Greatest week ever

By | November 3, 2022

Some time life goes great hang on

The best weeks I've ever had like on a Personal level Financially it's sort of weird that I Would have a good week especially since Pandemic it's sort of affected my dog Training business but There's a guy that supports my YouTube Channel that And showed up several times and last Night he dropped me a ton of cash like Just like an ungodly amount of money Like Wow You know Kept saying go go check go check your PayPal it's 59 bucks go check it again 1500 bucks Go check it again it just kept happening Just kept saying go check your PayPal He's done it before And He does it to other people too is um Just got a tick tock on company time It's given like a delivery driver like Five grand and you know just For people like me you know it's like I get to pay my property taxes today You know he does it um He does it because you get something From helping somebody And I understand that feeling I get it We can all do it Maybe not on the level of that Jacob can Do it

But when you see that homeless guy You know if you don't have any money you Know you can talk you can talk to them Treat him like a human But remember you got a home to go go to Get a roof over your head You can eat so Things can get You know kind of tricky at times for us But If you have something you can spare it You see that homeless guy on the street Yeah it's 20 bucks you know think about It like She really need the 20 bucks You know what I'm saying like do you Think you're gonna get another 20 bucks Do you have another 20 bucks in your Bank account Will that make it so it's impossible That you're gonna eat will you eat It's getting the 20 bucks We can all do this we can all help Others like Jacob Like he does it's just you know what he Gets out of it It makes him happy it gives you it gives You power To help somebody like that You don't have to do it on Jacob's level You don't you can just talk to somebody What a great week man Wow what a week yeah you have no idea How this week has been

Just on a personal level and then Try it out Thanks Jacob