Exterior Vehicle Scent Work Search 13 yr + dog global dog village

By | June 20, 2022

Check out Lucy at 13.75yrs doing a scent search on a vehicle. It's interesting how the scent moves through the grill and where she notices it. She looks at me at 1:14 to say she thinks she found it but I wait for her bow to indicate that she knows she found it for sure on the first search. On the second she is careful to wait to indicate once she found it.
Scent was aged in place about 5 minutes before the search.

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Hi donna hill here from Globalvillage.com it's a new Collaborative website that we put up I haven't posted much on my youtube Channel for a while so i thought i'd get Busy and to take lucy out tonight for an Exterior vehicle search she hasn't done This for probably about four or five Years and she is 13 and three-quarters Years of age but you'll see how quickly She gets back into the swing of things Enjoy Let's go search This yeah Yes good girl good Yes good Girl so if you like that video clip like And subscribe to our channel to see more