THE TRUTH: We are Leaving Our Dogs Behind in ALASKA.

By | October 30, 2022

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So far in this series you've been Watching us train our dogs while Encountering unusual circumstances we Are finally arriving at our summer home In Alaska so training our puppy to Understand how to live in a house will Present a new set of challenges but First we've got to get there you know What there might be a shortcut through The woods I don't know why you see like The scariest path and that's the path You want to take that is some of the Wildest forests anywhere in the world Seriously like there's a well-graded Brood right there come here over here oh God they're off-road Bree is always Wondering why we go off the beaten path It's usually because I hear a strange Voice calling me from the woods over Here That's my brain put it back I've got Something important and glorious to show You sorry about that I'll put it back This way follow me It's right here Ding Good job inertia This is better than buried treasure a BarkBox and a super junior box bark Boxes for everyday dogs who love to play And have great snacks and chews and I Told you to stop doing that this is Gonna be inertia's favorite she loves The dangly bits and super tours for

Those dogs who require the toughest toys On planet Earth look how tough that is Glows in the dark tastes like apples and It's dishwasher safe sign me up and some Toys like this werewolf toy are actually Designed to be destroyed when your dog Rips off this werewolf's skin there's Another toy inside even with scissors This is pretty tough to get off it's a Werewolf skeleton Legend has it that Every box comes with shoes and two bags Of super high quality dog treats too you Can get a free extra month of super tour Or BarkBox when you sign up wait a Minute inertia you can stop digging we Can have these boxes shipped to us that Would have been much easier inertia I Hear Bree saying something provocative Let's get going details will be in the Description in my limited smaller dog Life so far one difference I've found is That I finally can appreciate a bungee Leash are you trying to be provocative Is that provocative it's provocative why Say she was reactive yeah right and she Had an outburst towards another dog she Kind of is and does sometimes you don't See those outbursts coming before they Happen it can happen like that and every Centimeter can make a difference it Gives you less control in a situation Like that okay yes says the doctrine are Using a flexi I mean I'll use that for a Free walk like this because inertia is

Trained I hope inertia come see she Comes running back when I ask she really Hits the end of that leash so hard and I Think this protects her I don't want her To hurt herself while I'm teaching her Not to pull what you're talking about is Context you're right I've never been Comfortable using a leash like that but I could be wrong having gone from a 60 Pound dog to a 10 pound dog it feels Size dependent for me I guess you're Underscoring how it's important maybe to Consider not being so rigid in the way That we teach our dogs just because We've always done it a certain way Doesn't mean we shouldn't look at things Differently and consider the individual All specific context by the way if You're new I'm Zach George this is my Wife Bree and we're training our dogs Subscribe to our Channel if you want to See how we do it I think it's border Crossing day assuming they let us cross So we have to eat all our food this is Just such a great lunch stop in UConn Veronica agrees she's trying to steal Zach's sandwich I can't have my sandwich I'm so hungry but of course the final Bit of our journey won't be without some Complications we have had a wire Come Undone underneath good thing Bree turns Into a grasshopper my dad has to call me Because a friend of his got a Poodle Life of a dog trainer together

Oh yeah she's 10 weeks old yeah they're All 10 week old dogs jump number one Mistake people make with puppies is too Much Freedom too early on it takes two Years to train a dog and most people Think it only takes a couple of weeks it Takes years to get a reliable dog off Leash and all of that most people don't Take my advice on that but just so you Know that's that's the right answer good Job what do you think perfect with our Repair made we're ready to book it Non-stop through Alaska as long as we're Not grounded by any grizzly bears or Anything that's a big Dandelions you freaking cutie that's a Grizzly bear this grizzly is just Interested in eating grass this grizzly Could not care less about us it's not Scared of us Yeah they're omnivores meaning they'll Eat plants and meats oh you got your Windows rolled up no we're uh got them Rolled down actually so we get a good Shot good girl Veronica you are being so Good okay really no more unplanned stops Okay I spoke too soon suddenly our tires Started losing air so I had to get out And address it while Bree kept a lookout For Bears the thing is that they Disappear instantly into this brush we Saw it yesterday That one stood up and the second he was Back down he was gone

Good thing I have a man who knows how to Use an air compressor Yeah Yeah not the kind of place you want to Get caught with just any guy we finally Arrived at our house in Alaska and it is Becoming clear that we've got some dog Training issues to work on good thing I'm a dog trainer it has been so long Since Veronica was in like a house like A normal building she's been having so Many experiences and doing so great but She's been living in a trailer traveling Around the country I don't know if she's Still potty trained I'm almost positive That she's not going to be good if we Leave her alone in this house so I feel Like we're back at square one in many Ways we are when we started this trip I Noticed very quickly that Veronica was a Lot more comfortable in her crate in the Car which makes sense because it's loud And kind of soothing and she'd already Been on an airplane a few times so I Think that scenario of a kind of smaller Crate and a kind of loud like bumpy Moving place was somehow the only okay Scenario she had in a crate and over the Course of our road trip we were able to Work that up to leaving her alone while Napping and going into a gas station or Even a grocery store and then eventually To dinner which you guys saw that's Pretty much what's been done with her

Crate training it's been forever like Most of her life since she has known how To be alone in a house she basically Doesn't my thought is all right I need To slowly transition this car crate Thing that she's comfortable with into The house I put up that crate there Hoping that she'll just go with it as we Reacclimate her to this house and so far It's working she's going in there we are Going out to dinner tonight with some Friends and tonight might be a good time To test her but we really have to get Her exercise we don't want to just leave Her in here while she's fresh and amped Up we want her really satisfied Emotionally physically if you're trying To teach a dog how to be alone in a Crate putting them in their Tire while You can supervise them monitor them Particularly at the end of the day is The best formula for Success that I know Of because you're going to accumulate Those minutes in the crate while they're In a relaxed State of Mind even if They're unconscious I mean that's the Ultimate relaxed state of mind we're Hoping to give Veronica really into Playing frisbee over the coming months So that we can have a reliable way to Get her efficiently exercised this is Important so that we can fatigue her on Demand before leaving her alone for Several hours at a time in some cases we

Have been working on this and I'm very Proud of it it's called take it ready Take it yeah see how good she is take it Is where they literally take it and you Let go take it yeah oh I have to like go Faster huh right yeah you're trying to Simulate a part of a catch yes where It's like you catch it now you've got Possession of it feel the weight of the Frisbee coming down see how the Frisbee Dips take it's good because it gives Them a slow motion version of the act of Biting the Frisbee let's do one more Take it nice sometimes when we're Practicing take it and she's doing Really well We do it like this take it oh good so That's technically catch that yeah a Teeny teeny catch right take it and That's why I had to take it because That's the easiest kind of catch to make Yes yeah okay go nice and so you think Those rollers are she really enjoys this Yes There you go and that's why we have a Lead on right there because she'll run All around this yard I mean she can get Away from you and it can complicate Training so better to prevent the bad Habit of running away or not returning It to you And I'm very pleased with both Veronica And how well inertia is doing over here I'll give you a shot she's really into

You right now too it's so obvious wow You look good with a frisbee dog save Some of that energy because we have Something to teach right here I think She's nice and warmed up okay go here is My next request yeah I think we're ready To take it to the next level and I don't Totally know what that is so let's do it Next level I want to teach her to come Around me to go after the Frisbee so we Can really get her oriented correctly as She Sprints outward towards the Frisbee In the future I want to show you what Come around looks like come around Just like that look at that I mean when They get really good at it they'll do it From a variety of positions Gotta heal come around Right now we have her on the left heel Come around let's see if she'll do it Yeah she look how thrown off she is Because come around She worked it out though see that Come around Go Weave weave good come around So I use come around all the time simply Lowering her with frisbee to come around Me there's not much to it here look at What she's doing though do you see that See she kind of she hesitates yes Like she'll come halfway because in her Experience the Frisbee ends up over There so why would she go away from

Where it's going in her mind Good Yes There we go Good and I'm choosing to continue to Roll the Frisbee in order to motivate Her to want to do the tasks she really Loves chasing this fast-moving rolling Frisbees let me see how she does without The lead our fence is secure might make Come around training a little easier yes Yes yes oh no almost okay Come on Shoot Yeah go slower yeah see yeah it is and That was a great correction Good throw you can see it's not totally Intuitive for her to snag it out of the Air yet yeah go Go good job Come on look at you fastest frisbee Dog Go I didn't want to wait and make her come Around she was doing so well because You're focused on reinforcing a lot of Things coming back to you listening off Lead all of that I'm starting to get a Big head about my frisbee dog so are you Well yeah she's I mean she's got the Ingredients now it's just a question of Whether or not you bring it out in her With Veronica exercise we're ready to Create her while we go out for a couple Of hours one reason we're keeping her in

The crate is for her general safety as Well as minimizing the likelihood of any House training incidents we've left Veronica alone in her crate for the very First time since we've been at our Alaska house here we've been gone a few Minutes I put her in her crate before we Left and I think maybe that was a huge Mistake I'm kind of freaking out to Check on her live Okay so we're not off to the best start But a few minutes went by and her Barking started to subside when we Checked the camera she's quiet I almost want to tell her good girl but I'm afraid I'll work her up what do you He's not asleep but she but she's quiet And she's laying there Dog's wife It's quiet She has been barking off and on but our Neighbor's dog barks off and on and She's been stopping in between barks Like 20 to 30 minutes and so I feel like She's not just like constantly freaking Out Veronica was really freaking out and Her should be freaking out and look She's just napping oh well she's out That's awesome right now she's not Barking that's why yeah how upset is she Like how upset would you say she Actually is seven out of ten so she had A handful of vocal outbursts while we Were out but they all eventually

Subsided it was time to return home to See how she was doing Oh my goodness Hey good girl Veronica You were so good Oh my goodness She's so happy whoa cheese Hi Angel We still have some work to do to get Veronica comfortable with being alone at Home and you can be sure that we are Going to show you exactly how we do that To make your dog's life better sign up For a bark box or a super tour box Subscribe to my channel get my books and Follow us on social next time we'll Continue training in the real world Except Alaska see you next time