Rottweiler | Is It Right For You?

By | October 7, 2022

Today Uncle Stonnie is hanging out with awesome puppies and discussing the issue of whether or not a Rottweiler is right for you and your family.

00:00 Introduction
02:04 Rottweiler Puppy Hiking With Mentor Dogs
08:14 Running Back To The Kennel
08:18 Obedience Training & General Thoughts
13:21 Rottweilers Need Strong Leaders
14:03 Use Caution When Taking Advice From Rottweiler Experts

About the Breed

The Rottweiler is a robust working breed of great strength descended from the mastiffs of the Roman legions. A gentle playmate and protector within the family circle, the Rottie observes the outside world with a self-assured aloofness. A male Rottweiler will stand anywhere from 24 to 27 muscular inches at the shoulder; females run a bit smaller and lighter. The glistening, short black coat with smart rust markings add to the picture of imposing strength. A thickly muscled hindquarters powers the Rottie's effortless trotting gait. A well-bred and properly raised Rottie will be calm and confident, courageous but not unduly aggressive. The aloof demeanor these world-class guardians present to outsiders belies the playfulness, and downright silliness, that endear Rotties to their loved ones. (No one told the Rottie he's not a toy breed, so he is liable plop onto your lap for a cuddle.) Early training and socialization will harness a Rottie's territorial instincts in a positive way.

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Welcome back to Bluegrass beautiful fall Afternoon today I'm out with Max a Little Rottweiler puppy and we're going To try to decide whether or not a Rottweiler might be the right dog for You and your family okay so come on Max We're going to go for a walk now as We're walking let me call some of these Dogs show you what we got going on hey Dogs come on You know like always uh what I have is a Whole bunch of Labrador retrievers okay So I'm not in any way trying to present Myself as a as an expert on Rottweilers But I do know a little bit about uh big Square headed dogs because I've trained A lot and I've owned a few you know so We're just going to take a walk and kind Of the first thing that I want you to Understand and I say this in all my Videos is that there's a fundamental Like level of training that all dogs Should have if you want them to Successfully navigate a human world they Should all come when they're called they Should be still when they're told they Should have good manners from the Neighbor's perspective they should start Social situations off by being calm Attentive and plight and they should Refrain from behaving this dangerous Destructive or root so when people like They hire me to help them raise a dog That's what they're hiring me for now

There's a lot of different approaches to Dog training there's a lot of different Systems and methodologies and I don't Really care about what you end up Chewing Susan I just care that you Choose something and you stick with it Okay so what we do around here is we do Lots and lots of exercise and lots of Structured activities and we try to like Every day get up and just do a little Bit better than we did the day before And it all starts with coming out this Is what we call our pre-adventure area Okay so we come out here and we you know We start training dogs kind of the Natural way where we bring our Mentor Dogs out and we'll let the other dogs Follow them around and get our Environmental socialization and Desensitization out of the way and help The dogs understand that I'm here to Help them live a better life so all the Freedom that they want here it just Comes from kind of following along with The rules and helping them understand That making me happy leads to me taking Them out back and making them happy okay So out of this big group of labs we have A couple of outliers we have a Rottweiler and we have a German Shepherd Right and that's kind of the ratio that I like to keep right I'm not uh I'm not I'm not out here doing a Rottweiler Video because I'm trying to get a bunch

Of people with Rottweilers to send me Their dogs right it's just that Max has Been in some videos and when he gets in When dogs get into videos everybody Wants to you know kind of know my Opinion well uh this is my opinion Max Come here this is my opinion of Max he's An awesome dog and if I ever found Myself in the market for a big Square Headed dog that could hang around my House and uh you know scare evildoers Away just by their mere presence and uh You know super deep growly vocalization And sometimes Surly personality a Rottweiler would be uh you know it'd be Up there I mean there's other dogs I Might choose first but it'd be up there Somewhere on the list I like Max he's an Awesome dog and when we go up to the Exercise of small challenge of course You're going to see that like basic Training with the Rottweilers it's a Very simple process process the only Thing I would really add is Like when you do your your basic Training do not neglect your Socialization right I mean that's what We're out here doing right now letting Max get out and learn how to be a dog Letting him learn about the natural Environment letting him learn that uh Like sometimes he's gonna like pile Around with some dogs and sometimes There's going to be conflict and and

None of it's a you know it's a big deal You know and because that's the thing Guys like Rottweilers Of course like uh you know like people People know of them as kind of a guard Dog breed but ultimately uh they're not Really that much that prone to to Violence uh as compared to other types Of dogs the problem is is that they're So big and powerful is that if things Kind of go south uh it's really a big Deal okay and that's what that's what Happens when you're trying to do Research on a dog you'll get on forums And you'll you know you'll you'll read Breed histories and things like that and Everybody wants to gloss over uh you Know whatever whatever kind of little Things about the breed that aren't Perfect they want to gloss over them act Like they're not a big deal where it is A big deal you know if you get a big Square headed dog that weighs 100 pounds And he decides to eat your neighbor's Dog or or bite your neighbor's kid or Whatever then you're going to have to Have the physicality required to stop Them you know you might say well Stoney What about early training what's your Early training reduces the incidence Rate of failure right but it doesn't Take it to zero so that's kind of my Thing with dogs it's like if you going To have a big tough dog then make sure

That you can control a big tough dog and All starts with early socialization and Early training but ultimately it's kind Of Really just a combination of a decision That you make to do what's necessary to Keep the dogs in line and making sure That you're actually physically capable Of keeping the dogs in line okay I will Tell you this if you want to cut down We'll just go this way cameraman if you Want to drastically cut down on any kind Of troubles that you're going to have With the Rottweiler you can do it just Simply with a little bit of walking in The morning and a little bit of walking In the evening because for all the talk They have of the dogs being you know Theoretically working dogs at one point In their development or whatever the the Truth is that they're big Square dogs And a good walk look here's a good walk Right okay as the walk goes up any kind Of misbehavior any kind of destructive Behavior any kind of problems with the Neighbors it all goes down always Remember there's an inverse relationship Between exercise and misbehavior or Exercise and aggression or exercise and Anxiety in other words more exercise Less Problems and it's especially true With dogs that have a moderate to low Energy output level and what you'll Notice about a Rottweiler like if you

Ever you know train some if you watch Them when they're running they'll come Out and they've got they can kind of Have a fairly concentrated energy Expenditure right okay but they have Relatively low endurance and they have a Long recharge rate so if you're the kind Of person and you've got the proper Environment and you have a little bit of Time every morning and every evening to Exercise your dog Rottweiler is a good Choice for that because you can take Them out and you can run them real hard Just for a few minutes and then it kind Of takes them all day to charge their Batteries up and then at the end of the Day you go do it again and they'll sleep To the morning time and so from a from a Professional dog trainers point of view And my my facility is obviously a little Different than others but so I guess I Should say that differently from a Person who regularly manages large Groups of dogs in open environments with The transient population of people and Other dogs Rottweilers are pretty easy For me to take care of as long as they Came to my kennel when they were young Okay now here's the here's just the Truth I'm going to tell you from a Business perspective when people call me With Adolescent and post adolescent Rottweilers I I don't uh I don't take Them right okay and here's why because I

Have to make an upside downside Evaluation for every dog that comes here Upside of a 100 pound dog coming here And getting some good obedience training And getting some remedial socialization Is that I've helped another dog you know Live a healthy and happy life okay the Downside is that a big powerful Square Headed dog if they do mess up you know a Lot of the dogs that I have here they're Pretty much defenseless as it as it Comes to like standing up for themselves So if I have a big rottweiler here and I Would say I was trying to work through An aggression issue in the in the post Adolescent phase well the downside of What would happen if he had conflict is So great that it's not a risk that I Personally am willing to take with my Borders you know and so I'm sure that'll Get some bad you know comments but look Take your dog somewhere else like I said I am not in the business of trying to Advertise to everybody it just doesn't Work out all right so now we're going to Walk up to the exercise of small Challenges course uh these dogs are Going to be a little fatigued so Their compliance rate on the exercise Small challenges course will be you know That'd be a little bit lethargic but it Kind of give you an idea of what it's Like to take a rottweiler puppy on a Walk and then what they're capable of in

Terms of obedience as compared to say Maybe some Labs let's go do some school Work Okay guys now we're back at the kennel And we're on my exercise with small Challenges course and look Even though he's not a labrador Max says I'm a pretty good student Stoney I want to be on YouTube I said Okay all right so uh what did we just do We just went on a walk okay and you know For all of the research that goes into Buying dogs and all the funny things That people say about dogs and all the Talking about the breeds history and Stuff you know what do we really usually Want to do with the dog we want them to Kind of hang around the house we want Them to you know maybe go to the pizza Parlor with us and we'd like to take a Walk with our friends okay and so that's The thing when you have a Rottweiler a Lot of people they buy the Rottweiler to Be like a guard dog and I mean it's Pretty cool you know big Square headed Dogs they have a certain amount of Deterrent value and the purpose of early Training uh with a guard dog is just Simply to you know minimize the Liability associated with having that Type of dog okay so like if you just Wanting to minimize your liability Socialization and good early obedience Is super important okay now not

Everybody that buys a Rottweiler maybe Even like the minority of people that Buy Rottweilers are actually looking for A guard dog okay I mean that's just That's just what the truth is they like The dogs they think they look cool it's Kind of like people buy four-wheel Drives I mean how many people do you see Driving get out of the way how many People do you see driving four-wheel Drives like big lifted jeeps with big Tires and they've never even been in Four wheel drive never had a speck of Mud on them never been over a rock you Know people just like the way they look I think from my experience for the most Part people that buy Rottweilers uh First off they like the way they look And there's some cool stories associated With Rottweilers you know they talk About how they came to Germany with the Romans and the Romans left and the dog Stayed that's pretty cool uh I'll tell You when it's funny I'll get up here and Show you one I think is funny you know And so how much of that stuff is true Well I mean I think all of it's kind of True do I know that a dog that looked Exactly like this one was hanging out With Romans no I don't know but do I Pretty much know that like when you want A big tough guard dog that you go with The large boned muscular Square headed Dog yeah so I'm pretty sure that

Whatever the Romans had I mean you know It was close enough to this right So you hear those stories like I get This dog It's what's so funny though is that You're not a Roman right you're not Going to war tomorrow you're not uh like This is what I think is neat it's one of The things that's in like all the little Rottweiler stories is they talk about How you know you would the dogs would Help Drive the cattle to Market and then People would put a bag Of money which back then I guess would Have been silver or gold around the Dog's neck and so then nobody would want To steal the money right I don't know About that right okay because let's just Be honest if it was a bag of gold in This little uh is this one Max Maxpedition bag was full of gold and I Really wanted it with the fact that it Was on some big Square headed dog's neck That really deterred me from stealing it I'm pretty sure it wouldn't right okay So I'm not a Roman I'm not going off to War come on uh I don't need to put a bag Of money around the dog's neck uh what Do I need right maybe I need a little Bit of a guard dog around the house what Do I want out of a guard dog I want to Maximize the deterrent value of the dog While simultaneously minimizing the Liability of the dog which is where

Early socialization and training comes In And then mainly I just want a pal and uh You know when you go to picking out a Pal it's kind of like picking out a Human pal or human to live with you kind Of got to like the way they look you Know like I picked a cameraman because I Like the way she looked and I don't know Why the cameraman picks me but you know Whatever but like when I look at this Dog I mean he's got a Unique Look to Him I like Rottweilers I like the way this Is not they're not for me like you know What I what I say right it's all dogs Want to be Labs all Labs want to be Black so that's the dog I like and if I'm not if I don't have a black Labrador Retriever because I do have some guard Dogs myself they're Farm dogs and what Are my farm dogs always there's some Version of a German Shepherd or a Malinois or Dutch Shepherd you know and That's what I like and I like them Because they're super athletic and you Know like they're no physical Impediments that are going to keep an Evildoer safe if they come here I have High fences they can jump the fence my Neighbor has Rottweilers and they can't Jump any fences right okay they can't Jump a four foot fence but it keeps you From wanting to jump the fence and Getting in there with them and I gotta

Like I said they have a big head big Body deep guttural bark that's pretty Neat okay and so just the just the Presence of this type of dog it's a it's A deterrent so like is a Rottweiler Right for you I don't know you know like Uh I think you just got to go visit some And see and here's what I want to tell You about uh picking one though is one Of the things that you're going to see And it just comes in all the time When people talk about like training These dogs is they talk about being a Strong leader okay guys there's a lot of Different ways to be a strong leader if You want to be a good dog trainer for Your dog and you want to buy a big dog Like this okay you have to be a strong Leader because as these dogs get as they Get bigger I mean if something was to go Wrong and it's no not really any more Likely to go wrong with this type of dog Than any other similar types of dogs or Especially Terriers right if something Did go wrong are you going to be able to Control a hundred pound dog right I mean Physically can you do it and if you Can't do it physically have you put in The kind of work that allows you to do It mentally okay so you have to pick a System that helps you maximize the dog's Potential but you have to pick a system That maximizes your potential as a dog Trainer or Handler okay and that's

Really the key and I think that's that's What I would caution you about as it Relates to being on YouTube okay YouTube Has become home of hucksters and Technique collectors okay you're talking Heads that talk about training dogs and Show you little three and four minute Clips of 10 and dogs and so you watch That and you think I'm going to get my Clicker out and do a little training and I'd take my dog you know to puppy class And now my Rottweiler is going to grow Up to be an obedient and well socialized And 100 controllable dog I don't believe It right so when you go to picking your Methodology right for training your Rottweiler find someone who can Demonstrate competence with Rottweilers Right okay it's just that simple if you Want to raise a Labrador Retriever find Someone that can demonstrate competence With Labrador Retrievers okay and that's That's all I'm telling you that's my Very best advice so when you say hey Stoney you know is a Rottweiler right For me and my family you know I don't Even feel like I'm enough of an expert On Rottweilers to answer that question But there are people out there that are Because they've been living with them For decades okay and now once you start Talking to those people you have to Understand that all the different people That like any given type of dog they

Have their own preferences in terms of The behavioral and physical Characteristics of the dog and and That's called bloodline specific traits And tendencies okay so you want to find A a dog breeder you know or a dog Aficionado that can listen to you Explain your interests your short range Goals and your long-range goals and then Point you in the direction of a Bloodline that has the potential to Mature into the type of dog that would Fit in well in your lifestyle your Environment and your you know the unique Characteristics of your particular Family situation okay so that's my Advice on Rottweilers and so is a Rottweiler right for you I don't know go Find somebody that knows about Rottweilers go see them in person have Them demonstrate competence in the breed Okay and then have them point you in the Right direction all right I'll see you Guys next week Very nice you did a good job Max you Versus more dog