German Shepherd Puppy Learns To Retrieve! (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

By | September 3, 2021

Perhaps the most useful skill you can teach your dog is the retrieve. Although there are many methods you can use to teach your dog this behavior, I believe the process demonstrated in this video, using shaping, is the most effective. The dog learns to think through the task and develops a very positive association with it because of the many repetitions and high rate of reinforcement. This approach will come in extremely handy if you wish to take this behavior further into more advanced applications.

This took us a few weeks to teach and we did not spend a lot of time working on it. Many of the clips you see are days and weeks apart. The key is to split the behavior down into many little components and watch your dog closely to see if you need to move through the steps going forwards or backwards. Always tailor your training to the dog you are working with. Some dogs may offer this behavior naturally but the steps outlined in this video would work even for a dog that has little to no natural interest in the game.

0:00- Introduction
0:49- Step 1: Mouthing
3:50 – Step 2: The Hold
5:09- Step 3: Introducing New Objects
6:38 – Step 4: Retrieve to Hand

If you are new to dog training and do not think that you (or your dog) are ready to work through this, check out some of our other tutorials on the many things you can teach your dog to do!

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In today's video i want to share some Footage of my training with star i've Been working on teaching her how to hold Objects with her mouth so that she can Pick up items and bring them to my hand We are currently doing this using a Method known as shaping which is quite Popular in the positive reinforcement Philosophy of dog training this is the Kind of video that i typically share on My patreon page which tends to be raw Footage in real time of my actual Training sessions but i wanted to make This available on youtube because i Think it's helpful to see this process With a dog who is learning it in real Time this behavior is far from complete But i hope that you enjoy the various Steps that we demonstrate here and that They are helpful for you in training Your dog [Music] Okay Yeah Good job puppy i saw that Do that again Do So Yay Yeah Good job Good job So Good job

Bumpy Very good Yeah Good job [Music] Yay [Music] Very good Yes Yes [Music] So i hope that you found this video Useful if you learned something new Please be sure to give the video a Thumbs up and subscribe to our channel And let us know in the comments below How is this process working for your dog [Music] You