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By | March 3, 2022

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Foreign Hello hello everybody Hope everyone's having a good day today Minute or so to get started while people Get in here have some Things to talk about today a little Video to go over somebody sent me they Wanted to Have my feedback on what I was seeing on It what was going on in it My mic's good there Um so I'm going to take a look at that Then as always if anybody has any Questions That uh they would like me to answer We will get into that and um Yeah We'll be happy to answer anything that People want to know Um let's see here okay I got this this So to get started Um I will let me make sure the person Who Wanted me to look at the video knows I Am Here and uh Then once they are in the chat I will go Over the video Okay so we're gonna go over the video Once they are in once I know they're Here Um it's a video of two dogs and um they Asked me if I could decipher with the Body language is I haven't watched it

Yet I'm gonna watch it for the first Time uh live here and then we will I'll just give my feedback as too far as What I see Um Hey Jericho what's up welcome back my Friend uh hi I recently figured out that My dog is sensitive to light touch Rather than pressure he growls I'm Trying to remember uh I think we were Talking the other day right you said you Had the dog that was growling and biting Just when you touched him Just the overall one and we couldn't Figure out did you have the Rottweiler Trying to remember which uh What we were talking about that day Um when you say sensitive to light touch Rather than pressure I'm not quite sure what you're what you Mean there I think we talked about Maybe we were thinking like making sure We were checking them out making sure There was no Um like certain spots that was making Them react Was uh were you able to narrow down Anything like that a specific area that Was kind of Making him growl or that he wasn't um Wasn't really liking you touching or You're getting a bigger reaction out of Him

Um let me know Let's see here Um I wanted to go through some comments We're waiting for our video to get Started here Okay so Sammy had a question from the Other night oh um hey yeah what's up Okay actually let's do our video now Since the person who Wanted me to Take a look is now here so let me Get it set up so I haven't watched this Is there anything that Um you want me to know before I watch This or should I just watch it and just Tell you What I think is happening and what I'm What I'm seeing maybe that's probably The best way then maybe you can tell me Tell me afterwards what uh If you have any questions about about it So let me just get it set up here real Quick All of these things I got all over my Desktop Foreign Okay make sure everybody can see it All right so let's see here where did I Put it I had to download it Get full screen okay here we go so we Should all be able to See See this okay there we go okay so let's

See what is going on let me just watch It one time first and then I'll go back Again and comment Foreign Yeah so this looks like excellent Um excellent plate uh just one thing That I noticed I don't know if these are Your dogs or if these are Um somebody else's dogs or where this Video was uh from I just want to know if It's bad or good place so I know to Prevent it for next time if that makes Sense yeah so I think this is excellent Beautiful play you couldn't ask for any Better play Um one thing I will say is that I would Not let dogs wrestle like this with the Uh leashes on because the leashes you Know this is very easy for them to get Tangled around the foot they get tangled Around something else and we you know Could have an accident Um so I would just as long as they have Collars on that's fine if we do need to Break them up or grab them ever they Have the collars right we can just Separate them with that so yeah I don't Think having the leashes on like this is A great idea I think it has the Potential for something to be bad Um What are some things that I'm looking for that's telling me that This is such great play when you watch

Both dogs you can see both kind of Taking turns initiating right so so look At the start here right now the black Dog he's the one kind of going at it Going at it going at it going at it Going at it and now really quickly it Was like half a second but the second That he let up watch what the little one Does The second the black one for just Slightly backs away the the Little one is slowly going to start Going towards him and inching four it Happens in like one second so watch and He's gonna walk away and then there he Goes so he's coming back for more There's very subtle things black one Backs off he's he's he's coming back for More now So this is perfect they're both taking Turns kind of being the initiator Um yeah do you see how they're doing That the black ones the black one is Doing a very good job of kind of giving The smaller one a break back it off Seeing what he wants to do and then the Little guy is is Going back for more every time and Encouraging it Um Yeah this is perfect you know they're Mouthing each other they're pulling each Other they're stepping on each other This is this is perfect like pawing at

Each other you saw that right there the Pine like this watch right here Play Yeah this is this is perfect perfect Play Couldn't ask for anything anything Better than than this so if this is what You're you're normally seeing then um Yeah nothing I I would never stop this Or um worry that you know that this that There's uh Something wrong with with what we are Seeing there Um Yeah Let's see here Um where did we leave off Jericho yes Touching him oh uh gently touching him Over feet okay yeah so feet is what's Causing it Um Also my dog is extremely least reactive To only dogs I would say out of Dominance Okay so Let's uh let's go back to the feet thing First Um so a lot of dogs so I'm glad we Figured out what what what the specific Like area is that's you know causing him To growl causing him to become reactive Um lots of dogs don't like their feet Being touched because as puppies we Don't touch their feet much we forget to Do it so then what happens is when we do

It as an adult dog Um they just haven't been desensitized To it they haven't been exposed to it And and they don't like it So it's our job To now kind of re resocialize and Re-expose them to having to be touched And getting them used to it Um and we want to do it in a way that is Very slow but it is Um It's going to make the dog see that when They get their feet touched something Good happens right and not not only for The fact that we don't want our dog to Ground we don't want our dog to bite us When they touch their feet there's a you Know medical reasons that we need to be Able to check a dog's feet we need to be Able to cut their toenails we trim them Right we need to be able to touch their Paws if they ever step on something and They get a scratch or cut on their paw And we have to be able to bandage it or Put something on it or whatever it is we They get something stuck between their Pads right you got to be able to feel Um feel in between that so we definitely Need to make sure that we're able to Handle our dog's feet right so how do we Do it right because our dog growls at us And we know that if a dog's growling it Means a dog's gonna bite if we don't Stop what we're doing

But we want the dog to be able to let us Handle and touch his feet so what we're Going to do is we're very slowly going To start to get him used to seeing that When my feet get touched it is the best Thing in the world like I won the Lottery All right so what I'd like you To do uh Jericho gets some kind of human Food tiny tiny little pieces it can be Steak it can be chicken it can be hot Dogs it can be cheese Something that you would eat right good Enough for you And you're going to make it into tiny Little pieces you know the size of your Pinky nail super super small And what I'd like you to do for the First week Is as much as you can once an hour you Know like I said if maybe once an hour It's not practical but it's close to Once an hour a day or once an hour as You can I'd like you to go over to your Dog and you're going to go to where you Know wherever he's laying down sitting Down and you're just gonna tap his foot For half a second you're not even going To hold your hand there I just want you To touch his foot you're going to touch His foot and you're going to give him a Piece of stake or chicken or hot dogs Whatever just like this steak that fast You're not holding it you're not picking Up his paw you're just gonna tap him and

Give him a piece of steak and I want you To do that for a week you do that you Know five or six times an hour as much As much as you can do right Um for a week And then after a week I would like you To start holding your hand there For one second that's it for entire week One one thousand treat steak One one thousand stake one one thousand Stake and we do that for a week we're Gonna go very very very very very slowly Uh another week now now we're on week Three now we're going to start adding a Little bit more time One one thousand two one thousand stake We do two seconds and then every two to Three days we up another second we up Another second we have another second When you can get to the point where you Are just resting your hands on top of Your dog's Um paw pad whatever foot Um and you can leave it there for 10 Seconds And the dog is not growling the dog is Just sitting there staring at you Tails Wagon going where's my steak where's my Chicken hurry up right when we get to That point at that point we're going to Start actually picking up his paw and When you pick it up it's a new new Motion new Behavior we are going to Start slow just like we did at the start

Of just the touching we're going to pick Up the Paw one second Put it Down stink Pick up the Paw touch uh put it down Stake one second And then we follow that same progression We start adding we start going a little Bit longer going a little bit longer Um pretty soon we start actually like Feeling it between his pads so we want To slowly slowly slowly get him used to Seeing that his you know feet being Touched is a good thing so that's what I Would try Um the only time he's going to get these Human level treats and rewards the steak The chicken whatever it is we decide to Do Um hot dogs is usually a really good Economical you know uh treat to do for Dogs Um steak gets pretty expensive it works Really well but you know it gets Expensive Maybe do hot dogs or chicken Um But yeah that is what I would like you To do to to kind of start working Towards the feed thing Um your second part dog is extremely Leash reactive to dogs I would say out Of dominance Um so They're I've talked about this a little Bit in the past there definitely is a

The dominance does not exist between Dogs and people that's uh old outdated Myth there's no such thing as you know You being the pack leader of the dog Anything along those lines right Um dogs dog to dog relationships however Yeah there is a dominance Um hierarchy if that occurs there Um not really but but that's that's when We are talking about you know more so Dogs that live together Um random dogs walking by each other on The street on the leash they don't have Any any relationship they don't know Each other so dominance really is never A thing that comes into play when we're Talking about Um leash reactive dogs When you say least reactive here is my Question for you because we want to Really Define what at what actually is The behavior that's going on on the Leash right if you're a dog if you're Taking a dog out and you're walking on The leash And he's going crazy he's another dog Right he's going crazy he's barking he's Pulling he's jumping spinning circles And he actually gets close enough to That other dog What happens What does he just want to play does he Start jumping on him starting to try to Encourage play or does it become he

Would try to bite and something bad Could happen Um Let me know Hey Rachel how do you get a picky dog to Eat her food what food causes awful gas And she will not touch dry food try Switching gradually she just picks the Meat out will not eat a dry fruit even a Softening with hot water So the first thing to keep in mind is That a healthy dog a dog that has no Underlying medical condition that would Give them a reason to not want to eat Will not starve themselves If they are hungry they will eat no Matter what the food is they will not Starve themselves If there is no underlying medical Condition The only way to know that you know would Be to go to the vet and have your vet Check them out and give them a you know Clean bill of health If your vet said you do that and we've Established that yeah our dog is Perfectly healthy there is Um no problems that would be causing him To not want to eat Then we it comes down to us humans uh to Be very strict with the feeding schedule So Uh free feeding you know leaving the Food Outlet in the dog graze all day

It's not a great idea Um when dogs eat unpredictably they go To the bathroom unpredictably and it Makes house training a lot harder and Just managing pooping and peeing a lot Harder Um it's also not great Because when a dog stops eating and this Is why I said you know I help the dog Won't starve himself when a dog stops Eating and we have them on a feeding Schedule and it's very obvious when they Stop eating versus when they kind of Graze all day we know something is wrong We know okay we really got to go to the Vet you know today Um it's not something we we wait around For So what I would do really is we just Leave the it's we just have to stay Strict on on our schedule food goes down In the morning for 20 minutes whatever The dog doesn't eat we pick it up and The food doesn't go back down until Dinner time dinner time the food bowl Goes back down whatever the dog didn't Eat in the morning we are just going to Add dinner on top And put down the put down the dinner Food we're still going to offer the same Amount for the day after 20 minutes Whatever she doesn't pick up Um Whatever they don't need we pick up and

They don't get any more for uh until the Next morning Um again this is all All based and and assuming that the dock Has no underlying medical condition Um if they do then we need to figure out What that what that reason is no matter How much of months and months of sub Threshold training showed no progress I Tried a prong caller But while reacting the dog started Directing it at the Handler Yeah so reactive dogs Um aggression dogs with aggression the Last thing we ever want to do is use a Shock collar prong collar anything that Causes pain or force or fear Um we would there's been multiple Studies that have shown that when you Use force on a dog it actually will Increase their their um An aggressive you'll get you're more Likely to get an aggressive response From the dog So the first and you kind of nailed it Here at the end there when you started Directing it at the Handler right so Let's say we have a prong collar on our Dog this is one of the most common Things when people say come to me and Say my dog is aggressive on leash my dog Is reactive they don't like kids they Don't like children they don't like dogs Whatever it is and I ask and the first

Question I ask is what are you Um walking walking the dog on Um hey Jericho thanks for the Super Chat Really nice of you Um what are you walking the dog on prong Collar or choke chain or harness what is It that you're walking the dog on right And I asked this because a lot of the Time I'd say [Music] Um 70 percent of the time roughly people That have dogs that have leash Aggression or leash reactivity and I ask That question they tell me choke chain Prong caller Um something that tightens Here's what happens We start off with a nice dog Uh who has no problems with a prong Collar right we're taking the dog for a Walk and oh dog sees a child across the Street or sees another dog right they See a dog across the street and at this Point they're happy they love dogs what Do they do they pull because they want To go say hi and they want to go play Right Prongs into the neck they get choked and They go ow That was uh not not nice And they go oh another dog let's go say Hi choked again right

Another dog choked again We have a dog we start off with who Loves dogs who wants to go say hi who Wants to be friends with dogs wants to Go play But every time they get excited and they Go to try to feed the dog and play and Interact with the dog something awful Happens right they get hurt they get Pain There there's a sensation that they Don't like is it this is not a good Feeling what happens is they start to Associate that pain with whatever it is They're looking at whether it's kids Whether it's bicycles whether it's Motorcycles it can be cars very very Often it's dogs One of the things that happens most Often is we start off with a dog that Loves dogs and wants to go play and Interact and we actually by using the Wrong type of tool like a shock prong Collar or choke chain we actually teach The dog to entrain the dog to become Aggressive So yeah the first thing is that if You're still using the prong collar we Absolutely need to get rid of that right Away because when we're working with any Kind of aggressive uh dog aggression Um dogs that are reactive we want to Make sure that there is only positive Things going on

We do not want any type of pain To occur Because that's going to set us back Um As far as the like you said you Mentioned about sub threshold training I'm curious as to what What that entailed exactly if you wanna Help me understand a little bit more What What you were actually doing Specifically Um And again it it depends on on what Exactly the reaction is are we is your Dog reacting because they're scared and Fearful or are they reacting because They were overexcited Um Depending on which which one of those You know we have we we approach them a Little bit differently I don't know if You've I'll link it for the for you in The chat here um Jericho you might want To take a look later but I cover I have A whole video on the leash aggression And um He goes over both things so so basically Whether it's the you know Like actual aggression your dog when I Was asking about whether or not what Would happen when your dog gets close to Somebody do they just get over excited Or do they actually

Um like try to bite or something it'll Cover you you address both of them two Separate ways and I go over on both of Them in the In the video there Um so maybe take a look at that and see If anything that I have there you Haven't tried that might uh Might help you Um I always thought that but we she went Two days without eating fed morning and Evening the food is always lifted after One hour of supervision otherwise other Double eat it put it back down the Second feed one hour didn't eat try day Two same thing so we just went back to My food yeah I had a dog once that went A week Um near a week five days or so without Eating they were Very very stubborn about it Um I an hour is too long I would not Leave the food down for an hour I would Leave it down for 20 minutes at a time And if the if you have another dog then I would probably try to make Maybe like do some kind of feeding room Or something where you know it's just The dog you just put your dog the one That we're having the issue with eating Um You know lock her in one room with the Food bowl for 20 minutes so there's no

Distractions there's no other dog coming In I don't want you interacting with her Um I don't want you know anybody else Interacting with her just her her food Bowl and that's it for 20 minutes Um And then whatever whatever doesn't like I said whatever doesn't get eaten we Pick it up uh two days is not the Longest like I said I've had dogs go for Nearly five days Um without eating We also again I just want to make sure Though before you go this route we have To make sure it's super super stressing Because I don't want anything bad to Happen that we know there's nothing Medically wrong with her Um I don't know how long She's been picky for if it's something If she used to eat a lot and eat Normally and her becoming picky is a Recent thing then I would probably I Would suggest that we you know Make a vet appointment just to be on the Safe side to Um You know make be on the safe side Because like I said you know when dogs Eating habits change Um Their appetite changes that can be a Medical sign that there potentially

Could be something wrong So I'm actually kind of curious now Because I don't think I've asked you Before how we were talking about this The other day how um How long she's been picky for or when That started uh Jericho sub threshold Meaning in the presence of the Distraction bringing about the reaction Of the dog I feed him play reward him And slowly reduce the distance between The dog and the distraction okay so That's that's that sounds about right Jericho seems like that's a good you Have like the basics down changing you Know Aggression and Leash reactivity is a Very very very very slow process months And months is oftentimes just the start Depending on how long You know the problem Behavior has been Going on It can it can take a long time some dogs Takes years there is no there's no magic Formula secret trick that you can just Do and instantly within a week you're You know Leash aggression problems are solved and The dog is better Um Sometimes those behaviors never you can You can you never completely you know Get rid of them 100 Um with any kind of aggression and any

Kind and really this is just kind of Real for any kind of dog behavior and Whether it's behavior problems or Whether it's you're looking to teach Your dog training commands Don't ever look at it as a start and Finish right there's there's not uh okay Today we're gonna start training the dog And by you know three months from now The dog's gonna be perfect no problems Because training and training is a Lifelong thing for as long as you have Your dog and this is partly part of a Thing for Um Kind of us humans right more than the Dogs for our mindset for us to stay in a Good place with our dogs is All you should be looking at is is my Dog doing a little better this week than They were last week don't even compare Day to day because it's too small day to Day can fluctuate but look at the big Picture is my and ask yourself is my dog Making progress Each week And it's really important for our Mindset because as long if you're doing Everything right the dog will be making Progress Um there's no way the dog can go Backwards it might be very slow maybe Your dog is you know 0.5 percent better But they're doing better last week they

Barked uh unleash 100 times and this Week they barked on leash 99 times Small It's not a it's not a giant step but We're making progress and it's really Important that like I was saying like I'm saying for us humans for our mindset For us to stay you know In a good place when we're working with Our dogs not get frustrated preventing Frustration for us Um that's how I like to look at progress Week to week and just simply asking is My dog doing even a tiny bit better if If my dog if I have a dog that's crazy And aggressive and they're they're less Reactive one less time than they were The week before that's that's a success In my book Um and for the rest of their life we Just continue to build on that so yeah Months and months of training um you Know again depending on what's happened How much bad things happened in the past Um how long their the prong collar was Being used or any any other kind of Harsh uh harsh reaction Um a correction you know month and Months could could potentially just be The start Um hey Leslie Is rope slip lead bad for dogs with Leash aggression issues yeah so it's not As bad as prong collars it's not as but

Um anything that tightens anything that Causes discomfort will have the Potential and more often than not will Just increase Um aggression from dogs an increase in Aggressive response So if you have a big dog or even little Dog you can use them for but a lot of Times people will use the uh slip leads Choke chains whatever Um for big dogs or it's more common Because big dogs are more powerful it's Harder to control them so that's kind of The route a lot of people go Um Harnesses harness is a much better Option there's no pain there's no Discomfort Um it is Just much much much better Um give me one second here let me Someone's asking a question In our in my uh Discord get them over to this chat here One sec I'm gonna Find check here Um so yeah so slip leads instead of Doing that what I would do is Um Harness harness will prevent any sort of Pain any sort of negative associations Um anything like that so yeah rope slip Leads the only time I really would use a

Rope slip lead I mean groomers use them it's fine Because you're just you know walking the Dog quickly when they're wet drying them Often going short distances Um doesn't really matter I like rope Slip leads for like uh I have one in my Car in case there's ever like a stray Dog or something and you know that you Can get them real slip leads are nice Because you can just Loop it over and You don't have to risk trying to grab The collar and bite them and getting Bitten or anything Um Yeah uh she never used to be picky okay But then the last few months we started On the wet food she fairly enjoyed that Food then the gas became unbearable and Constant so back to the dry and she Refuses it Um Can't feed my dog then I give him the Rest of their food in slobels and food Puzzles that's good hand feeding dogs is Really good way to you know build your Bond with dogs and get them more uh just Comfortable around you so Hand feeding Is good and then Puzzle toys is excellent I love hearing That uh we've been trying to get her Back to dry food for the month started Gradually but always picked through the Dry stuff she's she's the 14 year old oh

That's right that's right 14 yeah she's Due for blood test very soon in a heart Scan So we'll meet tonight to the back maybe Check her teeth too Okay 14 years old now that um I forgot About that so that makes me Kind of feel a little different I Suppose about the food [Music] Um You know at 14 years old that is old for A dog did you I'm trying to remember did you have is Yours the lab Rachel I thought I think you said the one day Will kind of Breed she is I thought maybe you said Lab Um Hey Sammy yeah Jericho anytime let me Know how it goes and come back anytime Ask me ask me some more things Um you know 14 years old especially if It's a larger breed dog they there Definitely could be teeth issues right And this is what I was saying about Ruling out any medical problems Um if a dog has teeth issues has you Know something going on in their jaw At 14 years old that's that's old for a Dog so hard food could potentially be Causing the pain it could be hard for Them to eat that

Um it might just be that we need to only Feed them you know wet food at that age They're It's too painful to have dry food Um Have two dogs lab 13 that's right yeah The 13 year old lab oh it's not the lab That has the eating issues okay it's the Other one okay Um Yeah that's still a big dog though and At 14 years old Um I there definitely could be something Going on with the teeth and maybe that's Why Um if the wet food let's even start on The wet food she really enjoyed it but So so the reason the main reason we Stopped the wet food was because of the Gas Um a lot of the times I don't know what Kind of wet food you were feeding but I Would probably just try a different one Then there's you know a lot of them that Are really really good if it's something That had a lot of fillers a lot of corn Um a lot of byproducts things like that Can definitely cause dogs to have more Gas if you do something that's you know Natural organic it'll be a much better Um Much better option you're much you're More likely to you know not get that Reaction with the with the gas

Um Wellness is really good Blue Buffalo Is really good Anything that is you know natural Organic Um okay well We'll get the job done but yeah I think Doing the blood test is really good the Heart scan making sure we've ruled that Out you know at 14 dogs diets also can Just slowly reduce they don't need as Much food their metabolism you know Slows down Um they won't eat as much as they ate When they were You know seven eight years old so that's The other thing to consider if she's Eating some some amount you know she Just might not not need enough Um Just due to the age uh my I kind of feel Like yeah maybe there's something going On with the teeth or you know Maybe something else I don't know Um Sammy Sammy Sammy my dog is a Patcherdale 12 years old and it's still Super fast and I typically hit tennis Balls for half hour wow and go on five Hour hikes because she is old I feed her Um I feed her you moo why you you move Senior and sardines Um Any other supplements or food that can Help support her joints and muscles or

General Health good question Let's so there's one thing that I am a You have to we have to be careful with Supplements right and any supplements And things that we give to dogs because There is a lot of things that Unfortunately people companies make and They just you know they make tons of Money off of it because it sounds really Really good and we you know see the Advertising for it and goes oh it's Gonna make your dog you know six years Younger and does this and grows back Their legs right they make all these Crazy claims and lots of them oftentimes Don't really have anything to back it up So whenever we have a dog or whatever We're looking for products for our dogs And supplements we want to make sure That they're at least the way I can look At it Um While you move is glucosamine yeah okay So uh make sure that it has something Kind of to back it up the brand I really Like is nature vet because a lot of Stuff they have done clinical trials on It to Have proof that that it works you're not Just you know spending your money and Buying stuff that doesn't actually do Anything so I will show you the one that I used for my dog from the time he was Two years old

And from the time you know he had a Rottweiler and you know he ended up Being 110 pounds or so from the time he Was Born basically until he was 10 years old He moved the exact same he never lost a Step with his hips his joints and Rottweilers are prone to you know hip And joint problems Um this is the one that I gave to him For his whole entire life The already suit gold you can see all The different stuff it has the Glucosamine can dry it in the MSN the Acid the muscle this stuff Is the one thing that I swear by and I Honestly honest to God believe that this Is giving this Tim twice a day for his Entire life um you can see all the Active ingredients here and maybe Compare it to you know whatever you're Feeding them Um I really believe that this is was the One and this was the only supplement I Gave up he was on large breed dog food And then this Um I really really believe that this was The thing that made the biggest Difference with keeping him active fast I mean you would people when he was 10 Years old the way he would run and move People thought he was a puppy still People say oh what is he like two two And a half three nope he's uh 10. he's a

Old dog Um So yeah supplements are really good and They can and they can work but we have To get something something good [Music] Um So yeah that would be my recommendation That I would go for is I would Look into something like that one I Don't have anything else besides that One specifically to recommend Um but that one for me at least was Super good Um Can muzzling my dog make her aggression Problem worse good question no Um muzzling there's no there's there's No reason that A muzzle just on its own is going to Make your dog more aggressive Um we need to be very careful though About the type of muzzle that we use When when you have a very aggressive dog And you're working with a with dog Aggression muzzles are actually a great Tool because it allows us to work with a Dangerous dog with with no risk of Anybody getting hurt or getting bitten Something bad happening right Um The thing is though there's different Kinds of muzzles and there's certain Muscles that are that are made for

Certain things so if you are going to Have your dog in a muzzle for longer Than three minutes It needs to be a basket muzzle it needs To be a muzzle that looks like this all Right this kind of muzzle the dog can Open their mouth they can pant all right Not like that kind Um That one is not a great one here's a Good example right in a basket muzzle They can open their mouth they can pant They can you can feed them treats which Is very important when you're working With aggressive dogs Um This is the kind of muzzle that can go On for longer than three minutes Oftentimes this is a when people hear Muzzle this is the one they most Commonly think of like a grooming muzzle Or the ones they use at the vet this Kind of muzzle as you can see has a very Very tight fit around the dog's mouth They cannot open their mouth they cannot Pant a dog that cannot pant can overheat Very easily so this kind of muzzle is The kind that goes on for you know two To three minutes when we're at the Groomers we gotta clip the dog's nails Or you know they're at the vet and their The dog is injured Um and but we have to examine them and They're trying to bias whenever we touch

That area because it hurts right this Kind of muzzle can stay on for very Short periods of time Um it is not a muzzle that you use for Training it's not a muzzle you use for Dealing with dogs that have Um you know aggression and you're trying To train them during that time This is the kind of muzzle you need to Get if you have an aggressive dog I mean And you are trying to train them or want To be able to take them out go for walks Things like that Um Sometimes people will say you know I Have an aggressive dog and so now he's Locked at home and Aggressive dog a dog even that's bitten Other people but another dogs if they Have a basket muzzle on perfectly fine Just take them out for a walk you can go In public with it with them Um you'd be very careful as far as you Know it's going to be it's more hard on You to control them than you know Risking something bad happen because They have the muzzle they it's Physically impossible for them to bite Anybody with the basket muzzle on but Yeah that's what I would look for Um if you are Gonna try to get a you know muzzle for Your dog Um

But just alone putting a muzzle on no That will Not make them any more aggressive Um would this apply to teething puppies Do they feel pain eating kibble Um I mean puppies do mouth do probably Have some pain I don't know the exact Answer to that Um I would imagine that I know they Probably feel pain when the new teeth Are coming in for sure around four to Six months when their adult teeth come In but I don't think I've never heard of A Uh I'm a puppy not eating Like kibble refusing to eat because of Teeth pain puppies are pretty much Always hungry Um So if a puppy ever were to stop eating Then that's what puppies do right they Eat sleep and poop that's 22 hours of Their day for the first four or five Months of their lives Um If a puppy were to suddenly stop eating Or reducing the amount that they eat Um that would definitely concern me and I would you know go to the vet very very Quickly for that because there Definitely could be something in we'd Want to catch it catch it early Salmon Oil yeah salmon oil is another Good one

Um You can use either the oil or they have Like the actual salmon treats that you Can feed just to you know get all those Omegas in Um Salmon oil is a good one as well I never Just semen oil for my dog Um The food I had was feeding him there was I think a fair amount in it if I Remember correctly it's been a couple Years Um So I never did Salmon Oil personally but It can be Can be be a good one to do Sounds great I must try it my lab has Arthritis my lurcher you'd swear was Still young the way she runs yeah We've come a long way Um Particularly with dog food from you know Just over the course of 20 years when You look at how the the options we had Then versus the options we have now the Ingredients the quality that dog food is And the effect it has on our on our Dog's health food is probably the single Most important thing that Um Excuse me we provide for our dogs and It's the one thing that I would never Never be cheap on you could be cheap on

A lot of stuff when it comes to dogs Right they don't need a fancy call they Don't need a fancy leash they don't care What it looks like right and whether Their name's engraved on it Um you know dog toys can be cheap They're gonna get they're made to go in Dog's mouths and get destroyed so you Know dog toys are not something I ever Went crazy about spending money on a lot Of my dog's toys I go to like the Goodwills thrift shops and buy you know All the old uh What's it called like you know Children's stuffed animals and I give Those to my dog to to destroy for you Know a dollar each because they'd be Destroyed in Five minutes right Um but food has such a huge impact on Our dogs I think so many health problems Um and it's not even just dogs to tell You the truth this is kind of how I feel About humans as well you know food is What keeps Us Alive what we put into our Bodies it makes a big impact on our Health and Feeding something that's high quality That doesn't have fillers it doesn't Have you know corn and food coloring Like that's one of the craziest ones to Me how we ended up how did we get Started putting food coloring into uh Dog food right dogs don't care what

Color their food is they don't they Don't even see full spectrum of colors Dogs Um But yeah we start putting putting food Coloring into dog food for some reason And For what it's not healthy it doesn't Help them there's no benefit to it so Dog food I think really if you have to Make decisions on you know where do I Spend money where do I cut back cut back On all your stuff and re the getting a High quality natural organic dog food is Going to do so much for your dog's over Well-being for for their life Um I saw your video on leash pulley for Dogs that pull really bad would you ever Give a leash correction or is there Never a reason to resort to that like Caesar Milan does Um great question there is no reason to Ever give a correction to a dog well Actually I take that back yes I do give A correction but it's probably not what You're thinking in terms of what a Correction is right so a correction is Something in dog training that or Punishment let's call it Um that's going to reduce the frequency Of a behavior right the dog does Something we punish them and by Punishing that behavior we're less

Likely to see it occur in the future I Do punish dogs when they pull on the Leash I it's not by hitting them it's not by Yanking on the collar it's not by Yelling at them I don't tell them no Um but I do punish them and here's what Happens the way I train a dog not to Pull is as you probably know but I'll Because you saw the video but I'm gonna Go just go over it for other people who Are watching this now You put them on a collar right and Whenever they are not pulling and the Collar is nice and loose they're not Feeling pressure on their neck we let Them we walk forward we let the dog Dictate where they want to go The second the dog Tightens up the collar because they're Pulling and they feel pressure we stop Walking And we just stand there I don't say the dog's name I don't tell Them no I don't tell them you're an Idiot stop pulling what are you doing I Just stand there can I wait And that's the correction He stopped dating to go where he wants To go That's his punishment if he wants to go Forward what does he have to do he's got To loosen up the collar and keep the Pressure loose the second the collar is

Loose he starts walking it gets tight I Stop walking I'm not mad not angry I Don't yell at him I just stand there and I wait that's his punishment you don't Get to go where you want to go when you Pull If you want to go forward well then you Better loosen up that's a good dog we go Forward collars loose And that's the punishment is simply your Your the punishment and reward is Allowing the dog to do what they want When they're doing what we want and his Punishment is not getting what he wants When he's doing what we don't want which Which was pulling Um punishments don't have to be painful They don't have to hurt the dog they Don't have to be us yelling and getting Angry and you know raging at the dog Punishment just has to Reduce the frequency of the behavior That we don't like and oftentimes we can Just use kind of like I'm saying now Um things the dog wants and with and Withhold things that the dog wants as Punishment and it's one of the fastest Ways to change dog behavior Um So yeah so I don't give a least Correction ever there's never a time Where you know pulling a collar and Doing that or anything like that is ever A good idea

Um but I do use a punishment which is What I what I just explained there uh Is Spain neutering at six months very Early And have negative effects yeah there's a Lot of research that suggests now that Neutering in Spain are dogs Um just just because just because we Need to do it is not a good idea anymore We have there's a lot of medical issues That can come from Spain and neutering Dogs Um If there is a specific medical issue That requires them to be spayed or Neutered we should absolutely do it but I I don't like the idea that that that's Just part of having a dog we get a dog Six months we take them to the vet and You know things get chopped off that's I Don't think that is a good thing that We've gotten into a good habit we've Gotten into and Um this isn't just me saying this I'll Actually link this in the chat somebody Asked us in the Discord uh yesterday Or today yesterday or today and it's a Really interesting article that I'm Going to link here people are interested In the actual research behind why I'm Saying this and how and and the research Behind you know early Spain and Neutering uh having higher risks of Cancer having high risk of um

Hip dysplasia there's all sorts of Things I linked the article there about Um Neutering Article I'll link it there anybody ever Wants to take a look at that and see Kind of where you know I'm not just Pulling these things out of thin air why I'm saying this so I'm not against Neutering but I'm also if somebody asked Me you know should I enter my dog right Now unless there's a medical reason to Do it I would not do it if I were to get A dog right now get an illegal puppy he Would not be neutered at any point in His life unless something came up that You know it had to be done for his own For his own health Um particularly male dogs and large Breed male dogs right large breed dogs Don't finish physically maturing until About three years old and especially Male dogs when when you you know neuter Them and you neuter them at six months And you take away that testosterone It's going to change how they physically Develop If you were to have looked at a uh I had A rothwyler right if I and I and back Then I neutered him young I got him Neutered eight months or so because I just didn't know any better back then And um this researchers wasn't available Had it gone had I know now I would never

Have done it in a million years Um but had you looked at him right a Rottweiler neutered at eight months and Looked at him how he looked at three Years old and then you looked at another Three-year-old Rottweiler who was still Intact never been never was neutered Um You would see the physical difference The male dog that was not neutered Bigger head more muscle right Testosterone difference between men and Women it physically changes their Appearance Um so if you absolutely or have to Neuter a dog particularly a large breed Dog male large breed dog even more Um I would definitely wait at least until Three years to do it if you you know Have no other choice but yeah it's a Really interesting article there that People might want to take a look at I Have a video as well that kind of covers It if you want it in video format if You're not much of a reader I will link The video I did on it as well So yeah I don't like this blanket Statement of people just pushing because This is how it used to be is you know You get darkest part of your dog you're New to him Um here's the video On neutering

You know and of course vets will will Push for it because it's easy money Right easy surgery let's not forget Veterinarians they're do you know Amazing work thank God for them um I Could never do what they do and they Save so many dogs so many cats so many All the animals uh by the end of the day They are a business as well and they're You know not doing it Just how the kindness of their heart They're doing to make money but Neutering is a very easy uh Surgery it's a you know it's easy to get People to go for it to buy it Um So yeah video article you know Interesting things Um have you a video on dog's recall yeah I'd like to send it to my aunt because Her dog two years used to have good Recall but not anymore he swear he was Deaf with how little he listens he's not Deaf I do let me um I have a Playlist that has every single command Sit downstairs recall Um Let me find the recall one for you and It goes step by step It will Hey everyone Alex here fully help her Okay how to train your dog to come so You can maybe send this to her To come video

Uh Okay So that is the recall video for you Um With spay I'm guilty of messing up I Didn't spay my dog I didn't say my dog Thinking was right thing she developed Three different related cancers a year Ago had to remove memory chain it's fine Now but I felt bad I don't know uh about Male dogs though and health risk yeah so That's a good example Um of where I was saying you know The medical issue about Spain or Neutering your dog Um There's a balance because yeah you know You could you couldn't it's like Testicular cancer right in dogs yeah we Could avoid it by by neutering them Early But what are the odds they're going to Get that get that very specific type of Cancer versus The odds of all these other bad things Happening from neutering our dogs right Um there's a balance and this is why I Don't I just give people the information I'm Giving them you know you can read the Same research I read Um at that link there and You know I don't have anything against People who neuter the dogs I don't have

Anything against people who don't neuter Them I don't think I don't think there's A I mean there's a right answer for me my My personal opinion is that you know the Risks of Uh neutering Are higher than than the the chances of Them getting those other those very Specific cancers Um By neutering early Um so yeah people just kind of have to Think you know What what do they feel comfortable with And I don't think like I said I don't Think there's a necessarily just blanket Statement it's whatever people feel Comfortable with with uh with doing Um I did have a few questions I wanted To cut a comments from today I wanted to Get through Um real quick Oh wait Sam are you okay I think this is Your comment about Um The Barking Right you're asking Same looks like the same name you left The on the video the other day about uh You're asking how best to deal with a Dog with barking when they leave the House to see anyone Okay let's do this or any dog but the Parking does not subside Lily can go on

For hours could it be a medical issue Um Medical issue as far probably not Um so dogs that do that kind of barking Most likely it's board embarking so There's there's multiple things we would Want to do the first thing is Tired dog it's on my dog it's not my dog My girl my girlfriend my dog is fine I'm a GF my my girlfriend I'm not sure Um Girlfriend's Dog Okay Um So with with board embarking right we There's a lot of things we can do number One is we need to look at the dog's Exercise Before we are going to have to go out Yeah yeah you want to rephrase it yeah Let me maybe make it before I answer Before I start rambling let me let me Know I'm I'm Understanding it's your girlfriend's dog That barks when you guys leave is that What where we're what we're thinking Um I see you got a second thing different Dog to first question how to deal with a Small dog that chases and bites people's Ankles So maybe I don't know which one we're You want to talk about first Foreign

But um Regardless I guess of of whose dog it is Um the first thing really with barking Is making sure that we Um exercise that's one of the first Things so my dog is what is is the Well-behaved my dog is well behaved the 12 year old patio my girlfriend has two Ballet baby dogs The two in the comment both of them are Hers okay got it Um so with barking first thing we want To do is look at the exercise right Anytime we're going to have to take we Know we're gonna have to leave the dog For an extended period of time Um we want to make sure that we have Exercised the dog beforehand Because a tired dog a dog has been Exercised doesn't have the energy to Bark and to hear sounds and react like Oh tired I don't care right so this is Part of having a dog it's just part of That responsibility If you know you got to be somewhere Right uh whenever we need to try to set Aside time and plan into our day in our Schedule How we're gonna be able to take the dog Out and exercise them for a walk for a Dog park for going in the backyard and Throwing the ball before we're gonna Have to leave that's the first big step Is exercise the second thing is

Telling the dog what do what do we want You to do while we're gone right we Don't want them to bark we're we're kind Of leaving it up to their you know own Devices Um can we give them puzzle toys With food in them And now when we're gone the dog has to Figure out how to get this food out There's things you can do to make the Puzzle toys last you know for hours Things like putting the food in there And then you stick it in the freezer Overnight Um all sorts of things Can we give them choose that will last a Long time we never want to use Rawhide Rawhide is very bad Um they can't digest it they can It can cause foreign body obstructions Right it's not good but things like deer Anthers things like Bully Sticks can we Give them one of these that will keep Them busy for the you know three hours While we're gone Um thinking about what can we tell the Dog that we want them to do right Um while we're gone instead of barking Giving them other options other options That are more exciting than barking Um Let's see Hey Katie um get your question just a Second

Um You're asking whether the bargain can be From a medical condition If it's like separation anxiety it could Be Um that's the only and I don't know if You if you want to classify uh Separation anxiety as a medical Condition Um If it's super super bad there's a lot of Things that you can do to work on Separation anxiety but if it's super bad At the start visit this is one of the Rare times where I actually do think That like using some kind of medication Is very helpful because it allows the Dog to calm down Um so in that case it would be worth you Know maybe going to the vet I don't know If that's really the reason though I Think probably the dog's just bored Um but basically yeah trying to find Things that we can do to give the dog That will be more exciting than barking Um just leaving a TV on or a computer on With a video with sound to for them to Watch people think I'm crazy when I say Put the TV on for your dog and let them Watch TV when you're gone but my dog Would watch TV for hours it's mental Stimulation they're watching they're Listening you know they're not uh Obviously comprehending what's going on

On the TV the same way as humans are but They get something out of it they watch And they listen it's mental stimulation Watching the TV is much more exciting Than going outside and barking depending On you know what you have on they Actually have dog TV like specific Things that are made channels for dogs To watch Um Funny enough when my dog used to watch TV every single time that they were it Was really weird but every single time That there would be horses on the TV he Would just go nuts it was the strangest Thing he never saw a horse in real life Um but horses on TV would always get Like some kind of reaction for him he Would start cooling Park and after a While he'd settled down but then he Would just watch intensely and just be Watching the TV Um that another another kind of funny One was I was a big Walking Dead fan and And zombies at the every time the Zombies would Started walking and making the zombie Sounds again he was just glued to the TV You know so kind of finding certain Things that your dog likes to watch and Gets him uh you know to be that's more Exciting to watch rather than barking That's kind of the the idea is what can We

Tell our dog and set them up to do Um that will be better than Barking Um So yeah maybe that's gives you a little Insight all right KD would exercising be A treadmill be a good way to burn off Excess energy yeah treadmills can be Really good for dogs Um they actually make specific Treadmills that are you know made for Dogs to go on Um We do have to be careful though because We don't want to you know push our dog Too much Um or too far it's it's very easy when We're taking the dog for a normal walk Right for us to gauge when they're Starting to get Tire because they slow Down it's very obvious they start you Know kind of lagging to our side maybe Even lagging behind a little bit Um treadmills they don't have that Option they're just they're forced to Keep going so I'm always cautious with Treadmills I don't like the dogs going At a fast pace on the treadmill at all Um I mean I've seen videos of dogs like Actual people making dogs Sprint and run On treadmills which I think is just Awful Um I would never do that but I think a You know the same Pace you would walk

Maybe a little slower Um on a Normal standard walk doing that is fine There are some people the other night That were actually asking about you know How to exercise their dog in in really Really cold weather it was like negative 70 Fahrenheit this guy in Russia Um Russia Alaska I don't know there's People from both Um And that was one of the things I said is You know they you could do the Treadmills treadmills are good Good thing Um we just have to go slow you know put The dog on at a slower Pace not not Force them to be you know full out Sprinting Um But yeah treadmill could be uh Could be a good thing for sure All right Um Mountain oh I think mountain goats I think you were the one asking about Wait The supplement I see your comment here Who Um oh I missed a comment here from Sam Before Um I miss a lot of comments here Rachel said maybe that kind of dog food Will get rid of the bad gasp uh and then

Sam I've seen Upstate Academy in Buckman And they do a lot of yanking dogs around Using prong collars and shock collars So I was glad to find your channel yeah Um There is never there's no reason why I Don't I don't know who either those People are um Anything about them I've never heard of I've never seen them so I'm I don't know I'm just going based off your comment Though Um there is never a reason why You need to use force a choke chain or Prong collar Um Shaw caller to change a dog's Behavior it just doesn't exist it is It's it just there's there's just so Many better Alternatives that that work Faster that work quicker that don't Cause Um Other YouTube channels okay maybe I'll Take a look at them And see if I what what's going on over There but um Yeah there's just Foreign It's hard because because I mean you Know It gets it It's frustrating I guess for for me Because there is such easier and better Ways to do it and people

Um You know don't know any better and they They see the dogs on those choke chains And Prague calls and it's such a bad Quality of life for the dogs like that's That's my number one thing when we're Talking about training we're talking About you know uh changing dog behavior The whole point of getting a dog right Is to enjoy them And to help you and or not to help you But I mean to make you feel good and we Want to make them feel good we want them To be happy right we don't want to get a Dog and Make them feel like they're living in a Prison in a jail cell and you know they Can't they can't do this they can't do This they can't do that you know and We're gonna scare you into listening and Force you to do this right the whole we Want them to have a good quality of life And be happy And when you're using things like choke Chains of prong collars and shawl Collars and Putting that you're making a dog live Under fear you know it's it's not a good Way for dogs to live Um Maybe do some roast videos like the Caesar Milan when he writes up to the Lap Yeah

Um there's I get I get I've been going Back and forth on I mean I did that Video because I just you know everybody Was always asking me to do it because That was such a popular one Um Caesar you know yeah Laying into that poor dog Um and I go back and forth as to I mean I have no problem uh making more videos Like that and doing it on other people And things like that Um I just don't know How beneficial I don't know I mean You can't change people's minds who Don't want to be changed this is I guess Kind of why I don't do those videos even Though I'd like to Um People that believe choke chains are the Way are the only way to train a dog that Believe shock collar is the only way to Train a dog Um they've made up their minds you know And no matter no matter what amount of Research you show to them no matter how Many times you show them videos and you Show proof of how there's other ways to Do things and how there's there are Better ways and easier ways you know People that have made up their minds and Have decided that don't want to be Helped Um

There's nothing you can really do I Change your mind well good I'm glad that That you were open-minded enough to you Know be able to take in both sides Um And that's and that's kind of just why I Just put out the videos that I did I I Did in the past and the stuff I'm going To be putting out you know in the future Here Um That's really kind of all I can do I Think and I think that's kind of the Best way is show what I know and show You guys what you know you can do and if People see it and are like you and are Open-minded enough to go oh this Actually is a better way to do it this Actually does work uh we we don't need a Shock collar you know we can train a dog To walk on a leash beautifully without Yanking the chain and without pulling Them and just you know doing it in a Much easier way Um you know people that that are willing To do it I think and and try that and be Open-minded it would be great [Music] Um I saw Cesar Milan used Corrections on Leash not as severe as prominent shot Callers but I assumed the leash pulling Was standard procedure yeah not at all So I mean you you heard how I described

The way I do you know train a dog to not Pull on leash Um This is my thing with just kind of Overall you know People get so focused on on Corrections Telling the dog no that's wrong that's Not what we want that's all we want That's not what we want that's not what We want that's bad right instead of Trying to tell the dog from the start And setting them up to succeed and Telling them what does it we want right There's a really good analogy I heard I've heard years ago of Imagine you were to like flag down you Know taxi whatever I guess now you call Uber right Um we have to change the change the Analogy from years ago Um Get your Uber and he pulls up you get in And you tell him listen listen buddy Um I don't want to go to Safeway and I Don't want to go to the gym and I also Don't want to go to the mall all right Let's go And he looks at you like you are insane Go where do you want to go well I just Told you the three places I don't want To go but you know So let's let's just go right this is Kind of what we do to dogs we tell our Dogs well don't do this don't do that

Don't do this and then they're going Okay well what does you want us to do Right Um kind of like The Barking is a good Way is a good example right we leave a Dog at home and we just leave the house And then and then what well we didn't Leave any puzzle choice for the dog we Didn't leave any chews for the dog we Didn't leave uh TV on for the dog we Just we just left hand we're leaving it Up to the dog to try to decide what to Do he has to know the rules we didn't Tell them what to do right and you kind Of apply this for a lot of behaviors and This is why people always want to know The first question well how do I tell Them no how do we correct him and tell Him this was bad things like that That there's a time yeah where you know You can give a dog uh you know no reward Marker or yeah sometimes we use a Punishment and again punishment doesn't Have to be painful doesn't have to hurt The dog doesn't have to be physical Um But the more important thing is always Trying to to set the dog up with clear Rules and to set them up to succeed Um and and you'll change their behavior Much faster that way and you'll have a End up with a happier dog as well you Know they'll have a better better Quality of life

[Music] Um Yeah All right so I think I have gone through All those comments Um if anybody else has any questions Watching that now feel free Otherwise I'm probably going to wrap up A little bit Wrap up in a little bit here Um My girlfriend other dog chases and bites Ankles or anyone that walks past it How could we change this in a positive Way yeah so I think Um biting is a binding ankles I don't Know if it what kind of Breed did you say actually 12 year old No you didn't say Um sometimes depending on the breed that Biting at the ankles if it's like a Herding breed that's a very common Behavior Um it's just kind of a bit of a genetic You know thing for them doesn't mean we Can't work to reduce that the best thing Really for biting ankles would be time Out Um so time out is another punishment That I like to use it doesn't hurt again Doesn't hurt the dog it doesn't cause Them any any sort of physical pain but It's very effective Um dogs are very very social animals

Social creatures right they want to be With us Isolation is one of the worst possible Punishments you can give to a dog So Here is how I would set up timeout and How how to do it properly because Timeout also kind of uh can get goofed Up sometimes if we do it incorrectly so First thing we're going to do is we're Going to figure out where can we give Our dog a timeout timeout has to be a Place where there are no people no food No toys nothing fun total isolation Usually like a bathroom or a closet Works very well And that's going to come our timeout Area if you don't use a crate Then you can actually buy like if you Don't use a crate in normal Circumstances you can actually buy a Crate then and you can use the crate as A timeout If you use a crate in in normal Circumstances then you can't because Crates always have to be then kept as a Positive place but if you don't use a Crate you can buy a crate and you can Make it a negative place and you can Make it a timeout all right so here is The scenario what you would do is uh my Girlfriend's other dog chases by singles Anyone looks fast okay Uh you're hanging out somebody walked

Past the dog goes and bites their Wrinkles What you're gonna do we want to make Sure we have a collar or harness on the Dog you're going to walk over super fast You want to basically catch the dog While teeth are still making contact Okay I'm gonna grab the collar I'm not mad I'm not angry I'm not Reactive I don't say a single thing to The dog all I do is I grab the collar And I'm going to walk the dog as fast as Possible into timeout put them in the Bathroom put them in the closet and I Shut the door the whole time we were Walking again I didn't touch the dog I'm Not talking to the dog I'm not yelling At the dog nothing Into the bathroom into the closet we Closed the door 10 seconds That's it After 10 seconds we opened the door we Let him out we pretend like nothing Happened I'm going we gone with whatever we're Doing we just completely ignore the dog And if the dog bites the angles again Same thing boom We grab the collar very Gently we're not yanking the collar We're not jerking the collar we're just Grabbing the collar very light pressure And then we're boom running the dog into The timeout Zone timeout room put him in The crate if it's uh we're using the

Greatest punishment 10 seconds we open The door we let him out Big mistakes people make when their due Timeouts is they either leave the dog in Timeout for too long Um or they're yelling at the dog giving The dog attention when they're doing the Bad thing we want just very clear uh You know rules to the dog when you bite You go away when you don't bite you get To stay out and you get to be free so Timeout is a very very good punishment It's very effective but it has to be Done right you have to do it quickly and You have to be as non-reactive as Possible Um so yeah I would say that's where I Would I would do for the Uh biting of the ankles Um and then again setting the dog up for To succeed right when people are Um walking around if you know you're Going to have people over and it's going To be super busy I would have puzzle Toys ready to go that are filled up and Now all of a sudden the dog goes oh well Who cares about biting ankles I'd rather You know chew on this uh Kong and figure Out how to get this peanut butter off Because peanut butter is much more Exciting than people's feet and people's Ankles right Um always think about are we telling the Dog what whenever there's a behavior

Problem ask yourself Does the dog understand or have we given The dog a Behavior That we would like them to do instead The reason the dog is choosing to do This what we perceive as a bad behavior And what they perceive as a great fun Game Um is the reason they're doing this Because we haven't told them what we Would prefer them to be doing instead And then if that's the case we need to We need to figure out a way to to do That Um Should get guests to give dog treat as They arrive yeah that's a good thing to Do Um if you're especially when you have a Young puppy but any dog you can do it With you can set up a little bag outside Of the uh you put on the door mat Whatever right outside your door when People come in or people come over and You can tell them in advance hey when You come in you know there's a little Bag of treats out there if you wouldn't Mind just pick it up and when you come In just throw treats to the dog that's All they don't even have to eat out of The people's hands just have them toss Them to them and that's a good way to Get the dog to see again you know we're Building positive exposure dogs you say

When people come in something great Happens Um To make dog interpret people coming as a Good thing yeah exactly Yeah Any kind of dog treats um You know doesn't have to be super high Value for people just coming over I Would probably just do regular regular Dog treats are fine Um But yeah that would be uh Good little Thing to do for sure Yeah you're welcome I think uh Sam are You you're in Discord right the mount Your mountain goat because I saw your Question there that I saw on on YouTube Your comments here mountain goat and I Thought I saw a different name so I was Making sure that I'm I got the right Person for all these You have a Sam you ask questions on your Sam account on YouTube and then mountain Goats you're the same person okay just Making sure Um yeah so your other question you guys You left a comment uh when it yeah no Worries that's fine I'm just making sure I Got you covered Um you asked about when the next live Streams are I'm still working on trying

To get into like a super strict uh two Phones okay no problem Um super strict schedule Um I will I'm trying to figure out how I can add In the Discord like a link to to know When like to notify when I go live Um but the best thing is just to turn on The notifications on my YouTube channel And then you should get a little little Alert whenever the live stream Because I've been doing them every day I Took one day off yesterday but then I'm Planning trying to do these every day as Much as possible um so people can come By ask questions and Get some insight Um so yeah did you have any other Working personally yeah Any other things you wanted me to go Over Today Otherwise I think Probably gonna wrap it up here All good all right cool well I'm glad That you got in here today if you let me Know how your uh How the timeout goes give that a try and All those other things for The Barking We'll see we'll see what happens Um Yeah thanks everybody for watching I will be back tomorrow and um As always any questions you guys have

Leave them on the comment on this video At the end and tomorrow I will Do those comments at some point starter End and yeah hope everybody has a good Day thanks for watching