By | October 16, 2022

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I'm Bree this is my husband Zach he's a Dog trainer we're showing you how we Train both of our dogs everything Everywhere we go in this episode we're Getting into some serious training with My new puppy this is Veronica in case You don't know and getting her attention At all in the real world needs a lot of Work unlike Zach who has endless ideas For training opportunities and he's just Like constantly inspired I actually tend To hit a lot of plateaus with my Training where I get a little complacent Unless I have Something There to Remind Me to keep pushing forward I want to Show you the best hack I've found Besides our videos of course for Actually keeping myself excited and Motivated and on the right track with Veronica's training this is a training Card it has suggestions for everything I Need to work on based on Veronica's Actual age I get one of these every Month in my pup box along with relevant Supplies toys and treats the suggestions They give on the card They also give you Stuff you can use to work on training That another amazing tug toy drop it oh Yes that was good Zach's been working on That one I can't take credit and Obviously great quality training treats I've got a dental supply definitely need This dental treats that's amazing look At this thing it's got ridges I'm gonna

Start catching up right now on this Dental work she loves it popbox has been A game changer for me and Veronica I Just want to make sure that you guys Have a chance to try it out too you can Get 50 off your first pup box when you Sign up at our special link it's Zach I really hope you guys Are subscribed to this channel because This has to be one of the more original Dog training series on YouTube at the Moment how do you train your dog to not Get eaten by a bear I'm asking you Oh me yeah if I'm really simplifying it It's teaching your dog how to reliably Stay even when they want to go and come When called and Veronica is not perfect On either one of those by any means Virtually no dog is perfect on those Things but our goal is to just get it as Reliable as we can and that's going to Be my top priority that is if we can Find a place to sleep tonight from here Until we pull into our driveway in Alaska it's Wilderness it's this look We've been seeing Wildlife like this for Hours with all of this peace and quiet The animals really get to just be Themselves but when a bear is being Himself I am scared of him we found a Good place to stay for the night do not Leave me alone out here I'm not okay Good girl we're scared to get out There you go yeah I think I'll feel

Safer in the morning and I'll be able to Exercise them out there tomorrow But I want to give you an idea of where We stand with inertia so that you can See what we're working towards with our Puppy Veronica I want to make sure stay Is really good out here with a Distraction Good now I want to make sure I can call Her away from a distraction albeit minor In this case come Throw in a heel for good measure yes Good look at me okay and so all this is Just demonstrating that I have her under Control off leash in this uncontrolled Environment let out good girl being able To have motion here with toys that she Likes throwing some treats a frisbee we All know she likes frisbee very much Come and then being able to get her to Ignore those things and come to me is Critical when I had a TV show in Britain We called this temptation alley where We'd have all sorts of amazing things Laid out before the dog and we would Train them how to come past all of those Things So I'm hoping to do some of that with Veronica she's really interested in Those toys which for purposes of this Lesson are going to be substitutes for Grizzly bears you got to start somewhere Sit all I'm doing right now is getting Her warmed up to make sure she

Understands sit and essentially stay in This environment if she didn't that Would say okay she's a little over Stimulated maybe I need to change the Environment make it a little bit easier For her because just by virtue of being Outside that's hard for a lot of dogs Especially young dogs come up here I'm Gonna come over here Okay I'm gonna release her close make Sure she can do come Here okay come I really want to Reiterate to you that you cannot over Reward come and stay you want to have Those treats throughout your house in Your pocket you never want to leave the House without them you don't want to Take the attitude of oh they know it or I expect them to come to me because I'm The alpha or I expect them to come to me Because they love me or any other number Of reasons find ways to make it worth Their while nice little warm-up primed For this lesson I hope I'm gonna drop a Treat in front of her this is impulse Control that is pay attention to me when You want something else that is huge I Mean that is so much of dog training There's almost certainly going to be Confusion on her part with a lesson like This so I want to be mindful of that and Try to minimize that to the best of my Ability Ah could be better you see she was like

I want to get that treat but uh I see That that's impossible so I'll come to You but I'd rather her not go for the Treat to begin with sit leave it Here Come yes good See that that's where it starts I think A lot of people order this impression That once you have something like that Hauling them off a major distraction Should be super easy and it's not I Think we need to find something a little Bit more distracting than a treat for Veronica and then we can gradually Increase the level of distraction from There small steps just to verify that She loves her little tennis ball she Loves going after those is it reasonable To expect her to leave it alone and stay I think yes sit good if I ask her to Stay that means stay even if I'm Throwing something that you normally go After don't get too hung up on the Difference between leave it and stay in This case the bottom line is I want her To hold position While there's a distraction good see how I'm making it more and more distracting Here oh Failure on my part no one's perfect Leave it here yes Notice how far away I am from Veronica Here come Yes and these skills are very new to her

So she's really starting to do well here Stay Here come Oh did you get distracted along the way Here Will you be patient with her here for a Second something there's a new scent There she's not going after the Distraction that I introduced Here Good girl the number of times in a day Where I stop whatever we're doing and Let Veronica investigate something I Mean it takes up like 50 of my day That's a piece of puppy Parenthood that I underestimated a little bit one of the Reasons we're losing ground a lot of Dominance training techniques in the Public is because of impatience no you Shouldn't sniff on the ground when I Just gave you a request I'm not going to Let you do that I'm going to make you do That thing and what I think people don't Realize is if you don't let them satisfy Their Curiosities more towards the Beginning part of their training it's Likely going to hinder your training in The future I need to go back over there Yeah yeah because you you might see that I'm breaking through here I've got Multiple balls now I dare you to juggle Stay for anyone who's had a dog that has Chased an animal before you will Understand how important stay income are

So for purposes of this lesson this is a Grizzly bear this is an elk this is a Moose this is a coyote and this is a Wolf sit The tendency for a lot of people is to Try to jump to the major distraction and Aggressively correct a dog perhaps in Many cases when their dog doesn't listen To stay or come in a situation like that But really this is one of the missing Links doing exercises like this okay Come she wanted to make absolutely sure I don't know if you caught her jump There that was cute you get them in the Habit of using their brain to resist Temptation and come to you or pay Attention to you instead yes I'm gonna Do stay with distance now before I was Calling her away from the thing here I'm Hoping to have her address that Temptation head on all right needs work Ignore the Temptation and come straight To me Good All right here's a moose here good Here's a wolf here's a squirrel oh no Wolverine that's a bear will she come Come Yes well done she even had to avoid them When she came to me obviously we can't Just go from little balls to Bears we Have to find other things that Temperatures now we know that she's a Frisbee dog in the making stay

Wolf moose bear coyote squirrel Polar bear Uh-oh really good example she's like oh I'll stay for those balls those are easy But that frisbee I gotta have that she Loves her frisbee to people watching This they might think oh well she left The balls alone Frisbee's not that Different but actually it was clear There the Frisbee was a different class Of distraction to her I like that she Likes frisbee I don't want to quell her Desire in that frisbee but at the same Time she won't stay with a rolling Frisbee how's she gonna stay when she Encounters a wild animal yes when I Zoomed in on the Frisbee distraction she Was able to summon enough self-control To knock her after it when I asked her To leave it alone yes if she's prepared To resist multiple distractions that Means she's stronger mentally on this Skill Leave it Come On come on come on come on yeah Beautiful and come here I'm going to Continue to address this in as many Different ways as I know how to perfect Let's see if we can do a little bit of a Frisbee lesson see where she is right Now frisbee is a great way to satisfy Mentally physically get them nice and Happy tired grow their brain there's a

Million reasons so I'm doing a Combination of tug of war ER get it yeah And then I'm doing rollers to keep her Low on the grounds you try to get it by The rim regularly she's around six Months old so we do rollers for the most Part but we toss it too sometimes just Want to be conscious of her over jumping Notice how we're keeping our frisbee Game nice and short here go every once In a while I'll even sneak in a throw Well done she's doing great on bringing It back too go Yeah so her frisbee game continues to Look great it is a great way to exercise Her and build communication which is What we are all about doing when I do a Fetch video like this pointing out how It's a good way to satisfy them mentally Physically to get their energy out Someone will invariably say but you're Just going to get them in better shape And they're going to become more Difficult to tire and satisfy as though Keeping your dog in really good physical Shape is somehow a detriment I really Think this is the wrong way to look at This what's not being taken into account Is how much communication you're Building with your dog when you're Teaching them how to play fetch how to Play Frisbee how to do all of these Tricks so in those times where they are Becoming difficult to manage you have

This whole bed of experience that you've Built with them where you can easily Communicate okay we're not going to play Fetch right now but can you relax maybe Later we'll go out so I really think it Is a poor argument to avoid playing Regular fetch or frisbee or whatever With your dog because you're worried About them becoming extremely fit and Requiring more of your time you're not Creating a monster by keeping them in Shape you're creating a healthy dog who Understands how to listen to you better That's how I've always seen it look Maybe I'm wrong what do you guys think Tell me in the comments we are getting This close to the Alaska Canada Highway Also known as the owl can it's a very Epic drive that very few human beings Have done it's not without risk Obviously we've talked about the animals But you know there's mechanical failure There's weather I mean we think we're Prepared I thought we were ready for This and I do not anymore it's all fine That she did great today but in our next Episode you're gonna see what happens When it doesn't go so great And my training goes completely off the Rails if you want every Advantage you Can get with training your dog make sure You're subscribed to my videos and get a Pop box subscription too at Zach follow us on Instagram Tick Tock

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