling the dog Hey that worked you got my attention Next time just keep whining and Eventually i'm gonna break i'm gonna Give you what you want Um So any kind of behavior where we have to Ignore it's critical that you are so Incredibly strict with it and that you Never break because they they said it Right there in the title right um they Get more worked up until they give in The dog can get more let the dog get Worked up whining is not going to hurt Him whining isn't hit the dog whining He's not going to kill him the dog Whining he's not going to have a heart Attack right it's fine he can whine all He wants it's just annoying to us humans But there's no harm in it to the dog Letting him do this Um So yeah i mean it sounds like they were Doing they had the right idea about Ignoring it and then the other part of This though is reinforcing what we like I would have tiny pieces of steak of Chicken of hot dogs something amazing in My pocket ready to go um

And the second this dog stops demand Whining at me And turns around and walks away right It's been quiet for one second i would Give him a piece of steak i give him a Piece of cheese piece of chicken Something that tells them that's what we Like you want our attention that's how You get our attention by being quiet by Not being you know obnoxious and whining Um So yeah that's what i would think about That video it sounds like they have the Right idea they just have to Really Really hold the line Have the patience there is our video Here no All right let's see what else we did This one Um question on behavior Video okay let's see if they wrote a Question here No question all right let's see what Happens No sound Okay let me watch again cause i was a Little distracted looking for the volume Okay So this is a this is very similar To the first video we watched this is Such Excellent dog to dog interaction right How many people do you think at this

First interaction if we're looking at This through human eyes Would see this dog snap Right right here would see that And get up and go yelling and running at The dog no we're doing some stuff what's Up right Because we think something bad's gonna Happen they're gonna fight they're gonna Break out something horrible and look at This dog's reaction to getting that ear Snap that warning bite he didn't even Get up Right He said oh okay i guess he didn't like That that's all right right Biting is it perfect and then this dog's Head goes right back down a hundred Percent relaxed right um very easy that We could that to go oh my god this white Dog is aggressive he's dangerous he he Tries to bite and attack my other dog Right no not at all this is again like That first video dogs are very very very Good at Sorting things out between themselves Um and interacting Neither dog after that warning bite got Up and ran away the brown dog didn't Escalate it the brown dog stopped Stopped what he was doing Um yeah this is such a good such a good Example of two dogs again working out Working out their differences and

Figuring out you know i don't like that Okay that's fine You know Perfect we always look at um i've Noticed at least people who don't have You know dog training background which Is the majority of the population um There's just this negative Association with bites with dogs biting Just it's just our natural thing we Think we see a dog biting or hear a dog Biting and we think to ourselves oh my God that's so bad and dangerous wish They should never do that And the reality is dog biting is just a Perfectly normal behavior It's it's like us humans uh Talking essentially right imagine Telling humans don't ever talk and say Words for the rest of your life oh it's Ridiculous This is how we communicate with our Words with our voices right well this is How dogs communicate is through biting Through air snapping those warnings so Yeah this is a very very good um Very good interaction of two dogs um Oreo wants to know who's whining here How is he is he was he listening to the Video I was playing that one yeah um so that One's really good let's see this one Uh how long should i leave their meal in The bowl before taking it away when he

Won't eat do i just leave it all day or Do i take it back after an hour or two And skip that one meal let's see That's an old old golden retriever See the whole face is all white Old boy old girl Hmm Okay So My first instinct and the first was the First thing i said that's an old dog Right You can you can tell by the white mask Going around the eyes going around the The nose This person's wondering about how long Do i leave their Meal in the bowl right so generally the Rule is we put the food down for 20 Minutes whatever it's not eaten in 20 Minutes we pick up and they don't get Any more food till the next meal next Meal food goes down for 20 minutes Whatever is not eaten That's it all right Here's my concern When we have an older dog that stops Eating all right More Often than not a dog this old i mean This dog is probably i would say 12 to 13 Based on the face and how much white Marking they have on their face this is

An old old dog right So anytime we have an old dog one of the Things one of the signs that there is Something wrong with our dog's health One of the first signs the most clear Signs is they stop eating um So a dog that you know historically Would always eat their food right Especially when we have an older dog if I saw this and again i have no history About this dog what else is going on i'm Just you know rambling here but if i had A dog this old and and they stopped Eating or slowed down you know maybe They didn't stop eating completely but They definitely um slow down the amount Of eating or their you know Wanting wantiness willingness uh to eat My first Thought would be It's not a training um problem it's a Behavioral issue Alone it's maybe there's something Health-wise going on Um so that's something that i would Probably take them to the vet for just To be Be safe Because yeah I don't see anybody mentioning the dog's Age Um yeah so yeah that is probably Likely what's happening All right see there's any more videos on

This one here Our blue healer is absolutely nuts on Walls Okay looks like just a picture Can't do too much with that I want to see if there's more videos Here to take a look at a lot of people Just post their questions doesn't There's too many videos people are Posting which is too bad because it's Hard to tell just by text you know um What's going on Videos give so much more context and Are so much better okay here's a good One Puppy biting legs and neck is this too Aggressive the other dog after the video Kept moving away should i be concerned If bad how to fix nicely all right let's Have a look here So they both look like puppies actually Yeah they're two puppies That's good looks great so far better Than goodnight [Music] [Music] Looks good looks good All right so if you guys ever wanted to See What Picture perfect puppy play looks like Here it is right This is you couldn't ask for Two puppies playing better than this

They're mouthing each other they're Wrestling they're they're both taking Turns going after each other you saw at The start the the brown dog was going After the dark brown dog was going after The tan dog then the tan dog was going After the brown dog they're taking turns Being the aggressor right um Nobody's yelping Nobody's crying nobody's barking no One's giving any warning snaps and Warning bites that hey that was too Rough that was too hard right Jumping on each other is play that's Perfect play being on top of each other Um The mouthing all this melody they're Doing is excellent this is how they Learn bite inhibition with each other um They're probably a little they're at the You know older age how old are these Dogs they look maybe three four months Old to say no They're probably about three to four Months old um But yeah this is such good play there is Not a single Tiny percent of Any form of this play being too Aggressive too dangerous too much this Is this is perfect this is what you want To see both their bodies are super Relaxed you see them doing the little The little um

I call it a little butt bump watch watch What this the brown dog does he's gonna Turn to the side and then just Kind of do a butt slam into the the tan One there it it get ready There he's gonna do it Oh did he do it Maybe he did it and i missed it i Thought i thought he saw him do it the First time maybe i didn't go back far Enough um which is a sign though of him Saying or just plain um Yeah this is perfect perfect type of Play When which whenever you have two puppies And you're worried that they're Maybe getting too rough which is very Very very rare Um you can just pull them both apart Wait 10 seconds and and see what happens She said that after the video the one Was trying to get away um again this is Why i said without video without seeing The context it's hard to say because Oftentimes we can interpret one dog Trying to get away as them saying you Know we look at it through humanize and We go oh this dog is trying to get away Uh they're trying to stop this they're Saying no it's enough which sometimes That's true maybe it could be Oftentimes though it's them trying to Get the other dog to chase them and to Continue to play so without context of

More the video i couldn't really say on That part but what i can say is a Hundred and ten percent there is not a Single thing if i saw this not a single Thing here that worries me um How about these two dogs playing this is This is excellent this is this is the Exact kind of play You want to see with puppies and then Even um as adult dogs too Yeah the biting the loose bodies they're Jumping on each other this is such a Such good play Excellent excellent Yeah Really good Let's see what else Um A little video it was a big video two Minutes Lordy all right let's uh see what's Going on here Leela What do they want to know about leela Advice on this hyper-focused tail tuck i Usually give her a chew or play I usually give her chew or play okay or Play find it in the grass with treats But sometimes she just can't snap out of It and seems really overwhelmed i'd like To be able to sit with her at the park At coffee shops and make her as comfy as Possible okay so before i even press Play on this video immediately a couple

Things come to mind um number one Obviously the tail being tucked which is A generally a sign of the dog is very Scared very fearful um you can see the Whole body can i make this full screen Yeah you can see the whole body how Tense the body is and you can look at The stance those two back legs are Spread they're in a sturdy position Which is a kind of a defensive position You can see the ears are on full alert The back of the neck very stiff these Are a lot of the subtle things that I look for in dog behavior when i'm Trying to figure out what's going on With the dogs Or understanding how a dog feels right Because If i'm working with a dog and who's Dangerous um and maybe dangerous is not The right word If i'm working with a dog who's a is Fearful right and and we know that Fearful dogs lead to dogs that bite Um these are the signs i look for to Know if this is a dog what my Boundaries are for approaching this dog There's many fearful dogs that i've Worked with that i've never even touched My entire life the owner goes to bring The dog up to me and i back away go no No no that's uh that's close enough you Know because we don't want to go over That threshold and i don't want to get

Bit um so yeah so just immediately Before i even press play these are the Things i'm looking at let's see what Actually happens now here is leela and What she does when You sit down For too long Or not even for too long but if we're in A sort of isolated area If someone comes anywhere close with a Dog or a person just standing there She'll get She'll get like this she tucks her tail And she gets like Anxious it's okay babe I don't really know what to do from here I usually just leave or like get up and Walk around Um She's not taking like any treats or Water Or her bully stick or anything right now She's not like being responsive She's just really staring and tucking Her tail so she seems to be intimidated And she's confused maybe as to why these People are in her territory i don't know What it is but This is what happens usually Sometimes if they come or like if They're really standing close by she'll Do a little barks But she usually holds the barking for When she's really feeling threatened

I don't really know Because she's totally chill when we're Walking and she loves people and she Says hi to their dogs fine but as soon As we've been sitting somewhere She reacts like this so if anyone has Any advice please let me know i usually Distract her with a bully stick but it Was too late this time because She We were just playing and then People came up but I'm trying to get her attention with This but she's just too focused i'm Gonna go walk her around So she chills out all right you're good Like i don't know if i should just stay And let her just realize nothing bad is Happening Or if i should get up and move from the Situation so she's not uncomfortable That's probably the best bet Because now there's like all sorts of New things happening and she's totally Intimidated and Just Feared you see her tail tuck There's like that guy over there playing Ball With his dog and she's off And there's like all those people So that's really interesting Um couple of things that fully stick but It was too late uh stand out so once she

Was talking about That well First of all by the way it looks like Her harness is on backwards just for Anybody that knows who has a no pull Harness i was really excited first to See her using this kind of harness but Then i realized she doesn't have it on Correctly this piece is actually Supposed to be on the chest um But that's okay um So a couple things yeah looks like a Socialization problem yeah i would i Would tend to agree Um The thing that's interesting to me And that stood out is she said that when They're walking around That she can approach other dogs can Approach other people and seems to be Fine right but when they get to this Field and they're in this position That she starts getting scared and Fearful So It kind of tells me it makes me believe That and again you know we're just based Off the short video right we don't know Without actually being there looking Around seeing other stuff um But it tells me that i if that there Must be something At the specific location That i think she's probably that she's

Afraid of that she hasn't been Properly socialized to it could be Certain sounds that are only occurring When they're at this location it could Be certain smells um We don't know what it is right because And this is something that a lot of People might not know about fear dogs That are fearful and I guess basically just fearful Um fear is not just about things dogs Can see right dog's hearing is so much More sensitive than ours that that There's sounds that can make them scared Their smelling is so intense that There's there's actually certain smells That could potentially trigger them to Be becoming fearful This is very interesting too the fact That she won't even accept food right When a dog can't even accept food that Means they are at such a high level of Stress of anxiety um a fear it can't get Any it can't get any higher than that so Something in this area Is telling me There's something here that's really Really freaking the dog out and she's Not even able to accept food Um Yeah really interesting and again you Know without me actually being there and Us like really talking and doing a lot Of things and getting more information

We can't really know what it is What i would suggest to this person Though is that they basically start with A resocialization and a fear program of You know trying to figure out what What it is that's triggering them and we Would start you know maybe 50 to 100 Feet away and then you know we feed the Dog treats every time they look and they And they're good then you know over time Over the course of weeks to months we Get closer and closer and closer um but Yeah it's quite an interesting thing Here uh Dogs don't accept food when they're Under anxiety they do to a certain point But there's a certain point where and i Don't know if anxieties i i wouldn't say Necessarily anxiety i would say it's Well Maybe it's anxiety but I always think of it more as fear fear Is really the real Issue at hand um they will accept it to A certain point but there comes a Certain point where they are so anxious They are so fearful that it's not that That food doesn't even matter to them Anymore which when a dog goes at that Stage we've really got a problem and We've really got to figure out what is Causing our dog to be in that state Because that is not a good state for Dogs to be in

My dog used to be great in the car but Now on trips uh she stands up Most of the time in the back seat and Pants quite a lot and won't accept Treats for the most part you have any Suggestions yeah so that sounds like She's in a in a you know position where Yeah she's so stressed out if she can't Even have food then because you're doing You have the right idea right ideally What we want to do is we want to put her In the car we'd feed her treats um i Would start off not even moving the car I'd get the dog in the car and i would Give him you know three pieces of steak In a row and then i'd get him out of the Car and i come back in 10 minutes and i Put the dog back in the car and i give Him three pieces of steak and i get him Out i would do that exercise every Single day as much as we can do just Going into the car something great Happens And then slowly we put the dog into the Car we give him steak we turn the car on We let it run for 10 seconds we turn it Off another piece of steak we get out We do that then we move it up to the dog Moving we make a program where we slowly Slowly desensitize the dog to Um To being in the car now like you said Though she won't accept treats for the Most part so there's two things number

One either we need to have a super high Value treat if your treats that you're Using are just dog treats or kibble or Something made for dogs the first thing I would suggest is we try Some kind of Super hyper level treat right something Us humans would eat tiny pieces of steak Of chicken of hot dogs Cheese okay and we would use that first If that doesn't work and she still is Not able to accept human food Then this is one of the few times that I'm actually okay with we go to the vet And we ask them for a um you know Some kind of medication a mild sedative Something that we can use it's not a fix Okay we're not going to rely on the Medication but we can use it to get the Dog bring the dogs you know anxiety and Fear level down enough To where they're able to accept food and Once they're able to accept food then It's on us to do the training and then As we do the training eventually we wean Away the medication And with the dogs going in the car happy As can be So yeah that's what i would say about The That first try a higher level food If that doesn't work we try the Medication from a from a vet and see if We can that'll allow us to do the

Training um nope it's a two-hound Harness and that's the design front oh Is that right okay let me take another Look It looks like the premier no pull In I'm not sure about that Oh you know what maybe you're right Because i'm looking here now actually There is a swell there's a strap here Because on the no pull harness i'm Pretty sure there's a On the back let me see something you Could be right let me let me just see Something though um Cause i do know that i remember there Was a ring on the back But you don't really ever use that That's not it But you could be right let me see If not maybe it's just a different brand Because this is what i i thought she was Using The pink one You could be right though Let's have a look I thought she was using the this one Actually hers is all pink huh Okay it must be a different one yeah Because there is no ring on the back There so it's interesting i have to try To figure out if you know which harness That is what brand it is the one in the Video uh let me know because that's kind

Of an interesting thing but there's Hooks on both sides um Is it normal for puppies to pick up poop Outside yes it's normal for puppies to Pick up everything in their mouth that Is how they explore the world It's our job to make sure they don't Right when you're taking your puppy out For a walk you should always be looking Ahead right when i used to walk my dog i Would be scanning the street back and Forth eight feet eight to ten feet ahead Making sure what is there something that My dog is gonna pick up they're gonna Stick their nose in something like that Taking your dog out for a walk is uh or Let me say this taking a puppy out for a Walk is not a particularly Exciting or enjoyable thing for us Humans because it's a lot of work right Anything they can put in their mouth They will so it's our job to be watching And be hyper vigilant of is that chicken Bone is that poop is that rocks whatever They're gonna pick up um A lot of diseases parasites bacteria is Transmitted from dog poop um giardia Coccidia other things so We definitely don't want our dogs Picking a poop if we can prevent it Um Thanks it's really only once i've been Driving for a few minutes already so Have a good starting point oh good okay

She's also the kind of dog that's hyper Aware she tends to chase reflections of Light so in that case maybe it's the Other moving car atmosphere yeah it Could be but i'll try the placement Treats training things yeah no problem Give that a try um Usually when we switch to something of Such high value that kind of treat right The steak the chicken the hot dogs the Cheese those are my four go-to's not not Necessarily in that order but um the Four types of human food that tend to be Work really well for dogs um Usually that alone is is enough to Get them going Um Yeah they're bragging in this video all Right let's see Let's see what they're bragging about I think that's all it said right trust In teamwork brags all right let's see What they do Good balance to start It's cute Quite impressive Back legs going up oh my Wow That's that's impressive very good they Deserve to brag for that one yeah Doing fun tricks like this you know this Is a great way just to bond with your Dog and just do do fun things training Doesn't always have to be just you know

Uh you know sit down stay come like Yeah yeah do it so i guess it's not Practical it's not gonna save your dog's Life but this is a fun thing to To do with your dog just teaching them Tricks and and to bond with them um I can't imagine trying that with a Mastiff yeah That's what i was just thinking if i Tried to do this with max oh my god the First time i if i would have done that With my 120 pound rottweiler and these Back two feet came crashing down i would Have been in for a world of pain Let me tell you That would that would not have been a Fun experience Um Uh Brand two Two hounds harness oh let me look can You do this with max no i don't have max Anymore max uh Actually died about two years ago so If i had did solve him around i probably Wouldn't attempt it though two hounds Harness Let me see Um This one Harness Freedom harness This doesn't look like the one she had Maybe it is though

I don't know Oh maybe this is the pink one she had Something like this i think this is the One she had huh Okay interesting Okay well thank you um L s for pointing this out to me i didn't Know that this existed so i can't Imagine there's a time i would really Want you for me personally or to Recommend it i'm trying to think when When i would actually want The collar on the leash on the back over Just the chest or the other one um But it is good to know that it that that Exists so thanks for that Um candida uh i moved to a big city my Dog is normally very friendly and Confident at dog parks but ever since Moving here i've noticed that she's Scared of other dogs What should i do Um it's interesting that Let me just let me just reread this Yeah it's weird that you would just just Be in a different dog park uh Would change her reaction Um i'm curious if anything maybe Happened at the new dog park One of the first times you went there Something negative something bad that Maybe could have spooked her could have Given her a bad um You know

Bad associations um regardless if it did Or didn't i would basically start off With a you know i would treat it as fear And i would re-re-socialize her to Um to dogs into the new dog park and What i would do actually i have a video That you can take a look at um let me Pull it up here Um So it's about leash aggression and even If she's not aggressive though you just Basically use the same thing Of treating her with treating them with Fear And uh So take a look at that and basically What you're gonna do is you're gonna Start about 5200 feet away from the dog Or from the dog park you're going to Basically feed the dog treats as long as They are happy under threshold little by Little you move up until we're back Outside the dog park and the dog is you Know Having the time of their life um But yeah that video will go into much More detail so you can you know learn All the minor Parts to it as well because it's a Little bit more complicated than that so Take a look at that uh renee um i love i Love the harness lots of fitting points And double clips oh my god look great Thanks

Um Videos with max of helping me and my dog Good i'm glad Dog's getting better around other dogs But he still hates people with a passion At least we're making some progress okay Good yeah so remember training right There's no end point we don't look at Training as i'm starting training today And a month from now i have a perfectly Well trained dog right no dog is 100 Um my dog was not 100 perfect it's Impossible humans aren't perfect dogs Are not going to be perfect right all That matters is that we're making Progress Every single day if your dog is point Zero zero zero one percent better today If yesterday he barked 99 times and Today he uh parked a hundred times and Today he parked 99 times that's i would Be over the moon i'd be thrilled because We're making progress and that's what You have to look at little steps you Know break it down and as long as you're Making progress that's good okay anyone Know what this rowing motion means Looks like he's just excited Just wants attention Form of play same look at me Look at me look at me Why aren't you talking to me why are you Ignoring me I see you holding my camera but you're

Not talking Probably all that is Cute i'll go does he have two different Color eyes as well Or is that just the camera oh it's just The camera i think reflecting Yeah it's gonna say two dogs today at Night with uh Two different colored eyes all right see If there's anything more here if not I'll swap over to The next one Can anyone help me finding this harness I don't know which one that is I haven't slept in like two weeks with a Puppy yeah puppies are a lot of work um I'm trying to remember if you were the One that was asking about the house Training i think you were and you were Doing the crate training Um And i had mentioned maybe trying the pen That we have to focus on actually taking Getting up at night but that definitely Uh definitely will help How often do you stream yeah so i'm Trying to get into a strict schedule um Most likely my plan as of now is i want To try to do like every other day around Seven or eight o'clock um pacific time And just keep it like a strict schedule I've still been kind of testing things And seeing what i can make work with my Uh

My own schedule stuff like that um so if You want to be notified make sure you Turn on notifications for my channel and You should get a little thing to your Phone or your browser if you're on Youtube For when i go live Um Yeah really trying to find something That's a good time for me And that people can watch um kind of to Be more strict about Um yeah Or if you are on discord feel free to Join the discord i i ping the discord Every time before i go live as well so There's that uh do you believe that all Dogs can learn how to fetch or can only Certain breeds fetch um yeah any dog can Learn there's certain breeds that are Certainly more Prone to learning faster and picking it Up faster I don't think I don't think it's a breed thing i think It's an individual dog thing that not All dogs enjoy fetch So you know if you have a dog that just Doesn't enjoy fetch it's kind of uh you Know is it really worth trying to force Him to Play this game that he doesn't like you Know If you don't like soccer you don't want

To play soccer um You know you don't have fun then doing Something you don't like so yeah i mean Anybody any dog can learn anything but Some definitely will have a knack for Picking things up quicker some slower Some just won't enjoy certain things So yeah My dog randomly started doing this any Ideas why Hmm I don't have an initial thought on this One As a matter of fact Let me watch again Hitting his nose on the bottom And ignoring the food i mean the only Thing that comes to mind is there's a Piece of food under there under the Blanket that he's trying to get or There's something else under the blanket That's more exciting than the food It's a weird Thing let's see if they give any more Contact context Um Trying to bury the food sometimes Happens when they aren't hungry right Away interesting food don't worry about It yeah i mean they do do that sometimes But i mean that's like a that's like a Full Full bowl of food usually when they do The bering thing they've usually eaten

Some of it although i guess we don't Know right they could have put a ton of Food in there and they could have eaten Already some and yeah trying to bury the Rest it's a good Good point Um It means he's still yeah could just be That Uh i also have a husky and he isn't the Best trained dog so i'm trying to change Um change that with my puppy and i see Him learning as well with us i also give Him one-on-one as well like you said Just doesn't stop yeah good yeah Definitely don't don't neglect the older Dog um You know take time training them both And That will be a Good situation for you Pnc silly works walking um i'm walking Working working on teaching my dog to Come but as he comes to me he gets bored Halfway and passes by me yeah so i'm not Sure if you're Following my guide on how to train your Dog to come if you are if you aren't um I will link it for you and that's that Is exactly why we have the dog i only Train a dog to come back to me on leash Because in the event that happens i Actually give that exact i'm pretty sure I give that exact example um

In the video about recall Of the dog sees you they come towards You and up they go right by you right Which we don't want the way i teach Recall Is um Recall is not complete until the dog Is in front of you and sits It ha they have to sit in front of you To complete the behavior Um And that is why because technically what Can happen is you say to the dog dog Come the dog comes to you and then they Go right by and in their mind they go Well i came but i didn't really know When it ended right having the dog sit At the end of the recall just completes Completes the command and lets them know That's that's the end to it um What's your thoughts about the breed Influence of behavior by the way Um Is there something specific you're Wondering about a specific breed Specific behavior Um In in general yeah i mean Certain breeds of dogs do have genetic Uh You know Uh programming i guess is the best way To say it i don't know what the best Phrase is but different breeds of dogs

Just naturally do have different Instincts different behaviors um And the only thing that separates them Is the breed right you take a chihuahua And you compare a chihuahua at three Years old to a rottweiler at three years Old right the difference in the guardian Instinct is Night and day Sure doorbell rings chihuahua will bark They will you know make some sound That's it um But their alert level alertness level For example Is a fraction of what a rockweller is Right rottweiler is on 24 7. their They're Listening and waiting and uh waiting to Hear something waiting to do that Chihuahuas don't have that guardian Instinct um i think that's one of the Biggest things you could you'll note for People would notice is owning a dog Breed that is you know known for having The guardian instincts german shepherds Rottweilers dobermans um There is just a certain Level if they just they just have it's Not something you can teach they just Have it um It's like golden retrievers very mouthy They love picking things up in their Mouth hence the name right retrievers uh Other dogs are not that mouthy and don't

Don't get that big of a thing out of you Know Picking stuff up out of their mouth or Putting stuff into their mouth um So yeah there's definitely certain Breeds that have You'll you'll notice certain behaviors With certain breeds that you'll notice With others Um Yeah Okay let's try it a little different So oops subreddit here and see what we Find on this one Um Okay let me refresh So the point is For our poor stupid animals but this Might be a fun one because um people Think dogs are doing some one thing and Looking at their human eyes right and we Look at it through We'll look at it through dog eyes Instead and see what they're actually Doing i don't know how many dog ones are On here i haven't Been through here yet but we'll see Um Instant regret upon trying broccoli Let's see this little puppy's first Experience with broccoli No sound I'm not quite sure about this stuff He's saying

That's cute Well maybe he does like it he's thinking About going back for more That's Cute vegetables are a good uh Good you know treat for dogs Very healthy Heart boat that's a cat Our puppy thinks he's a cat and we'll See stay on the cat's tree That's cute Let's see here I'm looking for dogs lucy b and lucy That's funny What is this guy doing playing with a Door stopper That's a fun toy He says because he makes a fun noise It reacts when i hit it Better than toys i got [Music] That's a cute little pup Um Is it okay to run with your dog if They're wanting to run i'm working on my Dog's leash pulling but aside from that He also enjoys writing it as do i Yeah uh writing is fine as long as we're Not encouraging because you have the Math stuff right um as long as we're not Like encouraging the dog to run if the Dog wants to run and you're running with The dog that's fine but um I would not force a dog that size and

Encourage a dog that size to run more Than they actually want The only thing i would say about running With him is make sure that we have fed Him at least two hours before You go running and don't go running two Hours after he's eaten because large Breed dogs are prone to bloat as it is Deep chested dogs and they're even more Prone when they have food in their Stomach so that's something very Important no anybody with a deep chested Dog Mastiffs great danes rottweilers even Dawson's you know little wiener dogs They have fairly deep chests Dobermans right german shepherds uh no Food two hours or before or after heavy Periods of exercise just to be safe and Try to you know prevent the odds of Chances of Bloat happening dog viciously attacks Prey before going in for the kill let's See what he does Let's treat He's excited something new Probably just the first time he Got that kind of treat he didn't know What to do with it and He was just a happy boy or girl I don't know Seems like it was a good treat for him Though Um

Yes i never encourage running unless he Wants to yeah and when he needs to slope I let him we typically go around three To four hours after each yeah perfect so It sounds like you're you're good to go Then um just make sure if you're doing Running with him right that and we're Training him not to pull on the leash That he's running on the harness and not On the collar right because we want to Make sure that we're training the dog Not to walk on the collar and then the Time we don't do the exercises of no Pulling we put him on the harness so he Pulls doesn't matter [Music] You know what's really funny talking About before breeds uh who was it that Asked My uh Russian friend here i got you gotta i Don't know if there's a way i can say Name in english maybe i can translate Your name so i can Jesus that's loud um But um this is a good example of Influence of breed behavior huskies are One of the most vocal dogs vocal breeds This is very very common with huskies Just they're just a vocal breed for some Reason i don't know why But they are vocal for sure It's a good-looking dog i always like The husky with that color the kind of

Tan Brown tannish you know Oh he's got two different color eyes too Jeez all these dogs tonight two Different color eyes what are the odds That's pretty funny It's cute Um My dog says hi Has a dog that's telling you and get Away i am not happy with What you're doing back up or i'm gonna Get bit okay not sure where i found this Thought i'd share A little pomeranian Getting a haircut As a big dog Oh no he fell asleep poor guy Geez Hmm That is uh Quite interesting He literally just looks like he's Literally just falling asleep i wonder If that's like this is actually a Medical uh issue That's causing this because you know That's This behavior when they're getting Groomed it's not a normal behavior you Know to be Like that dogs don't just naturally fall Asleep standing up or sitting up um So right human eyes our initial thing is

My initial reaction right oh it's cute That's funny but then we start thinking About it i do wonder he's over this Dog's super overweight um I do wonder if the if there was some Kind of medical thing Going on here Yeah it's kind of sad Um Hello cat We are looking for dogs sorry Um Yeah um i guess huskies have much more Higher chance for heterochromia for some Reason yeah i have seen a lot of it's Not you mention it that's another Interesting breed Characteristic i i have seen a lot of Huskies um That have different colored eyes never Clipped now till you just said that but Yeah i think you're right sedatives yeah You know what brian that is a good Call it definitely could have been Sedatives if the dogs are nervous about Being groomed And people give them a sedative before They go I think i think you got it yeah that's Probably what was going on maybe Maybe not a total medical issue but yeah Maybe the sedative um Hard to focus for staring at me Dog

All right Something tells me we're going to see Some teeth and some growling let's see Oh No no teeth Just a little smile interesting So dogs dogs don't smile like us humans Right um It's just not a thing dogs do It's actually a big disconnect and it Was an interesting thing they did this Study with children And uh about in in dogs And kind of just the disconnect And they asked a bunch of children i Forget how old they were they were young Kids though i think like five to eight Years old somewhere in there and they Asked them what does it mean when a dog Smiles at you Um and like 90 percent of the kids said The dog is happy and a smile and wants a Hug Right it was a study on children getting Bit by dogs i'm pretty sure And yeah children would assume when they When the dog was smiling quote-unquote Saw the dog's teeth that that meant the Dog was happy wanted to hug and we know Hopefully we know if not i'm going to Tell you That when a dog is smiling and Showing their teeth it actually means They're aggressive not aggressive that

There it's a warning sign of saying i'm Gonna bite you if you don't stop what You're doing and back away um i think That's actually probably what's going on Here is this just the start before the Lip was was going up you know um Yeah because dogs don't dogs don't smile It's just it's just not a thing dogs do Um They lift their lips when they are You know not happy It's a little cat Um i was walking my mastiff And we passed by another dog walker or The concorso both the dogs posted up and Growled but then i lunged at each other Any tips for snapping a dog out of this Mode The best thing is working on leave it Leave it is not just for um chicken Bones and dog poop and things on the Street leave it as for whatever you're Looking at I used to use leave it with my dog for When he was looking at other dogs Looking at the cats So many things in fact leave it for when They were stuck on the ground was Probably the times i used to leave it The least Um so one is a very strong leave it so When the dog sees another dog leave it He ignores them you can work on focus Which is kind of like another form of

Leave it instead of just telling them Leave it focus gets the dog to turn and Put his attention on you um Those will be the two things that i Would I would say to to do in that situation Um mr steeler girl Sometimes i wonder if i own a seal You look a little a little similar don't They Um Poor girl got the blues let's see What she's doing [Music] She gonna start singing [Music] She's not not a fan of that guitar is She Oh and she's sneezing She's allergic to the guitar Before i think [Music] That's cute [Music] [Music] That's enough of you Uh ozzy entertaining himself in the park What is this cat Another cat Did not destroy the pillow poor guy Um what's this one Cat and puppy Poor cat Because i want some i want some

Attention Um Do you have a preference for how to trim A dog's nails i hear it is not going to Use clippers because you can clip their Blood vessels on an accident yeah if you Don't know what you're doing or if you Have a dog who has very short or has Dark nails black nails it's very hard to See where the quick is and you can very Easily cut it too short and then you Know the dog will be bleeding it's a Whole mess Um The dremel dremel dremel i forget how You say the word is a little bit safer Because it just slowly files down the Nails and uh that's a good one that's a Good thing to use honestly though i Never cut my dog's nails in his entire Life Um i would just bring them to the vet Usually you can just walk in like 10 Bucks they'll clip them for you if not Almost every single groomer will offer Just just nail clips nail trims um I would strongly recommend you do it to Your vet as my first option because in The event the dog is not you know super Great with having his nails clipped and He moves and they do hit the quick and Starts bleeding the vet's equipped to Deal with the bleeding and stop it If not the groomer you know they usually

Have the stuff too But um Yeah usually i think it's probably safer And just overall better just to bring Them in for it um Okay let me do one more video and then We're gonna wrap up for tonight let's See what this one's find a good one what Is this one I think he's broken Let's check this guy out It's quite a bark [Music] All right maybe one more One more let's see here He can't be bothered to move out of the Back Let's see what this one is A little little corgi He wants to go back under the blanket oh There's a cat in there Dog's trying to cover him up Because i want that blanket All right that one wasn't too exciting One more one more last one um What is this cat or dog Dog taking a nap All right let's take a look at this one Happiness is having a scratch For every itch Um Have you seen that frenchie dog walter Jeffrey he's got a wild bark how i Haven't no

Is that his name let's let's do let me Look him up real quick And that'll be our last of the night Jeffrey Doc I can't wait today but i'll come earlier For tomorrow's stream i'll check out Your video yeah no problem um i can Always catch him on The replay um Let me see Walter jeffrey is this is this it i Guess Walter jeffrey the frenchie Let's see what's his most popular video This One oh jesus christ [Music] Oh my god [Music] That's pretty funny Pardon me It's not real but it is i can you can Tell the way his mouth's moving I told you why we can't go to the park It's closed today Because they're spraying for bugs do you Want to live with creepy crawlers all Over I guarantee you don't You really need to think about how you Talk to me for walter He's going to go to the park without Even knowing my reasons why

You talk over me You are allowed to have a voice here in 2018 you know But it's like you're crossing the line On being disrespectful each and every Time That's really funny that that is a new One um i have not heard i i never heard Of him before that's pretty funny though That's uh that's quite a bark tell you Um The next stream still stranger times Yeah so i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be Doing streams later at night i don't Think the afternoon ones are great for Me Um but then also if i don't think as Many people can do them then either um So i think i'm kind of like aiming i'm Thinking around like seven eight o'clock Uh Pacific time Um i'm right now i'm doing them every Other day so no stream tomorrow but the Next day i will be back Um Yeah still kind of doing a little test In here and there trying to figure some Stuff out but um Yeah Next Uh Two days from now i will be back Um

So yeah thanks for watching everybody if Anybody has videos you guys want me to Take a look at um you know you can Always tell me in the chat here or Send them to me on twitter discord um And i will watch them when you guys are Here Always looking for stuff to go over i Was going to go through probably i was Looking like instagram tick tock and i Can just go through videos on there as Well because i think this is a good Thing Being able to you know explain what's Going on through trainerize and through Behavior dog eyes rather than just Humans Um how we think we see stuff what's Actually going on so Yeah i think i'm gonna keep doing this And then you know it's kind of nice i Can answer your questions and then when We have a Someone has one um so yeah All right everybody hope you guys have a Good night and i will be back in a Couple days and see you then Take care