Instagram Experiences Outage Worldwide: Issue Now Resolved

On Thursday morning, thousands of Instagram users around the world experienced an outage.[0] According to the outage tracking website, users started to report problems around 6.51 am Indian Standard Time.[1] The website states that 46,000 users reported issues with accessing the photo-sharing platform in the United States at the peak of the outage.[2]

Most users had their power restored by 11 p.m.[3] Eastern with outage reports dropping to a minimum. Although the issue is being fixed, some users may still experience errors or a decrease in speed.[3] Instagram Comms, the platform's PR team, tweeted that the issue was due to a technical issue and that it had been resolved as quickly as possible.[4]

Apart from the U.S., the outage also affected users in other countries, such as the UK, India, and Australia.[5] Most users reported the outage lasting for approximately two hours before it subsided, although some still experienced the effects.[6] The tech platform reported that the technical issue has been resolved.[7]

According to Downdetector, approximately 2,000 people in the UK were affected, and over 1,000 reports were made from both India and Australia.[8] Users of Twitter were quick to alert others of the outage, with one person saying, “It appears Instagram is down. All my other apps are functioning correctly, but Instagram is giving me the message that it ‘cannot refresh my feed' and ‘something went wrong, please try again' but all my other apps are working fine.”[9]

The outage has caused a laugh riot over Twitter, with people sharing amusing responses and memes.[10]

If you are unable to follow someone on Instagram and get an error message that says you can’t follow additional people, you might have reached your maximum follow limit, which is 7,500 users.[11] It is advised that you unfollow the accounts you interact with the least and update to the most recent version of the app to see if the issue has been fixed.[12]

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