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By | March 8, 2022

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Hmm All righty are we live looks Good I think [Music] All right Hello Everybody who's Gonna be coming in and anybody watching This On our replay Wait a little bit i have an interesting Question um To get started with today That i will Be going over I will uh Wait a minute or so though before i do It Just to let people get on in here See who shows up tonight Uh where's my why is my channel not Loading here [Music] All right link this to people who want To see discord Everyone Stream starting now on Youtube Okay So I'm going to Get started with a little question here And then

We'll do some dog videos tonight and see How that goes i have a bunch of them Ready to go To review and see How they go What we see tonight it's pretty fun the Other night when i was going over them All and seeing how that went um So i think that will be fun to do again And then if anybody has questions as They're coming and going you can ask me I will in between you know the videos or Whatever we're looking at i will pause To Answer questions and we will do that So first thing though i want to talk About is i had an interesting uh Interesting question um Not totally about dogs actually about People Um and somebody was asking me about Whether or not they were thinking about Starting uh To become a dog trainer and starting Kind of a job and Um You know starting that as a new career Becoming a doctrine right And they want to know what my opinion Was on if it's a good job if they should Do it if it's you know something they Like And It was a really interesting thing they

Said to me because their comment was Yeah i wanted i was thinking about Becoming a dog trainer and learning how To do dog training because i'm not Really crazy about people and i just Like animals a lot and people are not Really not really my favorite thing you Know Um And i told them well If people are not your thing then you're Just doing this for the animals right Uh It's probably going to be the wrong Job career line of work for you Because the reality is that i'm not Really a dog trainer i'm really a people Trainer a human trainer if you will Dog trainers My job is to teach other humans How to do my job right i'm if i'm Working with a person and a dog i'm only There for You know one hour and then it's up to The people and the humans to Train the dog and follow through with The rules and everything that we um are Doing and trying to Explain to the dog right So To to be successful really you know it's Not a matter of skill as far as can you Tell how well can you get the dog to sit How can you get the dog to lay down to

Listen to you the real kind of skill Behind um You know Successful dog training is is actually Your people skills and your human skills How well can you teach a human you know Another person To do what you do Um And then it kind of was like oh a little Bit of a light bulb moment well maybe I you know they didn't really realize That and um Yeah i think it's a very easy Misconception to just think oh dog Training get to work with dogs all day And doing this and this and this and This right and it's just all happy but But the reality is dog training is is Really about Teaching People Um What to be doing and How to be training their own dogs when You're when you're no longer there Um for people who do want a job with Dogs and you know aren't crazy about People right then Something that that is better for that Kind of thing is dog grooming right dog Grooming you people come they drop the Dog off and you say hello for 30 seconds A minute and then after that it is uh

Just you and the dog right so dog Grooming is actually a really good you Know job career whatever uh For people who yeah just want to Interact with dogs and just want to You know be Be around dogs don't want to deal with The people but dog training your main Job really is people that's that's what The job is about it's true and it's Really kind of an interesting thing Because because you think about all Sorts of other jobs right What other Job or problem do you go to And the person teaches you how to do the Job Right When when your you know uh Toilet is backed up and you call the Plumber and the plumber comes out or the Plumber fixes the problem for you right He doesn't come out and go all right Well here's what you're going to do You're going to take this wrench you're Going to undo that pipe and then you're Going to snake this this and Put it back together right they just do The job for you but dog training My job at any other trainer's job our Job is to actually teach the people How to do our job So that's probably the most important Skill to be honest when it comes to dog

Training and you know deciding whether Or not you want to do it um Yeah is actually being able to know Or or you know enjoy working with people And being good at You know teaching people because Otherwise it is you're not going to have Much Much success So yeah i thought it was kind of an Interesting question and i just wanted To Talk about it a little bit to get Started here before we get Going to our video so let me get Everything set up here and we'll Start going over some some videos see What we see And Swap over To Okay we should be able to see this now There we go Had some really good ones the other Night And uh Learned quite a bit i think people did So we'll see what we find tonight All these videos and stuff we're going To watch i've never i haven't seen Haven't reacted to this is My first time seeing these things too So Yeah

Okay Let's get going here um So this new one Last uh last stream we did which one did We do i think i left this this up i Think we did animals being bros there Was a lot of cats and dogs getting along There so i found another one animals Being geniuses and this is going to be Kind of an interesting one i think to See What we Can find on here um and Remember the idea behind this is that And why i'm doing this is It's very easy to kind of put our human Emotions and human thought processes Behind a lot of Stuff we see when it comes to animals And we forget that dogs think like dogs And that dog behavior is always reasons For Dog you know Dog behaviors And sometimes when we forget to think Like a dog then it kind of ruins that so My goal with this is kind of to give a Different perspective of you know what's Actually going on through through the Eyes of the dog and seeing things that Maybe maybe you might not notice you Know originally Okay let me do this question real quick And then we will

Do this video hey eight baller uh my dog Is very friendly and loves getting belly Scratches especially from kids But when i walk her she lunges towards Other people and dogs it makes weird Noises how can i stop her Good question so I'm curious if the Lunging and the weird noises is because She is just overly excited When she actually gets up to them what Does she do does she just is she just Happy is it tail wagging does she let Him Pet him if she does then it just sounds Like she's overreactive you're super Excited what i would do i'll i'll link You a video here Um we do a little thing where it's Called the crazy walk and basically what You're going to do is you're going to Walk away whenever she's crazy and Whenever she's behaving and quiet you go Forward it's under this video of Leash aggression um but go if you go to Like the The first part half you can skip i would Go to like the 13 minute mark Or so and it will show you how to do the Uh reactivity and leash aggression um Or not least regression the the crazy Walk for dogs that are reactive let me Just type this out real quick Um

Whoops one second Just wanna put something in the chat for People who are coming and going Okay uh video time no one more question Just talking this isn't in regards to Dog training but do you know are dogs And wolves different species or is it Or is a dog just a domestic wolf i don't Know the exact like Genetic Link um that is something i don't know Uh you stumps me i know they are very Very very very similar but Uh and they learn similar but they don't Learn identical and their behaviors are Not identical either um As far as like the actual Genetic you know science part that part I actually don't know that one you will Have to go to google on um you've Stumped me Uh I should learn that though that's a good Question that's something i should know About um what the link is between wolves Um she's just very excited and wants to Get pet with other dogs she's friendly And sniffs okay yeah so it sounds like She's just reactive she's just crazy and Obnoxious and so happy to see other People she can't control herself so yeah Check that video go to about the 13 Minute mark and i go over how to do the Crazy walk you do that and if you're

Really really good with it and you Practice for about a week or so You will see you know big big Improvements all right Okay dog discovers how to go down a Slide how to slide let's see [Music] That's pretty cute [Music] I like how he's holding holding the Leash in the mouth [Music] Seems like a fun time nothing Nothing wrong with that certainly that's Really that's really clever how he holds The leash i'm curious if they've taught Him that on command to pick up the leash [Music] I would think so It's pretty it's pretty this is kind of An interesting thing right Like i was saying at the beginning What is the thing we observe through Human eyes or what is it through dog Eyes right most dogs Just don't have that connective i need To pick up the leash and then because Because it's going to trip me and then You know Go up so i'm curious i'm pretty sure They probably have taught him that on Command to hold hold the leash in his Mouth which is really good it's really Clever thing um he looks like he's

Having having a lot of fun there i Remember these slides when i was a kid Oh my god these metal slides in the Middle In the middle of the day these things Would get so hot And God help you if you were wearing shorts And you went down these things oh i can Still feel the Burning them burning the Backs of my thighs Jesus so yeah slides are fine for dogs Um it's a little dangerous i would say i Mean this probably isn't something i Would you know Like be super thrilled and encouraging As far as just the safety of the dog and Again i know i'm paranoid and i know i'm Neurotic about being overly cautious and Overly safe um so yeah is that something I would i would suggest that you let Your dog do and as a routine uh no um is A few times gonna hurt him probably not But you know just something to be Be cautious of um Hey real deal uh German shepherd was teased and poked With sticks by kids while in his crate Uno I think it was a one-time event now he's Exhibiting aggressive behavior around Kids what should i do anita um Yeah so that's really unfortunate

Um I mean i don't know if you were here the Other day when we were talking about Uh Doing the the thing with having children Basically throwing the dog treats um From you know 10 15 feet away wherever It is that they're they're unreactive um If not i would probably just go I think the same video i have i linked Above for the leash aggression let me See here Um Yeah actually you can do the same thing For leash aggression if you if you look At the video i linked the same exercise In the first half so the other person i Was giving them the second half of the Video for reactivity but for aggression The first half goes over kind of what to Do to help desensitize them to whatever They're looking at um So i probably just go Go with that and see how that goes Um You can still see that video up top There let me know Okay uh what is this 14 month old kid seeing a dog for the First time well he's excited No volume All right so let me pause right Uh So remember kids and dogs it can be

Great it can also be disaster so Let's watch the Dog's um body language and let's see if We notice any dog any warning signs that This of this dog being uncomfortable and If these humans should be Stepping in and stopping this kit from Whatever he's about to do okay i have no Clue i haven't seen this i don't know What's gonna happen okay let's watch the Dog let's see if we see signs of the dog Looking his lips Of the dog yawning of the dog looking Away from the kid um blinking rapidly Right yawning licking the lips blinking Rapidly looking away let's see let's see What happens So the dog is avoiding him for now not Looking at him This is Pretty dangerous kid is getting in front Of the dog's face Dogs but the dog's interested dog the Dog scooted forward that's a good sign So the dog was actually interested in The kid good No warning signs yet we're watching the Face no licking there's lips no yawning The dog's just kind of watching Good so this is a great this is actually Great right nothing bad happened um the Dog actually was not a single warning Sign and right here the dog inched Forward almost to engage the kid out of

Curiosity right there so that this is Actually a really really really well Socialized dog really really good um That's a great interaction whatever they Did with with this dog was was excellent Now on the other hand whoever this kid's Parents are are Very irresponsible because we if this Was i mean i don't know how well they Knew this dog right i'm just going off What i see in the video but this right Here this is a accident waiting to Happen All right This dog is a foot away from taking a Chunk out of this kid's face um and all It takes is maybe maybe this dog right He's super friendly it seems he's super Friendly and he's trying to say hi but When they're in this position maybe this Dog doesn't like his feet being touched Maybe this dog has a very very Big problem with his paws being touched And when he his paws get touched he Bites and what happens when this kid is Right here a foot away from the dog's Face right And all of a sudden he reaches out and Touches the dog's paw this kid is losing An eye he's losing her nose right So This is a good good i'm glad this was a Happy video that it was a happy dog but It's also a good example of

How we need to be watching our kids and Not not setting the dog up to Potentially have a problem Because if this dog bit this kid right This was a hundred percent human error i Mean you there's no human even close to This kid maybe they're off camera but Even still you would i would think Probably not um they're still far enough Away how are you going to stop this and Interact with us there's a guy back here Right What happens to stop this this is uh Yeah it's a cute video i'm glad that the Bat happened but it's a good learning Thing that is not something we want to Um allow our children to do but i'm glad That his first interaction with cena dog Was positive um Uh I just don't understand the peop The people that say dogs are human Slaves i'm not really sure how a Mutually beneficial relationship means One party is a slave people are crazy um Yeah I think that is something that gets Especially what i notice with people who Have um Uh Who kind of use more forceful training Methods right choke chains prong callers People who still believe in like the Whole pack leader you know you have to

Be a pack leader of your dog and be the Alpha all these things that have been Proven to not be true and are outdated Um What's the point of getting a dog if You're not going to enjoy it right we Don't get a dog to become a dictator i Mean It's it's what kind of life is that for The dog what kind of life is that for You the Whole point of having a dog is to Enhance your life and we want the dog to You know enjoy their their life with us Right we don't get that along with them Um we don't want all these crazy things Making the dog do this and this and this And you know the dog is afraid to even Live um Yeah it's really it's really sad that You know like you said they act like They're slaves basically to just you Know We point and they have to do like They're robots um It's always important to take into Account what the dog's you know side is And emotions are and things all right um 200 iq plan let's see what this Doberman does Very very smart breed All right We're going in the cabinet I don't know what that is

Deer antler maybe it's a little toy [Music] He's leaving [Music] Oh he's thinking about it Oh [Music] Not quite the [Music] See what happens when the guy comes back Oh [Music] Yeah as a smart boy or girl Boy [Music] Hmm [Music] Interesting [Music] So this is a very potentially Potentially because i don't know for Sure But misleading video So there's something i noticed at the Start and then i noticed at the end And again i noticed again there all Right i noticed three times so yeah so Human uh so i think this is a good Example of us of us humans forgetting to Think like dogs and dog world right so We think the dog is a genius right Because he goes back and then he puts us In but here's what i i'm proposing and Again i don't know this is just this is

Just a Uh hunch all right because it it's Certainly possible that the dog would Know to go into this cabinet because That's where the food is um but but then For the dog to Dogs don't have the capacity really to Understand of going in putting it back And then Waiting because we don't want to get in Trouble okay there's three things that That made me notice that Makes me believe that this is a command That they're number one there's no sound Right they have a background music so You can't hear them talking to the dog If they were okay um I believe that this is they've just put It on command of going into here putting The food and then waiting because watch What happens when he leaves when this Guy leaves the first time i noticed this Dog is going to look right where my Mouse is almost as if there's a person Here watch right there he's looking at Somebody because i bet you somebody off Camera is telling them leave it leave it Leave it look at that look at that that Uh His face right Dogs don't just stare like that for no Reason So he does that stare there And then

He does it again he's still he's still Looking at the person right Now he's waiting for the next command [Music] That was the second time i saw what he Looked up to to see and then when he's Done here i noticed again he'll he he Looks back to see to see the to see what Uh what they're saying watch Watch his eyes So they're probably telling them now Drop it and now watch where he's gonna Look It's gonna go around [Music] And now watch his face Watch him look up He went for it they're telling him leave It leave it leave it see he looked up Again so yeah super cute video it's a Great trick that this is a really really Really really great trick um excellent Training with with teaching them drop it They've taught him on command how to Open a door um That's that that's the other thing that You know they've tied this thing on the Door so they you know humans right we Don't we don't need a little uh waldo Scarf to open doors right they've Purposely done this for him to do it um So yeah He's not doing this all on his own and Just just thinking yeah just for fun oh

Totally for fun yeah um but this is a Good example of how we could we could be Thinking you know in human Terms that this dog is actually doing This all his own see how he looks up When in reality it's it's a trick that They've changed on command put it They've put many commands together to Get him to repeat this behavior see Let's see the eye contact looking off Camera just like that um very impressive Though for so it would actually be more Impressive to me if they had just been Like oh look what we train our dog to do Because that the fact that they were Able to with food to get the dog to Bring it out and not eat it there this Is the most impressive thing Getting the food out dropping it without Actually eating it right away very very Very impressive um I would have never caught on to that Being a trick yeah so that's kind of a It's an interesting thing right because Naturally unless you have specific Experience with dogs and training we we Kind of just use our human brain but When we stop and break it down there's So many signs See that look there are so many signs Off that off camera somebody is telling Them what to do but regardless that is a Very very well trained dog um Very very impressive

But yeah kind of an interesting Interesting one um we're just looking For dogs here i think this subreddit has A lot of things besides just dogs okay Let's see this one my dog can wave to me So let's see another one if our dog we Have another trick going here What's going on in this one Or what did they say i can wave to me What i'm not sure how i learned this Okay other than trial and error all Right let's let's see if we can figure It out Sit Stay Wave Why Yes Good boy yeah I'm sure they just taught him that That one's not not particularly Anything special i'm sure they just Taught him On command to wave and Just saying Saying whatever they're saying that uh He learned it naturally Um how to scare animals What is this all right we're not gonna Look at cows Um what is this One cat Hopscotch All right this could be impressive let's

See two what very pretty good Cool so this is a cool cool cool trick As well um look like your dog shaking a Paw yeah they probably just taught the Dog shake and then just put a word to it Um this is another good good Trick very well trained dog you know That they um Have done Step by step training the dog to go Forward with two legs and then one leg Two legs and one leg and then you know Somebody's off cameras instructing them To do that right human brain what does Our human brain tell us that that that The dog is going to one two one right Our human brain tells us oh yeah the dog Knows to do that but what does our dog Brain tell us our dog brain tells us This dog is not even looking at the Ground Right watch the whole the whole time He's looking up he doesn't even know What's going on here so obviously so That tells us that there's just the Human off camera telling him you know Whatever the words are two in the hops One two one right again kind of like the Doberman Very well trained this is a very Impressive but you know He's not actually he's not actually Hopscotching i don't know why this this One whenever we're on this website it

Goes to the next one but um Yeah that's really impressive that they Were able to put on command those two Those two different Types of movements very good um What are some ways to bond more with Dogs my two dogs love each other more Than you oh no um The single best thing to do if you have A new dog or you're just trying to build A bond with a dog is to feed them their Entire meals P kibble by kibble no puzzle toy no food Breakfast and dinner when you're feeding Them their meals um you feed them both Take the bowl put it in your lap and one Piece or you can do you know a few Pieces of kibble up to you know two or Three um But The slower longer you can go the better It'll be but yeah kibble by kibble hand Feed them their meals And that is a great way to start um Really really bonding with your dogs Then other than that it's really just You know spending time with them talking To them playing with them taking them For walks um Yeah the feeding the bowl feeding though Um Or hand feeding is really really good uh How do you stop your dog from pulling on The lead great question um it's not too

Difficult i have some video two videos On it i will link to you if you want to Take a look Uh i have a tutorial and then i have a Demonstration video And i would take a look at these they're Kind of long well not too long this one Is only seven minutes Um No Pull walking So that is the tutorial And then let me find you The demonstration So take a look at those and if you have Any specific questions Here's the demonstration one Uh no pull demo uh and then if you have Any questions about them just let me Know and i can i can answer them for you All right Um okay let's see here we did we did Hopscotch funny animals fun with cats And dogs Okay there's a long video it's like 10 Minutes i don't want to do that one Meet rambo Oh poor little guy Yeah this is probably gonna be sad i'm Not a big fan of sad Sad dog videos we're gonna skip that one We're gonna keep things happy Um Any more dog ones here

Doing tricks in front of the tree what Is this Oh chicken all right That's not what we're looking for we're Looking for dogs thanks loads we'll do Yeah take a look at those and then let Me know If there's any questions about them The way i do Loose leash walking is no treats no Prong collars no choke chains you just Need a harness and then any other kind Of flat Collar either leather nylon Anything like that is good After the explosion the electrical Installation he wants to help let's see What this guy's up to Okay After the explosion and the f and fire Of the electrical installation my dog Leo helps with cleaning let's see what Leo does here It's cute This is another impressive trick That they were able to teach him to hold That in his mouth and teaching him then To go back and forth Very impressive Oh my [Music] God Big explosion Look at no do you notice that dog's eye

Contacts on all this even though she's Not saying anything she's probably Giving them a hand signal to to to Tell them to go forward to go back Um very impressive yeah Not only is he having to hold it hold The Broom in his mouth he's also responding Then to having to go back and forth Really Really quite something there um Do you plan on getting another doggie uh No no time soon uh Never say never right but um I don't have any Plans at them at the moment Dogs are a lot of work Um And a lot of responsibility and it was Great i wouldn't have changed anything For the 10 years i had But for now i am You know having Enjoying just not having that Responsibility right now but never say Never okay what's this guy doing for This stick I hope they're paying him fair wages for His labor yeah Give him extra treats All right what's this guy got here a Little sticky thrown around It doesn't take much to Keep some dogs entertained that's pretty

Clever Now this Is something that i don't think is any Has any human Interaction this is something i think This dog is just doing Completely on his own right putting the Stick down and just flicking it up um Could you train him to do that on Command yeah you could But But so so think about those other two Videos we saw right where the dog Constantly was looking at somebody Waiting for direction with the doberman Right This one this dog Is not looking at anybody he is so Occupied on that stick and and flipping It up and doing what he's doing right so This one makes me believe that yeah this Really is actually Just the dog doing this this isn't Anything with um Humans trying to tell the dog it's a Trick or Teaching the dog to do this so it's Pretty funny Fun little game For him uh let's see here okay maybe We'll go to the next uh Subreddit there's not too many dog ones On this one here But

Oh this could be interesting my dog Breaking up a fight between my other Dogs this actually really interesting Let's see What happens here this Potato camera but maybe it'll we can Make it out All right It does look like dog dog parkour huh All right let's see what happens here no Sounds okay Must be a it looks like a security Camera i guess that's why it's not great Quality I see something up here Maybe hopefully they come back down i Got one One little guy oh there's another dog Here is that Okay he was sleeping Hmm interesting very good So this is a great example actually of Dogs um yeah so the one dog was down Here this guy came over to him and then I don't know what What what caused that i think it seems Like this dog was sleeping Is my guess And he just got startled by this one so That was just the reaction of You know being woken up Um And then this one coming in yeah to kind Of like it's the video says to

Calm everybody down And this is a great example of you know How well dogs can work things out if us Humans just stay out of it and leave Them alone So often we would see these two dogs Going at it right and we'd go rushing Over no no stop what are you doing we're Doing what we're doing and even if this Third dog wasn't there they actually Would would be able to work things out Um On their own the whole the whole way to Dogs especially dogs to live together It's different with dogs that you know Don't know each other at the dog park And then sometimes humans we have to Step in sooner but dogs that live Together the whole reason there's a dog Hierarchy Amongst multiple dogs um is to prevent Any type of fights to prevent aggression That's the whole reason it exists and They don't want to fight so They they know how to work things out to You know prevent that from happening a Dog riding a sled let's see All right let's see is this is this a Dog is this a Dog doing this or is this a human trick Let's see It's got in his mouth It's cute Fun little guy

Yeah I like this idea much more than i like The slide definitely much safer It looks like a human trick because Watch you'll see the doctor the dog's Eye contact is bringing up but then he Turns to look so say okay see ya again No sound That's kind of always my my the red flag Is whenever there's a video with no Sound and someone's showing off a dog Doing something and Trying to pass it as uh the dog just Does it and it's just a great super Smart dog whenever there's no sound Usually it's because it's intentional Right what no no Iphone no android doesn't have uh Doesn't record sound these days it's Usually done on purpose because they Want to hide the fact that they're You know Someone's telling them with the voice Commands or hand commands whatever what To do um Really interesting i love trying to see Things from a dog's perspective yeah This is the this is the number one Reason why we have dog Uh Behavior problems because we always Think about dog behavior through human Eyes we don't think about it through dog Eyes

And That's like i said that's why we we get Dog behavior problems dog really hates The vet Hmm video okay Let's have a look at this one This is how you know your dog hates the Vet that's how you know my dog hates so Bad already Hello Oh the vet Oh for sam Okay i'm gonna take it okay All right let me let me take Her i'm gonna go to the best house Okay she's gonna get shot Okay interesting video what do you guys Think is going on here there's two Things That i think potentially are going on Watch again this is how you know my dog Think about this through the dogs world Not through human eyes hello Oh the vet Oh for sam Okay i'm gonna take it All right let me let me take her out I'm gonna go to the best house Okay she's gonna get shot So Human eyes right human brain we we read The caption we go yeah the dog Understands exactly what this guy's Saying and what the vet means

It's possible that the dog doesn't know What the word vet means and is reacting To him saying that because in the past They've said vet they've gone bad things Have happened Here's the first thing i noticed though Okay look at the dot what the dog has in Between uh Their legs There's a toy okay And the reaction of the dog Getting barking at the sky and getting Closer and closer when he backs up Something tells me that that this looks Like resource guarding the dog is Actually reacting because she thinks He's going to steal her toy Oh the Vet oh first this this look right there You you want you can see the her head Drops to to cover the toy because she Thinks he's going to take it Oh the red as well And now look that look up says don't you Dare take this toy right Over and then as he gets closer she gets More reactive okay i'm gonna take it All right let me let me take her out I want to go to the bed So yeah i'm very curious and again a lot Of these are just you know i i don't Know 100 this is just i'm just observing From from watching the video But

I i bet you that that's probably what's Going on is this the reason that she's Acting that way is actually because of That toy and she's been she's resource Guardians oh for sound They're they're using the v and yeah People doing these kind of videos i Think it's fine it's fun sure do it have Fun with with it um all right Yeah i think this is the actual thing That's causing this that she's guarding That toy And that's why she's getting that Behavior um Yeah interesting Um how do you feel about routine annual Vaccinations Um Certain ones The dogs need to have i mean you need to Have rabies that's uh absolute um You know ones for like um Kennel cough i never did that because my Dog was never you know in Dog parks much was never boarded that One's kind of hit or miss the other ones Um should be done Yeah I'm trying to remember there was Something There was some kind of research that i Remember reading about the three year Versus the one year vaccination and Something about the three-year

I guess i don't know if it was not being Safer they're all safe um but some Something was about the three-year Vaccination being better you know i'm Not a vet i don't have any formal Medical training so i can't really speak Like too too much on it um But yeah i mean i've never heard of a Single thing of a problem of giving a Dog vaccinations so I would Uh yeah do them dog looks its way out Especially rabies Absolutely all right let's see what this Guy does here That's clever Mark that's a smart dog this this one What do you guys think is this a video Of the humans interrupting telling the Dog how to do this did they train him to Do this on command or is this the dog Actually doing this himself what do you Guys think I would say this is the dog actually Doing this themselves this the dog Actually learned how to Manipulate that That's that's easy enough that the dog Can figure it out the dog knows that Whenever we put him in there they watch Us every single time Put our hands in those two spots they Watch us every single time put our hands In those two spots to open it to let

Them out Um My guess if i was a betting man would be That yeah the dog actually learned how To open this by themselves which is uh I've never seen this design before It does it seems like it would be Pretty hard right because you have to Slide it all the way to the left first Push that to the left right And then it's got to go all the way up Interesting Quite quite a smart dog Yeah i think that one's gonna be On the dog Um This dog teaching her puppy to sit best Thing i saw today let's see A little mama and a little little see it Zipa you don't get a treat till she sits See It very cute Human human taut though for sure See it Zippy you don't get a treat until she Sits See It that the fact that she puts her paw There and then holds it definitely That's definitely a Human that's just not a dog behavior Dogs just don't do that with other dogs Um Again right eye contact i'm sure the

Woman's giving the hand signal for Whatever this behavior is off camera Very well trained again excellent Training very good but yeah Definitely not a The dog choosing to do that um Does panting relate to arousal yeah it Can be panting can be stress can be Arousal can be just the dog is Overheated Panting can be all sorts of All sorts of things Um What else what else what else what else All right let's go to a different one Um let me try Yeah let's try this one they're so Stupid see what kind of dog stuff we Have on this one Cat cat Cat what is this one of It's the dog okay Construction specialist let's see what This guy does No no sound So what does that tell us Interesting So what is the dog doing here Is he actually digging a Little tunnel for the water Right human brain versus dog brain what Do we think is actually happening here The water's coming out And he's digging

A little trench as it A goes of energy Okay So Human brain tells us that yeah the dog Is digging a Tunnel he has he has some some um You know Concept this looks like it was probably Taught you think so I would actually say the opposite Um I would say that Right right our human brain tells us That the dog would have to understand That that this is running water and if He if he starts digging He'll be able to direct the water where To go right that's what we think is Humans what i think is happening is the Dog is is just digging to play in the Water and since the water is rushing He's just digging where it's come where It's coming from and The fact that that it's turning into a Uh you know canal Um it's just a secondary effect right to Him i think this is just a fun game he's Like he's just trying to he's trying to Get the water he's trying to attack it And by doing that at the same time he's Now digging uh Digging you know the canal there um so Yeah i don't think this one is actually

Human i think this is just him having Fun and playing and it's turning into Turning to this I am the real dog whisperer well it is a Nice to meet you robert I'm glad to have you around You welcome to Provide your Expertise and end on any of the stuff You're seeing But yeah that's a fun fun little video What else do we got Apparently table snow is superior to Ground snow oh All right um My previous dog used to grab and bite The lead but only sometimes while we Walked and then pull on it until i had To drop it i never knew Why she did this when she tried to Escape Uh Used to grab and bite the lead but only Sometimes whilst we walked and then pull On it Um Now i think she was trying to escape she Probably just thought it was play a lot Of dogs just you know will grab the Leash and when they get over stimulated They don't know what to do with Themselves they can't control themselves So they'll grab on to whatever is the Closest thing they can get their mouth

On um My dog used to do that same thing we Would be walking and if he ever got Super super amped up and he just could Which it was rare but it happened at Times my even my dog wasn't perfect um That's he would do that he would he Would turn and bite the lesion and he Would shake it back and forth it's kind Of just a sign of Frustration Um Over stimulation they can't get it out So it comes out in that way If you have a dog who is biting the Leash a lot and it's a routine problem The best thing to do is just get like a Metal chain leash and walk your dog with That for about a week or so And um Sounds right she was excited a lot yeah It's pretty common um If it's something that you know happens A lot you can get a metal leash a chain Leash and that will help to prevent the You know The it's consistent biting um Yeah It's funny every dog owner thinks that They have the best dog yeah well it's Great when people love their dogs that's You know what we want we want people to Enjoy their dogs and be proud of their Dogs no dog is perfect my own dog you

Know 10 years i had and i'm a Professional trainer and he wasn't Perfect um and i don't even like the Idea of thinking that way in training That you know that that's our goal to Have a dog as perfect us humans are not Perfect right if humans can't be perfect We can't expect a dog to ever have Perfect behavior dogs are going to do Things that are bad that annoy us that We don't like it's part of having a dog Right um So yeah i never really like thinking About you know that That's the goal is to have this perfect Dog you should just have a dog that you That you know 95 of times enjoyable to live with and Five percent of the time you know they Do that you just have to deal with And put up with um Hi why does my three-year-old pup always Hump the bear toy she is fixed is it a Control thing is it something i should Stop is it only it's the only thing she Humps um It doesn't matter if she is fixed or Neutered it is not a control thing she Does it because it's fun That's the only reason she's doing it It's fun um dogs like to hump it's a way Of play Just like dogs will bite each other They'll growl at each other

They'll growl at their toys they'll bite Their toys They'll Um humping is a great in dog world it is A lots of fun and that's all it's about Um she's just doing it because it's fun Nothing to worry about let her do it i Know again so this is a kind of Interesting question right humping Again human humanize dog eyes we so Often we see a dog humping what do we do We generalize through humans what Humping means to us humans and in human World right but in dog world it's it's Not the same Um You'll see at the dog park dogs humping Each other uh male dogs helping male Dogs female dogs have been female dogs Even at the dog park it's not humping is Is sometimes it's a sexual behavior but The majority of time actually with dog In dog world humping is just play My dog's my best friend i love her Quirky personality yeah it's good to Hear That's what i like to hear okay let's See this guy is up on the table which is Not a great thing to start off with but Going for the little a little snack Okay that's not a particularly Exciting video and i will say this Though let's just bring up a good point Always be careful about you know a

Situation like this we don't know what Kind of table it is maybe it's just Plastic there's no there's no harm maybe It's something hard it's wood it's you Know nothing dangerous but a lot of People have you know outdoor Tables that are glass and i've Unfortunately had dogs go through glass Tables jumping up on them and they've Shattered and you know people have uh Had hor you know dogs have died from it Um So be very careful if you're you know When you're dog proofing your house dog Proofing the backyard we always want to Make sure that um If we do have something like that like a Table or Something the dog could get up on that Is either blocked off or that in the Event they do get up on there It's safe Dogs still deserve to be heard and Respect the boundaries and they taught Me to be patient yeah I agree We always that's that's the one thing i Try to always drill into people is and That's what we're doing now with these Videos is think about the world through The dog's eyes Right what what Does the cute Five minutes geez that didn't last long

But that's why you don't Get plush toys Or you get pleasures that are super Cheap i used to buy my other my plush Toys for my dog Or You know children stuffed animals i'd Get a goodwill for A dollar each because that's exactly What happened is They would get destroyed Every time as soon as the shower turns On this is a dog let's see No cat or what is that a cat or dog i Think it's a cat Um Yeah plushies are okay but yeah they Just don't last long so It's cute Um so yeah it's not really worth Spending 20 on a premium plush toy which Is going to get ripped to Pieces It's a happy dog She was trying to play with our senior Dog all right let's see this one So i'm guessing this is the puppy it Looks like and this is the senior dog Turn up our volume here Um All right let's have a look [Music] Oh that sounds like a bird Noisy noisy little guys

So this is such a great video there's so Many this is a great video of a dog Um Trying to like the video says trying to Get the other one to play and there's a Lot a lot of good signs here so this This that position there where she's you Know got the butt up in the air that's a Play ball it's dog saying anything after This is just play then her doing doing The pawn putting herself on her back Letting her show in her stomach um Trying to make herself seem as Non-threatening as possible The barking right oftentimes like i was Saying barking is a sign of play wine is A sign of play it's not always a A bad thing she's she's vocally trying To say come on get me chase me Play with me please I'm begging you See the play ball again whenever you see A dog do this this is this is the Ultimate sign that a dog is telling you Yeah i i just want to play anything this In dog world means anything i do after This is just play if i do this and i Bite you it's a it's a play bite if i do This and i hump you it's a play hump That that's what you always want to look For Yeah that's a really good Good pup Good puppy there

[Music] My dog gets Bored with toys she's not able to Destroy she'll just stop playing with it If she can't get the stuffing out so one Thing you could try is you know puzzle Toys um because think about stuffing uh Plush toys with stuffing is basically The same thing as a puzzle toy right It's just what they're pulling out of The plush toy is not edible so instead We do kongs we do any kind of toy you Can shove food into and now they're Trying to figure out how to get it out And that becomes becomes the reward um Thanks glad to see you're back you were The first trainer i contacted three Years ago when i got my havapoo always Indebted to you for all those emails oh I thought your i thought your name did Look familiar Yeah okay well cool glad to Glad he's doing well i'm glad that uh I was able to help you there good nice To see you hear from me again um My adult male german shepherd introduced To a 12-week female blue healer my Daughter thinks he was going to maul her He had his paw in her she yelped It's really hard to say without a video And without seeing myself Generally when a The majority of time it's very very very Rare that an adult dog will hurt a puppy

Severely hurt a puppy that is four Months And younger because in dog world they Know that this is just a puppy and they Give them a lot more leeway So Without seeing a video it's impossible For me to say my guess is that is Probably Okay and you know yelping in dog world Is just the way of of the dog saying hey Stop That's all it is it sounds awful it Sounds like the you know dog is being Killed and murdered um But that's literally all yelp is it's Just ow the hurt you know imagine you You stub your toe you'd yelp right Um So yeah it's Probably Maybe maybe I don't know maybe she has the this the Puppy hasn't had a lot of interaction With adult dogs so she knows going on It's part of you know maybe a little bit Of lack of socialization maybe she did Something Um Yeah if you ever have a video i can try To record anything feel free to send it To me and i can you know Um take a look Um let's see here what else

Fetching a window cling ball this is a Dog all right we've got another Dog here dog and child should be good Let's see That's pretty good I was a little worried at first that the Dog was about to go through that glass Window again that's me you know Being neurotic but Yeah that's a cute video A little fetcher Uh what's this one What you doing alright two dogs let's See Trying to get each other to play That's cute two little two buddies Hanging out That's funny the ear goes up like that Someone's oh my god This is an interesting one Is this a is this a happy video or is This a Something's wrong here Because you're our initial gut right is This is a happy video it's funny all Right dog is gonna decide eating this Kibble and it could just be that that The dog is just Super lazy but then we start thinking Dog dog dog brain Training brain right It's pretty rare for a dog to Do something like this I actually don't know what's going on

There Yeah interesting Um That's cute Uh how do you build an aggressive Aggressive dog's confidence i assume That's why she's aggressive but not Super sure But why she bites without warning but it Is a big problem Okay so a lot going on in your question Bray so first of all um dogs don't bite Without warning Dogs will always give a warning it is Just part of dog behavior often times What happens is we we either miss the Warning or we don't know what to look For because in dog world they will only Have they it's only they can justify Biting after just one warning some dogs Are great and they will give many many Many many warnings they have a very high Tolerance some dogs have an extremely Low tolerance they will lick their lips Once and they will go to a full-on bite They will yawn once and they will go to A full-on bite So The first thing is is figuring out Knowing to look for warning signs that a Dog is telling us i'm nervous stop i'm Uncomfortable get away i don't like What's going on The biggest the most obvious ones once

Once you know to look for them Licking the lips Yawning Looking at something and looking away And blinking rapidly their blinking will Increase So the first thing is to be hyper Vigilant that we're looking for those Signs all right now to say an aggressive Dog There's no such thing as just a blanket Aggressiveness to a dog right We have to take it into We have to break it down into specific Behaviors and figure out what Specifically is a dog you know Is causing the dog these warning signs And then we have to to address that Specific problem Maybe the dog Uh doesn't like being you know touched On the feet right we touch the dog on The feet and they try to bite us so We need to figure out how do we Desensitize the dog to getting their Feet touched and we put in a program to Do that Dogs don't just wake up one morning you Know wake up one morning and go hmm you Know what i like to do today It's a beautiful day out i think i'm in The mood to go bite some people right That's not a dog's mentality dogs don't Just have a blanket i'm gonna wake up

And today hurt somebody The reason that dogs bite is because us Humans or another dog or something is Doing something very specific That is that the dog doesn't like And When a dog doesn't like something they Do one of two things their first Instinct is to run away if they can't Run away their only other option is to Bite to get whatever it is they don't Like to stop to leave them alone to get Away So if we're doing something to the dog And they can't get away we're leaving Them with no other choice but to bite So it's really important that we start Looking for those warning signs okay And then figure out Specifically Look at what you're doing at that exact Same time Right look at the surroundings is there Other certain people there or is there Certain dogs there is there children There is it when there is the vacuum is Going certain sounds that are triggering It but aggression has to be treated for Each individual Problem basically there's no such Blanket thing For you know For progression um so yeah so really Gotta try to figure out if we can find

What is the Oh my It's a good that's a good picture um What is the cause You know I come in to him saying i think i'm in The mood to go by people yeah it's That's why i just laugh when when i see Other you know Um Trainers talking about still still Pushing the old you have to be the pack Leader and do you know make them see You're the boss and the alpha and that's Going to just magically solve all your Problems right that's not a thing it Doesn't there's there's no correlation It you feeding your dog making your dog Wait And eat after you right they'll tell you They'll tell you don't ever let your dog Walk ahead of you those things make Absolutely no difference in a dog's Behavior they will not make your dog sit Faster they will not make them lay down Faster they will not make them less Likely to bite you because Aggression is not a blanket thing Aggression comes from very speci Specific uh stimulus and that's what we Have to identify and then treat that Specific thing um Is it just me or are small breed dogs More aggressive i assume because of

Their size they feel more threatened by Everything good question um I don't like i really like the word Aggression oh because i don't know a lot Of people have different um Meanings of it and different Interpretations of it here is why i Think though uh Smaller dogs are perceived as More often more aggressive I think that what happens is people Don't I think smaller dogs people lack the Early socialization and exposure much More than they do for the big dogs So because they just don't think of it As a threat no one no one's worried About a chihuahua killing somebody right Nobody's worried about your You know Yorkie terrier Killing a child People with a rottweiler puppy a pitbull Puppy a german shepherd puppy they go my God we have to make sure that this dog Is safe around children right they don't They they don't want um They put in i think a lot more effort Into not allowing the dog to ever Develop those bad behaviors but because Small dogs small dogs kind of get the Small dog pass you know um Small breed dogs are more aggressive Quote in my opinion because they get

Away with it yeah exactly um people more Often antagonize small breeds yeah i Think that's that as well but i think Yeah what faded said that's really what It's about is is they just let the small Dogs get away with it because it's not As obvious you know people kind of just Play it off i mean how many times are You walking you see a little chihuahua Barking and going crazy and everybody Just laughs oh so cute oh yeah he just Says oh he's you know crazy dog right But then you Are walking you see a 75 pound pit bull Displaying the exact same behavior as That chihuahua people go my god the dog Is aggressive he's gonna kill me keep That thing away right Um Yeah small dogs kind of get that That small dog pass it's the same Behavior regardless of breed regardless Of size um But yeah i think that's Kind of why I can't throw the ball if you won't let It go let's see what this guy's Doing well of course doesn't want to let It go tug of war is uh just as fun of Game I was having fun playing tug-of-war yeah This is always a plain fetch and dropper This is a good time actually you know You can train a dog to drop it and

Practice drop it um You pull out a treat and you put it in Front of the dog's nose The dog is going to trade The ball for the treat every single time He's probably just having fun playing With him you know but That is a good opportunity to Do that Attack my foot head butt bath Why is this a cat Oh there's a cat Jeez Good luck giving a cat a bath Uh My dog seems really confused when Starting to hiccup Let's see a little hiccup in dog Puppies getting hiccups for the first Time is pretty Pretty funny too Tired dog Sure calvin sit anywhere you'd like It's a cute puppy It's funny you start you let dogs do This you know and they will never Outgrow this They will be full grown hundred pound Dog and they will still Sit on you just like this Um surprisingly i had a cat that allowed Me to give a shower really wow she'd Like it per se but she let me do without Ripping me to shreds yeah

God my cat uh one of the cats i have um God just trying to cut her nails i mean My i just get shredded from that so i Can't imagine trying to put her in water God help me if i ever have to give her a Bath Um Murphy got a new toy i got a little dog And a cat let's see what's going on here You see this coming Where's he gonna take it So fat's a dog i will say that that's The first thing i immediately noticed Dog's Super overweight What he's a happy but he's a happy boy He's a big boy but he's happy with his New toy It's it's you know this is i don't think I've actually talked about this on any Live streams um yet but watching your Dog's weight is super super important You know you literally take years off Your dog's life by allowing them to get Overweight And there's a really good if anybody's You know there's a very easy way to tell Um healthy Dog is hard There's tons and tons of charts but if You Aren't familiar with how to tell your Dog is at a proper weight i would really Suggest you take a look at this

Something like these this is a really Good one here actually i've used before Myself um this is where you want your Dog to be ideal weight When you Look from the top down that's what you Should be seeing it's really hard to see From the side sometimes but the top down Is the best thing to see You can see that dog we just saw was Somewhere in between these the hips were Completely gone on him um A little murphy Murphy's got no hips Um he's uh Had a few too many treats but yeah so See that his hips normally It's kind of small there the hips don't Really Cut in um Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is Going to literally keep them alive years Longer and it's really hard sometimes Because you know we see our dogs every Day and we don't always notice when our Dogs are gaining weight so if you ever Have people come over um you know Sometimes they'll notice The best thing to do is take pictures Take a picture once a month of both Views top down uh bottom down or side View um And this can allow you to compare Because you won't really notice the

Gradual weight gain because you see the Dog every day is that the time that this Happens the most is when we're Transitioning from puppy food to adult Food Because the formula is completely Different and and often times we feed Them have to feed them a different Amount right so we have a puppy food and We're feeding them a Cup in a quarter in the morning and a Cup a cup and quarter at night We go to adult food it could be we only Need to feed a cup of the one in the Morning in a cup a night there's a Little bit of trial and error but yeah Um Just wanted to say that keep your dog at A healthy weight you will literally keep Your dog alive longer you'll prevent Arthritis or early arthritis hip and Joint problems diabetes heart disease Many of the similar things as humans uh Go through The only security i trust [Music] Drug detection dog or bomb bomb dog Um a lot of times what they'll use as Rewards for these kind of dogs is toys So when they when they're walking to the Airport and they find the drugs they Find something the dog will sit and That's the Sign that the dog hit on something and

Alert and then they get the toy the Whatever it is maybe this one's just in Training Maybe he found some drugs he busted Somebody this guy uh I walk my dog five kilometers a day and Don't know feeder yeah that's really Good exercise is super i mean exercise Is critical but You you will you won't you won't be able To Like If you want your dog to lose weight you Got to cut back the food amping up the Exercise there's no way you're going to Be able to amp up the exercise enough to Cut to make the dog lose weight you have To cut back the food that's The biggest thing Okay Stole a hat walking around Let's see What is this It's cute Lily versus the roomba All right let's see what happens here She seems interested in the roomba A little scared This one doesn't seem to really mind Tail's wagging she goes what's the Matter with you Jesus So this is a this is actually a great Video because let me uh do this meet

This here This is a great video right we have two Dogs in the same exact situation um Presumably neither of them have has seen This before um and this one seems it Seems afraid she's barking at it she's Getting close significant lunging Backwards right that's a both side that Of uh fear of i'm uncomfortable and then This dog is just you know happy as could Be doesn't even care Um This is actually a really good way to Let a dog Overcome fear right this one is off Leash she's not on leash we're not Forcing her to go near this thing we're Not um Making her stay in the situation she is Free to leave at any time she wants She can run away she can go to another Room away from us but look what she does She gets curious she keeps coming back For more checking it out This is a great way to it's exactly how You would start treating fear You let the dog go at their own pace That is one of the biggest mistakes People make with when working with Fearful dogs is trying to force the fear Out of a dog you can't you can't force Fear out of a dog you have to go slow You have to take let them take it at Their pace now what would i do to make

This go to speed this up if i actually Wanted her to overcome this fear really Really quickly I would start throwing treats around This thing Well actually maybe not actually because If you throw treats it's going to suck Them up huh okay we have to adjust our Training strategy um Maybe what we do then is we start Putting treats on top of it you know and She starts eating because she gets Pretty close to it and if there's treats On top of it she can she can get close Enough that she could You know grab them and pick them up off Of it um yeah i guess treats on on On there maybe won't work maybe we put The treats on the carpet and that's Close enough and they can eat off the Carpet but um yeah we throw treats there I think it's gonna suck them up um But yes this is a really good video of Just the overall Way i don't even notice it starts the Other dog's laying on the bed there i Just noticed now um this is this is a Good way to let a dog go slow and get Over fear on their own Off leash she's free to run away but She's choosing to continue to go back Towards it yeah This is really good Hopefully she has

Become best friends with the roomba By now Let's see what this one is here Checking out some lemons this little guy Let's see [Music] Having fun So this is really interesting because i Talk a lot about warning signs right About Licking the lips about yawning things we Just we just saw But it's really important we always take Into context What is going on because right now this Is dog he's just having fun as happy as You know Playing with his little lemon and Finding it very fascinating um And we saw yawning we saw the dog Looking their lips but There's no There's no threat of this dog biting Somebody hurting somebody because again Context it's very important that that How we see those warning signs given you Know here why should like his lips Probably because it tastes sour cross The lemon on his tongue and trying to Get that taste off his mouth right So context is important that's a cute Video though Playing with this

Little Lemon Uh I've seen a video of a little dog Writing on top of a roomba oh yeah i Think i've seen that too or maybe it was A cat i saw I saw something of a dog Something writing a roomba before i Think it was a cat Kicking herself for biting her tail okay Let's see if that's what's actually Happening No she's Trying to bite her tail She's not kicking herself but that's Okay Great danes god they're such great dogs Really amazing it's amazing how gentle A dog that size can be when they're well Trained and well socialized I had one in one of my puppy classes And Just apps or it was it was an adult dog Class And for the adult dogs it was just any Dog over 12 months you could bring your Dog in regardless of size breed behavior Problems i don't care just they have to Be over 12 months so we would have Many many different breeds and sizes And there was one session i had where i Had a great day and i had a little Chihuahua and it was just amazing

Watching these two i mean the chihuahua Was not even at the height of the great Danes ankle and the grating was i mean These owners did such a fantastic job With this dog It was so aware of its size looking Around it would sniff the chihuahua they Would be best their best buddies was the Funniest thing in the world um Really great dogs it sucks it's so Unfortunate how short lifespans they Have great danes i could never I could never get on max's rottweiler's Lifespan was too short for me ten years Great danes is like five to eight um Maybe one day if they Find a way to keep our dogs alive Forever i will get a great dane But i can't deal with the red panda okay That's not a dog Um Can i deal with that is it essential to Brush your dog's teeth or are they okay On dental chews dental chews really Don't do anything If you want to keep your dog's teeth Clean you do have to brush them Or give them some kind of really really Hard chew like a Like deer antler that's probably the Only thing that will maybe get some Tartar and plaque off But really brushing is the only thing Um is it essential

Um i think it's good i mean if dogs Definitely get teeth problems and The other the alternative is if you Don't brush your dog's teeth after about Five Six seven years the there will be tartar And plaque built up and if there's Problems you have to take your dog to The vet um and they have to actually put Them under anesthesia and do a full on Deep teeth cleaning Um So you know Kind of your choice which what do you Want to do i would i don't think Brushing your dog's teeth every day is a Big deal you just do it for 30 seconds Right we don't need to do the Full what do they tell humans two Minutes one minute i think they say two Minutes you're supposed to brush your Teeth i don't know i brush my Minute but um yeah we don't do that long For dogs 30 seconds you know 30 seconds On the top 30 seconds i guess it's a Minute 30 seconds on top 30 seconds on The bottom that's all um That's all you really need you know if You're gonna brush your dog's teeth Though dog toothpaste please Um dear antlers thanks for reminding me Yeah dearies are really good but yeah Brush your dog's teeth dog toothpaste All right human toothpaste is toxic you

Can use human toothbrushes but no human Toothpaste Let's see this girl what's she doing It's a Happy girl Nuke the carpet must feel good she got a Little Itch on her back Oh the cat stole our bed Poor i Think it's a good looking dog Happy Like seeing a Happy little pity Um My friends think i'm weird for brushing Your dog's teeth no you're if you brush Your dog's teeth you're ahead of the Game you're you're doing a really really Uh Really good job Keep it up Uh What is this one What animal is this a dog i don't know i Can't tell you i think it's a dog Chihuahua Huh So i'm trying to think human brain dog Brain right This one's called me stumped and me i Don't have an immediate response to this One why he's doing this I don't think this is something i mean

It could be something that they trained Him to do right This is not a normal dog behavior dogs Don't just stand around in this pose Um Interesting My thoughts go yeah i don't know Actually I was thinking maybe there's something On the Blanket that he's smelling that he's Licking that they're doing Maybe they just taught him to pose this Way on command i think probably so since There's no no volume It's really cute though it's funny yeah I don't actually don't have an immediate Thought as to how they what's going on There how they did that nothing obvious Stands out downward dog yoga it does Look like that huh He's teaching yoga class Dog eating himself oh god Three seconds it's gonna be fast here we Go Uh Okay maybe not Okay here Here we go Round two Some Body one Yeah

Looks funny right our initial reaction Is oh god it's hilarious but i mean i Mean you see this dog Flying through the air like that it's a Really good way for your dog to get Injured If you know your dog does stuff like That it's definitely not something i Would encourage If it happens one time i mean it's an Accident it happens but um That's not something that we Want our dogs to keep Doing okay there's another little cat What is this one A little chihuahua picking up his toys Having puppies hard as but it's Also fun adorable Keep muted unless you want to hear my Obnoxious laugh all right let's see what Skies does God i got it one day i'm going to figure Out how to play these videos on the First click i don't know what i'm doing Here why they don't just play the first Time i open them Alright let's see what he does A little water trying to get into the Bath [Music] [Laughter] That's cute Yeah i think it's a good thing to Start teaching them how to get in you

Know getting young Does anything wrong Anything wrong here Okay With no treats or anything that's pretty Good Yeah that's awesome That's cute though important to get your Dogs and if you have a puppy get them Used to you know go in the shower Getting wet baths As young as possible because You don't want to have an adult dog Who's afraid of baths and water that Creates a Big problem it's much harder to get them Out of that They should put a ramp there yeah At first i was thinking uh maybe it's Dangerous that's my first thought i was Gonna go say like they Should just pick him up and put him in But i mean as he gets bigger he's gonna Step in and i don't think it's really It's not like even if he slips it's not That big of a thing he's you know One foot away i think it would be fine Not too worried about that but yeah ramp Could be good um anyways from my dog Who's extremely reactive going in and Out of my building she's lunging and Barking at practically everyone and one Resident threatened me that she would Have to put we

Said she would have her put down um Yeah the the Probably take a look at this video here It was the i don't know if you still can See it i'll re-link it um i linked to The start of tonight about the leash Aggression and Leash reactivity and depending on which One you think is going on you can um Treat it appropriately if she's happy When she gets up to people and just Wants to say hi it's probably just leash Reactivity which is the second half of The video i think around the 13 minute Mark Um basically just do like a crazy walk I don't know what the rules are of your Building and everything i mean but I don't think there's any unless there's Something there specifically i've never Heard of somebody Somebody else getting another dog's Another person's dog put down because They bark at them um i mean if your dog Ever bites somebody actually causes Damage Then she probably has some actual Recourse But barking i mean I i don't think that's a Real threat that she can actually go Through with um Sometimes we all need a helping hand Okay this could be interesting let's see

What happens here Come on feeney let's go What are you scared of buddy come on Come on let's go Come on Come on buddy Pretty anticlimactic Dog seems to be tolerating that right no Warning signs didn't look at lips didn't Uh Look away no yawning Doesn't seem to be particularly enjoying That but he doesn't seem to be Not enjoying it either with his branch That's cute Yeah you're welcome take a take a look At that and see if anything there helps You Um Another trick for people that have dogs With leash aggression or just aggression And reactivity on leashes that i don't Talk about in that video um i need to do Some i'm trying to plan out stuff Because a lot of my videos i didn't Realize how old my videos are and i want To do like full updates on a lot of Stuff and just make things a little bit More faster and just do updated videos On my stuff and add more things i've Come up with over the years Um but one little trick is If you have a dog that really likes toys And will carry a toy bring toys on your

Walks and let the dog carry a toy in Their mouth the whole time When a dog is carrying a toy they can be Barking they can't be aggressive they Actually They really like it because it gives Them like a job to do Um It's a little fun little thing you can Do To try to help with with that plus it Looks kind of funny Fun for them to be carrying it around Calvin figuring out stairs all right Let's see how calvin does One Come on You can do it Two oh these are a lot of stairs Very nice calvin good job Where's this treat So this is a great video Um these owners are doing an excellent Job they're not forcing him down this is Similar to the roomba right They're letting him go at his own pace Yeah he's on the leash but they're not Pulling him they're not forcing him down The stairs they're letting him go nice And slow he's taking it at his pace Step by step and then he does it the Only thing i would do differently here Is when he got to the end of the the the Last step i would have given him treats

Oh that's a little good you did yeah Yeah yeah treat treat treat Really turned going down these stairs Into a positive thing if this was the First time he he's done it um Yeah going downstairs this is fear right We're looking at a dog who's scared It seems cute right there's a little Puppy figuring out the stairs but the Dog eyes this is a Dog who's nervous he's afraid of going Down the stairs and he's overcoming that Fear and doing great right that's Exactly what he wants he gets to the end And then he's proud of himself he goes Oh i did it happy tail happy tail But yeah Such a good this is a great example of How to do that getting your dog to go Downstairs Who's when they're fearful we're letting Them go at their pace If you have a dog who's not even this Confident what you can do is i would put Treats on each step and now we make we Break it down into even simpler parts Right that every step now is a good Thing and that that helps to encourage It um Yeah These owners whoever they are they did a Great job great patience that's exactly The pace we want to do happy little tale At the end

Really good all right Do a couple more here and then gonna get Wrapping up here I'm getting hungry i need some dinner um I've never thought to do that before Yeah giving them a toy in their mouth if A dog is carrying a toy that oftentimes Is much more exciting than barking at Somebody or um Becoming reactive yeah Yeah not bringing a toy on the walks Yeah try that um Maybe sticks a rope something you know Something that's easy enough for them to Carry their favorite ball But yeah If a dog has something in their mouth They cannot bark Why does my dog bark in wine at her Reflection all right so let's think Let's watch this and think is it through Human eyes and dog eyes right is this Really is the dog why is the dog really Barking let's figure it out Yep So Very interesting the body language of The dog when you see the dog barking With this kind of body language right This this Being um this is crouching barking this Is a fearful bark of the dog being Afraid being scared um Well we don't know any of this dog's

History if this is a dog who is uh you Know who is under socialized or has Fearfulness of dogs um It could be yeah very well that she's Barking at the reflection because she's Another dog and she's a and she's afraid Um Body language is very very important you Can see you can see how she's she's held Low she's like that and when she barks She lunges forward and then comes back There's a lot of very subtle signs that You can look for in in the dog's body Language to figure out because barking Is not is not just barking right Different kinds of barking have Different different meanings um There could be an animal there as well It could be another animal she sees Maybe there's a fish maybe there's Something else you know um yeah Interesting Interesting video Um Dog thinks reflection is another dog Yeah uh hopefully it'll anywhere in your Alligators yeah Jesus i hope that's not i hope she's not Part of an alligator I hope that's not why the video ends um Yeah people that live uh i don't know Where else there's florida besides Besides or where else there's alligators Besides florida in the united states i

Know florida's like Alligator central but um yeah always be Careful because alligators will eat dogs They will have that we'll have them for Dinner so i'm sure you guys are in Florida or anywhere else in your Alligators um Be cautious she's wagging her tail too Yeah so interesting enough a wagging Tail does not always mean a happy dog Big misconception a lot of people think That a dog who's wagging their tail Is is a sign that they're happy Dogs will wag their tail before they Attack and before they bite a wagging Tail is not alone is not a clear Indicator that a dog is happy You can actually make it a little bit More pinpointed it's the way the dog is The wags or tail when a dog's tail is Wagging and it's stiff This is a sign that the dog is going to Be aggressive can potentially bite his Fearful is nervous When when the dog's tail is wagging more Loosely right kind of doing a little Wave that's the sign that the dog is Happy that's the happy tail so yeah good Good good uh comment there okay wagging Tail is not A wagging tail alone is not a clear Indicator as to whether or not a dog is Friendly um or aggressive You always have to look at

Context of the rest of the situation and What else the dog is uh is doing uh Live in northern canada thankfully are There are there alligators in northern Canada i don't think there are maybe There is I'm not sure i'm in california so my Knowledge of northern northern canada is Admittedly not the best um What's this guy doing Happy boy Tripod malfunctioning oh we have a Little dog with three legs let's see What he does Oh my gosh Play would ya jeez It's quite amazing How well i mean look at this dog moving With three legs isn't that amazing how Well dogs can adapt to that I mean i this dog is moving faster with Three legs than i i've seen some dogs Move with four Um Wow Yeah Interesting Amputation amputation for you know Animals um and dogs It's it's hard um it's a hard decision To make right you get a dog and You know maybe they have bone cancer in Their leg and you have to amputate Um

Because bone cancer is very very Aggressive and amputation is the only Thing even then bone cancer even if you Amputate bone cancer still um Usually has already metastasized it's Already too late um but Maybe something else happens and you Have to amputate i don't know what else You would amputate a animal's leg for Besides Cancer um Maybe horrible car accidents and it's Bones are crushed beyond repair Something like that i don't know But regardless you know yeah dogs can Live with three legs As you can see here can be quite happy And can do well so um It takes them some time to get used to It you know you do have to help them Quite a bit at the start you get them a Little harness and you have to really Almost teach them how to re-walk and Rebalance again but this is this is Proof of you know dogs can bounce back They are very resilient um It's a brutal surgery though in brutal Recovery it's a it takes a lot um that's One of the things actually when i think About getting another dog of why i don't Want to get another dog at least not Right now because uh just dealing with The medical stuff it's it's it's hard And just the emotional toll it takes on

You to see your animal hurt and in pain Um You know Having dogs is not all You know Rainbows and flowers and Happy times there's there's a lot of Times when you have dogs and there's times and it's hard and it's Emotional and sucks You know and people forget that Sometimes and um You know it's it's hard yeah Um is it true that when a dog spins Round and bites her tail It's bites their tail that they do it Because of anxiety um it can be dogs Definitely there is some research to Suggest that dogs can develop uh you Know Ocd in the same manner as humans do um So there is It can be a thing oftentimes dogs chase Their tail though just because it's fun It's it's no more no more complicated It's just it's fun and they enjoy doing It Um but it could be a potential thing of Some kind of anxiety or obsessive Behavior okay we're burying lucy in the Snow let's see poor lucy It's interesting she got a she has an E-collar on i wonder why Or e-collar uh

Medical caller whatever you call it the Cone the cone of shame Poor lucy hope she's alive i hope this Is a real dog Maybe she's not even a real dog Bearing her the snow poor thing I'm not looking forward to those times i Appreciate every day i have with her Yeah i mean that's all you can do right I mean having dogs It gives us a great thing it's a you Know Great joy a lot of good memories happy Times um But yeah i mean it's part of life you Know sometimes i mean just part of life There's there's the bad stuff that comes With it too and um you have to weigh Away that and if you can deal with that And i think that's my that's my Main factor right now Of why i just can't go back down that Road because i mean even two years later I'm still you know It's it's still just as bad you know not Having max around um yeah it's it's hard You know Okay let's do one more and then i'm Going to call it a night because i'm Very hungry and i want to go make you Dinner which one should we do let's find A good one here for our last one she's Complaining at the cat for not playing With her okay that's kind of a short

Video let's do it let's find a good one Here Um Find something good go out on a bang This is the video let's see All right another day of being a watcher Dog but not actually liking water let's See She's making her way in It's a happy dog Look at the look at the body language on On this dog this is such a confident Happy Dog when she goes in Her tail is nice and loose the way the Body moves this is how you can tell The difference between a Like without even talking to the owners Without asking i can instantly tell that This is a dog that's been very well Socialized and just very confident and You can see it in the way the way the Dog moves the whole body It's it's hard to explain and this is Something i'm trying to i'm trying to Figure out how i can do videos on this And this kind of why i'm doing these Videos um these video reviews to try to Like Show people and point out enough people Can kind of see the same thing i see um And the only reason i knows because i've Seen these this for you know thousands And thousands of dogs but

The thing that kind of stands out is Again the way her whole body moves Relaxed right there's there's zero Tenseness in her it's not just because She's happy and she's playing in the Water it's And i think it's something where people Have to see it over and over and this is Just one good example but It's the way the dog carries himself i Guess is the best way to To say it um There's just you can just tell looking At her She's confident she's looking here she's Looking here she's not nervous this is Such a such a happy dog Whoever these owners are did a really Really really good job with With her or him I think her Yeah And on a nice happy video i love how Your dog runs with those long legs nice Neighborhood portuguese water dog Yeah that's a really happy dog So yeah i think i'm gonna try to do some Uh like turn some of these streams and Cut them down and then like upload Videos um Of just like the highlights and doing This so people can just like go through And see stuff because Learning dog body language that's the

Biggest disconnect that um We have between humans and dogs is and Kind of as i've been pointing out Through the stuff tonight is we think About dogs with human eyes and with Human interaction and human human brain And we have to think about it through Dog dog eyes and dog brain um to Understand what they're doing and once We learn to speak dog you know then we Never have any issues um Like dog bites right Dog bites can be completely prevented if You know what you look for i always Think it's kind of a a weird thing um Like i've done some stuff with other Trainers and and just talk to other Traders and stuff and always like just Is such a like I don't know but when other trainers uh Are are like Bragging about getting bitten by dogs Um like it's a rite of passage just part Of the job you know oh yeah this dog bit Me and then a few months ago i got bit By this one and this other aggressive One i was working with and bit me and I'm just thinking to myself You know I think you might be in the wrong job Because Dog i've been bitten in 16 years i've Been bitten one time And it was in my

Second year Of doing training completely on my own Without my mentor trainer without any Anything just completely on my own 110-150 My mistake i took my eye off the dog it Was an aggressive dog it was a dog that Was super fearful um it was a dog that That i knew had a history of being Fearful with men I i made the stupid mistake of taking my Eye off of it i didn't see where it was And i turned around to to walk somewhere I got too close to it and Right right at the back of my calf i Still remember i was wearing shorts and I didn't have jeans on her pants so it Was full Full teeth to skin contact luckily with A small dog it was a little chihuahua Terrier mix Right to the back of my calf i can still Feel feel it that was the first dog bite I've ever had in my last um and it was a Bad one i mean it was full puncture full Bleeding you know um Peroxide it out of my car and Went back for more i wasn't mad i wasn't Angry you know i didn't the owners were So apologetic i felt so bad that they Felt bad because it was a hundred Percent my fault um But dog bites are so preventable ever Since then i haven't been bid once and

You know yeah such yeah it is a weird It's such a weird thing to to me that to Brag about because like if you know dog Body language right and you know what to Look for there's no reason That you should ever be getting bitten Um i don't know it's just kind of a Funny funny weird thing Um Because there's times that you know i've I've i've people have asked me for help And haven't been able to help them not Because i didn't want to but just Because you know they were too far away Or other circumstances um And you know they ask me when i try to Help them find another trainer that Could potentially help them and i you Know tell them what to look for make Sure you know they don't use force no Choke chains no prong callers um you Know ask them what their Philosophy Or whatever is on Dog bites um it's always a red flag to Me when someone Hears about a dog biting and then their Immediate reaction is the dog is Aggressive and that you know they need To be on a strict uh You know leadership program or you know That we need to put the dog down you Need to give the dog away right Um

I want to brag about that like saying This is about him by reading the science Yeah so I don't know it's just a weird funny Thing that i always just find Interesting that um people Say and you know Do So anyways yeah um thanks everybody for Watching had some good videos tonight And hopefully people learn some good Stuff try to upload these into Some actual videos that are non-live Streaming make it more like you know Uh easy to watch and go back through for People who want to like learn about dog Language and body language and all this Stuff Uh Yeah if anybody ever has videos that They find right and you guys want me to Look at them the best thing to do if you Want to send them to me either on Twitter you can follow me let me swap Back to This you can find my social media on the Bottom there you can either send them to Me on twitter instagram um or if you Want to join the discord the link is There and you can post them there and I'll be um i'd love to take a look at Them on stream and um give you feedback On what i'm seeing any type of video That you ever

Come across and just like oh i wonder What's actually going on here what this Is feel free to do that um And uh yeah can take a look Otherwise I think i'm gonna call it a night and Trying to get it still still doing a Little test as far as what time i think These later night streams are working Good though so i might start doing these Keep these times um No stream tomorrow but the next day Every other day for now And yeah Hope everybody has a good night thanks Again for watching and i will see you Guys on Monday what's today monday see you guys On wednesday Have a good night