The POWER of Positive Dog Training! (25 AMAZING DOG TRICKS!)

By | March 23, 2022

Star turns one year old today!

The first year of a dog's life can be a challenging time for many people and training does not always go as planned. But a training philosophy inspired by the core principles of behavioral psychology is the key to success! So what exactly does this mean?

Everything we do is informed by the dog's point of view on the situation. We establish clear lines of communication early and prioritize a strong relationship over everything else. We teach specific life skills that will make it easier for the dog to be successful in all situations. We challenge ourselves by teaching new behaviors and tricks. We make training fun!

How To Train Your Dog Like STAR! (Puppy Tutorial Playlist)

Dog Tricks Tutorials (Playlist):

(See a trick in this video you'd like to learn? Comment below and we'll make a tutorial for it!)

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