How To Train a Dog When They’re JUST NOT GETTING IT (By Far, the MOST FRUSTRATING PART of Training!)

By | October 23, 2022

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There are a few things that I can teach Our new puppy Veronica to make her leash Walking easier like this if you've Noticed with inertia it's really Convenient to have them scoot around and Parallel park next to you so you can More precisely place them which is great Especially when you're in more urban Settings or if you have a reactive dog We're training our dogs and we're Showing you how we do it all subscribe To learn how to train your dog too with This it's a good idea to use a toy or a Treat to lure them into an approximation Of the position you want see she's still Turning in front of me not at my side Yes fine good and that actually is more Kind of the movement I'm looking for Anyway but as we've seen time and time Again when you're trading in public You're bound to come across some Unexpected distractions too we know that She is sensitive to noises we have a Transcontinental Railroad right here at This Wildlife Preserve let's see if She'll pay attention to me in the Presence of that loud sound [Music] So what does a pro trainer do when they Encounter adversity there are several Ways to look at it you can say screw it And just give up or you can shift gears And take advantage of the opportunity Yes do you see that glance why don't I

Reward her for small bits of calmness And quiet between these outbursts that's Normal yeah It looks like that train is a bit much For Veronica to take but she isn't Trying to run away and she doesn't seem Too overwhelmed so that's good I'm just Gonna let her get it out of her system And we'll try again Yes can you sit please thank you very Nice Good girl Okay let's go this way Yes I'm just trying to kind of get her Mind off of it before she continues to Escalate I want to de-escalate here come Yes did you see the look in her eye There I was trying to preempt the bark Okay come here let's practice this Instead it's getting real challenging Right now let me see if I can get her to Do something easier for her like okay I Don't know come when calls to keep this Training session from getting too off The rails okay good she's paying Attention to me now and now that I have Some traction I want to see if I can Make any progress on having her spin Into that heel position it's a pretty Tricky maneuver yes sorry yes calm down Zach the purpose here is to help her get Comfortable with the motion and get the Muscle memory intact all right I think She's getting the hang of this she's at

This intermediate stage where she'll Like have an outburst but you can reason With her and that train passing was a Really good example because we had taken The time to establish some basic Communication I was able to reason with Her a little more effectively even when She was really thrown off by that really Unusual thing from her perspective look At how she's noticing the train and that To me is really significant when you can Get them to intentionally without any Force or anything pay attention to you You're really starting to be able to Communicate really effectively with one Another but as you'll see with brie Later dog training can be straight up Frustrating at times I feel like I'm Doing a lot wrong but I'll show you Exactly how we get through it we dog Trainers have a saying and that is train The dog in front of you and that's Because each dog is different and Requires a tailored approach but it's Not just training that requires a Case-by-case approach we've seen a lot Of Innovation and different types of dog Food and bark food has one of the best Solutions available bark will send you Customized high quality kibble Supplements and products based on your Dog's specific breed or breed mix for Example let's just say that you happen To have a labrador a lot of labs I know

Eat pretty fast these are so great for Dogs that scarf down their food you can See how this causes them to eat slower They're less likely to upset their Stomach and if you've got an active lab You definitely want to prevent things Like joint issues bark food will Recommend a top-notch hip supplement for Your dog I love that bark actually knows What my dogs need before I know it vote If you've got a different kind of dog I Don't know a pit or a pit mix look at This a Yeti Bowl they deserve a durable Heavy high quality Bowl this might be The highest quality dog food bowl I have Ever held in my life and a lot of them Are prone to skin issues so bark Recommends these as an add-on did you Say they never go up on the price for The entire lifetime of your dog no Matter what kind of dog you have they'll Help you find the absolute best option They can they back that up with a Hundred percent happiness guarantee use My code Zach George 30 and you'll get 30 Off your first order of bark food I'll Have details in the description we are In the Yukon that's Northwest Canada and It seems like the Midnight Sun might Keep Veronica up all night tonight I Really want to go to sleep what time is It it's light and it's night You guys all are being too loud so I Gave her this

But she's still being crazy So then I gave her this Darth Vader toy And she completely lost her mind well so Much for that oh my God can you please Go to bed Why are you like this So do you want to come play with the Puppy guys I'm so tired I don't even Feel like I have the mental capacity to Call Veronica down right now hopefully Inertia can help me puppy sit she's Usually really good at getting puppies Calm thank you inertia your dog's the Best sack I'm really testing the Hypothesis that changing our environment Often will inspire me to become better At training dogs and we've stumbled on One of the most secluded beautiful spots On our entire trip just look at this Glacial River and these gorgeous Mountains that we can immerse ourselves In Remember when we taught Veronica go to Your mark well we Zach taught her Honestly I have not worked on it since go to your Mark is supposed to be good so I can Easily direct Veronica and show her Where I actually want her to go in the Future I've been told that if I can get Her to understand this one simple thing It's going to open up a whole new world Of communication with her hey I'm gonna Go take a bath you look like you're

Gonna go take a bath in the river All right oh good job I'm using the Clicker to Mark the exact moment she Does something I like every time I click I'll give her a treat Zach often says Yes instead of clicking and that works Really well too it's a bit distracted Bye Zach I wonder what he's doing I think he's singing Colors of the Wind And clearly Zach is in his own world I Guess he's not going to be much help to Me right now what's this I'm trying to train my dog And my husband is really distracting her I know Veronica picked up on this Concept before but I'm having a hard Time getting her to figure out what I Want here let me show her as clearly as I can that I want her to put her feet on This little black mat maybe if I just Give her a minute to think about it okay That's not working ready maybe if I move The mark to help bring her attention to It I was hoping she'd run right over There after it she is making her way Over there very slowly Yes okay she touched it not convinced it Was on purpose but I don't really care Can you remember go to your mark please What do you think oh you stood on it Accidentally all right I have some Thoughts about why this is not working That well number one I need practice

Number two I keep moving the mark around Thinking it'll get her attention but I Wonder if maybe I'm confusing her I have A feelings I can accelerate this so I Got Zach out here it seems like there Were a number of problems with what I Was just doing and I totally thought I Was doing okay and it sounds like the First one was I just wasn't giving her Enough time to adjust because I wanted To jump right into it what did I tell You right before you came out here give Her enough time to adjust he did this is Such a hard environment for her whereas Before we taught this on a picnic table Right there yeah and see how she's Frozen because she really gets this nice Sterile surface here there's lots of Stuff to investigate on the ground she Loves to snuffle around in this campfire Stuff oh sure I'm using the clicker for This remember click means good I like That here you go sometimes mixing things Up and coming at a training session from A different perspective can really help Just clicking for the icon sacked I Weren't here Bree could just as easily Take a break and try again and have Better results on her own but let me see If I can help her accelerate this a bit Right now after all I am Zack George the Dog trainer anytime she's generally Complying with my requests or Brainstorming in an area that I would

Like her to be brainstorming in I'm Gonna click her and give her treats I'm Just going to move that Mark over there Because she's making the connection so I'm going to try and up the Eddie make It a little more challenging waiting for It to get one or two feet on that mat This is so much better than I did and Faster I feel like I loosen the jar for You just saying okay I was first Introduced to this skill when I was Doing stage work but you can also use it Practically as a way to go to your bed Or go to a designated spot there's a Million ways you can use this it's a Good way to teach him a point I've moved The mark a little bit so it's in a Different place than it was a second ago She's like where did it go look how She's thrown off that we moved it she's Like wait a minute do I still do the Same thing even though it's over there How about this this works sometimes you Know that feeling when you walk into the Kitchen and you can't remember why so Then you make a snack yeah I feel like That's what she just did because she's a Little confused right now I think I'm Gonna make it a little easier for her I'm trying to really clean up the Communication here okay come and I'm Doing that by getting as many successful Repetitions as I can rather than trying To give Veronica to do a more difficult

Version right now does she go there on Her own to anticipate now that's the Moment I'm waiting for you There it is and I want to reward her on The mat in this case to really help Spell out to her that this is where I Want her attention to be focused right Here on that Mark where's your mark This is such a great exercise to do in Order to just grow a dog's brain and Ability to reason and use logic And it's a great exercise for people too Because it can really help you tighten Up your communication with your dog Overall I like that she's staying put Here I'm gonna capture this I'm going to click and reward Encouraging her to hold position because Go to your mark often is coupled with Staying at the Mark Okay come I think Veronica is starting to get this Now but I can't be sure unless she Actually goes to the mark when I ask her To Beautiful example did you see it was Just a hand signal she's responding to The point okay I also like how she's by default holding That position at the Mark beautiful Example all right Zach bailed me out on That one but having to call him in for Help has brought up some serious holes In my training with Veronica so far I

Have a shame to admit she's been with us For many weeks now I have not practiced Enough and Zach has totally called me Out and he's right oh but it's Overwhelming I don't even know where to Start you're so much just still learn I Just keep doing the things that I have To do potty training check did great on That The Barking it wakes me out so oh Check oh no come on oh my gosh you just Tried to eat a bunch of moose poop gross But things that aren't mandatory for my Sanity are not getting done and that Includes things that are mandatory for Her safety I'm the one she's tied to Every day I feel like this is relatable I wanted to Vlog it and see what you Guys thought in addition to calling me Out which needed to be done Zach has Given me a recipe for a success he said All you have to do is one meal a day Five days a week always for training Wish me luck there is no magic answer For having a trained dog but making sure You practice just a little bit every day Is the closest thing I have found to Guaranteed success but in the end the Most important thing we can do to Improve our dog's training is to bond With them seriously if breeches takes a Little bit of time to play with Veronica I suspect she'll start to see the Progress she's looking for there is one Other thing I have been working on

Frisbee this one's small but it fits in My pocket I wonder if Veronica is going To be more inspired to work with me now I want to try to do spin and to heal Trying to just lure her with the frisbee Ready Yes I'm really trying to get her into This position like This On my side let's try one more all the Way I don't know if I'm doing that right Either I feel like I'm doing a lot wrong but She lights up for this frisbee when you Feel like you aren't connecting with Your dog as well as you could the best Thing you can do is try to relax and Just play with your dog you might be Shocked at how quickly this can actually Improve your dog's training overall can You sit Yes Give me that freeze I am sensing a Momentum shift yes Veronica is getting Into that frisbee I do not want to be The reason that this dog doesn't get Trained because she has so much Potential Ah I still have no idea what I'm doing But I at least know that she likes it Ready go and a catch you had she got it And she got it oh my gosh that's a great Step forward for Bri and Veronica we've

Been working on that frisbee catch and Even more importantly look how much fun They're having right now I went into This training session expecting to Accomplish one thing like work on Something from start to finish but now I'm really feeling like just working With her with this thing that she loves On a bunch of different things without Really worrying about specifically Accomplishing one right now it's the First time that I've actually felt the Communication happening so that's kind Of funny just had to stop and play with Him for a little while it's a place to Start I just have to figure out how to Bridge this Into actual training once you start Having genuine fun with your dog like This the training often comes really Naturally that's the beauty of play like This you can sprinkle all sorts of the Training you've been working on into a Play session and so your dog is learning And they're having fun at the same time And you can see how this formula will Really translate into success I feel Like we made some kind of progress here Although I can't say exactly what a Trained dog is the best and it's not That hard I've watched Zach do it you Guys are all here to hold me accountable To see what she learns Got his teapot full of glacier water

Sometimes husbands and wives disagree Sometimes they disagree on whether Glacier water will clean this pot oh wow That worked pretty well so far I want to Give this Mark Thing One More Shot yes Look at that she went right to it it Really looks like she actually knows What she's doing this time but the only Way I can be sure is if she actually Goes to the mark when I gesture to it go There Yeah instead of just running to it when I drop it on the ground go there Yes perfect There is no denying that one I think She's got it there's something else I've Been meaning to do with Veronica use my Special code Zach George 30 and you'll Get 30 percent off your first order of The Revolutionary bark food follow us on All of our social networks which one's Your favorite tell me below get a copy Of both of my books and if you want a Detailed guide to training and Troubleshooting all of the basics and Beyond with your dog subscribe to this Channel we'll see you in the next video