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By | March 12, 2022

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Okay Hello everybody I think we're looking live here Hope everybody's having a good day People coming in people Watching this on the replay um got some Good videos to go over today we'll get Started in Just a second i'm just getting a few Things Set up here and then We will Get into it Let me see here desktop okay move that Over If anybody has any questions in the Meantime while i'm just doing a few Things here Feel free to ask in the chat and Like always i'll get to the questions in Between videos prioritize prioritize the Questions over the videos I should say Um Yeah Should find some good ones today Let's see what we got And ask me Here All right all right looks good looks Good One more thing I haven't watched any of these videos i Just pulled this one up first i don't

Know what it's going to be A little scratchy scratchy it says Though We will see Okay i think i am all set To go And First video we ready to watch I think we are Okay That looks good okay cool I am good to go Okay Let's see what we got here Well husky Interesting technique Nothing too Amazing there though um let's see Is this a dog one What is this that's a cat Dog eated himself part two oh my Only three seconds Oh poor guy Uh let's see here What is that Toy let's see This looks funny at first Absolutely ugly kinda looks like an Empanada though You do actually have to be careful Though um i have heard of dogs i look Like he's just holding it in his mouth It's not he's got his just teeth around It but you actually have to be careful

Because there are dogs that i've heard Of that actually have gotten toys stuck In their mouth Um That's funny i don't think that's the Case here i think he's just holding it But um that is something to be mindful Of you know And that is not a fun Fun thing then let's see this little Puppy in his Ball here what he's got It's like that's a fun one This behavior that you're seeing that This the where he's kind of like going Forward and coming back going forward Coming back um this is these are a lot Of the similar behaviors you'll see when A dog is interacting with another dog um In all in body language signs that means Hey i'm just trying to play um They're going back coming back right That whole stat whole sign is something Of a dog saying hey i'm just trying to Play here and you know you'll see them Do that with other dogs um Not not just with With toys that you saw he did like the Pine pawing at it they'll do that with Other dogs as well it's kind of Interesting how that behavior translates Over from Dogs you know dogs to toys they do the Same thing with other dogs

It's a happy Happy little guy That little pawing like that the Stomping It's cute Uh let's see here try to get slo-mo Video my dog catching a toy by landing On the roof uh-oh as a result this is Dog's face changing from excitement to Disappointment let's see She's ready for it She's watching And it's gone Poor dog Uh Caught this one another slow motion Oh just a picture Lack of training Okay this is this could be interesting Dog and a cat let's see What happens here short video only seven Seconds that's all right [Music] So for people that don't know and again I'm certainly no Cat expert but um Not everybody Some people might be common sense but um This that position the cat's in that Arch back right that's a very A defensive position the cat's saying You know back off and get away and this Is a really interesting thing because Look at what the puppies the dogs doing

Right the dog is doing the exact Opposite the dog sees that and is trying To play right they're doing the play Ball they're doing that what i was Saying about going forward and coming Back just a second ago that exact Movement there trying to say come on Play with me chase me get me right and This is a really interesting example of The disconnect between you know the Between two different species right dogs Are excellent at communicating with Other dogs through body language um but Dogs don't understand cat language and Cat body language just naturally the Same way they don't understand You know our human language And behaviors in dog world that are You know Good and nice and cat world are very Threatening for example raising a paw When a cat raises their paw that means It's an aggressive response right They're going to whack you if you don't Back away and in dog world raising the Paw is a sign of i just want to play um So yeah you know i i if i was in the Situation i would not i would have Pulled this dog away You know 10 minutes ago number one it's Not fair to the cat obviously the cat's Stressed out and doesn't like the dogs You're you know making the cat suffer But number two you know it takes one

Second for this calf to swipe this dog And you know this dog loses an eye um or Gets hurt or you know something bad even Cats that you You know your own cats um If they're not crazy about your dogs They cats will not hesitate to scratch And um gotta always be careful of that My dog likes his box Shadow is 11 weeks old let's see it's a Dog Let's see little shadow i think it's a Dog I don't believe this is a cat Where was it here A fun box That's a happy dog Happy confident dog one box to the tub It's amazing sometimes just the simplest Things in the world will Be the most entertaining to Our dogs you spend All this money on these fancy toys and At the end of the day the box the toy Came in is More fun than the actual toy to them That's cute A little shadow it's gonna be a big boy He's only 11 weeks old and he's this big Man That's gonna be a big dog when he uh Gets older Get wet go zoom Let's see what happens

Here um I don't know what he thinks he sees There's a fish in there He's like Reaching out for something Oh Hell Poor guy This is actually a really interesting Behavior and this this happens um kind Of the zoomies right people will Will call it Basically just any kind of Overstimulation Will Cause dogs to do this You know oftentimes you'll see it after After walks is the time you see the most Common right because what happens we Take the dog for a walk and the whole Time we're keeping the dog dog seen so Many things we're seeing people in cars And you know other dogs And they're hearing sounds and they're Smelling things and We Kind of basically on a walk are working The dog up more and more and more and More right and then by the time we get Them home we have this dog that it's Like imagine a soda can right and you're Shaking up the soda can and the whole Walk you're shaking and shaking and Shaking and shaking and shaking and then

Finally when you get home you pop the Top and what happens Right it Explodes and um That's kind of what happens with the Zoomies is when we're on a walk walks Are not sufficient for physically Exercising a dog it's just it doesn't it Doesn't work You have to they have to be able to run And just burn that off and um yeah Whenever they do this kind of behavior That's basically what it is it's just Their brain is just so overstimulated That they have to to you know Burn that off and sometimes it can be Things like this you know they something New happened something exciting Something just kind of sets them off Um Yeah Little josie what's josie up to today Let's see Is that puppy I can't tell actually if this is a puppy Or not it looks like maybe it's a puppy Yeah Chasing her tail Yeah I think it's a puppy She goes this thing back here is uh Pretty fun Um i wonder why coco gets the zoomies Before after walks yeah that's so that's

Why because when you take her for a walk We're basically just Getting them more and more amped up and Since they're always on the leash They're never able to just go and just Burn off burn that off so by the time we Get home we have this you know dog that Is just so incredibly overstimulated the Only way they can just burn it off that Energy now is to Just run around the house the backyard Like uh You know crazy dog um Dragging it out of bed Lazy dog That's funny Cat cat cat what is this Bear we're not watching bear videos Um What is this A horse i don't think this is a dog Carrots are really good for dogs though My dog used to love carrots that was one Of his favorite things to Give him More than what you asked for I got my boyfriend a husky for Valentine's day and this is how it's Going so far all right let's have a look Henita what's up my boyfriend a husky For valentine's day and this is how it's Gone so far A little eight week old pup [Music]

Oh damn it no Oh [Music] Cute puppy [Music] Poor guy [Music] So it's really uh it's just a fun little Video watching them watch them grow up Um Something to say though you know Dogs are not dogs any animal really any Pets are not a good Present um you should never get somebody A dog or a pet or or you know get get an Animal you know with your if you're Living with somebody right your Significant other um They are a huge responsibility they are A Life it changes your entire life having A dog having a cat um having any animal Now that's that they become a Responsibility for You know you have to think about them 24 7. um Whenever you know i've always heard I've heard many times of you know this Exact situation where People get their you know boyfriend Girlfriend dog as a present and then you Know It this is how we end up with a lot of Dogs end up going to the shelters

Because they just don't realize what it All takes Um So yeah if you're ever thinking about Getting your somebody up Animal as a present um i would highly Recommend you don't And you know talk to them first and make Sure they actually want it really really Cute puppy though doing having a lot of Fun there um Sometimes i can't tell if my huskies Hate each other by the way they play Hey num um Dog play right very very looks Will be Can look very aggressive can look yeah Very dangerous biting barking each other As long as they always are You know going back for more though That's basically the main sign that This is the dog or cat Um That they're just having fun Big blanket little dog making a new new Bed out of that Um do you think jenny tolls makes safe Food for dogs and cats Uh i haven't i'm not familiar with that Brand let's have a look Jenny tools Is it nice fella right dog Food Um

Is that what it's is that the brand Or is that a person Not sure what jenny tolls dog food is uh Give me a little more information i can Look it up um She was about absent she was absent from The look before you leap less than a dog School uh-oh She come flying off the side oh poor Thing I shake it off Mouth full of sand that's no good Okay Oh man Poor thing We always want to be careful um you know We have our dogs off leash and in areas Like this because right at first we go Oh that's hilarious you know dog face Plants off the cliff right but the Reality is it's actually really really Dangerous you know very easily could Have broken a leg could have broken Something else Um hurt herself Yeah so you know we always want to be Careful and try to Oh man avoid letting our dogs get into Situations where you know They could potentially hurt themselves It's the last thing we want Um We're not looking for cats sorry Pal

This might be interesting um I agree with pets as gifts being a bad Idea you see the movies a lot yeah it Sounds like a really cute romantic thing Right you get our girlfriend a puppy but Then you know It's not just getting her a puppy it's Giving her a 15-year responsibility 24 7 that you Know costs a lot and takes a lot of time And Energy and effort and it's not the Greatest thing um have a sister wants to Get a second dog but her current dog is Overly friendly and she doesn't fulfill Her needs so she ends up being Destructive i told her not to it will be More work Yeah if you don't have the time uh to You know Deal with uh One dog then Having two dogs is definitely probable It's not a Great solution not a great idea i don't Think Two dogs are people will say you know Having two dogs is easier than one dog Because they keep each other occupied But it's really not you just you still Have two dogs to to look after still a Second dog to feed a second dog to pay For a second dog to walk you know Let's see where this guy's gonna go with

His little gopro [Music] It's a cute idea you always i've seen a Lot of gopros where they'll they'll put On the back of the dog's uh You know Collar on the harness and it'll go kind Of or on top of their head or something And it gives you that that view of what The dog is looking at and seeing it's Kind of interesting watching this seeing The uh Watching their eyes move and watching How the dog actually looks and where He's looking before he goes Kind of interesting Uh what else we got here Peppermint was ready this is a dog what Is this A turkey oh no Ram I don't know why it looked like a turkey For a second from the side like the back Of a turkey um Oh He's eyeing that meat Gotta be careful of that for some Unknown reason All right i think this is a dog yeah Okay for some unknown reason fred only Liked his new bed when it was flipped Upside down i forgot when i was cleaning So the poor man had to fix the issue Himself well i just watched and giggled

As his efforts so let's see That's really what's going on Dogs definitely will you know every dog Is unique every dog is different and They definitely will have preferences You know you might notice around your Own house maybe there's certain Furniture your dog likes to sleep on Versus other furniture they just never Go on so yeah i could definitely see This being uh Being the thing he just likes likes that Side better than the than the other side Feels more comfortable comfortable to Them Yeah dogs definitely have Have preferences just like us humans Right You could Take 10 people and Have them all sit on 20 different Couches and every single person probably Would Say a different one is the most Comfortable um Grim doing the old yawn and gone What do we got here dog Let's see Coming off a little air Back in for the rest of his nap it's Cute Sock thief Always got to be careful with dogs and Socks that's a lot of dogs will eat them

My dog used to love to eat socks if he Could get his hand on them and If you if your dog ever eats a foreign Object right socks uh underwear my dog Would have had eaten Um all sorts of things if you get them To the vet fast enough like within an Hour or so you want to get them there as Fast as possible you know within 30 Minutes ideally um But if you can get them there and Depending on what the object is the vets Can induce vomiting and make the dog you Know throw it up which is you know Really good um because the other Alternative is to try to let it pass and You know poop poop it out but depending On what the object is it can get stuck In the stomach it gets stuck in the Intestine and then the only way to get It out is actual surgery Battery the dog dies So Whenever our dog eats something that They're not supposed to it's always Important if we can get to the vet as Soon as possible they can like i said to Get it out That way Nothing bad happens That was the number one reason max would Go to the vet And the emergence while we were on a First name basis with the emergency room

Was because of him eating things um Yeah let's see who let the dogs out Oh my I think i saw this on tick tock the Other day actually this one [Music] It's a lot of dogs jesus Every breed you can imagine a little Rottweiler I wonder what this is oh sh [Applause] Poor guy Must be some kind of big dog daycare Boarding facility that's really cool Though when when you can have uh The a lot of people kind of i guess it Depends on on the boarding facility Because some are not great right one Where their dog is just stuck in a crate A kennel for 22 hours a day is are Terrible i would never let my if i had a Dog bored a dog there but there's a lot Of them have these big open places that The dogs are just free to run around to Play all day long you know things like That that is like the ideal You can ask for a better Better situation for dogs they would Love that um My dog does every time i bring her to The office Let's see So let's watch this dog eyes and human Eyes what do we think is happening

What's actually happening No sound If i had to guess I would say probably wherever this dog Lives They uh don't have carpet or they've Just never experienced That feel of carpet before And it just feels really really good She goes i really like how this feels on My face and my back It's like that's a fun feeling Cute dog Pet pet pat All right we got a dog and a cat It's an interesting little interaction Dog cat so normally in cat it's hard to Tell because normally in cat world right Cat body language raising a paw is very Very threatening and the second half of The video you can kind of see the cat Arch up a bit there right like they Don't they don't like what's going on But the start that kind of pawn is Almost like a curiosity paw and like i Said before i'm no cat expert so i don't Know what the difference is between when The cats paw for aggression and they're Afraid and when they paul like that is Kind of a curiosity um Very patient dog the dog is just wants To play in iraq right the happy little Tale then remember what i said in dog World

In dog world a paw is a hundred percent You know i'm friendly i just want to Play don't do anything So yeah it's kind of interesting He's beautiful he's crazy he's falling On his face Let's see For that quick glance it looked like a Malinois which are very agile dogs Normally Not this guy though Oh no poor guy No he leaped a little a little too early You know agility things like this are Actually really fun and you can build This i mean this is just pvc pipe you Can go to home depot and you can buy you Know one two three four five six pieces Of pipe for probably i don't know well Actually i don't know how much it is Nowadays I did this like 10 years ago um and it Was like it was super cheap though back Then um But just fun things like this agility Training the dog and you would obviously Start with the pipe Uh much lower but these are this is a Really fun game to teach dogs to Um and just a bonding game you know you Start with a little treat and you would Start just luring them back and forth And then you put the pull really low and You just lure them and they just step

Over it and after a while we raise the Pull up a little bit higher and now they Kind of have to do a tiny jump over it And you go higher and higher and higher But agility is actually a really fun Thing You don't want to do it with super You know large breed dogs heavy breeds Um Because it's not great on my hips and Joints but smaller dogs it's definitely A great Great thing to do uh-oh bruce got caught Oh what is this Oh it's an ad All right let's see what bruce got Caught that's my hot All right brucey what's going on here Someone has been in the recycling bin But i'm not sure who's done it uh-oh i Can't tell who's been in the recycling Bin and has been playing I wonder bruce Who do you think's been in the recycling Bin poor bruce Do you think you have maybe Oh i see you're going in hiding in your Kennel are you I think yes okay well i'll deal with you And say oh no he's back Yes that's a nice milk bottle you've got Attached to your foot there bruce Yes that will teach you for going in the Recycling bin poor bruce

Always uh you know Part of this is kind of management right So there's a certain aspect of owning Dogs where we need to train them there's Also a certain aspect where we just need To do things that are Management um any kind of garbage cans Right whether they're inside whether They're outside That part in my opinion kind of just Falls down to management right we need To make sure our garbage cans are either Covered or out of the way um are in a Place where the dog can't get to them Because otherwise it just There's always a risk there no matter How well the dog is trained that you Know garbage is very exciting And that they're going to want to go Into it so To me that kind of falls into You know Management um I will have a new puppy in a few hours Cool i'm excited what should be the very First thing to do when she enters the House is it to bond right away or Introduce her to the potty place like Bathroom good question So let me i have a Bunch i actually have a whole playlist That i think will help you a lot It's all the stuff about it's all just Puppy things

Um Let me link it to you And Here you go Puppy if you go through those videos That is going to basically get you Ready to know To do everything um in order you don't Have to watch all of them but the three That i would watch in order is the first One is how to to house train your puppy Then watch how to socialize and then Watch the one about bite inhibition the Other ones you can watch whenever They're not that big of a deal Those are the ones though that you Really need to Do right away the most important thing When you first get an eight week old Puppy we don't care about teaching them To sit to lay down they can do that Anytime in their life the most important Things right now that you've got to work On are the three things in those first Three videos socializing your dog House training because we want the dog Getting into the idea of where they need To go to the bathroom as fast as Possible and then bite inhibition The socialization and bite inhibition You only have one chance to do this all Right Um and if we don't do it properly it can Mess up the dog for the rest of their

Life so Yeah watch those two videos they're the Most important things and that's what Your Main goal should be should be for you Know the next couple weeks is the house Training Uh socialization and then The bike ambition as well have you been To other countries alex i haven't I am a very boring Very simple person i have uh Actually never even been i mean i live In california And i actually have never even been out Of california to tell you the truth Um I am very afraid of airplanes and flying So I have horrible horrible anxiety over That So yeah i have not been to other Countries maybe one day um I will visit somewhere i will leave Leave my little shelter okay let's see What this is What has he got here She thinks the sweetheart is out to get Her Good little play behavior I'm not i don't know uh How crazy i am about giving her dogs Sweethearts to play with though just in Case they do eat it it's you know

Anything high in sugar is not great for Our dogs We Make them sick which we don't want My mom's dog is kind of an idiot he does This every time she leaves him anywhere Let's see What he does [Music] Oh he just wants some attention Just saying pet me look at me [Music] Poor guy He just wants someone to pet him Um thank you so much biting and potty Training seems to be fun but thankfully I'm a very patient person yeah to be Honest with you it's real it's really I don't think anything is hard in dog Training i think it's Um Or has to be not fun i think it's just It just comes down to being consistent You know and it's really the discipline Of us humans That Makes or breaks how how successful the Dogs can be potty training i think kind Of is fun because you're basically You know you're giving the dog treats All the time you're you know it's a good Bonding thing too um But yeah check those out and then if you Have any questions let me know

My money's on the tail Oh got a little cat in the back there A little kitten i think This is a good little dog i know we're Looking at the cat biting the tail this Is a good interaction with the dogs Though With the biting with the mouthing you Know Initially we could look at this then we Could go oh my god this looks scary we Got to stop this right Teeth are showing they're biting each Other he's got his foot in his mouth Right very easy to go oh my god this is This is not good we should we should Step in and not let this happen This is great dog play dog to dog Interaction good dog play involves Biting each other mouthing each other um Yeah that's a nice Nice little Interaction that they're having there Harvey never learned to roll over it's More of a slide Let's see harvey God i don't know why it's so random when I full screen these why sometimes they Play and sometimes they don't i don't Get it All right harvey do your thing let's see It's a very Very slow dramatic Rolling over

Surprisingly maybe not surprisingly i Don't know but teaching a dog to roll Over can actually be pretty tricky Because think about it let's put Ourselves in the dog's eyes right and Dog body think about what you actually Have to do to manipulate your body Into that position right the way you we Do it is we just lure them i put a treat In front of their nose i make them lay Down and then i kind of turn turn over Um but it's actually not Not as simple as it seems right you Would think oh train a dog to roll over So easy easy for us to do the lure but For a dog to actually manipulate their Body to to roll over like that um It's not the easiest thing in the world And now i'm actually thinking because i Haven't thought about this before Just because of this dog i don't know What kind he is looks like Some kind of maybe dots and mix though With the long body um Now i'm kind of curious i'm trying to Think If it's easier or harder For dogs that have a longer body or Shorter bodies To roll over I never thought about that before And nothing really comes to mind what's What would be easier i feel like the Shorter the body the easier it is for

Dogs to roll over Just because of the way they have to Manipulate the body and the control they Have um But yeah that's kind of a funny one She found the stash uh oh Chewy box Found the food What did she find It's a cute dog i used to let whenever i Would get order stuff for my dog i would Always let him cut i would let him Basically open the box you know i take The tape off and i go come on come here Look and he would put his nose in and Open the flaps and pull out the toys Pull out whatever was in there you know It's a fun little thing you can can do With your dogs It's like cat See what do we have here Another dog Um Yeah rollover is tough cokes is four now We've never come close yeah it's Surprisingly a tough thing to to teach a Lot of dogs i feel like a longer dog Will okay so eating a longer dog every Time because they're rolling in shape Yeah that's it yeah maybe that's true Actually yeah i don't know I don't know it's uh I can't i can't think now of Of one one way a dog with a longer body

Or shorter body um Having more or less Luck with getting him to roll over it's Good it's a good theory though the Rolling pin First time i've Heard him do this I think he's just dreaming He's dreaming and chasing Yeah Dogs do dream a lot of people might not Know but dogs definitely dream um Well we don't know We can't say a hundred and ten percent For sure but they've done studies where I guess like they've like watched the Dog's brain change in the brain waves or Something something along those lines Medical stuff was not my specialty but Apparently it was very similar to the Same way our human brains change when we Dream and they've kind of come to the Conclusion that yeah dogs Do dream um So you'll hear them when they're Dreaming they'll be whimpering you'll See them sometimes running in place it's Pretty interesting I think the dog is broken oh no Jesus loud all right [Music] What are they going to do here It's going to be an old video uh-oh He has nowhere to follow

Having a crisis [Music] That's funny I don't know why he's spinning in Circles um I don't really have an explanation for That but that is pretty funny to see They both run away he doesn't know who To chase [Music] Poor guy Never seen this behavior before No it's a Goose geese swan i don't know what that Is I am not a bird expert though can't Really provide much commentary on that Uh All right i think we are running out of Dog videos here go to the next thing Okay let me see what's under this one Here There are two dogs in this video Close this Let's see what these two are up to They seem to seem to be buddies Nothing wrong with letting them sit on Each other Um Free him [Music] Okay a big dog here Let's see what he does Trying to go outside

[Music] So [Music] [Music] Wants to go for his walk Go on He wants to go out though [Music] I don't think he can pitch with the Backpack or whatever it is There you go just need a little a little More human help Um In lapland [Music] Now love me [Music] Nope I don't know how i feel about like the Whole sled dog thing you know i know It's a big deal and like it's a big Thing and I don't know where they do it alaska i Think Um I don't know i feel like uh [Applause] I don't know if it's i don't want to say It's cruel because there's a certain Part where i do think that dogs Do like having a job and do like working But i think it's hard where when we You know They can't really communicate to us

Right we put ourselves in the dog's Position dog's eyes of when they've had Enough what's too much Um Nope I don't yeah i don't know how i feel About that I think my initial gut is i don't like It Um Just because i feel like like i said the Dogs can be Overworked and it's you know Netflix and chill Just like a skit i don't want to watch That Um Can you tell that we have a lot of fun At our rescue Oh let's see what happens this guy's Doing It's a fun Fun little video That's a really nice that's a really Cool fence i really like that for this Is actually such a nice thing for um Interactions with dogs when you have Multiple dogs because they can see each Other interact through there but they're Still uh you know safe with it um Hey sinner um i've i'm doing other stuff Besides like dog training if you look in The description of the um The stream here you can see all my other

Personal Social media twitch Twitter instagram discord if you're Interested in Things other than that then dogs and All my other craziness Feel free you can follow me on any of Those things Um Yeah My new eight week old french bulldog pup Um is playing with your dog by having to Chase you Is good when the dog is faster than you Yeah chase dogs Playing chase is one of the one of the Most fun games for them they love Playing tag they love you chasing them Them chasing you look at the dog park What happens when you go to the dog park And where do dogs draw leash they chase Each other they love they love playing Chase um whether they're faster than you Or not is it doesn't really matter they Love playing chase no matter what um You just gotta be careful you know you Don't Don't step on them especially if you've Got a got a smaller dog Um She's so good at fetching the snow in The snow Let's see That's cute

So one thing my dog never got to Experience was snow um it doesn't really Snow in california at least where i'm at Um i've only been to the snow once Myself in my entire life Maybe that's a little sad i don't know Um Do huskies take breaks let's see Oh so like i was so here we go with the Sled dogs like i was saying again and You know this is why it's hard huskies Are super high energy dogs right they They they just are um But Yeah i don't know 4.8 mile per hour puppy dog Look at this You just slide your face let's see what Happens after this ad i kept saying this Shoe brand all over your advice has Really helped me with our dog thank you Yeah you're welcome purpose behind the Scenes i'm glad it's helped you Completely hands free Floyd mayweather fights let's see Big dog and little guy This is such a good example so this bit This dog is obviously um The white dog is obviously much more Powerful right he could Hurt this little guy very easily if he Wanted to this is a great interaction Between them look how gentle he's been He knows his size he's letting the

Little one just kind of be the aggressor And jump on him that's a really good Really good play interaction right Little guy's jumping and pawing at him That's perfect that's him saying i want To play you can see the play ball watch The pink dot the dog with the pink Harness he does the play belt right It's hard to pause right right fast Enough right there i'm too slow to pause Them see i can get my keyboard there oh Too slow That play bow it's kind of hard to Capture frame by frame but You know butt up in the air uh front Down saying anything after this is just Play wanna play that's a really good Interaction between a big dog in Um small dog Playing Let's see Whipped cream oh Our dog and cat have gotten close good Have you still been doing the um feeding Them in the same room doing the counter And then the Dog below So this is a cute video but it's also Not great um okay Small amount so any any kind of toxic Food to dogs right uh There's so many i have a whole list in My ebook um you could you can just Google toxic foods to dogs as well

Though um You know any a small small amount Depending on the size of the dog is not Going to make a big difference right Uh Giant you know great dane eating two Grapes nothing's going to happen right However a little chihuahua eating a Whole entire you know what do you call a Thing of grapes a bundle uh I don't know uh a whole thing of grapes Though um That that is going to be a problem so You know that's why i said oh god you Know what getting the whipped cream yeah Whipped cream has you know a lot of Sugar in it there's a lot of stuff other Things in it that's not great for dogs Small amount is going to hurt him Probably not he's going to be okay maybe He'll have diarrhea maybe he'll throw up If it's super sensitive but with dogs Depending on the size of the dog And then how much of whatever that toxic Food is they get You can have very very very serious Problems and this is this is why um yeah Grapes are very bad for dogs grapes and Then raisins right because raisins are Just dehydrated grapes um There is a You always want to be careful and i Mentioned this at the start about you Know getting the the um

Dog to the vet when they eat something That is Like a foreign body right but you can You can get them there with the toxic Food as well right if you know your dog Just ate all these grapes and you can Get them there within you know 15-20 Minutes they can induce vomiting and get Get all those grapes out before it Really gets into the dog's system and Starts breaking down but you have to go Fast because dogs have a very fast Digestion system so you have to get them There quickly Um yes if you don't know all the toxic Foods there are to dogs then you should Google it and take a look Skye wait what is this guy doing is he Throwing What are those things water it looks Like water balloons what are those No sound I don't know what those things are Just toys What is that a little white one for some Reason looks like a water balloon to me I don't know why I'm not sure what What does it say cooper cocker spin okay I'm not i'm not exactly sure what's Going on in this video why he's got Things in one bowl and What exactly this is Um

Tomatoes tomatoes are okay for dogs Um I was thinking maybe he's trying to to Put this in the in the bowl to make the Dog eat slower right sometimes people Will put toys or put something in the Dog's food bowl so they have to eat Around it and eat slower I'm not a big fan of that number one Because i've known dogs who have Actually eaten the objects then In the bowl there was somebody that I once had Somebody who was once told that they Should put big rocks into the dog's bowl And that way Around the food and that way that the Dog will avoid the rocks and will will Have to eat much slower just to get the Food while the dog ended up eating the Rocks while he was woofing down the food [Music] Which coincidentally then they ended up At the vet and had to induce vomiting to Get the rocks out so if you have a dog That you know eats super fast number one This is why i don't like feeding dog From food bowls i prefer we either hand Feed the dog kibble to you know build That bond um or we just feed them all Their meals out of puzzle toys If you're insistent though on feeding Out of a food bowl and your dog eats Fast there are actual food bowls that

Are designed to have your dog eat slower Let's see if we can find some dog Slow Um where they're built in like this Right It's plastic the food goes in between There's no risk of the dog Breaking off pieces eating anything We don't have to put in extra balls or Rocks something like this is another Good one and these are these are kind of Puzzle toys as well you know so if you Are going to feed from a bowl at least Get a bowl like this that's not just a Big empty platter you know and the dog Is just can go Just wolf all the food down something Like this is really good for Helping oh it comes in a lot of cool Colors too Um Yeah if you if you have to feed from a Food bowl at least feed from something Like this this is at least a little bit Better more mental stimulation for the Dog Oh that's interesting they use it for Other animals too it's kind of cool My reptile knowledge is fairly limited As well But i do know some reptiles will Think you have to feed like Mealworms or whatever other kind of Worms to they will sometimes eat super

Super fast so you have to kind of slow Them down Um Let me see here Moxie loves to play What is she doing Oh more snow Snow feels good Happy dog Good nice video to see Happy dog confident dog just enjoying Our first time out in the snow [Music] Oh [Music] You know funny enough as we're watching This video As good as dogs is as amazing actually As dog's hearing is and as amazing as Their um Sense of smell is their eyesight is Actually not the best Um and their depth perception is not the Best Which often times you'll see you know Leading to stuff like this if you want To get a good idea about what your dog Actually sees and what the position of Their eyes are and get into their you Know kind of get into their head make a Fist like this and put it right here in Front of your above your nose basically A little bit below your eyebrows you go A little bit lower and that's what

You're seeing that's what your dog sees So when they're having to turn their Head like this It gives you a whole new perspective of Actually what your dog has seen so now Imagine that you're trying to throw Something right in front They can't see where it is because they Got that big snout blocking them Yeah it's kind of an interesting Interesting thing to do to yourself and See what actually you know dogs see [Music] Do you have any products you would Recommend for helping a small dog get on A high bed yeah I mean i don't have anything off the top Of my head specifically but just the General ideas either like a dog ramp or Dog stairs i think the ramps are a Little bit better than the stairs it's Easier to Dogs are more prone to just going up a Ramp than step steps up step You do have to train them it's not Something that is just a You know You put it down and The dog knows what to do you do need to Take some food you want to make it Positive we want to you know slowly lure Them up it Lure them down it i would even put it on On command you know up you know ramp up

Ramp or down ramp or whatever you want To say um So a ramp Um Is probably your best option Like i said stairs can work too but um I just find it easier and more dogs are Prone to Taking to the ramp first Anything anything really i guess it just Depends on your Size how how big you need it but Anything like this honestly would be Fine I mean if you really want to just do Something cheap you can go buy a piece Of plywood and nail carpet to it and Probably make it yourself Um But yeah any kind of dog ramp would work Do you know why dogs have a intuitive Disposition for reptiles Um I haven't Come across That What what makes you say that um Mad That's a that's a new one for me i Haven't heard Um Do you think a slip lead is more Annoying to a dog than a prong collar i Usually use a prong and go out with it

But got a slip and have used it and used A bit last few days and then went out And didn't work well um i would never Use either i think the prong i know for A fact that prong collars are Uh More painful And hurt the dog than a slip collar will Um The slip collar Doesn't work as well because there's no Pain that's why that's what make the Reason prone collar stop the dog from Pulling is because it physically hurts Them having those prongs going into Their neck If the reason you're using that is Because the dog is super big as powerful As pulling what i would say is i would Recommend you get This harness And maybe you've tried harnesses in the Past and they haven't worked and it's Understandable because a lot of Harnesses Are no good This kind of harness here it's called Pet safe easy walk dog harness and what Happens is with this kind of harness the Leash actually hooks on the dog's chest So if the dog goes to pull Their whole entire body is turned Sideways it's physically impossible for Them to pull

There's no damage to their neck there's No pain there's no negative associations I have had 80 year old women walk Hundred pound dogs with one hand Using this leash you're using this call Sorry i'm drunk using this harness That's how effective it is People who try it and say it doesn't Work it's not effective [Music] 99 of the time it's because they didn't Have it adjusted properly You can see they have every single size Here in between sizes because it has to Be adjusted perfectly in order to work Properly if it's not adjusted Exactly right then it's not going to Work And for anybody who is using a harness And use is using this and is watching it One thing to keep in mind is every time That you take your dog out and walk walk On it it's little by little by little Starts stretching out so you do have to Actually readjust it back down when i Was training max with his Probably every two walks i would have to Readjust it back down So yeah if you are using the prong Collar because your dog is very powerful And is pulling I would highly highly highly recommend You get rid of it your dog will be much Much happier

And try this pet safe easy walk dog Harness if you're in the u.s any major Pet store has them petco's petsmarts Or just get it online there chewy amazon Yeah Um palm loves her stairs for my tall but Yeah so stairs are great great as well Um either you know like i said there's There's no there's no right or wrong Stairs or ramp it's just uh preference i Guess some people are picky and want to Make have something nice you know looks Good matches the room matches the bed This this you know i'm not a a person Who Cares about that sort of thing i i just Value practicality over anything um So for me it's you know whatever it's Just the most practical thing is what i Do but i i totally get some people just You know they gotta look cute gotta have A matchy matchy I've heard they hate reptiles oh i think Zack george mentioned that also my pup Always chases lizards yeah i haven't Heard anything Or had any experience with that being Being true um I mean dogs chase lizards i think i Don't think it has to do with the fact That it's a reptile i think they're just Chasing the lizard because it's It's a toy to them they see something Fast and run and moving and they want to

Chase it just triggers that instinct to Chase um i don't think the fact that It's a reptile really makes any Difference um I don't know If there is some common scent between All rip that all reptiles share the dogs Can pick up on Um that would be one theory maybe that's Something i don't know But um Yeah it hasn't been my experience i used To have a snake and uh Funny enough my cats would be very Interested in the snake My dog could could have cared less Um i've seen those okay Thank you yeah i didn't know how to work But i have Worked this dog a lot he used to be Insane just trying yeah So definitely check this out then pet Save um easy walk harness it has to be Adjusted properly um and oftentimes what Happens is using the prong collar is we Actually can make behaviors worse and Teach dogs to become more aggressive and More dangerous Because what happens is whenever they're Walking and they get the prong and they Get that pain they associate it with Whatever they're looking at so it could Be associating it with people Associating it with

Dogs um And over time it actually can make them Become more aggressive so we yeah prong Collar there's there's really no reason That You know We ever need to To use that Um But yeah that that harness will Work really well so give that a try all Right little chico Another dreaming dog Having a good little dream there Um abby disciplines her child this could Be interesting let's see This is the world's first reason why i Don't have an ad blocker on this jeez it Can remove up to ten times more earlier Okay this could be really really Interesting so Um pluto gets feisty so mom lays down Some paw okay i'm not sure which one is Which but let's see They both look very similar in age I think this bottom one is the puppy There's a younger one So far they are just plain this is just Perfect play Nothing bad nothing wrong Growling at each other is good barking At each other is good biting each other Good I think this is that must be the mom up

There on the lap So what's actually happening here a lot Of this is the behavior because of the Woman she's holding the dog higher than These guys that's kind of what's making Them want to do this But even still Nothing wrong here at all But look at how good a bite ambition This dog has she bites his ear and you Don't hear a single yelp or anything From this guy She's holding on to it nothing he just Goes right back for more listen she got Him on the look Yeah this is this is such good play this Is great to see All right human eyes at first we could Look at this and we go oh my god this is We got to stop this right this looks Scary There's teething they're biting each Other's face but this is this is perfect Perfect dog play They're both having fun You notice both dogs are off leash they Could run away and get away from each Other if they wanted this one's like hey How about me Um Yeah that's really really really good Dog play It's really good to see He looks angry yeah so see so so so

That can be very easy to to think that Right because Again we were so conditioned as humans To look at dogs through with human Behavior and human eyes and we just go Oh you know we see teeth we hear Growling we see biting this is bad this Is angry this is but but not at all it's A in fact in this in this situation this Is it's the exact opposite Both dogs are Having fun In our plane yeah Yeah exactly gee Um That's interesting you think in terms of Research we know all these things for Certain by now dogs are still quite Perplexing yeah it's definitely possible That that somebody has done some Research and and checked it out and i Just don't know about it and i haven't Read it um if you ever come across it Let me know i'll take a look at some Point and See if i can find anything but um Yeah there's there hasn't been to my Knowledge there's not a lot of research That goes into or has been done on you Know Dogs and other species of animals Because um We just don't really get a i don't know What the end goal really would be from

It Um You know we don't learn a whole lot My dog will decide for the dog in Fallout Is it possible to teach bite inhibition To an adult dog it is Very very very very very very difficult Um Is it possible yes uh like i said though Very very very difficult um if your dog Doesn't have good bite inhibition as an Adult at that point you kind of just Have to work on Trying to reduce the frequency of the Biting down to zero as fast as possible The reason why bite ambition works with Puppies is because they have puppy teeth And puppy teeth are Extremely sharp compared to adult teeth Adult dog teeth are very dull right but They have a much more powerful jaw Puppies have a weak jaw but very very Sharp teeth so what happens is when a Puppy with these razor dagger teeth Barely puts them on on another puppy It's it it hurts even with a tiny bit of Pressure and the other puppy yelps oh And then the Puppy backs off oh that was that was too Hard even though it was relatively soft Right So then they go when they get their Adult teeth in which are much more dull

They've already learned how little Pressure to use because of how strapless Puppy teeth are Which then leads them to having a safe Job with the adult teeth which are much More dull So It's very hard to Train a dog who's already got full You know bikes in order to to train them What the level is of a biting that is Too hard and too soft you have to let Them bite you um in a full-grown adult Dog biting you can cause serious damage If they don't have any sort of you know Control um so depending on debris Depending on how bad it is sometimes you Just have to Go to the point of not allowing any Biting At all Yeah Happy guy let's see A little lab Or golden retriever Yeah What's up you want me to throw it Yeah You gonna go fetch it are you ready It's such a weird thing that i've i Always feel um With golden retrievers i don't know why But every single golden like certain Other breeds you know they all

Relatively look the same but for some Reason with with golden retrievers every Single one's face Just always seems so unique to me and i Don't know why it's only this breed that I noticed it with but like I've never seen Multiple golden retrievers that just Look very very similar it's really Interesting you know the same breed same Dog from the same litter for some reason Goldens just have such a Expressive face i guess i don't know It's kind of interesting gotta pay the Toll oh It's a good looking dog That's it okay It wasn't too exciting Um Perhaps we could learn about dog Psychology the evolution of the food Chain or even evolution of all species But testing inner species interactions Has ethical implications preventing Research yeah inner species is the wrong Term but i mean yeah yeah i know what You're saying yeah there could be some Interesting stuff to Learn from it for sure but um yeah it's Hard how you do it that's a lien burger Yeah i look like it i'm pretty sure That's what it was there You can see the dark mask and dark face In the

Coat He looks kind of small for lean burger Though maybe he must be a younger one Really good looking though Okay um do a couple more and then i have To get going let's find a good one Baby yeah it looks pretty young I don't know what he's doing but he's Having fun Let's see a lot of snow dogs today jeez That's funny i haven't seen so many Videos with dogs in the snow before Today Well this taste tastes pretty good This is fun Yeah dogs seem to really enjoy snow Apparently all right one more one more Um Find a good one Dog can't keep his eyes open and falls Asleep This looks like a dog that's actually on Or maybe not Yeah i don't know Maybe he's just tired I was gonna say he kind of looks like He's on sedatives just the way his he's Holding his uh Head most most dogs when they're tired They don't do that squinting thing Um You know This right here They don't normally like

Oh i'm i'm feeling tired let me go to Sleep right most dogs just go i'm gonna Go to sleep and they put their head down Usually that's kind of a sign that maybe He's on Some kind of medication or something That's making him Making him sleepy all right one more one More Um What is this one Oh god dogs and crab this is a Something new for me haven't seen before Oh this is uh Those crabs are alive where Potential for yeah they're moving Oh my god [Music] Yeah So good example of irresponsible Owners here i mean Those crab claws Those things are no joke um God that was an accident waiting to Happen Jesus And the dog doesn't even know doesn't Even know any difference right so here's A good example right we were talking About interspecies right Um Or i don't know if that's not the right Whatever the right term is um Yeah dogs don't understand crab body

Language right dogs have no inherent Idea of what those claws do just like They don't understand what cat body Language is what their body language is Um Yeah Owner owner responsibility big player Thank god that guy was quick and pulled His face away or who knows he would have Been Lost a chunk of his face there that Little puppy Some big crabs too Jeez Yeah no kidding Cause serious issues yeah Those are some big crabs I bet they were tasty though And they look good Okay um if anybody has any other Questions i'll wait about 20 seconds Hit me with them If not thanks for everybody uh Hanging out and watching anybody Watching the replay If you guys want to Follow me on any of my Personal social media accounts They are at the bottom there on twitter Instagram on twitch Do gaming and stream games and other Things on twitch trying to get into so If anybody wants to ever that's your Thing you can follow me there and if you

Want to join the discord as well The link is there can Talk about other stuff besides dogs Uh yeah you're welcome gee thanks for Stopping by Next stream will be monday so i'm pretty Sure now my the dog training Stuff is going to be Trying to get into strict monday Wednesday friday three days a week Because the other days i'm trying to Work on other dog stuff so i just need The time to be able to do it I have some cool things i'm trying to Plan out for This channel and um I've you know Um you're gonna play eldon ring i've Been thinking about it i've been looking For something new to play um I was debating whether or not i should i Should try that i was thinking about Trying lost ark I don't know trying to decide Um Maybe i've heard really good things About it um thanks for answering your Questions you helped improve my life and I hope yeah I'm glad to hear it Um Yeah so streams for this will probably Be monday wednesday friday then like i Was saying i have some cool dog other

Dog things i am working on um new Pokemon game is good too yeah i have Been playing that actually The rcs game um So yeah if you guys uh Yeah if you guys are Gamers like me hop in the discord and we Can chat there more about that kind of Stuff i'm trying to keep this channel Just dog stuff only but um Yeah We'll have to talk about other stuff On the other places so hop in there and We can keep that conversation going um Otherwise yeah i will See you guys monday Have a good weekend And Take care See ya