First e collar session to repair bad e collar experience

By | December 31, 2022

Daisy’s first e collar session to repair the damage from a bad experience

Come on David Come on Daisy let's go All right so this is day one session one Of the e-collar work if you guys saw the Video I posted earlier today you know We're up again she had a very bad Experience with the e-collar so just Putting it on her Shuts her drive down she won't take food Won't take toys because she's nervous About what happened so now we're going To see how she responds when we start Using it so we're just not going to use Any rewards just a little bit of praise Come on Davey let's go There you come Good girl mama That's such a girl baby pretty dog Easy come Good job Mama Good Freedom Three Dog Daisy come Good girl Good job Okay Hey pick up So bad right So bad I promise you this ain't so bad Daisy come good girl There you go Very nice

Daisy Place Pretty dog Daisy come Ah very good Job Oh Girl baby yeah he's so bad right It's great you want to train you wanna Train You want a train Let's go Daisy come ah good girl There you go Good job Mama Good Okay So I'm not just using the recall to Bring her to me I'm also using the place to send her Away The last thing I want is I don't want Her to be scared to leave my side and Think that the only way she avoids the E-collar is being next to me so I also Want her to know going away from me Doing what you know to do no matter what I ask you to do I'm not going to ask you To do anything you don't already know How to do she has the power To escape the stimulation even though It's low level we want to put the power In our hands but it's my job to show her How to do that okay if I show her hey Little lady this is how you remove this

Now remember I'm only using the e-collar Um before the command in this Conditioning phase in the learning phase As she's learning Once she gets to where she truly Understands how to escape it then she's Going to understand how to avoid it so Before I start adding real world Distractions in that intermittent phase I keep it super simple for her teach her How to escape it so later on she Understands completely how to avoid it And there won't be any confusion in her Life let's go mama Daisy come Good girl Good job baby Good job Free dog Good job Mama Free dog Check out there We go Ready Daisy get it Crazy Cubs Girl mama Good job Come Easy come Good girl See it's not so bad right So bad right Okay Good girl

Good job baby good Good job Daisy come ah good girl mama Good girl Free dog So remember guys My job Is to get that e-collar on and off very Fast I don't want to be on that continuous Button even on low levels it becomes Very aversive if you're just waiting for The dog to figure it out so I'm going to Show her very quickly this is the way Out I want it on and off on and off According to how she's responding right And if she's not responding I'm going to Help her right away and guide her to Show her the way I'm the one who's going To show her the way out of it Come on Good job Mama good Easy come What was that weird thing It was that weird thing That was was that me was that me uh-huh Was that me Good So now you see there guys She looked behind her because she Doesn't know what this is She doesn't know she has no idea it's so Foreign to her it's up to us to teach Her what it is so now imagine her first

Experience Where on a higher level way too high for Her it makes it makes contact and she's Off leash she has no idea what just hit Her no idea would just bit her on the Ass would bit her on the neck and it Causes the dog to just to take off and Run from from the discomfort and the Fear and it's more fear than anything Daisy come Atta girl good job Mama hey good job oh Man that's that's so good baby that's so Good Mama Yeah Yeah What It's not so bad right all right let's Train come on Good free dog Daisy come Good girl Good girl Good job Where's the spot is that the spot Spot Is that the spot Good job oh that's a good job good Now I'm just gonna give her one more Recall After she responds I'll mark it with the Yes which I haven't been doing because I'm not really rewarding her I'll mark It with the yes and I'll just drop a Handful of food and if she eats it great

If she doesn't we know she's still not Ready not a big deal but this is the First day first session right just Starting to teach her there's nothing to Fear here My job to teach her what it is how to Remove it how to avoid it that's it Come on Come on And and and just so you know I'm not Using the sound box because it's too Distracting for the dogs she'll just be Keyed in on it that's for the people Doesn't help the dogs When I'm giving her the place command The e-collar comes on the reason I'm Doing it from close by I don't need to Go 10 15 feet away I'm just giving her Something she knows well close by E-collar comes on place she jumps on There it goes away she's learning Come on girl Let's go this way come on Come on baby Come on Hot Yes Good girl mama It's good She's eating Me Good girl mama Good Now while there's more food on the

Ground I pull her away from it now you Can't finish we'll make her want it a Little more later Something that I've learned from my Tracking people right Um but there you see she's eaten now so That's that's really good I didn't Expect her to eat anything on the on the First session but it shows how quick These dogs can overcome Something not so pleasant that they've Been through right Big part of the reason why I'm able to Do that so fast with her is we already Have that relationship you see from the Other videos in the past nine days it's Been all about building her up getting Her to trust me and look to me for Everything so she knows that she could Trust me I'm not going to do anything Wrong to her I'm not going to put her in A bad situation I'm going to take the Lead when there's something that she's Worried about so that makes this kind of Stuff go a little faster I wasn't sure With her because she is so you know soft Up here but they all get over it really Quick What do you think Mama What do you think so every time I gave Her the recall command Right when I said Daisy come or place I'm utilizing the e-collar come to me go Away from me opposite behaviors I didn't

Mark it with the yes because I wasn't Going to reward I just let her know hey Good job good job I like what you're Doing see not so bad until the end there That I think that's the first time I Marked with the yes drop with the food She's starting to eat there she goes She's going back now right now she's Eating so that tells me this will be Super easy Not sexy boring but 100 necessary if I'm Gonna send the best dog possible back Home she has to be able to come overcome All this stuff Oh everyone will be asking what level You're on because it's so important to People right She dictates the level She was feeling it on a three I'm on a six now you're gonna say if she Was feeling it on a three why on a six I Want to actually give her a little more Pressure and give her that motivation to Learn how to ignore very quick how to Escape it and turn it off very quickly But it's also to show her Nothing this doesn't matter like right Now she's just checking out the tripod And she just like freaked out and jumped Back from it okay so people get so Caught up on the numbers it's it's on a Six That's the wrong thing because would People do then is later on where you do

Have to start utilizing it and Practicing in the real world what real Distractions they say oh my dog's Working level is a six and they go out They take a long line out and they go to A park and there's real world Distractions and your dog chases another Dog even though it's on a line and You're trying to utilize the e-collar on Those same levels you're gonna fail You're going to fail every time and as You're dialing up going higher and Higher and higher until you find the Right level that works your dog is gonna Adapt to take the highest level Corrections and then you're going to be In trouble when your dog's off leash Simple guys I I swore I would never do Any more of these videos because I've Done so many of them So many of them But people still struggle and they don't Understand the most simple concept of of Escape avoidance training it just people Struggle with it but I figured she was a Good candidate to show I didn't even Think I was going to do this today but I Said screw it we just got to get it She's been here long enough right I was Going to start it soon anyway let's jump Into it and start fixing her head what Do you think Lil Mama All right we all done girl