Puppy Problems? | Check Your Puppy’s Teeth!

By | October 29, 2022

We noticed a big change in this field bred Labrador Retriever puppy’s attitude this week. At first we thought it was just part of growing up but upon further inspection we found part of a retained puppy canine in his gum line.

Always keep a close eye on your dog’s health!

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Okay so I'm out with Rico and I was Going to make a video series with Rico This week and we went to the Forum a Couple of times he's acting really like Kind of scared and I was thinking maybe He's going through a fear period uh but He didn't even want to fetch like here Around the kennel and I said you know we Look at them we look at them every day Do cursory physical examinations every Day and look in his mouth and from this Angle His teeth look good his gums look pretty Good okay but I knew something had to be Wrong so I take and I change angles on The way I'm looking notice there's a Little bit of red around this gum line Here around his canine well if I can get Him to be still for just a second you Can see that there is the residual Uh puppy canine let me get him up here Towards the camera You ain't gonna like this because it's Sore but right here the residual puppy Canine and we got to get that out of There so I'll probably take him out to My buddy Rex we can see if we can uh you Know get that squared away and then He'll be back to normal