Service Dog Training GAME – COUNTERS!

By | October 20, 2022

This training game teaches your dog to do a default leave it, which basically means ignore food and other distractions that are tempting your dog that are out in public, such on counters shelves or in peoples hands. This game is great for service dog teams for public access training. It is also a great game for pet dogs because you can use it when going to pet dog friendly places as well as its a great impulse control exercise for proofing counter surfing, leave it and loose leash walking.

This video is for service dog teams working on teaching their dog to be calm, confident, reliable and safe in public spaces where dogs are allowed as well as where only service dogs are allowed. However, these tutorials and tips are great for everyone who wants a confident, well-behaved dog to bring places that pet dogs are allowed to go in public. In no way does this video condone training a fake service dog to bring places pet dogs are not allowed. Instead, if you have a pet dog, the goal of this training is to be able to go places like parks, boardwalks, city streets, outdoor dog friendly cafes and restaurants and stores that do not sell food and have a policy where pet dogs are allowed to enter.

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Hello everyone this video was chosen by The kiko pup members in a poll it's a Service dog training game basically You're teaching your dog a default Behavior to do when you reach a counter And you do something distracting or you You're messing with something that's Distracting so you might be checking out From a store you might be taking Something off of a shelf or putting Something onto a shelf when out and About or you're handling something Distracting above the dog's head So you can choose what Behavior you want The dog to do and then play it train it In training games in training setups and I'm going to show you some examples so You might want your dog to stand calmly At your side which I prefer or maybe you Want your dog to block you from behind Or maybe you want your dog to sit or lay Down or maybe you don't want your dog Right in front of you uh it's really Whatever you want your dog to be doing There's no right answer so I mean Besides jumping up on the counter and Licking the person For most service dog Public Access Training it's a great idea to work on The behaviors inside your house where There's no distractions so you can build The reinforcement value of the behaviors And the cues the situational cues before Bringing them out and about then the

Next step is you can take the behaviors Into situations like here in this video Where I'm working with Halo who I think Is nine months old in this video and I'm Working on the concept of a default Behavior in front of the counter here I Am practicing talking to someone on the Other side of this barrier who is off Camera I also have some treats on the Counter to simulate a distraction that's On the counter and I can practice taking My cards out giving them to the person Taking them back putting things on the Counter taking them off and also the Types of behaviors I might do when I'm Talking to someone across across the Counter from me such as petting my dog And not paying attention to them and Doing arm gesture years as well as any Sort of distraction you might think of Good You can vary how you train this for Example approaching a wall with no Treats on it placing the treats on the Wall and marking and reinforcing your Dog for leaving it if your dog has a Great verbal leave it cue you can say The cue leave it as you begin the game a Couple of times and then stop saying the Cue leave it so that the environment Starts to cue the behavior so you don't Have to say leave it every time you get To a counter Let's go

Leave it Ready If your dog goes for the food that's on The counter simply use your leave it cue And make an about turn and walk away From the counter and then make it easier For the dog so use lower level Distractions or stand a little bit Further away from the counter at first You can also set the dog up for success By as you reach the counter marking and Reinforcing the dog before they think to Go and sniff the counter Is it Leave it Hi how are you doing Okay how much is that oh thank you good Boy Once your dog finds it easy to do a Basic approach to the counter and leave The treats on the counter you can start To vary the things that you do you can Use different types of treats of Different types of values you can move Around and pretend you're putting things On the counter or actually put things on The counter and practice talking and Having a conversation A lot of service dog trainers might not Want to give the dog the treats in the Environment so you might want to always Give the dog the treats off your person And not the treats that are the Distraction in my own training I don't

End up with any problems from this but If you did have a service dog that was Reluctant to want to go near a counter Where there's someone behind the counter Perhaps they don't like the way the cash Machine sounds or something like that This exercise can help the dog want to Approach counters Let's go [Music] Good Leave it Leave it Let's go That was hard huh Good boy Now it's become a default leave it Good You can also work with lower shelves Where the distraction is right in front Of the dog's face say for example you go To a counter and they have food that's On shelves all the way down to the floor Underneath the counter or you're Reaching for something on the top Shelves and your dog's face is right Near the lower shelves while you're not Looking Let's go This way Good boy In this part of the footage there are People that are distracting me and Halo In the environment and if you can

Imagine that we were trying to train This behavior from scratch out in public That I'm not only training the behavior And working on my own distractions but I'm also working on the distractions in The environment so one thing you can do Is work on stuff at home but then take Your dog out and just work on a settle And Mark and reinforce them for looking At the distractions and then while You're working on the exercise if the Dog notices a distraction and doesn't Move towards it you can Mark and Reinforce If your dog is having a problem while You're reaching and taking something off A counter or putting something onto the Counter where they jump up or they touch Whatever it is that uh that's going onto The counter I suggest watching my video On countersurfing because it also goes Over Um the teaching the dog a default leave It when you're handling things in the Air starring Gummy Bear the Aussie so You should check that out it's in the Description below Thank you so much for watching if you'd Like to support my work don't forget to Like this video and leave me a comment As that's highly reinforcing for me you Can also become a supporting member of Channel Kiko pup and become one of the Kiko Pop members by clicking the join

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