Rear Leg Amputation | Let’s Help This Dog Recover!

By | September 29, 2022

Today Uncle Stonnie is reaching out for advice and expertise concerning rehabilitation and/or prosthetic devices which will aid a large dog in recovering from a rear leg amputation.

We have seen our fair share of dogs who survived and thrived after amputations but all of those dogs were small to medium sized. Hopefully we can harness the power of YouTube to help this family help their pup make a successful recovery.

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Welcome back to Bluegrass this beautiful September afternoon I'm out here playing With some dogs and enjoying the Beautiful weather but today I'm reaching Out to ask you guys to help me help a Three-legged dog I had a lady emailed me And I get a lot of emails and some of Them are more interesting than others And this one was a pretty interesting One so a lady has an Anatolian Shepherd Farm dog and she came home from work and The dog had a bad injury to its leg and So they had to go to the vet and Unfortunately the dog's back left leg Had to be amputated okay and so now what She has is an adolescent Anatolian who's Growing super fast that's having a Really hard time getting around because Like its body is not making the Necessary adjustments to equitably Distribute the weight that normally is Carried about four legs onto three legs Okay and so the dog's body is kind of Doing some weird stuff trying to Compensate for that you know and so she Emails me she says Tony have you ever Seen a dog with three legs uh you know How do they do I'm like they do great I Mean I've seen a lot of dogs with three Legs as a matter of fact I used to know A dog named Rodeo he was owned by a vet Here in Lexington Kentucky and he only Had two legs right two legs and he got Along just perfectly got hit by a train

Or something and he could just motor Right along but the reality is that all Those dogs that I've known in the past Were either small or medium-sized dogs And I've never actually known a really Large dog that only had three legs and So when she asked me if I had any advice I mean my only advice really was take it Slow and then you know kind of gradually Build up the muscles in the back leg and Let the nervous system adapt to having To distribute the weight and learn to Balance with you know the absence of a Drive leg but she's looking into Prosthetics and looking into carts and Stuff she says a cart is just not Practical for that size dog in a farm Environment and I understand that so I'm Kind of interested in what's out there You know I don't have a lot of Experience in that area so I'm going to Post the video of the dog when I quit Talking here and I'd like for you guys To post in the comments section and Let's see if we can't help this lady out Let's see if we can't give for some good Advice maybe hook her up with either a Physical rehabilitation schedule like so That she leaves has some concrete goals Or maybe there are some Prosthetics or Other things that are available right Now that I don't know about okay so this Is the way social media should be used As everybody get together and come up

With some good ideas and help people With problems help them out help them Solve those problems all right so watch This video and then comment below Oh You good