The unsexy unedited version of puppy training

By | October 21, 2022

Again this is Dell the 4month Old Lagotto. You see now she is starting to think and try to figure out what to do to get what she wants. Every day she will get a little better and eventually I will not have to use any food luring or any physical help for her to do the behaviors

All right guys what's going on good Morning on the next video this is uh Dell again the four month old Legato Puppy yesterday I posted a video of her Just starting to do basic obedience Right come sit down place just very very Basic stuff using food helping her Through the commands by lowering with The food just teaching her what she's Going to learn eventually right she's a Baby she's just a baby today is the very Next day Second day in a row but you'll see her Starting to progress a little bit and Starting to think more and starting to Offer some more behaviors on her own and Then I added another place object the Plastic crate top which is kind of a Decent leap for her and it's slippery And it's a little damp from being out Here so again that is just to build her Confidence okay This stuff is for the everyday dog owner Who doesn't get to see the very unsexy Boring stuff because a lot of things That you find online is going to be very Dramatic there's going to be a lot of Editing there's going to be a lot of Sexy and fancy music added to it That doesn't help anyone I understand Everyone wants to sell their programs And sell their dog training I totally Get it that's why we're in this business Right

But there's so many people that struggle Out there They don't get to see the very Unexciting stuff and normally dog Training is very boring it doesn't look Like you're doing much but it's Necessary When someone brings me a dog that has Behavioral issues that is very easy to Satisfy someone very easy because most Behavioral problems are very easy to Clean up and when you do that people are Very excited very satisfied very quickly When you get a dog that doesn't have Behavioral issues like Dell she just is A puppy she has puppy stuff right much Much harder to be impressive to the Client because the stuff I have to teach Her takes time and a lot of repetitions And it's not sexy it just isn't exciting But I enjoy this stuff very much you see She's enjoying it very much and every Day she's going to get a little better And before you know it I will not have To help her with any luring for anything She will know these behaviors 100 and She'll be flying and bouncing back and Forth so here you go very unsexy stuff For the everyday dog owner check it out Get this Down Almost had it yeah Girl mama Down

[Music] [Music] Yes Go Mama good job baby very nice Yeah hey Down They'll come yeah Down Yeah That's it yeah Down Sit yes Down Yeah Down Down Now no that's not down Down Yeah Thank you Girl mama Thanks Yeah it has that's a good girl baby hey That's a good girl mama Wait Yes Good girl Place Foreign There you go Yeah that's it That's it That's it That's it

Yeah that's a good girl mama That's it Yeah Yeah Baby Yeah Girl now Very very good All right Yellow place In that place Yes Yeah Down Down Place Yes Ready place Come on you can do it Ah you could do this Mama Yes there you go Over here Good girl sorry You ready Place Yes that's what I wanted mama That's what I wanted baby That's what I wanted Yeah Place Yes That was very good Mama That was very good

Down yes You ready Please Hey Hey Look at me that was really good baby That was so good Mama So good You did a good job yeah Oh you did a really good job You did Yes Good job Yes Mama that's a good girl baby that's It we all done We all done That's it Nice job pal hey hey you did good You're like Obedience Champion and stuff Yeah you're like a champion You're like a champion you really are we All done mama Who's Crying in there Oh Don't do that All right good job Pat Very nice work