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By | March 6, 2022

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Hello hello testing testing okay cool It's working Get this here All right Notification out cool We are live Have some Well some something a little different To do today Going to uh See if anybody has any questions that They want to ask me as um About dogs people come and go And then in the meantime what i was Going to do is go over some Stuff on some dog subreddits just kind Of go through all sorts of things Pictures videos and stuff of dogs and Kind of react to it because a lot of Times what happens um i've noticed is That people will We have a tendency when you don't have Like an actual you know dog Training background which many the Majority of people almost everybody Doesn't have um A lot of times people look at videos and They see stuff of dogs and don't really Realize what exactly is going on Sometimes we see videos and people go oh That's so cute that's so amazing it's Awesome And in reality it's actually something Really bad is happening um

So i kind of want to yeah just go over Some like different types of You know videos viral videos and things That are People post and go through Um And react to them so i'll wait about A minute or so here and then i will Get started and if anybody has any Questions They can ask in the chat I should probably type out here let's See what the Plan is for today um let me put here Any questions ask me Anything oops can't spell here Dogs Back into videos today okay so Dog videos i should put So i will get started here And let's uh let me swap over To my desktop so i can actually i want You guys to be able to obviously Watch as well not going to do much good It's only me Watching Which one am i pulling up here Okay so We should be good there So i went through a bunch of different Subreddits i found for dog stuff or Animals I haven't seen any of these i haven't i Just i don't even i've never even been

On these subreddits actually um I found six of them some Interesting ones animals being bros Ah they're so stupid uh i mean really Animals being geniuses animals being Jerks uh And a place where we can laugh at our Non-human friends so some of these have Stuff like you know that's more than Just just dogs but um i'm just gonna go Through the Dog videos and dog pictures and and Stuff like that um And yeah just kind of give my feedback On what i'm seeing as uh from a from a Training perspective from a dog behavior Perspective um And see Yeah how that goes and if that matches Up with You know what people kind of say in the Comments and Stuff like that I'll wait like another 30 seconds or so to get started here i Know sometimes these the notifications Go later people get the notification and Then they want if they want to like Watch somewhere else so it did go out a Few minutes ago but i will um Yeah get started in just a bit if Anybody has any questions in the Meantime they want me to Answer feel free to ask and

Let me know i think there was one Question someone had left on a stream Yesterday um Let's see Oh yeah there actually was one question I was gonna answer so maybe i'll start With that and then we'll get into Watching some videos here Um Okay so If a dog starts barking more As it gets older could it be an Indication of hearing loss this got me Thinking it would be great if you could Do a brief intro session with Considerations for deaf dogs Um I have interest in this area and have Read you should always let your deaf dog Know when you're leaving the house for Example Any other top things to consider i would Love to know your thoughts Thanks um If the dogs are sparking more as it gets Older could it be an indication of Hearing loss Probably not Um i wouldn't i wouldn't think so um Usually you know dogs Dogs usually are barking because they're Reacting to something um And a lot of times it's something that They've heard and there's many reasons

Dogs spark but Thinking about what what you know Hearing less cause a dog to bark more Nothing like that really Really comes to mind to be honest Um And as far as letting them always know Before you leave the house i mean that's Just because a dog goes deaf doesn't Really change anything if you don't Always let your dog Before they went deaf you know making a Point of leaving the house a deaf dog's Not gonna It's really no different they just don't Hear as well so i don't think that's Really a big Big important thing Usually i don't recommend making a big Deal i mean not usually i i don't Recommend making a big deal when you're Going to leave the house because that's A great way to Teach your dog to have separation Anxiety we're getting ready to go we Grab the keys and we start getting the Dog worked up okay goodbye i'm going to Work i'll see you later be good boy Don't do this don't do that right and we Do this every single time and We get the dog all worked up and then And then we leave and uh that this is That's a great way to um yeah get a dog To start to develop separation anxiety

Um usually when you're going to leave You just out you go and that is it So yeah that is um What i would say about that I think it was the only question so if Anybody has questions then as they come And go in the chat i will pause and Answer otherwise let's have a little Look all right i don't know what animal This is this is a dog or cat looks like A cat maybe I think this is a cat okay we're not Looking for cats or doing dogs stuff all Right belmont the wolf dog next to my Friends 60 pound siberian husky wow That is quite quite a difference Wolf hybrid dogs are a very interesting Thing Definitely not for A first-time owner or you know An experienced owner they're very Powerful dogs very big dogs but as far As training them You actually go about it the exact same Way as you would would you know Any other breed of dog um there's really No difference it's The only thing i would say is Socialization with them is even more Important than A standard um You know breed a dog my dog is not Understanding my cat's attempt to play With it all right let's see what's going

On here Let's have a little lookie all right We got cat on the left dog there let me Just watch it once first and then let me We'll go back See what's going on I guess i can just comment doesn't work Going here Cat seems to be Interested in the scarf more than the The dog The dog is very tolerant of the cat Though because at any second the dog Could get up and leave which is good Right the dog is not Not being forced to lay there Dogs and cats uh Such an interesting combination how some Can can get along so well some just hate Each other But this one seems to be uh yeah quite Quite tolerant quite happy I think what was the title that they the Dog Wasn't getting along The death stare Yeah this looks like a great interaction Whoever however what these guys were Raised together they were brought in Later What did it say my dog not understanding My cat's attempt to play with her yeah At first you can kind of see like the Dogs trying to kind of say they could be

Uncomfortable because you can kind of See some warning signs a dog avoiding Eye contact you'll you'll see the dog Look at his lips right there All right Um With his lips again looking his lips Again licking his lips So there could be looking his lips again So there are some warning signs the dog Is saying you know uh yeah i'm not i'm Not really Crazy about this but but he's tolerating It and the fact that he didn't get up And and walk away means that it's it's Not really bothering him That much but um Yeah it's kind of interesting to see Because dogs will give warning signs to Other animals too it's not just about Dog to dogs and dogs to cats um It's interesting how to entertain a baby Video tutorial it's a dog let's see Dogs and children this always gets me a Little nervous We will Just pray nothing bad is going to happen Let's see [Music] Tug of war [Laughter] This is actually a really good Interaction um Yeah again you know kind of like the

Other video the dog is completely off Leash the dog could run away at any time And the dog is actually choosing Choosing to stay there and Interact with the babies It makes me a little nervous you know I'm i'm always just Just how i am my personality i'm always Very very cautious and probably overly Cautious than you know a lot of people Um So the only thing that kind of worries Me it makes me you know Kind of worries me i suppose um Is you know allowing a Young child like this to play tug of war With a toy like that just because dog's Aim is not the best and it's possible That the dog you know could we Often times when you're playing tug of War with a dog the dog will readjust Their grip readjust their bite so like Right here watch say the dog is like uh So he's got his mouth right here right Where my mouse is i think that should Show up yeah um where my mouse is right Very easily just because the dog is Playing and One and needs to get a better grip he Can swap his mouth right here in one Second that's what my dog used to do uh Whenever we played tug of war we had the Rope right we had the big rope and we Were playing tug of war and i had one

End and he had the other end And every like two seconds or so he Would he would let go and then bite bite Up a little higher and let go and bite Up a little higher and he would work his Way up until he was right below my hands Because he knew that when he got to the Top i was going to have to let go and Then try to grab the other end So i mean this is a pretty Good good interaction you know a little Kid and dog are bonding they're having Fun um But yeah with with small kids and dogs You know you just have to be careful you Always have to be careful regardless but But having something like this it's I mean if it was me i probably wouldn't Allow that i wouldn't not probably i Wouldn't allow it um This video looks pretty old though this Is probably like a 20-year video this is Not a Iphone video so Kind of interesting um let's see this Dog is being so patient with the cat all Right another dog and cat Let's see what we got here I wish the volume would automatically Start All right Cat is quite happy when a cat rolls over On their back like that that's Pretty much

The cat has complete and utter trust in Whoever it's doing that in front of so The cat definitely trusts the dog What's up buddy Dog is not particularly interested Poor cat is desperate She wants to play Come on man That's cute Yeah it's a very very tall impatient dog Though um Nothing wrong there just Just a cat wanting to play and the dog Is not really feeling it it's cute That's funny what's wrong Um where'd we leave off best buds cats We're not doing Cats only Mom rabbits and her our little dog all Right this could be interesting let's See a rabbit and a dog that's a new one I haven't seen a rabbit in a dog for Quite some time Actually ever Let's see what's going on in this one Wait is this a video or a picture i Thought it was a Video maybe it's just lagging Can you play Hello hello All right hold on why is it a plane I think it paused when i went to all Right Full screen play

Okay let's see this little rabbit and Dog hey kowalski i'll get to your Question just a second after this video Rabid body language is something i do i Do not know really anything about Rabbits mine is uh very basic like what You need to keep them as a pet so i'd be I actually would be I am interested to kind of look up now After seeing this video What rabid body language Means and how it works i'd be interested To know what this rabbit's trying to do To this dog i have no clue the dog seems To just be Kind of tolerating ignoring him So not really bothering him too much Maybe the rabbit's trying to nurse i Don't know Dog seems to just be Happy hanging out with him It's cute They're buddies Yeah it's a nice little Little relationship they have animals It's amazing animals of different Species um Getting along like that and You know How that how those bonds can Can happen Neighbors catalytics come over and play I think this is just cat Yeah probably

Um Depressed dogo accompanies street artist All right we'll take a look at that After okay let me do this question real Quick kowalski asks hey Question about clicker training how do i Integrate different commands with it So the way i do all of my training is Without clickers Clickers are Completely unnecessary for training it's Just one more thing i find for people to Mess up One more thing for people to have to Worry about to learn It is there it is completely unnecessary To use clickers that's why all the Training videos i do i do them all Without it um There is nothing bad about necessarily Bad about using a clicker using a Clicker is not going to hurt your dog It's not you know Bad To use a clicker right i don't have Anything against people who use clickers But the way i do training is I just i've never found a need or a use For Um Clickers it's just one more thing that You have to have in your hand you're Trying to click with one hand trying to Treat with the other hand holding a

Leash with this with one hand it's just One more thing that just over Complicates um Over complicates training Clicking you you can just you can say Yes good girl you have to be just as Quick the Um Your Hand or Mine to Um I forget which one it is i think it's Mind to Hand oh my god i can't speak i'm drunk Um Like Brain to voice reaction is faster than Your brain to hand reaction so just Saying yes saying uh good girl it serves The same purpose as a All the clicker does is just just tells The dog basically it marks that they did The right thing it marks that they did Something good um So yeah you really Don't need to bother with the clicker Training um If you are going to do clicker training You basically just have to start start By charging up the clicker you click Click tree click through click treat Then you click treat put a word click Treat put a word and then pretty soon

You you wean out the word and then you Or you can use the word if you don't Have the clicker but then you would just Use the clicker um But yeah it just it's just so much more Complicated because then you have to Always carry the clicker with you like i Said now you have it you're you know man Bumbling and fumbling through three Things the leash and the collar and Treats and the clicker Um i just don't think it's to tell you The truth Okay let's see this dog is he gonna sing A bit Got a little accompaniment [Music] [Applause] [Music] They better they better give this dog Some something forget this guy don't get The guy money gotta give the dog a Little A little something For his performance here [Music] That's cute i wonder if this is actually His dog or if that's just a did it say It's a uh It's got to be his dog That's pretty cute [Music] All seems seems good there if it is a That's not his dog and that is just a um

You know street dog wild dog whatever You want to call it um It's pretty interesting because again You know we always talk about when a dog Likes something or doesn't like Something what do they do there's two Things they can either run away or they Can make themselves seem big scary and Become aggressive and bark and do Whatever right And if this is a dog who is a just a Street dog you know random dog he can Run away any time he wants so it's Pretty interesting the fact that he's Choosing um and again we don't know if This is is that or this is this guy's Dog maybe it's this guy's dog but um if It's not it's pretty interesting that He's choosing to stay there next to him Next to the sound and and reacting to That um Yeah Pretty cool pretty cool what else this Is how this is a dog or cat I don't know what that is i think that's A Dog dog and a cat all right we'll do This one in a second Let me do another question Please pull this up and then i'll answer Cynthia i'll answer your question just a Second I'm having trouble getting these things Full screen all right

Um Question cynthia hello how do i stop a Lab from tearing up everything in sight He has toys but he prefers trash cans Um Wood anything he can get into he is a Year and a half old so couple things That we want to keep in mind right First of all is exercise so a year and a Half old lab is full of energy right and A dog when they are under exercise there Is a Imagine like a chemical that builds up In your brain right um best way to think About it is us humans us drinking 10 Cups of coffee having five red bulls and Then you know A little something else that that puts Your energy uh you know Like Over the moon and what how would you Feel when you're in that state All that caffeine all that energy you're Just like this and you came to think Straight you don't know what you're Talking because you can just bounce the Wall right That's that's what happens when dogs are Under exercise and when they're in that Mental state they can't focus on Listening to you They can't focus on what's right what's Wrong as far as what to chew they are Just besides himself so one of the

Biggest things reasons of destructive Chewing is because Um the dog just is so amped up they're Trying to they need that outlet um so Exercising your dog is super super super Important all right um He has a huge backyard that he runs and Chases our other dog good okay so Exercise is important um number two Making sure that another reason why dogs Chew and become destructive is their Board right um chewing is fun To them so you mentioned you have toys Um We want to make sure that we have puzzle Toys toys that you can put food into Right just plush toys robes things like That are not exciting or not fun i mean They're fun but they're not they're not More exciting than a trash can with food In it Um they're not more exciting than a Counter the top of the counter with food On it so Puzzle toys anything you can shove food Into kongs There's tons and tons of brands uh if You really want to For people who have like a serious Problem with chewing and they go oh my Dog you know they don't last long enough And he just will go all day you can feed Him their entire meals throughout tons Of puzzle choices throughout the entire

Day So instead of just getting a meal at Night meal at uh in the morning we would Um ropes Yeah so ropes won't really do it kongs We have to we can are are good um you Just need to make sure that it's a kong Sea tears up so the kongs i don't know If you know are color coded according to Hardness um Pink and blue being very very soft the Red is the intermediate and the black is Super durable So i would make sure you have the black One um I'd be i'd be Super surprised if he can get through The black maybe he has let me know but Um i had a rottweiler and had the black One and he couldn't He never managed to make it through that Um So yeah puzzle toys are the best thing And like i said feeding you can Basically feed him the entire i would Feed him all of his food breakfast and Dinner throughout the whole day out of The toys You know that would probably be The best way to go um yeah if you don't Have the black one yeah a lot of people Don't realize that that the color-coded Color coding on the kongs is according To the hardness of the rubber like the

Pink and uh Blue one i mean with very minimal effort I can i can close it the red one with With Some effort i can i can close it the Black one no matter how hard i try that Thing will budge like half an inch um So do the black ones and um Yeah I would feed him throughout the day you Know no no more breakfast and dinner From now on meals are throughout the Whole day we don't want the dog to be Bored if you notice that he's chewing on Very specific things Uh Then i would try the bitter spray as Well the bitter apple um there's lots of Brands You spray it on there and when the dog Goes and licks it then it's a very bad Tasting spray and he goes ugh this is Gross i don't want to bite this anymore And we'll back off so that would be Something else to try Uh do you have a dog now no Um i had max for 10 years Uh He Died two years ago And i have been dogless since maybe one Day though Um he gets breakfast snacks like bananas And apples and then dinner

Yeah that's really good so like the Bananas and apples for example those are Great things to stuff into the puzzle Toys i wouldn't give him um bananas and Apples he loves bitter spray yeah so 50 50 of dogs love it the other 50 hate it That's unfortunate Um you do have there are a lot of Different types of bitter sprays you Know they're not all formulated the same There's ones that taste different so Maybe try a different bitter spray um But yeah really take advantage of the Puzzle choice no i don't want any more Food coming out of coming out to the dog For free In bowls from your hands whenever he Gets food you put it into the puzzle Toys and a little trick you can do Especially you're doing like bananas and Apples you put them into the kongs and You Get a little wet put a little uh peanut Butter or a little dog food get the dog Food wet so it kind of swells up and you Stick that in there and you stick them In the freezer A kong with frozen bananas with frozen Apples with anything frozen is going to Be much harder for the dog to get out It'll take him uh take him much longer So a little trick you can try Okay let's watch this little dog and cat See what's going on

Did i mute this there we go Okay it's kind of similar to that other Video the first video The dog the cat desperately trying to Get the dog to Interact and play and the dog not Particularly Having it but it's a very patient dog Cat's Giving them a little grooming So for people that don't know who don't Have cats I'm i'm by no means a cat expert i know But i do know some some stuff about cats This little headbutt that you see there That the cat just does that's a great Sign in cat world and cat language of You know the cat being happy and the cat Trusting the dog That's a really nice little Little bonds to see everything there Looks looks good very Very patient little um Dog there Dog and polar bear oh christ Um Hey watch it In a second Um yeah cynthia you are welcome let me Know how it goes The kongs are there's a lot of different Types of kongs also not just the you Know the Cylindrical cylinder of cylindrical is

That a word uh one there's many Different types of claws there's like Bones and all sorts of ones you can Stuff it into it doesn't have to just be Kongs any any puzzle toy you can stuff Into um can work Um yeah max uh lost him a couple years Ago um watched some of your videos with Him you were the one max then we decided To try implied stay until free with each Command oh good yeah i have a video of Uh Max stain when i you know he was at his Peak um on my channel that kind of shows What what you can do with you know Following the way i i trained him um You know no choke chains no chop shock Collars no prong callers he would not Move once i said stay he would there Nothing would break him unless you know He heard heard the magic release word of A free all right Close encounter between polar bear and Husky [Music] Please don't hurt minnie Get him over the house get Please don't come up to the window Auntie keep it away from the window Auntie Oh he's going after auntie now That's right cooper holy oh you're Pretty yes Oh is that pretty no he's not pretty god

Oh my god ninny please be careful please Be careful Huh It's quite interesting that uh So again kind of like rabbits i do not Know anything about Embarrassing bear body language or bear Behavior at all it's pretty interesting Though that um I would imagine that in bear world that The dog would just look like food that To the bear that he could eat um So so i guess the dog got well the dog Did get pretty lucky there that the bear Didn't just go after him i would never i Mean i don't know where this is alaska Maybe or Nl what state is now Black tickle nl My uh Geography is not the best i don't know Where nl is Where is that what state is that is that Even a state Uh I don't know wherever this is though um It's really interesting that the bear is More interested in the people Than than the dog but yeah anytime you Go camping or you know you're going to Be somewhere where you're around Wildlife We Don't ever want to leave our dog tied up

And Exposed to that because it is just an Accident waiting to happen with Wild Animals some more of sahara making Lockheed look his best Another little cat and dog lots of cats And dogs Netherlands is nl okay thank you Okay i'm glad i was thinking to myself i Can't what stage is nl i'm glad i wasn't Going crazy netherlands okay That makes sense that makes sense Thank you faded Maybe i'm not so bad at geography i Didn't know and it wasn't uh In the united states that's cute a Little cat giving him a little kiss Dog seems quite happy Quite content with this Little grooming session there Yeah looks nice It's nice to see In like inner species uh getting along Like that Yeah all looks well there Little cat and dog Um What else what else my cat another cabin Dog let's see this one Played What i'm doing why i never full screen Reddit videos i usually just use reddit On my phone so i don't know why i'm

Having so much trouble If there's a trick to watching videos on Reddit on your desktop that I do not to know about What's the big dog big boy first class Grooming on the face i'm sticking Question i am sitting next So interesting do you see that dog Yawning That is a sign of a dog saying i'm not Comfortable Let's keep watching see what happens [Music] Fist up and yawning again All right this is a dog who does not Like What that cat was doing to him So so here's a perfect example right we See this video and we looked at the Other videos right all these other Videos we saw of catholic and the dog Catholic and dog and with a dog do Completely non-reactive watch how many Warning signs this dog gives of saying i Don't like what's going on with the Yawning and with licking his lips right These are signs that that a dog says is Trying to communicate i don't like it There's the first john then they're very Subtle right looks his lips once then he Does it again He's tolerating it okay he's tolerating The cat doing this to him but He's saying and then here comes the more

Yawning right All of those signs were were the dog Trying to communicate i don't like What's going on i don't like what's Happening now he's not leashed up he's As far as i can tell right he doesn't Look like he has a collar or a leash or Anything yeah And he's not being held so the dog could Get up and walk away at any time He's choosing to stay there so also The the annoyance of what the cat's Doing to him is obviously not high Enough because if it was really Bothering he'd get he'd get away but This is actually a really good um Good example this is actually a perfect Example of us humans looking at Something and going oh it looks so cute And in reality the dog Is giving us such clear signs that they Don't like what's going on um i can only Assume that these signs It looks like it's because of what the Cat's doing maybe there's something else Going on in the background that we can't See well let's see where the dog is Looking maybe there's something over Here off camera i don't know he's kind Of looking over there um that could be Causing it but but odds are he just Doesn't like this interaction with a cat Um And you know that's fine dogs but he's

Tolerating it which is good um but yeah Really interesting a video that we go oh This looks so cute and And great is actually a dog who's very Uncomfortable with with what is going on But he seems to have a very good Threshold and uh Tolerance level for the cat which is Very important let's see what people say Are you watching modern family any Chance yoga stop the from oklahoma Best buds yeah It does seem cute but then like i said When we actually look at the Body language Actually not quite as cute Poor poor pup Um Clean up before play time Okay now here's another dog and cat Let's see what this dog does let me Answer a question here and then we'll Watch this one And see what this dog does Um Kd hello my six-year-old pit loves to Graze on tall grass every time we go for A walk is this normal um yeah dogs will Eat each uh grass oftentimes like when They have a Upset stomach um It's not a abnormal behavior it's not Something i would allow i would Because you don't know what's on the

Grass there could be you know Pesticides there could be i don't know God knows what else So wild grass is not Wild any type of plant Is not something i would allow your dog To You know Eat i would try my best to avoid it Because you just don't know what's on it And they can make them sick and we don't Want that um They actually sell like pet grass you go To any major pet store petcos petsmarts Things like that and about the little Tubs of grass i would you know do that Um that's safe for dogs but yeah wild Grass anything that is You know That we don't know where it's been What's been on it um I wouldn't allow our dog to eat that Okay so so far i should have done like a Little counter of these dog and cat Videos um of of Ones that are good and ones that are bad Uh i think so far we're like Five five dog and cat videos where the Dog was either Uh happy with the cat interacting with Him or just completely Um You know Just didn't care indifferent we then we

Had the one dog who didn't like it but It was tolerating it so let's see what Happens with this one this one looks Like a little a young kitten A young dog too looks like a little Puppy or maybe not puppy maybe he's an Old dog and he just he's small hold on Oh is that it 11 seconds I'm just getting ready to go here all Right let's see Yeah so dog's interacting to the cat This way Seems fine Yeah actually this is great so this is a Good example of one where We could potentially Interpret this In a bad way Because i bet you there's plenty of People that will see what the dog does Of Opening his mouth and kind of snapping At the cat right here get ready This as saying no there's people that Would correct that That would say no don't do that don't You try to bite the cat don't you do That right Everything this dog is doing towards This cat was actually signs of the dog Saying i want to play the first big sign Is watch the paw in dog world pawn is a Way of saying i want to play right he's Got the paw in the air

Um and then this The air snapping The way he's doing that snapping kind of Slow ha ha saying get me get me get me Um So this one is actually perfect the dog Trying to engage the cat to To play even more yeah Really good I like the little one Uh where did we leave off here you're it Let's see this one What the what is that a cheetah oh my God Talk so oblivious too slow that's cute That's a new one too we saw a dog in Rabbits today that was uh first that is Uh i think there actually was Was there another dog and cheat i saw Before there was another dog in some Kind of big cat maybe it was a lion that Was uh And they lived together and became Friends Um it's like a tr i think it was like a Trio i think there's a bear there's a Bear involved in there too it was like a Dog a bear and something else and they All all three of them they lived at a Zoo together Um Sunday morning cleanse okay another dog And cat let's see how this one goes So dog's off leash she could run away

Anytime he wants but he seems to be Quite enjoying that as far as i can see No warning signs no licking his lips no Yawning he's just Standing there enjoying it yeah That one seems really good Whenever you're talking you're looking At whether A dog likes something or doesn't like Something One of the main things to look for is Are they off leash right and can they Run away and if they have the option to Run away and they're not running away That tells us they're they like what's Going on they're choosing to To stay there because they can he could Walk away very easily and this cat won't Won't do anything Yeah They seem like Good buddies Uh if anybody ever has videos they want Me to review um feel free to just post Them in in the discord in the dog Training channel and um i will be happy To Review them as well noodle who is afraid Of storms Followed me from her safe spot in the Bedroom to protect me while The thunder protect me from the thunder While i brush my teeth let's see poor Noodle

Okay So dog is you know uh cynthia yeah one More question go for it whenever you're Ready i'll answer for you um We always have to be careful because we Never Want to You know try to explain dog behavior With human rationale right The dogs Don't have a sense of They need to protect us from thunder Um that's and that's just not a thing Um They don't have the Understanding of to you know go in here And close the door It's very interesting this behavior how What what the dog is i'm trying to think Nothing immediately comes to mind as far As why is the dog Pushing and opening the door Um Oh wait unless wait was somebody Knocking somebody on the other side Oh there is Wait a second am i blind here Somebody's just pulling the door The dog's four feet on the ground The door is moving that's the dog was Closing the door again Oh someone's just pulling the door oh my God So the first time okay my initial

Thought was that the dog they've just Trained the dog on command To paw and close the door and that they Said the word They said the word before they started The video and they caught it here but Then i saw the dog do it a second time And i was like okay well that can't be Right um But i just realized the second time she Closes the door she the dog is not Pawing the door somebody's just pulling The shut So this probably they just taught the Dog on command But now all four feet are on yeah okay Okay Yeah Yeah they probably just taught the dog On command what how how to paw the door She said the word before she started the Video To make the dog do it and then Video cuts too interesting Yeah okay So a little little manipulation there But um Good to try noodle Um Our lab sheds so much how can we control This he gets a bath once a month we Brush him we are vacuuming every day Hair is everywhere all right you guys Want the secret to shedding i'm gonna

Give it to you you need two things Here we go The first thing you're gonna especially For a lab any dog that has a double coat That sheds a lot you're gonna need two Types of brushes these are the only two Brushes you will need for the rest of Your dog's life first one you're going To get is called the zoom groom It is a dog brush it looks like this It looks like a whole lot of nothing Just a Just a little rubber This is the best brush you can get to Get the top coat out of dogs the top Coat is that you know really long kind Of fine loose hairs the ones that you You know pet the dog that's all over Your clothes it's all over the couch the Bed right It's like 10 bucks i think 13 all right this is the first one You're gonna get is the zoom groom Okay Um Made by kong as well so cynthia when You're buying more kong toys add this to The list all right zoom groom by kong I'll go back up here for a second if you Want to get a good look you get any Major pet store i'm on amazon right now That is the first one you need okay the Second one you need Is called the firminator

And the firminator um it looks A little scary i promise it is Completely safe Um And very very effective the firminator Is what gets out i'll do this you can See up here ferminated shading tool um Gets out the entire undercoat all right And You need both the way i would do it i do The ferminator first and then i do the Zoom groom afterwards when you're doing The furminator you do it in short Strokes like this okay you start start At the dogs the top of the dog's head Their neck and short Strokes Fast and short like this okay um down The whole entire dog's body you will be Shocked see if there's any pictures At how much food hair comes out this is Not an exaggeration this picture this is Literally how much hair That it gets out that entire undercoat All right um And then after the firmware then you do The zoom groove and the zoom room you Can do fast and big long just kind of All over and you'll see all the loose Hair just kind of flying off i would Start doing that like you know Twice a week and you should see the Amount of hair and shedding Significantly drop

These are the two things that i swear by One thing i will say do not buy the Firminator off amazon you will probably Get a bootleg one um i would because Real one there normally they are like 50 bucks So the fact that these guys are selling One for 12 makes me feel like Those are the bootleg ones which you Don't want they will not work Uh brush We want the real one Um [Music] Let's see Terminator The zoom grooms i don't think there's Any fake ones that exist so i wouldn't Worry about that Petco maybe Um But furminators normally like they're Fairly expensive for the big ones Large 33 bucks yeah that's more seems More right Yeah so go to petco petsmart if you're In the us Um That will i think chewie probably has Them let's see Chewie so how you spell it But yeah you get these two brushes and This will be a huge help in Um

Getting rid of the hair yeah 33 bucks God they actually are lower than cheaper Than i bought mine when they when these Scenes first came out the one i had Bought for my dog i paid like 60 70 Bucks for it so that's pretty crazy They've been able i'm glad they've been Able to drop the prices so much for People so more people can afford them But um yeah this thing i know it looks Crazy and it looks like it would hurt And it's Some some insane thing but um i promise It's safe and it is it will work amazing The only other thing i can suggest as Far as um Helping with shedding i mean labs are Just going to shed that's part of it you Just gotta you know part of you just Have to accept you're gonna have a dog That's gonna shed for the rest of their Life part of having a lab But the other part of it is food right Um any kind of Low quality food especially things that Are high in corn will Can Increase your dog shedding so if your Dog is not on a natural you know high Quality diet food then i would suggest We swap over to something like that Um But maybe you start with the two brushes And see how that

How that goes um to start they'll help You a lot all right that is a deer that Is not a dog Fireside romance okay another dog and Cat a lot of dog and cats on this uh On this animals bean bros channel Uh grain free food okay perfect yeah so You're doing great then good job um Grain free food is What we like to feed so yeah i i would Say then just getting the two brushes And doing those a couple times a week is Probably your best bet for Um dealing with it the shedding Knew and we would probably buy very Lot of i Easily i just knew we would end up Talking So she's basically saying so it's very Similar to that that other video right We just the last one we watched with Actually similar looking dog too Again dog is off leash dog is uh Could run away he didn't like it Choosing to be there he Seems to just be Be buddies Yeah you're welcome Anything else comes up let me know German shepherd helps with snow removal Let's see What this guy does That's a happy leap to start All right let's see buddy

He's happy Oh actually You know what it has nothing to do with The snow he wants he wants the he's Going after the um The rake That's what he wants he thinks it's a Toy He could care less about the snow Yeah see how he's trying to bite it Yeah cute cute uh Cute video again this is an easy one to You know misunderstand right the guy's Pushing the snow our human brain goes oh My god the dog is so excited he's Getting more snow right dog brain is Going hey this is a big big toy you're You're taunting me with in the back of Your truck the toy being the You know shovel whatever you call this Snow shovel i guess thanks for your help But still cute cute video regardless but Yeah this is a good way to A good good one to kind of you know Think about Both sides Because think about it he was so excited About the snow well hello there's snow Everywhere why does he only care about The snow in the truck right well it Doesn't care about the snow he cares About the shovel But um Yeah really

Cute video good looking dog too Um [Music] Pig being a bro is this a is there a dog In here no Well maybe we'll do other animals some Other night this dog helping out their Best friend We'll take a look at this In a second see a few more questions I'll get to in just a moment guys okay Uh Prime hey what's going on four-month-old German shepherd always poops inside the House Um after giving her food i take her out Because because of the house Wait After giving her food i take her out of The house to poop but she never poops Outside when she comes inside she does It how could i change her habit um i Want to make sure we are waiting outside Long enough right um we don't want to Get into a habit of we go outside and we Just wait two minutes and the dog Doesn't poop and then we come in Uh sometimes you have to stay out there For 15 minutes 10 15 minutes If you come in and you see the dog if You go outside right so you feed the dog Right we take her out she doesn't poop We come back in when you come back in That dog better be leashed to you

Because this Dog's pooping is much much much more Predictable um Than them going pee you'll see before She's going to poop you'll see that nose Is going to go down and she's going to Start sniffing And that's your cue to take her back Outside and get her into that area to Wherever she needs to go to um Uh To go poop all right so wait for 30 Minutes okay so do this so wait for 10 Minutes if she doesn't doesn't poop then You're going to bring her inside and i Want you to leash her up and you put her Leisure to your Belt buckle whatever or just hold the Leash and you just have to watch and we Have to catch her when she starts to Sniff before she starts to squat and we Run and we run her outside um there's no There's no like secret or magic trick It's just a matter of Of catching the behavior and then once We're out there reinforcing it and Making sure that we reward her really Well um let me find i have the whole Video on house training i'll link to you Because there's there's a lot of other Things you can do for house training That will help a lot um So watch this video also and this will Because that's just one little part of

It what i just mentioned now So i would watch this whole video all Right And um this will give you a lot of help With Uh what's going on so yeah watch that And then Let me know um keep the dog outside Until she does and reward her heavily um I mean that's an option too we just have To we want to be careful because if the Dog is outside and we're not you know Supervising her then we might miss the Option We might miss when she actually goes Poop and then we Miss our chance to reward her because The second that poop has you know come Out of her butt and she gets ready to Walk away that's when the food and Reward has to come if we're any slower And we wait then we won't be able to Reward it In time Um or the reward won't have any effect Uh Yeah so prime watch that video i think That will help you a lot um Hey i have a jack russell mix one year Old she likes to play tug of war with The leash while walking her around Outside how can i prevent this she even Does it with a slip lead okay so first Thing i would do is i would go we're

Gonna go shopping here and what i'd like For you to buy is A uh metal leash Buy a metal leash and walk her on the oh Do we not have any on chewy maybe They'll call something else chain leash Um Funny enough my dog when he was a puppy Did the exact same thing he would bite And Chew on the on the leash and put it in His mouth I guess they're just different colors This is what you get Get one of these the second the dog Bites it uh the metal is very unpleasant To bite it's not going to hurt them it's Not going to cause any permanent damage But it is very very very unpleasant so You get a metal leash you walk on a Metal leash uh you know Probably for about a week and then the Dog is going to go okay biting the leash Is not fun and you can swap back to your Leather nylon whatever kind of leash um Alternatively you can stick with a Leather leash nylon leash and you can um Try like a bitter spray On it Something like this It's a Bad tasting spray it works for about 50 Of dogs the other 50 of dogs think it's Candy and will chew and lick even more

Maybe you're lucky and uh you have a dog Who you know won't like it you can try Spraying that on the leash before you Head out Last option kind of a you know Desperation is if you do still have a Leather or nylon leash and you want to Stick with it instead of the chain try Hot sauce like literal tabasco all over The leash and the dog just just the Smell of it usually um Will prevent the dog from wanting to Bite and chew on it um So yeah those would be what i would do For Walk a dog who bites on a leash And How to prevent it all right All right i think that is all questions Caught up let's get Back to Seeing this what was this one dog Helping out their best friend who also Has Cerebral Cerebellar hypolasia Okay i'm not sure what that is I'm sure i'm saying that wrong but Oh poor cat I don't think i was talking to you Okay That's cute I love you so much Oh the cat plays with full of donuts how

Funny That's cute It's a good Good dog Well socialized well trained Uh Buffalo It's a dog all right look at this one in A second here Um Should i use muzzle when i take her out For a walk because she eats stones and Crap Yeah if your um Puppy is putting stuff in their mouth And you're not i mean part of so part of Walking a puppy right is we have to be Fast i mean you have to when when you're Walking your dog and this kind of goes For all dogs the puppies in particular You should always be looking six feet Ahead all right six feet ahead of where You're walking to see and be thinking is There anything that my dog is going to Try to grab put in their mouth that Could be dangerous to them that was my Mindset when i had my dog and whenever i Have any dog and i'm walking them i'm Always looking more than six feet Actually probably 10 feet ahead and i'm Just scanning My eyes and brain just goes back and Forth back and forth seeing and seeing What is there potentially if the dog

Could get into there chicken bone up Here is there a pile of poop here is There something else here right um Part of having a puppy is being us being Extra hyper vigilant of our surroundings And what is going on so that we can Prevent them from you know trying to Pick stuff up with their mouth in the First place Um if it's hard and it is hard for a lot Of people um nothing to feel bad about It's a lot of work having a puppy um What i would do is you you do need you Can use a muzzle but it has to be the Proper kind all right it has to be a Basket muzzle one that looks like this Because basket muzzles are the kind Where a dog can Pant Um you can still feed them treats but But the main the main thing since we're Taking doing this for a walk is the dog Can pant with this on You never ever ever use a muzzle like This A cloth muzzle because the dog cannot Open their mouth at all and they cannot Pant and they will overheat all right so Can you use a muzzle yes it's fine i Would prefer we don't i prefer we try Our best absolute best as hard as we can To just be super extra hyper vigilant And not even allow you know this stuff To happen but accidents happen i get it

It does it just happens they're Accidents um and so if you're not Confident at the start then yeah muzzle Is perfectly fine nothing to feel bad About But you just have to get the right one Any kind of basket muzzle Will do okay So that's the key make sure that the dog Can open their can pant Through the muzzle and uh You should be Good with that then okay Um Tried the spray sheet this candy yeah That's right like i said but haven't Tried the chain leash and tabasco yeah Do the chain leash first uh just to you Know save you from Ruining a nice leash with tabasco sauce All over because it does kind of stain a Little bit um Or you know you just buy a super cheap Leash and do it with that and then you Can just throw the leash away when it's Done Cyril god i gotta learn how to say this Word cerebral cerebellar cerebellar oh My god that's embarrassing Can't i don't read hypo Hypopl hi Hypoplasia i think i got the second one Right So i feel like a cerebral so

Surrealer god that's embarrassing motor Skills areas of the brain doesn't form Correctly though so crap balance Coordination et cetera okay There's like a it's a similar thing that Humans get right cerebral is called Cerebral something i don't like cerebral Unless that's how you say that word and I just never seen it spelled before um Okay thanks Yeah Try that try that kind of muzzle prime If you uh can get one of those let's use A little pup this little puppy ready for The school bus oh my god [Music] Okay good Do you have a good day happy puppy So Super cute video but the first i mean You heard my initial reaction oh god um You know I Again and again i know that i am Overly cautious and i'm just paranoid by Nature but i would never allow a dog off Leash Like this with a with a road especially A puppy all right this it's a young dog It's a young puppy They have very limited training because These people have probably only had this Dog that dog is probably i don't know Four months old if that three to four

Months um this dog has does not have a Solid recall it's it's impossible for a Three-month puppy to have a 100 recall In full distractions um it only takes One second For this dog he's running to here and he Gets to this point and he goes oh Squirrel boom and he's across that he's Across that road and at the same time he Goes oh squirrel there's a car right and Now we have a dead puppy and a Crying child which we don't want either Um So you know You always have to be careful with dogs In areas that are not fenced in that are Not specific for dogs to be off lesion Um And to me it's just not worth the risk Yeah this is a super cute video i get it Fine but you know just in general dogs Off leash like there's leash laws leash Laws are important because you know to Protect us humans from Dogs um But really leash laws are to protect Dogs like There's a reason leashes exist you know And i know i know i'm paranoid in this And you know yeah probably this dog will Never it'll never happen right most Likely the dog will always be fine in This area but to me you know it's just Not worth the risk um having a dog off

Leash and especially with a busy road Like that you know that just worries me But thank god nothing bad happened so You have a good day It is a cute video but um Yeah Man uh moms are moms is this dogs Oh my Oh lordy let's have a look at this All right dog and some cat babies Interesting Oh my god i gotta learn how to Play these videos this is driving me Crazy here i can't play [Music] [Music] I think it was Dog I've heard of inner species like nursing Before And one of it involved the dog i don't Remember which which part was involving The dog it was the dog giving milk or Taking milk um I don't know what the nutrition is for Uh dog milk for cats My cat nutrition or my cat knowledge is Fairly limited but um It's interesting video I'll give them math it's quite Interesting but a dog is tolerating that Little foster mom um Oh humans can get it too the thing i was Talking about okay let me just do

Something because this is driving me Nuts What's the google thing that you can Like Have it speak to you Typing a word Speech to text Or text-to-speech This is because i'm like losing my mind Oh god i wonder if these are very good Though Uh This one maybe Let's see it's driving me crazy i can't Say this word Oh my god i don't want to sign up for an Account i just want to Someone to tell me how to say this Can i type it here Cerebellar hypoplasia sarah beller Oh here faded set it let's see sarah Beller hypo oh you got it good job okay Cerebellar hypoplasia cerebellar Hypoplasia got it got it all right Thank god it's been driving me nuts i Can't figure out how to say that sarah Beller hypoplasia all right That's my word of the day two words of The day Um let's see what else we got one month Old cheetah cup introduced to companion Dog oh cute let's see So we've seen domesticated cats and dogs And

I think we're like nine to Um Like nine of the dog and cat ones were Great and then the one was the dog Didn't like it let's see how dogs do With a cheetah Oh my god Our technical difficulty again Why does it do this i don't get it All right dogs checking him out He's looking looking the little cheetah Seems to be pretty tolerant He's tolerating Tolerating so he's licking right but This is different than the last time Where he were the cat was licking the Dog and the dog was licking his lips and Saying i don't like this this was the Dog Licking the cheetah and then The big sign that we see that tells us The dog is Happy and confident and likes what's Going on is he lays down right again Awfully she could get away he could run Away if he didn't want to be interacting With this thing but what does he do he Gets ready and head goes down and uh That tells us he is quite comfortable And having fun with his New little cheetah friend that's cute Um Just just do english to spanish and Switch spanish to english

That's one way to do it i used to watch Your videos as a kid very informative oh Good Glad you liked them been trying to get Back into some more stuff on here on Youtube so Hopefully you'll be seeing me around Some more room for one more What is this one All right another dog another dog Nursing cats Oh well there's one dog in there oh i Think those are mostly dogs there's a Little one cat Sneaking in for a little drink how Interesting I wonder how that works with cat They how they couch uh i guess that just Must be an instinctual thing for them They just know to nurse really Interesting though different species Okay um One more guys anyone has any other Questions um let me know that was gonna Wrap up after One more video let's see what this is Ooh Geese and dog interesting Pretty interesting dog seems to actually Enjoy that you can see the facial Expression kind of startled him there But again he could get up he could run Away if he didn't like it

Choosing to stay there probably feels Good Pretty interesting i don't know what That is Oh how do we get here um Yeah that's funny I wonder what this guy's relationship is It's hard with these videos because we Don't have any other real knowledge We're just kind of going off of you know These short little clips but yeah that's Pretty cool Um Yeah well this was fun i kind of like Doing this i think i might start doing These uh more often these little video Reviews and kind of give people some Interesting insight Um Yeah he needs to eat the goose yeah Some goose are pretty aggressive Actually it's crazy Um Anyways Yeah this was kind of fun good questions Tonight everybody we'll be back uh Probably tomorrow And I will see you guys then Have a good night