Puppy training with Dell the super cute Lagotto

By | October 20, 2022

This is Dell the 4month Old Lagotto puppy. In this video I am just working on very basic obedience. I am using Dell‘s morning meal to teach her some of the things she will need to know. It’s important that I do not give help with my body at the same time as the command always trying to provide the verbal command first and then give help with the food lure this way she will truly learn the verbal command once we get enough repetitions done properly in

All right what's going on guys in the Next video this is as basic as it gets This is Dell the four month old Legato She's a baby she's a puppy so there's Only so much you can do with her and Normally I don't take Borden trains at This age but since they are local and Come refer to a very good friend and Former client of mine I take them on but The way this will work is I will keep Her with me for a few weeks I will start Laying the basic Foundation And then I'll send her home and I'll Give the family things that continue Doing the work that I started and in two Three months from now I will take her Back and keep her for another three or Four weeks and no I don't charge for Another board and train at that point I Just need more time with a dog this Young to get the work done that I really Need to get done for it to really set in And then of course transfer that over to The family okay so here I'm just using Her morning breakfast her morning meal And we're working on the basics come sit Down place that's it The only thing she knows well Um she knows sit very well and she knows A recall very well so those two things I Don't give much help with my body okay Meaning hand signals and body movement When I do I make sure I give the command And then give the help because we want

The dog to learn the verbal Command Right so with down she doesn't know Really at all so you'll see I give her Plenty of help I'll tell her to down and Then I give the lore I tell her to down And then I give her the Lord and then I Start saying down and I wait a little Longer for the Lord and and pretty soon Within the proper amount of of time and Repetitions of getting it right I'm Going to say down at some time and she's Going to go down very quickly without The Lord then we know she's learned but Now you see she's starting to offer it On her own when she's working to get What she wants sometimes I'll reward That sometimes I'll ask for something Else all right so it's just all about Teaching her the basics now and using The proper timing and I'll keep her for A few weeks give her to the family let Them do the same and in a few months From now take her back and then the real Work will begin okay very very basic That's it that's simple so take a look At it and I'm sure once I watch the Video back I'm sure I'll see things that I could have done better with my timing Because as the humans we want to do Everything at the same time right the Hand signals the body movements we want To eliminate that as much as we can all Right so for her to truly know the Verbal command and I have to start

Separating that help it has to come After the verbal and then you'll see her Start to know this stuff very well so Check it out she's a cute little girl She's a cool little crazy little thing All right here you go Down yeah Girl Down That's it yeah Yes That place Yes Yeah Dell place Yeah Yeah Good girl good Yeah Place Now like Good No place Yes Good job Delcom yeah Still come yes Good Come Yes Down Good girl Down Girl good girl baby

A good girl all right ready to go please Yes Good job Sit That's it Yeah Yep Place Yes Down Yeah Place Yeah Yes good girl baby Good girl mama Yes Down Yes Dell that's it That's it Yeah Good job Place Yes Yes Good job Mama Good girl Yes good girl Good Yeah Down Good girl Yeah that's it yes Good girl

Place Girl No place good Girl No Yeah Good girl mama that's a good girl You ready let's go place Yes that's a good girl baby that's a Good girl mama that's a good girl yeah Hey no Okay Bit there Yeah Baby Down Yes Down That's it Down Yes good girl Down Yes Get it Don't come yeah All right Place yes that was very good we're gonna End it there Mama that was great there You go baby very good job That was good That was really good Mama good job Maybe All right baby we all done let's go Let's go get warm