Stories in the Snow; dog paw tracks

By | December 23, 2021

You can learn to read tracks left behind by dogs to help you learn more about their habits. Tracks close together usually mean the dog is walking. Tracks further apart means they are speeding up. Sometimes dogs even put their back feet in the track of their front feet! That looks like a single track but isn't. It's a way of saving energy as they move through snow. Most wild animals like fox, coyote, deer and wolves do it but it's less common for domestic dogs to do it.

Stories in the snow Paw prints in the snow can tell a story Let's follow lucy's paw prints to see What she does When the paw prints are close together And single like they are here and Sometimes there's a bit of a drag in Between the paw prints those are her Nails dragging on the snow This indicates that she's moving fairly Slowly probably at a walk As she speeds up The paw prints get further apart And two paw prints often will Show up a lot closer together just like That one does so they appear in the Distance to be a single long line So she sped up here still a little bit Of nail drag Let's see what she does oh she slows Down a little bit because they're single Paw prints again She's walking What do you think she did here If you guessed sniff you're right So she sniffed here and we continued on Back to a more a faster speed again As she walks You can see the change in gait here She's walking slowly the paw prints are Closer together Then they quickly go into a line which Indicates she's speeding up And then we go from what appears to be

Two paw prints a single paw print two Paw prints the single paw prints are Where The back foot is being placed in the paw Print of the first or the front paw Print As she moves along The two are result of one of the back Legs likely Being a little bit less strong And so it doesn't get placed as closely In alignment with the front As it used to when she was younger she Used to do Single paw prints a line where the back Feet would be exactly placed into the Paw print of the front Here's an example in deeper snow Here's the tracks of a different dog Looks like he was sniffing around as the Paw tracks are in a different direction Looks like he turned around And then it almost looks like he was Doing a jumping motion two paws side by Side as he walks along but in fact it Probably means That he doesn't walk the same way that Lucy does In fact let's take a look at it again Remember how lucy's were two paws were Really close together well this dog Probably runs with his legs a little bit Further apart and the back paw prints Don't go into the front paw prints

Now he switched speeds and he's going a Little bit of a run we have a group of Four a group of four and another group Of four And he continues that across the road Until he gets to the other side when he Goes back into probably more of a trot But his feet are a little bit close Together in these There's something caught her attention She's sniffing Do you think she's going to pee on it or Is she just going to walk away let's Find out She decided just to walk away Who made these tracks they look a little Different Here's a clearer picture of them in the Shallower snow you can see the pointed Hooves of a deer Like lucy they also place their rear paw In their front paw trap You can even see their dew claws in the Snow Now there are actually two deer There's one track and there's another Track you can see that they separate as They go off in the distance To learn more about dogs like and Subscribe to our channel