Fundraiser for Service Dog Team Tamandra and Jedi

By | August 11, 2022

Hi everyone! I’m Emily Larlham a Professional Dog Trainer in San Diego CA. I have started this GoFundMe for a service dog team Tamandra and Jedi the Belgian Malinois so that they can have a custom made manual wheelchair that best suits their needs for mobility, health and also service dog work and training!

Tamandra’s manual wheel chair at the moment is not perfectly suited for her physical needs or dog training needs. I am raising money for a custom made titanium chair created specifically for her needs by a small business here in San Diego, CA that makes custom manual wheelchairs. This chair will not only be beneficial for physical and dog training needs, but also this specific chair will be life changing in that it will allow this service dog team to get out in nature and go on trails her other chair cannot go.

The total for her custom-made chair designed specifically for her and Jedi that I wish to raise is $8,990.17 (which includes 8.25% sales tax fee of $685.17). Every small donation will help purchase this chair which will last a lifetime and change Tamandra and her dogs Jedi the Belgian Malinois and Tyrion the Border Terrier lives for the better. Sharing this fundraiser is also greatly appreciated. Tamandra is a good friend of mine who I have known for over 17 years and who I met at the first dog training seminar I attended.

I will post a thank you video after I purchase the wheelchair on my youtube channel Kikopup, as well as post it on my personal facebook page Emily Larlham and business facebook page Dogmantics Dog Training. You can donate and share the fundraiser by following this link :

Every donation no matter how small is helpful and greatly appreciated
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Hello everyone if you don't already know Me i'm emily larlam a dog trainer in san Diego california i've created this Gofundme for service dog team tamandra And jedi the belgian malinois i am going To raise money and purchase a Custom-made titanium manual wheelchair That best suits this service dog team's Needs of mobility Health and also for service dog work and Dog training tamandra has been a friend Of mine for many many years and i Actually met her 17 years ago at the First dog training seminar that i've Ever been to this manual wheelchair will Be life-changing for tamandra and her Dogs jedi and tyrion the border terrier Allowing them to go out on trails that Her other wheelchair cannot go at the Moment and get her out in nature with Her dogs Every donation counts no matter how Small and is greatly appreciated you can Also help out by sharing this gofundme On social media so more people find out About this cause once i purchase the Wheelchair i'll create a thank you video On my youtube channel kikopop and also Post it on my facebook pages emily Larlam which you can see my name in the Description and also you can find it on My business page on facebook Dogmanticsdogtraining See you later