I saved my son

By | October 27, 2022

Solar got in big trouble

That's my son he crawled it's a long Story but he's in an air duct and if he Didn't if I didn't know that it was he's My son he's nuts I gotta go get him so I'm coming brother son I'm come see him Solar what are you doing in that air dog Van You're at big dude You're a big fool you're lucky did I Think like a pigeon you know that that's My son That's my that's solar that's my pigeon Son and he crawled it you have no idea He put a big trouble brother I'm coming To get you you're in big trouble man That's my son he's just like me he's He's just like me I love the out of Him but it's in big trouble you're in Trouble dude yeah I'm coming down there To get you Dick Dirt big trouble He's right here So you're in big trouble dude you're in Big trouble solar Stay where you are solar I hear you dude I'll rescue you it's my son don't give Me any about that because he really Is I held the egg I it takes two pigeons Mommy doesn't have a husband it was me It's my kid Solar I love you but you're an idiot It's in big trouble You're a big trouble brother

I got you I save you I saved him I'm Saving him Don't worry I got you dude I got you stole I got you son there's my Son There he is what a douche you're naughty You're not getting any allowance it's Really naughty Really naughty is in big trouble He is Gary you're you're big dude He is You're just like your mom