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By | August 27, 2022

Do you want your dog to walk next to you off leash? Training your dog to walk next to you in the heel position using food as a lure can cause the problem of the dog only staying in the heel position when the food is there, and when the food is gone the dog is gone. Emily goes over an exercise to work on to teach the dog the concept to stay in the heel position even when there is no food as a lure or no target. You can train your puppy this same exercise. Here is a fun training game to teach your adult dog or puppy to walk at your side in the heel position and stop when you stop: Focusing on arousal levels when heeling: #dogtraining #dogtrainer #professionaldogtraining

Hello everyone this is a quick video on Teaching your dog to walk at your side And stop at your side when you stop Without having treats in your hand Oftentimes new trainers or people new to Using food to train their dogs will get Stuck on the step of having a treat here In their hand to get the dog to stay With them and it looks great but as soon As the treat is out of the hand the dog Is off and not interested in wanting to Be at your side so why is that happening The reason that's happening is because When you have a treat here in front of Your dog's face That is the cue to do the behavior that Is the strongest Most predictable cue to mean do the Behavior so what is a really good idea Before you start not using food at all And trying to ask your dog to do the Behavior in order to gain access to Reinforces in the environment is fading The treat lure or your target if you're Using targeting instead of treats to Teach the position you can also use free Shaping where you reinforce your dog for Staying at your side And just and just shape approximations Of walking at your side and the Different turns but if you're using Treats and targeting fading that lure is A great idea when the dog is stationary And also when the dog is moving so here

She is at this in the sit position and I'm going to be marking and reinforcing Her like that at my side and then what I'm going to do is take my treat i have Some under the clicker here Uh the hand that's next to the dog i'm Going to take the treats that i'm going To be feeding her and put them behind my Back and while she's sitting at my side Not looking at the treats that's when I'm going to mark and reinforce so Seeing me here is the cue to be at my Side or looking forward her location Being next to me is the cue To stay there and get the treats not the Treats being the cue to stay there So The next step is walking around so at First you want to warm the dog up by Using whatever method you did to teach The dog to walk at your side maybe you Lured the dog with a treat or maybe you Used a hand target and asked your dog to Touch to get your dog to to be at your Side would she touch she said what's Going on touch And then when the dog is moving you can Start to fade the target either up in Front of you like this And then eventually go to where you can Put it behind your back so she's walking Here and i move the target higher up Let's go encourage her And then when she's doing good with

Moving the target further way up i can Then move the target further away Behind And mark that step forward And then feed forward if the dog is Lagging And if the dog is is forging i'm going To feed back So say for example my hands disappear The dog comes out here i'm gonna say Mark for the dog not looking at the Treat but then i'm gonna lure the dog Back Right next to me and nice and straight And feed the treat or if the dog's gone Behind me to look at where i hid the Treat Then i'm gonna encourage the dog forward With my other hand Mark for following For not looking at the treat and then Lure the dog forwards a little bit into The nice position and then feed so the Dog is learning oh the location that the Treat happens is always when i'm right Next to the person there's no treat There but it's going to suddenly Appear in front of my face And that is going to train your dog not To be dependent on the food being in the Training picture Now we're going to put some treats over Here ready wishy Tight

Good So she moved towards the treats But i'm going to move her back and feed Her in the position at my side like that Good So i'm going to reach for the chicken And feed her here And what you can see is she's going to Stop going forwards for the chicken Because the only time she gets the Chicken is right there now if every time I reach and she comes forwards and then I lure her back that can turn into a Behavior chain so you want to be quick So One thing you can do in an exercise like This where the food is away from your Person say in the future you want your Dog to walk at your side and then greet Another dog or person or sniff a bush For walking on a loose leash or walking At your side like this off leash What you can do is you have treats in The hand next to your dog and as you go To reach for the chicken like this good You can then feed the dog like this or Good and get your dog used to the fact That you doing this doesn't mean to to Go forward and then when they're Starting to stay at your side then you Can practice reaching and getting a Treat and moving around and then Reaching for a treat Off of you so the dog is learning oh i

Stay with her and that gets me the Reinforcement rather than this this this Is not training the dog anything except To follow allure which is great for Training new behaviors as you can see You can train a lot of behaviors Um so pretty daddy get to get it Using a treat in your hand like that and That's great it's a way to communicate How to train something new but it's not Going to teach the dog to do it without The treat being there you always have to Fade the lure if you don't want to have The treat in front of your dog's nose On a wok which i don't even think is a Very healthy thing for a dog to be Looking at a target or a treat while They're walking you want your dog to be Enjoying the environment if you're on a Walk together like this where she knows Where to stay and she can check out and Smell the breeze in whatever direction She wants If we were walking down a busy street or Sniff around if it was like a more Casual position at my side or if it's Like obedience or He'll work to music I want her to understand the concept of The behavior gets the treat not the Treat Cueing the behavior if that makes sense And that's going to greatly reduce Frustration when the treats are out of

The picture or the dog doesn't feel like The treats or reinforcers you have you Can use anything in the environment as a Reinforcer anything the dog wants hey Wishy are you ready So let's practice with this chicken Good girl Tight Good Tight So i could also mark her here Good and then i could say let's go Good job and do a less formal approach To the treats but if you mark the dog Away from the treats most likely they're Going to want to gravitate to where they Get them so the further away from the Treats you get you might want to have Some treats on your body so say the Treats the treat distraction is over There if you're like 30 feet away from The treats you might start to get a Problem marking and then having to get To the treats because that's very Predictable you want your reinforcers to Be unpredictable with dogs because they Start to anticipate it so they'll want To go faster towards the treat area if They really want them so if you're Further away and you're practicing heel Work with no treats you mark the treats Are far away and surprise i have a treat Near me and that's really going to Create some reliable behaviors in your

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