Starting to proof basic obedience | stay on place

By | January 9, 2023

Just starting to proof staying in command while adding toys for distractions and temptations

All right what's going on guys in the Next video it's about eight minutes long It's Dell it's early morning we're just Continuing to work on the basics but now I'm adding a little more difficulty to The basics I'm using different toys Different balls that she loves her her Food drive is great but her play drives Even higher and so now I just start Asking her to go into a downer stay on The place and I start throwing the ball And she's going to break it multiple Times but this is where I teach her no No no no you can't do that I didn't Release you yet you can't just Chase and Grab whatever you want because it's Enticing you have to wait for my Permission so this is where she'll start Learning to a much higher level right We're going to hold her accountable now Also this family has young children a Few young children and so I have to do All little things that kids are going to Do that she's used to so if you see me Touching her head and moving my hands And doing all these things that really Dogs aren't crazy about it's preparing Her because she's going to see that from The children in the house from their Friends so you always try to prepare the Dog for the situation they're going in Also on a side note You know all the politics that go on dog Training you know from the force-free

Side and the so-called balance side you Know pay attention here there's a lot of Negative reinforcement going on or a lot Of Air quotes Corrections if if you will Some would think it's punishment because They live by the definitions of the Quadrants and if you live by those Definitions you're going to fail okay so When I'm telling her no there's always Little pops on the slip lead to follow It's not much but it lets her know wrong Answer wrong answer but I want you to Watch the dog Does it suppress her attitude at all Just pay attention to the dog so for the Force free the purely positive people That won't even say no to your dog Of course there's plenty of trainers That give Trainers that use all different methods Of training a bad name Right But I want you to watch the dog the dog Never lies pay attention to the dog She's having a great time and she's Learning at the same time and she's Going to learn a lot Okay Check it out You ready Let's Go Mama Come on Mama Touch Not over here come here over here touch

Yes It's very good thinking on your own Good yeah thanks Job Mama Place No no no no no no no no no Come here Over here No No no Over here Pipes No Yeah good girl Let's do that Come on Check it out down All right Mama what you got All right come back Out Out Good Place Let's go See now it gets harder for her to Concentrate because she loves this but We have to proof this stuff So I know she's gonna make a bunch of Mistakes and I want her to because now We start asking for a lot more now you Know you have to wait to get what you Really want No no Place

Now What you look in there huh There you go Out No place No Different place Out Over here Place Yeah it's a good girl Mama good girl Good Girl mama Good girl see she has really great food Drive she loves working for her food but Her play drives much higher So now it's going to be harder for her To concentrate because we're just kind Of introducing this stuff to her And so I want her to make those mistakes I mark it immediately with the no use The leash bring her back you have to Wait I didn't release you okay when I Mark it you can go get it and you keep Building on that so this way when you're In the real world And there's things that interest her she Understands you can't do that and we Start making it tougher and tougher and Tougher this is easy but we always start Easy All right now Oh no hey No

Ouch good Place So there she grabbed it without my Permission After I outed her no little tug on the Leash we're using the slip lead right I Don't care what kind of collar whether It was a prong collar a flat collar no Little pop can't do that right you can't Do that little lady I know you want it But you have to respect what I'm telling You No Now she's starting to get no right Yes good job Good job Mama Good job Mama Come on Dale Girl baby Good girl You like that box again right no Out I'm not hiding it from her it's in front Of her I'm not pulling it away It's going to stay in front of her nope If she grabs it I'm gonna correct her For that I didn't say you could have it Yeah you have to do things like this Right Her family has children young children They're always going to have things in Their hand that she shouldn't touch she Has to learn you can't touch anything Unless I give you permission

She gives us that then she gets rewarded Right though yes Don't eat that plastic don't eat the Plastic don't eat that plastic little Lady don't eat that plastic little lady Good that's it all done Mama now we can Go sniff things that's it nice and short Now I'm gonna let her sniff All Through The Wood lines let her do what she read To do