Spin using Luring Trick and technique

By | September 2, 2021

Teaching a spin can be a fun behavior for a dog. Just wait until after he knows several other behaviors well or he might start of offer it as a default behavior when he doesn't know what else you might want. A spin can be used as a service dog indication behavior as well.

Teaching a spin with luring Put the lure right on the nose and draw A big circle with your hand Release the treat at the end of the Circle Do this only three times in a row Yes the fourth time do a fake lure Pretend to reach for the treat pretend You're holding one and do your circle Then reach for a real treat and feed it To your dog Lucy thinks i dropped a treat so that's Why she keeps looking on the floor Just wait her out and she'll look back To you As soon as she does just cue another Spin Yes Next fade the lure into a hand cue yes Make the big circle just above your Dog's head Yes Practice in both directions yes You may need to go back to the real lure First to teach the other direction Make the hand cue smaller yes Slightly higher and faster yes If the dog gets out of alignment Straighten her back up Yes She's a little unsure when i make the Hand cue a little too small too fast Just try the smaller hand cue again Yes

Yes Next cue two spins in a row She's a bit confused at the change and Shakes her head a bit my girl Nicely done practice in both directions Until she's fluent yes Good Nicely done lexi here you go can your Dog do three good girl good