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By | February 26, 2022

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Um All right hello Everybody Welcome back oh Move my mic here That went through i was saying hello Welcome Back everybody who is going to be Watching this and it's going to be Showing up i forgot to fix my mic before I started here sorry about that Technical Difficulty give me one second All right I hope everybody is doing good today All right i think that'll hold let's see Let's see if i can get it out of the Camera so you know what guys have to be Looking at me um look at my mic Um Yeah another day For People to ask questions anything you Want to know about dogs I do have something i'm going to start Doing i decided At the start of each stream i kind of Want to have a topic already in mind To start talking about to get things Going and then i will open up to reading Comments and answering questions oh i Should open my discord as well one sec Just in case anybody wants to Chat

There later and let me Do that all right um So With that said today What i wanted to start with was Talking about aggression and warning Signs Because i've had a lot of questions over The past Couple days About barking and growling and Aggression and things like that So I wanted to go over some things About that Here just move getting a few things set Up so i can pull up that little image You guys probably saw On the thumbnail And that's what i wanted to Talk about Just trying to make sure i have Everything Where i need it before i pull it up All right So i Think If i Swap over let's see here Where did i save it One second Um Documents Okay here we go

So let me swap here and we should see it Now here we go good good good Um Okay so i will i want to go over a few Things here and then i will um Start answering questions hey monica Real deal what's up Um i'll get you guys questions in a Little bit Um But first i wanted to go over this Because This is a there's a little graphic that Um i made this is not like it's on my Like original idea i saw it done Somewhere else and i just kind of Made my own version of it um But this is a bit of a guide for How kind of how Dog bites Happen because You know dog bites do not just come out Of nowhere Um anytime that somebody says oh my dog Just bit there was no warning sign it Was you know just completely Unpredictable That's Very Rarely the case there is a very very Rare you know medical condition that Yeah can cause dogs to um react that way And just kind of snap without any Control of what's going on but

You know it's in less than one percent Of dogs you see that Almost always what happens is that we Just missed the warning signs So When you start down at the bottom these Are the first things that you will see Usually things like yawning blinking Licking their nose licking their lips That's the very first sign Signs that dogs generally will give off That tells us you know um I'm uncut all these signs mean i'm Uncomfortable stop Get away i don't like what's going on And these are the first ones normally You see yawning blinky nose licking all Right from there we get into turning Their head away so I'm petting the dog and the dog is doing This Avoiding avoiding looking at me i'm Petting him here he's looking this way He's trying to do everything he can to Not look at whatever is Making him uncomfortable The next thing then can be actually Turning their whole body away and then That kind of includes you know walking Away they're at that point they're Trying to get out of the situation right Because when dogs are uncomfortable That's their primary Response is they want to get out they

Want to not be in that situation that's Making them uncomfortable So they got to walk away and then what Happens when we start following the dog When they're Trying to get out of the situation That's making them uncomfortable well Then we start seeing things like this Their their ears going back They kind of hunch over their tail get It going in between the legs is is a Sign that they're you know nervous Fearful very uncomfortable And then we just continue up to where we Get to growling and once we get to Growling that's how you know that a bite Is getting very very close So when you hear a dog growling and we Are Um You know hearing that we've already Missed a lot of other Warning signs that were Being given from the dog um And then of course if we You know Ignore the growling we're going to get Snapping which is biting in the air then If that doesn't work we're going to get An actual bite where the dog makes Contact with our With us or a dog makes contact with Another dog You won't always see every single one of

These signs though But you will always see at least one Before you get to biting so some dogs Might go yawning then they might go to You know turning their head away then They might jump up to Tucking their tail And then a growl and then a bite Some dogs will go from yawning blinking Licking their nose looking at the lips Straight to biting Which It happens and that's that's okay too But you will always see at least One of these signs When your You know Dog is nervous it's uncomfortable it's Trying to tell you What you know they don't like the Situation That they're in okay So yeah so this is the aggression ladder It's a really important um Thing that everybody Who has a dog should know about Because this is Like i said a way to predict Dog bites And kind of predict dog aggression And if we can predict when a dog is Uncomfortable when a dog is nervous Then It makes it

Easier to prevent us Humans from getting bitten or Even other dogs right if we're Seeing two dogs doing these types of Things Then We know that one of those dogs is uh Nervous and comfortable not not liking What's going on all right um so Let me see the questions here now monica How can i train my dog that has always Looked outside to live inside the house And not chew up everything Um good question So something that we want to think about With Destructive chewing is what is the dog's Options right When we just put a dog inside and we Leave them to their own accord to decide What they want to do Well in in their world what are fun Things to do Chew up stuff destroy stuff dig things Bark stuff like that right So we want to in a way Tell the dog what we want them to do When they're inside And one of the easiest ways to do this Is puzzle toys Any type of food or sorry any type of Toy where you can take food you can you Know put food into it and then This becomes

What the dog this is what we what we get The dog to do Um And puzzle toys are just a very very Effective Way to have complete control of your dog Because if your dog is busy playing with The puzzle toy busy figuring out how do I get the food out they don't have time To you know chew up whatever they're Chewing up you know part of destructive Chewing is also management right There is a part where it's training and We want to train the dog not to chew but There's also a part where it's easy Easier on us humans to Set the dog up to succeed So somebody comes to me and says oh my God my dog keeps chewing up my shoes Every time i leave my shoes on the Ground and i come home the dog has got Him in his mouth well The very simple Fast fix to that is we don't leave our Shoes on the ground we put them in the Closet we pick them up we put them Somewhere out of reach of the dog um You know when you get a dog and we're Living with a dog we we're making the Decision to bring an animal into our House right So there is a certain level of us humans Needing to adapt To

Making the environment Um Set up For the dog it's not it's just not Realistic i think a lot of people get The idea of they get a dog and then you Know the dog just has to do whatever we Say And adapt to us but there's a certain There's a there's you know kind of a Give and take it has to go both ways um Making sure that nothing is Left out the dog can chew up or get into Is really really important And then if you catch them doing Specific things like you know chewing on The wall or chewing on baseboards stuff Like that then you know another more Little extreme thing would be to do like Timeouts but timeouts only work if you Catch them in the act right if you go Out and you come home and there's a hole In your wall then That you can't punish him you can't give Him time out because we're past the Point we have to catch him in the act When we do timeout What does it mean when a dog scrouches Down When we approach him to exercise or play So It's hard to say when you if you have a Like a picture or anything that you want To me to look at um i could tell you for

Sure it's hard it's hard to know what You mean by scratches down if you're Talking where like their front two paws Go down on the ground and their butts up In the air That's basically called like a play bow So what that means in dog lane which if You ever see a dog do that to another Dog where their front feet go down their Butts up in the air in dog world and dog Language that means Anything that i do after this Is just play i'm just messing around You'll see a play bow and then a dog Will bark You see play bow and then the dog growls That's kind of the dog's invitation and A way of saying um Let's play Timed out fun uh these growls that You're about to hear these barks you're About to hear this biting you're about To hear It's all just play Um It's most common dog to dogs but yeah You'll see dogs will actually do it to The humans too especially if you're like Doing something plain fetch plain chase Plain tag you'll definitely see it see Dogs do it to humans there How can i introduce him to my grandkids And ensure they are safe around him he's Not tried to bite ever but he's a pit

I've had him for five years yeah so my Take is that i don't think the breed Really matters um Any dog is going to be Just as likely to bite or not bite um If there if it was raised by the same Person raised with the same you know Standards so i don't think the Him being a pit bull really makes much Of a difference um He's never tried to bite which is great How old are the grandkids Monica i'm curious are they like Young young kids Dogs and children we never want to leave Alone um because Accidents happen Children do things that they shouldn't Do um And a lot of times it's unintentional It's they're not trying to purposely Hurt the dog and annoy the dog and do Things but Children are children and even if you Tell them listen don't pull a dog's ears Don't pull their tail don't poke them Don't do whatever you know it only takes One time And i'm not sure if you were here when i Um at the very start monica when i was Going over the like aggression ladder But those are the Children miss warning signs like that Because they don't know to look for them

So Which ends up leading to children being Bitten so when i have when you have Children and dogs it's very important That we Really train the kids it's training the Children more than just training the Dogs about what's appropriate you know Play what's appropriate behavior when We're around the dog Where do we pet the dog how do we pet The dog you know Teaching kids that we stay away from the Dog when they're eating we don't go near The food bowl Things like that um A lot of it really comes down to You know child training more more so Than it is actually training the dog There are some exercises i would like to Do if the grandkids are Willing and some things that can Definitely help to you know strengthen That bond Between the dogs and the kids one thing That is a fun game is to have the Children feed the dog their meals And Three three-year-olds okay so these are Very young kids So Biggest Biggest rule out right now for you is Three-year-old children should never

Ever ever not even for five seconds not Even for one second do we leave them Alone with a dog um That size And even a small dog i wouldn't leave Them alone with there are Instances and stories you can read of Small dogs 10 to 15 pounds you know Killing children um again it's not Because the dog was mean and aggressive It's not because the children purposely Intentionally tried to provoke the dog To make something bad happen but Accidents happen Things happen and it's and you know i'm Uh By nature i'm a very cautious person um I don't Like unpredictability and um If we can do things to Prevent anything bad from happening that Is the way i go and having very young Children it is our responsibility as The human in the human dog relationship Right and as adults to make sure that The number one priority is the Children's safety um So as a rule i would make sure we Just they are never left alone even for One second i don't know i don't know What the development is for Three-year-old children how like what You can do with them um If three-year-olds are like capable of

Taking food and treats though and Throwing food to the dog i don't know if Three-year-olds can do that maybe they Can um if they can that would be Something i would have them do you know Okay time to feed our dog did you say His name I don't think so all right let's go feed Him um And you and you have the dog maybe You know five six feet away and you're Holding the bowl with the food and you Take a little bit of the food out of the Bowl you give it to one of the kids and You have the kids throw the food the Kibble to the dog i don't want the dog Trying to take kibble out of their hands Because it's very easy for the dog to Miss right dogs don't have great aim I don't want the kids you know getting Nipped on the fingers or anything like That and that's starting something Um But if if three-year-old children are Capable of doing something like that That would be A good thing hey mad Uh same goes for cats you can't leave Out anything that you don't want to Destroy yeah cats can actually be quite Destructive as well um Not to just dogs What about potty training an older dog Yeah good question um there is not

A limit or Age you know where you can't house train A dog potty train a dog Where it gets more difficult or anything Like that basically house training just Comes down to Being consistent um i will let me find For you here i have a video on how to House train dogs um it says house Training puppies but it doesn't matter You're gonna use the same thing For you you do the same exact things for Adult dogs As well it's not just for Puppies so i will link you in the chat Here and you can take a look at that at Another time or now if you want whatever You want And then You can ask me some questions the one One of the most important parts of house Training a dog getting a dog used to a Bathroom schedule Is your schedule for feeding them It's very common that a lot of people Will free feed their dog Where you know they just leave food out For the dog and the dog eats it eats all Day um eat a little bit here eat a Little bit there right and then what Happens is when the dog is kind of Eating throughout the day then the times They have to go to the bathroom they've Got to poop and pee and everything

Becomes very unpredictable because it's Not on a strict schedule so the biggest Tip for house training that helps is Feeding your dog on a schedule If you have a puppy that is three months And younger i would say you feed them You know three times a day Um And if you have once they hit that six Month mark you can go down to twice a Day i never like to feed a dog once a Day i think once a day is just you know Way too long for a dog to go in between Eating i mean Think about yourself i don't think us Humans want to eat once a day um i Wouldn't want our dogs to be doing that Youth so yeah take a look at that video On house training and then um Let me know if you have any questions About that hey maul Our dog out of a sudden started to growl My sister And sometimes he attempts to bite her And it becomes repeated behavior however He doesn't do such thing with any other Family member good question My take on that would be if he is not Doing this with anybody else besides Your sister your sister is doing Something that your dog does not like And We need to figure out what it is Um

I'd be very curious to know Where if you can tell me if you're still Here um Is there any sort of insight you have as Far as the times she says When he growls and when he tries to bite Her Growling and biting are perfectly normal In dog world normal healthy behaviors They're also To us humans in a human world very you Know Unacceptable well biting is unacceptable Growling is fine growling is actually Good growling is our Sign That's clear as day that the dog is Saying i don't like what's going on stop And that's acceptable and that's good Because it tells us there's a problem Biting however is not because biting is You know can cause damage and can hurt Us So If we have the if the dog is only Growling at your sister Then it is telling her telling us that She is doing something That is causing The problem And we need to figure out what this Behavior is that your sister's doing Because If nobody else is in the family is

Getting this reaction out of the dog Well Then It's that means that means it's Something very specific your sister is Doing Uh monica used to poke him and pull his Tail all the time good and play as he Grew up to get him used to that he Doesn't try to bite that's really good Yeah whenever you have a dog and a puppy Um doing things like that and getting Them used to being handled all over That's i i told the story before but When i used to do like puppy classes i Would have you know seven to ten dogs Seven to ten puppies in there and one of The games i would do is pass the puppy So I would everybody would have their dog And then i would have everybody take Their dog and give it to the person on The left or the right whatever right Um Um And then once they have the new puppy i Would tell them all right now what we're Gonna do is we're gonna touch them all Over you're gonna touch their ears You're gonna touch underneath their Chest you're gonna pull their tail a Little bit touch them all over getting Used to being handled then after 30 Seconds all right pass the puppy around

Again and they would go all the way Around to seven new people and families And everything right um And it's really really good for exposure And socialization and getting the dogs Used to being handled and touched all Over and then as an adult dog what Happens is when your dog is out and a Child comes running up and they pull the Dog's tail because the child doesn't Know any better then the dog goes uh who Cares they've been they've been doing This to me since since i was a puppy you Know A certain dominant warrior certain Dominance over her she needs to Establish herself over him in the pack So this is actually not correct Social dominance does not exist between Different species When you Look at how dogs interact with each Other There is a social hierarchy amongst dogs Dogs 100 develop the Quote-unquote pack mentality There is a hierarchy between male dogs Between female dogs however this does Not translate this is a translate over To how they see us as humans Dominance is About Control of resources right it's um and And dogs think about it

There is nothing that dogs Don't get from us for free We feed them We take them for walks we pet them We let them live in the house They get everything already so The whole idea that you know you have to Be the Leader The whole thing i don't know if people Who are watching this have seen the Video i can link it for people who might Be interested um the whole thing about Dominance theory and it wasn't even Really a theory Came from a study they did on wild Wolves about 30 years ago And people kind of took that and ran With it and tried to apply that to Domesticated dogs And As a matter of fact leadership Um The guy who did the that very study on Wolves later came out To Say basically this is debunked this is This is anybody that's following the Research i did on wolves and applying This to dogs you know stop it Um this is a video that kind of goes Into more detail if you're interested About Kind of learning what the modern

Theories are and The research we have about why pack Leader Type things When we're looking at dogged human Interactions don't exist so i'll link That in the chat if anybody's curious to Learn a little bit more so yeah so Asserting dominance is not really what We want to do um that's actually a great Way to make a dog more aggressive and to Just it just kind of ruins your whole Overall relationship with the dog right We don't want dogs listening and Behaving out of fear We want dogs listening and behaving to Us because they want to Um Kind of like us humans right we don't Want to live in we wouldn't want to live In fear of You know our Partner or girlfriend or boyfriend Whatever you got um We want them to be happy so yeah so take A look at that if you're interested that Kind of goes over how dominance theory Is Has been debunked uh monica how much Should i feed him if i go to two times a Day So when you're talking about feeding the Dog the best thing to do is look at the Bag of food that you've got and on the

Back there's generally a recommended Feeding guideline Most feeding Guidelines on dog food The They are very generous right because The dog food companies want us to Feed a little bit extra so that we run Out of food a little bit quicker so that We have to go buy another bag a little Quicker um So i would look at the recommended Feeding guideline and i would check what Their dog's weight is start there and i Would cut back just a little bit from The Um From the recommended feeding guideline And that's what i would i would do for And usually i think it's most most like Dog food bags will say the daily amount So you just take that right and you just Cut it in half half in the morning half A night Um My dog goes crazy when someone pulls in The driveway he's not a big barker hey Joni um until someone pulls in i have Him sitting stay enough He just gets so worked up Um [Music] Yeah so just kind of over excited um Barking

When when you have him sit and stay does He uh does that stop him from barking or Is he still barking when he's Sitting there um she should feed him and Make him wait until she wants him To eat for starters so yeah so this is Kind of another bit of a myth that you Know us humans need to eat before the Dog It makes no difference whether the dog Eats before you or whether the dog eats Before you eat before the dog It will not make your dog me eating Before dog will not make them sit any Faster Me eating before a dog will not make Them any less aggressive That actually won't make any bit of a Difference If you want to feed your dog before you Can feed them before if you want to feed A master you feed them after personally I always prefer that we feed a dog first I don't believe in food bowls if we're Going to give our dogs meals I would take our kibble it goes into Puzzle toys and that's what i give to The dog and now the dog is working for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to Get my dinner out of this puzzle toy And I can eat my dinner piece i don't have a Dog begging for food there's nobody you Know he's not sitting there waiting for

Scraps to drop So whenever we have a Behavior issue there's no blanket Thing you can do And this is where the whole like idea of Being you know pack leaders and and Stuff is Just doesn't work doesn't make sense That doesn't change overall behavior Quote unquote you know becoming the pack Leader is not going to make your dog Come back any faster what's going to Make your dog come back faster is Going out practice and practicing recall And reinforcing it and taking the time For that If your dog is barking at something you Know becoming the pack leader it's not Gonna make the dog bark any less what's Gonna make the dog bark less is training Him on command that when i say the word Quiet or shush or whatever um It means stop barking So we whenever we have a behavior Especially with things like biting and Growling right or growling and biting um We have to find what is the specific Thing that we're doing That's causing the dog to growl and then Causing the dog to bite and that is then What we have to address Um actually he just gets to see her for A limited time when she tries to Approach him to pet or reaches him okay

So amal i have another video i would let Me link here that might be helpful for You to show your sister so when you Approach a dog There are [Music] A lot of ways that us humans naturally Approach dogs That are very threatening to dogs and That dogs don't like Um You might want to take have your sister Take a look at this uh and in this video I linked it in the chat there it goes Over The Good ways to approach a dog in the bad Ways one of the most common ways and This is a way that we I see aggression um Or reactive behavior rather when people Are first approaching dogs is The what's the most common thing that People do to say hi to a dog they walk To go walk up to a dog and they go to Reach their hand over to pat the dog's Head And think about it through you i mean You can do it yourself think about it Through the dog's eyes what what do what Does it look like when you see this Right A hand going over the dog's head they Can't see what's going on um another

Thing we do then especially when you Have small dogs and you're going to pet Him is we lean and we lurch over the dog Like this it's kind of hard with my Camera i don't know if you can see but You you lean over the dog to pet him and You know go to bend down to pet him um Again that is a very scary You know threatening um Body language from us humans So Approaching dogs yeah there's certain Ways we want to do it that's going to Keep us safe going to prevent us from Getting bitten So yeah maybe amal have her take a look At that video or if you want to take a Look and then share You know oh kind of the stuff i go over There um Then You could maybe try that monica i would Even take his food when he eats and take Things out of his mouth no aggression Yeah that's really good one thing i Would say um when you're doing one way We people kind of goof up the whole Thing of preventing resource guarding is People take the food bowl away and then They just either Put it away and don't give it back for To the next meal Or they're just constantly going back And forth taking away

With resource guardian especially with Food we want dogs to learn that human Hands taking things away is good because Something better happens when something Good always happens afterwards So if i was getting a little puppy right I have a eight week old puppy and i go And i take his food bowl away What i would do is is i would take a dog Treat and i would drop it on top of the Bowl and then i would put it back down And i would do that every time So now what we're doing is that we're Teaching the puppy hey whenever your Food bowl goes away it always comes back With something even better in it and the Dog goes jesus i love getting my people Taken away i hope i wish these uh humans Would take my food bowl food bowl away More often because every time it goes Away it comes back with something even Better and that's kind of the basis for Resource guarding And just a rule we should we should have With dogs for everything whether it's Toys food Or toys as well anytime you take Something away from a dog You always want to trade them we always Want to give them something back of Higher value Because that this way the dog starts to Love giving us things getting when the Dog you know you drop something that the

Dog is not supposed to have it no longer Is a fight and doesn't turn into tagging You know you running around the house Like a crazy person trying to get it out Of their mouth The dog goes oh i got something Uh You know if i give this back i'm Actually going to get something very Very very good so I'll drop it Yeah Resource guardian preventing that type Of thing Super important that we always keep in Mind that trading trading things is Important Um they need human leaders ware says who Are self-assured loving and knows how to Lead them i agree with that Um absolutely loving the positive Reinforcement but human dog owners Without leadership skills the dog will Walk all over yeah so leadership i guess Kind of Goes different ways right um people Different people have different Interpretation of it what i find most Often i think everything you said there Is a hundred percent right Dogs do pick up on our energy they do Pick up on your confidence the Difference for me when i'm Like

In the past working with aggressive dogs It is the the dog completely is Different when i'm holding the leash and We're out in public and the owners are Holding the leash and out in public the Owners i whenever i would evaluate dogs For aggression i would always have the Owners just walk and i would just Pretend like i wasn't there and i just Watched right and i watched the owner's Body language i watched how they just Carried themselves um And then and i would see how they do it And then you know After five minutes all right you know i Got it so i would take the leash then And i would walk the dog and I mean there was never a situation where It was just instantly fixed nothing like That there's always a lot of work to be Done but there was always there's always At least a Certain you know step where the dog Behaved better the second i had the Leash because again Dogs pick up on your energy they do pick Up on that on your energy and i guess The best thing i can say is is even if You're not confident with your dog or You have a dog with behavior problems And you're out confidence is key they They do pick up on that energy um So yeah so leadership skills i think Leadership kind of

It's hard to say to say specifically What leadership is because so many People have different ideas of it There's trainers who will say you have To be the leader and then that's Followed by you know alpha roll the dog And you hit them when they're doing the Wrong thing show them who's boss things Like that things that are just things we Should never do um i think A good way of of looking at leadership Would be You know Um how do i let me think on this um I think a good way of of What good leadership looks like is I guess just me Are we doing Putting the putting the dog basically in The best position to Be happy and safe That's probably what what good Leadership kind of You know boils down to Um Any advice on how to track what is Bothering him because the only thing she Tries to do is sit beside him or pet him And he used to be so close to her yeah I'm all i mean It's it's really impossible for me to Say without actually you know watching What's going on um and seeing it for Myself what i would say though is

It it's kind of a matter of you having To be you know Very observant or your sister rather Of What they're doing maybe watching where She's petting them right because dogs Touching dogs in different areas It's different some dogs like being pet Uh on their back some dogs hate it some Dogs like being pet on their chest some Dogs hate it so Maybe she's touching him somewhere that She doesn't that he's not crazy about Not liking Anytime you touch a dog and you're Petting a dog and you get an aggressive Reaction the first thing that always Comes to my mind that we want to rule Out is that there's not a medical issue That the dog is not hurt in that area They're not sore in that area Something's not going on the fact that You said it's only your sister that this Happens with and no one else in your Family makes me think that's probably Not what's going on um So Yeah There is Like i said without actually seeing and Watching myself i couldn't really tell You um But it does seem to make sense to me That she is doing something

That Is causing him that he does not like he Or she does not like Um Yeah One thing you could have her do i don't Know does she live with the dog or did You say just when she comes over I'm not sure i mean she's there a lot One thing i would maybe have her do some Bonding exercises you know start start Having her be the one to take the dog For a walk start having her um hand feed The dog meals You know instead of putting the food Bowl down or instead of using puzzle Toys have her literally sit there on the Couch on the chair whatever with the Food bowl in her lap and piece by piece Feed the dog Their entire meal dinner breakfast and Dinner and this is a great way to kind Of build up whatever that is um I don't know if she ever did anything to The dog if there ever was an instance of Um i'm just throwing out all ideas here But if there ever was an instance of you Know her uh hitting the dog her yelling At the dog throwing something at the dog I don't know Stuff happens right um if there ever was Something that happened that was a Negative bad thing dogs do remember that And it's very it takes a long time for

That to go away um If and in which case if anything like That ever did happen maybe then we Really want to work on doing that food Will exercise to you know re rebuild That bond rebuild that trust My dogs work to please me and are well Trained that's good to hear not from Fear but they know What boundaries not to cross without From leadership they will dominate Weak owner Um i agree with the Most of that um I i think the part that Dogs really The last part is where i'm struggling a Little bit with the without from Leadership they will dominate week Owners um Dogs don't have a mentality of wake up And this is my world this is my house i Want to take over and then you know us Having to show the dog no it's it's my World i'm in charge right there's that That mentality of kind of the Power struggle Really doesn't exist with dogs and Doesn't affect dog behavior Things that affect dog behavior is If a dog does something and something Good happens they're going to do that Behavior again If the dog does something and something

Bad happens they're less likely to do That behavior And that's really all it is um there's No Their brain as smart as dogs are it's It's really not any more complicated Complicated than that you know dogs um That that kind of thing that we have in Our head maybe of A power struggle of why a dog misbehaves Or does behave um Really can be boiled down to those those Two things um No hand to face big no no yeah so when You're going i think that you said that When i was mentioning about how to Approach dogs right so hand to face is Actually okay if you do it properly Right uh taking your hand over the dog's Head is a big no-no we don't want to Ever reach over the dog's head they Can't see what's going on it makes them Nervous good way to potentially get Nipped and bit what i do like to do Though is whenever i'm approaching a dog Right the way i approach a dog is i'm Walking up to him both my hands are out In front of me and it's kind of hard Because i'm sitting down but i put both My hands in front of me you know in Front of my legs open open hand like This and i let both i let the dog come Up they smell they see i don't have any Treats i don't have anything they just

Check me out And then what i do from there the best Way that i i pet dogs because my hands Already there they're already sniffing And then they've lowered their guard They've gotten they've gotten Comfortable then actually hands to face Is okay what i usually do is right under The chin that is the nice area The majority of dogs like being touched And rubbed under the chin so they're Smelling they're smelling and then i Will go ahead and i will kind of do that They'll turn the second that the dog Turns their head and stops looking at You In that situation you kind of know okay They they know i you know am not a Threat um they've they've dropped their Guard I'm good now um so yeah so no so so no Hands to face i i agree on one point on One for one part that yeah hands to the Face and really the head over over the Head definitely bad but if you go like This let them smell going under the chin Or to the side you can kind of feel Where the dog's neck and Bottom of their chin or jaw connects That's there's like a little I don't know what you call it like a Little knot the little Soft spot that is a great place to uh Then go ahead and pet them yeah

All right Good Good comments Um i have a german shepherd puppy That's 10 weeks old Sometimes he starts chewing on the couch What to do to show tell him he's not Allowed to do that when i say no he Stops for only 10 seconds Sure So 10 weeks old first thing you need to Remember is that he's 10 weeks old he Doesn't know anything Dogs have no You know um inherent understanding of What what rules us humans have right They don't know that the couch is not um Supposed to be chewed on they don't know Anything Um So it's just important to keep this in Mind as you have your puppy Telling a dog no is pretty useless Because We Very rarely do we actually take time to Train the dog To what the consequence of What's saying no means right We say no but then what happens Does the dog actually get some sort of Punishment because without that Then no loses all value The other reason why i never tell people

To say no is because we say that word so Often And every time we say it and again There's not a consequence to it the dog Hears it it loses value You know somebody calls you on the phone Hey you want to go out to dinner no That's okay well you sure no yeah i Don't feel like it um what about Tomorrow no no no i don't want to do That either All of a sudden now in the course of 10 Seconds i've just said no six times the Dog's heard no six times and he's had Nothing's happened right dogs are Because they're always listening so Saying things like no doesn't really do Anything we um there's two things we Would basically want to do here uh three Things maybe um One thing you can try is the Oh well i'll go over three things real Quick i have a full video on destructive Chewing i will link for you um But Real quick one thing that you can do is Try the bitter um spray most of them are Water based you can spray on the couch What happens is the dog goes to bite and Lick and chew and he goes look this is Disgusting and they Never do it again um it works on about 50 of dogs the other 50 Actually like the taste of it so

Um trial and error give it a try and see What your dog does can you spell Destructive destro one sec just I can't Type in Type and talk at the same time spell and Type at the same time Um So Here's the video for destructive chewing Because you might you can use this for All sorts of things Um Stopping chewing all right Um And i think i would make sure at 10 Weeks old that we have other things Ready for the dog to chew on right that We have lots of toys down that we have Puzzle toys toys with food in them Things like deer antlers things like Bully sticks We want to make sure that We can we have to we can redirect the Dog to chew on and that The things that we have are more Exciting than the couch right you put Down a dog toy with food in it uh 10 out Of 10 times the dog is going to prefer To chew on that and the couch or the Pillow or things like that um so yeah Take a look at that video there i linked It in the chat about how to work on um Destructive chewing and that will you

Know Hopefully give you some help and if you Have any questions let me know All right I'm all you're welcome yeah Take a look and have her watch it and Maybe You guys can um Figure out what is Going on If you'd like To uh you know record it the video ever And um feel free you know of your sister Interacting with him and you can send it To me and then One of these days i can actually oh i Can review it here and See See what i see and maybe i i notice Something that's You know Going on and i can point it out Um you had a beautiful rottweiler thanks When i first watched channel a couple Years ago any thoughts on getting a new Pup i have a conor corso and a boxer pit Bull cross Um No no Thoughts on getting a new pup are no No no new dog anytime soon um Conor corso's are great dogs though I really do like them Boxer pitbull

Mix is nice too Like kids they're always better for Someone else yeah Actually what changed is that she used To be present with him a lot but now he Gets to see her maybe just for an hour Or so hmm Um Yeah That wouldn't really make a difference With Uh Him you know growling and biting Growling is a very Growling hap only happens because there Is something very specific happening That we that that somebody is doing You know Um i'm trying to think What what else could there be Hm Yeah i'll keep thinking i'm all if Something else pops into my head um But yeah without actually seeing it's Kind of hard to it's just it's hard for Me to pinpoint anything My dog can sense when play time exercise Time is coming to a close and will Refuse to let go of the toy Any suggestions Um Why is it you want him to Like let go of the toy what would happen If we just let him have the toy and then

You just stop playing and then we and Then he drops it Um If you really need the toy right away i Would just work on teaching them drop it And you know at the end of the time and What i would do at the end of play time Then is kind of like a super drop it so When if you really need to get the toy And you really want to stop um you're Holding on to the toy holding the to the Toy out comes the a treat and he drops It right we give him the treat you say The word drop it and then after you have It i would give him in a row three or Four more treats one at a time one two Three four and that's how i would end Every play session every time when place When play is over your dog starts going Uh i like I like when play stops even more than Play because when play stops i get four Or five treats in a row it's pretty cool When When we get to stop playing um Otherwise you can just let them hold on To it and once they're bored you know That's you and they drop it and move on To the next thing you go pick it up um There's no like specific rule that you Know play time is over and we have to Take the toy away from them as far as is That gonna You know improve their behavior in some

Way or make them Listen in some Fashion any better um yeah but maybe Just doing like the You know super drop it Um yes alternative chew toys are a must Yeah So that was we were talking about Chewing on the couch and stuff making Yeah making sure that we always have you Know We It's our job as humans right to tell the Dog what we want them to do So Anytime a dog is left up to Is not told by us humans what to do then They're going to do what they they're Going to do something that in their mind Is fun and their mind is good but a lot Of time in our mind and in our world is Not good right things like chewing Barking stuff like that um Thanks for the input so if no doesn't Work what is the best way to show him That he's not allowed a certain thing What is a punishment i tried putting him I tried putting Him down but that is not good i've read Yeah so if you're talking about like That thing where they tell you you're Supposed to like roll them on the side And hold them on the ground that's the Last thing you want to do that is a

Great way to actually turn him very Aggressive And turn him into a very dangerous dog When he's older so we definitely don't Want to do that As far as punishment goes we The first thing i would say Is that We want to focus Less on how do we punish a dog And focus more on how do we set the dog Up to Succeed Because oftentimes if a dog doesn't do Something And you punish them Versus just focusing on So the fastest way to change dog Behavior right is you ignore what you Don't like and you reinforce what you do Like there are certain situations where Obviously it can't be Um Can't be ignored But like like chewing um but as a General rule when you're trying to Change dog behavior Actual punishment telling a dog no Things like that um You still are giving the dog attention Right The dog you're saying no the dog's Hearing good boy do that again So one punishment that can work and that

Can be effective is time out timeout Only works so when you actually catch The dog In in the behavior Right if i come home and my couch is Already chewed up then i can't put them In timeout it's past the point You can do timeouts when you actually Catch him in the act But It's hard with chewing because usually With chewing You know It happens when we're not around because The dog is bored So yeah what i would say champ is that i Really would like for you to try to Focus on What can we do to Set him up so we don't even put him in The position of punishment When something does happen Simply ignoring it and just moving on And going oops I screwed up i allowed the dog to to you Know Chew on something um oh well try again Next time let's set the dog up to Succeed better you know at this age how Did you say 10 weeks let me see here Yeah 10 weeks right He should be confined any time this is Another part of destructive chewing he Should be confined any time that you

You know Can't have your eyes on him and this is Probably for a good six months to a year All right you uh a 10 week old puppy That you if you give free run of the House to a 10 year old puppy he is going To choose stuff it's guaranteed because He doesn't know any better um So a lot of it comes down to Us humans managing and figuring out what You know How do we set the dog up to succeed and Focusing more on that Um Versus just how do we punish them right If a dog does something bad and you let It go and you don't punish them it's Fine We we focus next time on on reinforcing The behavior that we like And it's going to make the dog more Likely to do that [Music] Yes mischievous full of energy yeah hey My seven month old border collie Um always tries to apart his bed and Also he hates hands If i was to point or to put My hand near him to gesture him to stay He always tries to bite it And it definitely isn't play biting Um seven month old interesting Um one thing you could probably try then I was having uh somebody do this for

Helping the dogs get used to the Children but but what would happen uh Cyril if you Say your name right cereal cyril um Could you feed your dog out of your hand If you could that would be an idea that I would try to start making him become Less desensitized to your hands As i would feed him feed him his entire Meals breakfast and dinner One piece of kibble at a time or you Know do two or three from your hand Take a kibble out and he eats out of Your hand That would probably be the fastest way To You know get him used to seeing hey Hands are pretty cool hands give me lots Of good things Let me see what else did you say about Rip his bed apart Yeah so some of that the ripping the bed Sometimes can just be a matter of age You they're young and you know they're Just crazy border quality high energy um And wants to be you know destructive When you're when you're not there um When i had my dog and he was a puppy and I had and i would have him in his Uh pen um There was a few months there where he Didn't get a bed because yeah it would Just be completely destroyed and ripped Up and you know sometimes dogs see beds

As toys so until they Kind of cross that threshold mentally Where they can go okay this is just Where i'm going to sleep And you know and they learn that If i rip this up then i got no place to Lay down You know it's kind of just a bit of a Waiting game One thing i would say seven month old Border collie they're very very very High energy so you know Make sure we're getting plenty of um Physical exercise and then also mental Stimulation as well a tired dog Is a well-behaved dog doesn't have the Energy to Rip things up and destroy stuff and Do things like that um Oh alex if i give him the toy after play He literally tears it up okay he's Ruined countless frisbees geez puzzle Toys plastic in rubber he isn't into Kongs they just laid his crate full of Food he destroyed instructed bold toys Too yeah so if you really need to get The toy away from him then at the end of Play um doing kind of like the Super drop it is What i would say would be uh You know the best way to do it um yeah Only did it two times put them on the Ground yeah good champ i'm glad you Asked about that

And um You know it's a very common thing people There's i've met many people who have um Read about that technique and they go oh Well seems to make sense right But It doesn't work It doesn't teach the dog anything other Than to fear you it's a good way for you To get bitten it's a good way to teach Your dog to become more aggressive um And that technique the whole alpha rule Actually started from that what i was Talking about earlier that study they Did on wolves where they thought you Know wolves grab each other and they pin Each other to the ground and they hold Them there and wait for the other one to Submit And that's what they apply to Domesticated dogs and there's actually a Study then done on On dogs and packs of dogs and things Like that And what was observed was that dogs Don't ever repeat that behavior Dogs do not grab another dog Make any sort of physical contact and Roll them over and hold them there until Their submission what happens is one dog Will voluntarily roll over and submit But they never use force in in when They're working out what the the pack Structure is um

Dog to dog in dog to dog world so When you think about that right how Crazy does it sound now They talk about wolves Pinning another wolf Translate that to dogs pinning another Dog and then somehow we got from that to Us humans should do this behavior to our Dogs right So we definitely yeah that is a very old Outdated Way of thinking and technique that we we Definitely don't want to do so i'm glad You you asked about your dog will be Very happy that You don't have to do that anymore um I have a lot of time to catch him in the Act because i don't want to put him in Cage as a punishment correct his case Should be a good resting place correct I spent 20 hours a day with him he is Free 22 hours good Um perfect yes anytime you have a cage Kendall crate It needs to be if you're going to use it For a positive place yeah we cannot use It as punishment we can't use it as time Out because he We want the dog to love going into that Place and being in there Um for timeouts what i would do is i Would use like a bathroom or a closet Works really well a place where there's No food no toys no dogs no people no

Sounds no food did i say food uh nothing Fun And the way timeout works is let's say You come you come in right and you catch The dog catch uh catch the dog chewing On the couch He's still got teeth on the couch what i Do is i walk over to the dog I grab his collar Very gently i don't say anything i don't Say no i don't say his name i don't say A single thing And i'm as Calm and unreactive as possible I walk over i grab the collar very Quickly and gently i don't yank the Collar i don't pull the collar i don't Jerk the collar i just very gently pull The dog on the collar into timeout Into the bathroom into the closet Wherever it's going I shut the door and in my head i count To 10 for 10 seconds All right that whole time i walked him Over again i wasn't mad i wasn't yelling I didn't even say a word to the dog After 10 seconds i opened the door and i Let the dog out And when i let him out again i'm not mad I'm not talking to him i just i pretend Like whatever happened didn't even Happen and i just go on with whatever I'm doing And if the dog decides to

Go back over to the couch and chew again We repeat the beat we repeat timeout Again we go over i grab him back in the Timeout you go Not mad not angry nothing Um Usually time out you know timeout is Probably the worst punishment or most Effective punishment and in a dog's eyes The worst possible punishment because It's isolation and dogs are social Animals they hate isolation they don't Want to be away from us they don't want To be away from you know whatever it was They were doing so timeout can work very Very effectively but The Um The key is how we go about doing it you Have to be fast and you have to be Non-reactive when you do it And you've got to catch them in the act Of actually doing it as well Um Also since my doctor cares about food Even high quality treats giving him Treats as enticemen telego toy won't Work i've tried uh have you tried like Actual human food instead of um Dog treats Pieces of steak chicken cheese hot dogs I'm i i bet you there's some there's Something out there that we could Probably find that would be high enough

Um Value it just might take a little trial In there um Yep okay sorrow good champ if i put him Into the room he starts making noise and Scratching on the door He wants to be around with me all the Time yeah like i was saying um and when I'm not inside he starts looking for me And he's very persistent yeah so i think Timeout then will work very very well For you um and you can use timeout for Jumping you can use it for you know The destructive chewing If you do it properly you can do it for Barking isolation is the worst possible Punishment for dogs they hate it Um And i'm not sure what so so i think as Long as you follow the rules this way And you remember it's only 10 seconds Right we don't put a dog in timeout for One minute for 10 minutes for half an Hour Timeout is 10 seconds one one thousand Two one thousand three one thousand all Right ten of those seconds that's all That's all it takes it's just the fact That they got separated and then they Come back out and then you know kind of Like i was saying remember that we need To Make sure our reaction when we're Putting the dog in there is that we're

Calm we're not angry we're not yelling At him we just completely As emotionless as possible And now we're quick Um walk my dog every day in all kinds of Weather and started this when he was a Puppy he's two years old good for him And me Did you have another comment before that Or maybe i was you were talking about Something else i was saying Um What's the best way to get a dog Prepared for a blood test i have to Muzzle him when At the very at the vet i think you mean It takes three of attacks and me to hold Him for injections timeout works great With my dog Um Yeah timeout definitely is a Good one As far as getting prepared for the blood Test yeah i mean That's a tough one have to muzzle Muzzling them is perfectly fine Especially if it's just you know short Term just for them to draw blood um This is a this is really really tough Because the way you kind of go about it Would be you know ideally having the Vets You know Or vet techs rather helping you to

Desensitize them to it Um Let me think if i can come up with a Don't have i don't have a quick solution On that one off the top of my head i Have to think about What we could do to get more used to That because you know it's like you can Practice Practice uh You know drawing his blood at home or Getting anything like that um I'm curious if You know sometimes what happens is just Being at the vet's office Yeah champ Go for it any questions you got just Type away i'll get to them um Sometimes it's just a matter of being in The vet's office alone will make dogs Nervous and make them you know reactive Make them more more fearful um You know one thing that might Might be worth trying For it it's not guaranteed but maybe Just you know making More frequent trips to the vet you go to Although we got we got our food issue Here huh where he's not a not a big food Guy um maybe if we can find that kind of Food that he really really likes some Kind of high value reward um You know just starting to get them used To going to the vet you go you take the

Dog you walk into the vets Uh the waiting room whatever um give him A couple treats and you leave Do you do that you know back and forth Back and forth and as much as you can um There's no quick solution to just Magically making him you know be more Comfortable there um that would kind of Be the only thing you can really do Though is slowly Starting him getting him to see that oh You know the vet But that's a good place um Yeah if i think of any other specific Thing we could try i'll let you know um Yeah i've noticed that when i pull Another room he wouldn't do it again After he really doesn't like isolation Yeah So timeout definitely i think will be a Good option for you especially as he Continues to get to get older um Okay so 10 seconds yep I did a few minutes in 10 seconds he Doesn't scratch the door yeah exactly You're a legend thanks for helping me Yeah what can i do to help you in return Um Nothing you really have to do to help me In return i'm just doing these uh Live streams for Free letting everybody you know Have the option to Ask me questions um

So yeah you don't have to do anything Um I got a few other topics okay yeah so i Was saying go for it ask away Um yg my dog is a really bad puller on Leashes and i don't know What to do he's six months right now and Only getting bigger Any tips i do have some tips for you so When you train a dog not to pull you're Actually going to need two things you Need a harness and you need a collar and We have different rules for the harness Then we do the collar So Let me i actually have two videos on how To train a dog to walk without pulling Let me link them for you i would suggest You Give them a look because it'll make It'll be easier if you just watch these Since they're a little long Um How to stop pulling so this is the Tutorial And then i have another one that will Show you the demonstration of how it Works and if you follow these this will Be a good way For you to learn i'm going to stop Pulling demo Um what exactly what you need to do Training dog not to pull on leash is all About consistency and you know

Basically that's it it's about being Consistent and following the rules that Are kind of laid out in those those Videos so take a look at those when you Have a chance and then Let me know if you have any specific Questions About how to do that Um At six months yeah it is a great time to Start pulling i don't know what kind of Dog you have but um If it's a big dog it's only gonna get Stronger get stronger over time so i Would definitely start working with Teaching them not to pull So yeah take a look at those videos and Let me know hey kika hi i'm watching From brazil i think you're my first Brazilian Welcome i have a three-year-old border Collie and she gets very nervous in the Car barking all the time even two full Hours on the trip seems fear or anxiety Is there something i can do Yeah so one thing i would say is that Make sure before we're going to ever go In Long car rides long car trips That Um we've planned if it's possible to Be able to exercise the dog pretty Heavily before the car trip whether We're going to the dog park we're going

For a run You know you got to throw the ball a Bunch Making sure the dog is nice and tired Before we have to go for a long trip is The first you know Big step to Um Getting them calm Um Some dogs when they're in the car if if They Well okay so i would try puzzle toys Again puzzle toys are kind of the magic Solution to lots of things here if your Dog is Not so nervous that they can actually Accept food some dogs will get so Nervous and so fearful they anxious They can't even accept food all right if Your dog can't accept food i would try Puzzle toys in the car um a little Something for her to chew on to figure Out how to get the food out of that is More enticing than barking If you have a dog who's so fearful and So anxious in the car that they can't Even accept food which this does happen You know motion sickness with dogs is a Very real thing The only thing then left to do really is Getting what is it called Some kind of It's some kind of medicine you get from

Your vet um Some kind of low level tranquilizer and It helps with motion stiffness and then Just calming down the um You know anxiety and everything that Dogs have when they're when they're in The car um So yeah those would be my three tips Make sure we're heavily exercising Before Um Try the puzzle toys and if the dog can't Even accept food in the car then i would Go for have a little chat with your vet See if they can slip you something Uh so he is 10 weeks old he does really Well on walking the stairs good not 100 Sure If it is bad or not he does it slow and Takes steps yeah step or step carry him 60 of the time can do 100 but he likes Walking on his own don't want him to get Hurt though i read that his bones Muscles don't develop correctly yeah Going up and down the stairs not a Big problem Um It's good to encourage him i i would Encourage him to do it as much as Possible at 10 weeks unless you have Like well i guess kind of depends how Many stairs you have but um i mean Overall yeah there's nothing wrong with Letting him walk up and down the stairs

As far as that kind of hurt his bones And muscles um he's i'm sure not walking Up and down stairs That often so it's fine you know it's Like he's doing this for an hour a day Going up and down the stairs what 10 Times a day who cares that's fine if He's doing it an hour running up and Down up and down up and down then that's One thing um So yeah keep encouraging to walk i don't Think at 10 weeks old you need to be Be picking them up Um To go up and down i would i would just Let them keep walking and If you ever need encouragement a good Little game to do to encourage dogs to Go up and down stairs they're nervous if They're afraid you just take treats Um and treat on every single step all The way up and then all the way down It's a little easier going up Dogs trying to eat treats going down can Be going downstairs for dog is always Much harder than is going up going up as Easy i don't know if you've ever tried To uh go downstairs as a human on all Fours um it gives you an interesting Perspective you should try it sometime And and see just how how difficult it Actually is for dogs to do that Put your two hands go go hand to hand And then try to hit your feet on the

Back stairs it's actually quite Difficult So yeah doing treats though is a good Way to To do it Your videos help me a lot when i first Had puppies good I'm glad you found them when you had Your puppy's warrior um He could also go down the stairs and it Looks very smooth good he wants he felt Once in the start but never after only Today there was something in front of The stair he pushed it and then fell a Bit yeah it felt so bad he barely made Sounds he's fine after yeah dogs are Pretty pretty resilient so a little A little tumble down the stairs uh Usually won't be too bad All right i'm all another thing sure He specifically fears motorcycles so Much whenever he sees any he gets very Nervous and tries to run away even Inside the house whenever he hears a Motorcycle noise he runs to hide yeah so There's some things we could do to kind Of work on Um Desensitizing them to those sounds Um again i got another Video here that The fear one is a big one this is like a Almost 20 minute video so i Will link it for you

If you want to take a look at this Fear And that will help you there How to address that with the motorcycles And everything take a look at that And let me know if you have any Questions specifically about it Um One thing is i got him when he was four Months and when i got him he never Really understood how to bite without it Being hard i've done things but nothing Has worked which was let me read your Other comment i forget I'm trying to keep uh All your guys's conversations going at The same time um Oh you're you had the polar right that's Right um one thing is i got him when he Was four months and when i got him never Really understood how to bite without Being hard With wait he never Really understood how to bite without it Being hard okay yeah So after four months um we've kind of Missed the that critical period where You know dogs have Bite inhibition where they learn bite Inhibition um unfortunately there's Really just nothing you can do at that After that point as far as Um You know allowing them to learn it with

Like other dogs because they don't have Their um Well some of myself their puppy teeth Around four months four to six months They started losing their puppy teeth The the only real Like trick i would say you can do for Teaching vitamin and teaching a softer Jaw Is you feed them off a metal spoon Feed them entire meals off a metal spoon One piece of kibble at a time you Put the Spoon up you take a kibble on there the Dog goes to bite right the first time They bite and they hit that metal It's very unpleasant Put another piece of kibble on there They bite and they hit that metal again Very unpleasant that can definitely help To um Somewhat help with with the jaw strength But There's no way to kind of really go back In time unfortunately um not yet at Least and uh You know go back to that imprint period Of where we can really teach him The uh Bite inhibition because They lose their teeth there They don't the puppy teeth anymore Um Kika she does accept food i will try the

Toys yeah good so yeah if she can accept Food she's not so nervous and so fearful That she can't even have food in the car That would be a a really good thing and If you're going for long car trips what I would say is try to freeze the puzzle Toys So you get your kong you put the food in There you make the food nice and soggy And wet so it all swells up And then you stick the whole thing in The freezer overnight so the next day When you're in the car you pull it out You've got a nice big frozen toy and That will last you know twice as long Um Okay 10 times doing it slow What were you saying Oh the stairs that's right uh thanks man You're welcome he doesn't need Encouragement good he's really brave he Was scared at the start but once he did It Once he did it to get to me he kept Doing it actually i tried To I tried that to rain oh to reenact the Falling it hurt it was so bad yeah we're Not made to walk downstairs on four legs Arms no we're not It is very difficult for us humans to To do it when i Tried it the one day i think i made it About

Down One step on each hand and each foot and I Gave up and i said all right i've got The perspective and this is very Difficult Um Yeah champ you know 10 weeks old he's You know remember he's just a puppy just A baby he's been a lot he's been alive For 10 weeks I think it kind of hits a little Differently when people think about it That way right people say oh my dog is Eight weeks is 10 weeks right but think About it that way these dog we get we Get a puppy they've literally been alive For eight weeks that's it they know Nothing about this world about what They're supposed to do how they're Supposed to behave um It's very easy i see so many people will Bring home a puppy and we have these Like crazy expectations that we have This little puppy we think it's going to Be You know like the puppies on tv on the Commercials or or wherever you see them That they're going to use these perfect Little well-behaved things they're going To sit perfectly they're going to eat Perfectly and poop and just listen to Every word we say And that is never the case not not even

Rarely the case it's never the case we Always have puppies are Always going to be a lot of work and Require lots of training require lots of Time and you know Energy and effort on our part to teach Them what it is we want them to do and How we want them to behave Um So he sleeps in my room i'm used to Sleep with my dog lucky he doesn't urine Or poo in the bed he goes out of it and Does it on the floor Okay so House training is something that we Really want to Get down as early as possible um Because yeah you i mean i think it's Fine having a dog sleep in your bed You're more brave than i am because I went on a loud dog who was not house Trained to sleep in my bed i would be Paranoid and freaking out i'm going to Wake up to a lane in something i don't Want to be laying in and House training What i would do personally if it was me Is i never use crates um I like the method of using an x pen Where i have the dog set up in it and Then he's got his bed in there he's got A p-pad you know water toys everything There Um

You might want to consider that i put a Link to the house training video there Champ and at the end i talk about how You do with the pen and that might be Something to Consider if you want um And then once he's fully house trained i Think dog sleeping in the bed is Perfectly fine because you know he might He's he's odds are very likely he's Going to have accidents um he might not Have had one yet and he's been good About getting out and going on the floor But Accidents are gonna happen you should Expect anybody with a puppy who's house Training them should expect accidents All up until six months um They'll get you know less and less and Less and more rare as time goes on but You know expected accidents up until six Months um Yeah That is Realistic Um the problem so he slips in my room Right the problem with this is that i Think he's learning always to put on the Floor when i go outside he's sniffing Almost never pees or proves when we're Walking yeah exactly so a champ i would Say really check that video that i Linked and that will go over exactly What to do for how to house train him um

Because My gosh sniffing almost never peas or Poops when we were walking yeah Yeah Take a look at that video on house Training it's pretty long so you might Um Not watch it now but Watch it when you can then one of these Days um if you have any questions about That Let me know um in the garden he gets Rest and then he can do his needs yeah Yeah there's a lot of stuff in there About how to do house training so take a Look at that Um james hey Talking uh taking talking taking taking My dog to the vet tomorrow and i'm Nervous because he's never been Socialized we live in alaska oh wow uh And with covet in the winters we haven't Been able to go out any tips he can be Aggressive sure So dogs that are under socialized are Fearful and fearful dogs are the ones That are Lack of better words aggressive um I don't know if aggressiveness i like i Don't like calling really fearful dogs Aggressive i just would say that you Know Under socialized fearful dogs are the Ones that are

More likely to bite i don't think a dog A dog Um Aggression is something that is i don't Know kind of gets thrown Around um And misused um as far as what can we do So yeah First thing i would say is You know communication with your vets And you're in the vet techs is very Important i spend so much time in vet's Offices i i can't even tell you the Amount of hours and Times i spent when i had my dog how much We were in those vet offices um in the Waiting rooms waiting for You know to go in seeing people coming And going And One thing that i never saw Other dog owners doing which is fine i Don't blame i can't blame him because no One ever tells him this but The lack of communication between dog Owners and vets the vet techs and then The mainly the vet techs because they're Usually the ones that take the dog in And vets about the dog's behavior Whenever my i would have max of the vet I mean my regular vet they all knew him You know and knew everything about him So it's never a problem but whenever i Would go to a new vet or like an

Emergency vet or something like that I would always tell them Hey listen when you Take him back He's got this you know likelihood for This bad behavior watch out for this Watch out for this If you know your dog is fearful is Doesn't like something it's really Important to communicate that with the Vet tech um And with your vet so max one of the Things he he would have uh he had pica And it was basically you know this Obsession pike is basically this Obsession that dogs get to eat things They shouldn't eat kleenex rocks Underwear socks All sorts of things he loved paper Kleenex paper towels if he saw that He would grab that thing and go So that was something that i would Always tell the vets and the vet tech Especially at the emergency offices um I would Say listen when you bring him back if There is paper anywhere if there's Kleenex in your pockets if there is a Garbage can you're walking by with paper He is going to go for it so You know please keep it please keep that In mind and they were oh thank you thank You thank you right so james um the First thing i would say is that when you

Go either call ahead or when you get There Be open about it right tell tell them Listen my dog is not a little socialized He's nervous he's fearful that's the Number one thing you can do because that Is going to make everybody safer it's Going to put the vets and the vet techs On on alert to know okay we have to be a Little bit slower with this dog um Other than that if he if he has some Kind of treats that he really likes i Would also bring them and you know vets And vet techs are almost always willing To help you out and do any kind of Training that's going to help them and i Would ask them to Hey can you feed him treats While we're in here you know while the Vet's doing the temperature checking the Butt you know doing everything right say Hey would you mind uh you know i have Some treats here i'm trying to socialize I'm trying to train him get him moist to People Uh Would you mind feeding him some treats You know give him a treat and then and Then 30 seconds and a minute later asked hey Can give them another one can give Another one they'll be happy they'll be Happy to to feed your dog treats i mean Even the vet you know when you're having

The the check out there just say hey if You wouldn't mind can i put some treats On the you know table here um Every minute if you wouldn't mind can You just throw a treat to the dog on the Ground i'm just trying to socialize him I'm trying to get him you know more use And more comfortable to to being in here And i can't imagine a scenario where a Veterinarian is not going to be willing To throw your dog a treat to help you Train them um so let me give those kinds Of things a try Uh he had one accident at the start with A bit of pee after that never again If it will happen he has to sleep Somewhere else um Yeah just watch the video Champ see how i do it i think eventually Having him sleep in your bed is going to Be perfectly fine i just think right now When he's super young that um Uh Anubis wait i understand ladies and House letting a house train dog sleep in Your bed but untrained you're brave very Brave yeah that's what i was saying i Would uh Champ is much braver than me um i would Never in a million years would you catch Me having a Untrained or unhouse trained dog in my Bed i would be Freaking out that i

Am going to be waking up to a puddle of Something And not a good um The serene my puppy cried in the crate For two nights after that i put my kids Playpen In my bedroom and my puppy did much Better yeah Whenever we have a dog in our crate or Even the playpen setup that i have in The house training video um i always Would prefer that we we have the dog Sleep in a room with people um It's just it's just better it makes them More comfortable dogs you know want to Be around us And Being in complete isolation especially Nate beagle puppy right Think about I don't know did you say hell did you Say it was Just said puppy um Yeah think about that we Bring home an eight week old puppy we Separate them for the first time from Their mom first time from all their Litter mates we stick them in a cage and We stick them in a room with nobody in There No wonder of course they're gonna cry And Whine and Be scared right um it's very important i

Think when you have a puppy when you First bring even an adult dog when you Bring home a dog from a shelter a rescue Or something um that they sleep with us In our room they need It's a bonding thing too we want to Start building that bond as well Um Do you think it's beneficial to let him Sleep in his crate on my room so he will Wake me up to go Go outside instead of going to the floor And do his needs in silence and waking Up with that mess yeah i would have the Crate or like i said i would i prefer to Do the pens i'm not a fan of crates um It's always a last resort for me so You'll see in that video when you when You watch it what i mean by the pen but Yeah i would definitely have that in Your room For a young puppy i mean like it kind of Depends what kind of sleeper you are a Lot of times people the dog is not going To wake up and alert you that they they Need to go out especially Early on so early on what you need to do Is basically set an alarm and you need To wake up wake yourself up most dogs on Average or puppies can hold their Bladder roughly roughly as many hours As months old they are So a Eight week two month old puppy can

Roughly hold their bladder two to three Hours So you have to kind of you know know Okay expect to wake up every two to Three hours to take them out to go to The bathroom for me i'm very lazy i Don't want to wake up every two to three Hours I like my sleep i like sleeping through The night which is the reason why i did The method with the pen in the p pads Because when you do that method you Don't have to wake up every two to three Hours you only have to do that when You're doing crazy training so it Depends what you want to do if people Want to want to wake up every two to Three hours and Do that for months that's fine you can Do it And do crates training and do it that Way like i said i'm lazy though and i Like doing it the easy way so that's why I do it with the Um The x-pen and the P-pads because I like my sleep Um Joanie so awesome of you to do this help Videos that help pet dog owners yeah Like helping if i can Um if you don't live anywhere in your Dog parks what's the next best thing to

Socialize your dog Good question Dog parks are actually Not the greatest thing to socialize your Dogs as a matter of fact in my opinion Least um Because dog parks you know you go in a Dog park and all hell breaks loose you Don't know what's going on people have Different rules for their dogs some dogs Are doing this and dogs are doing this Half the owners aren't even paying Attention to what you know What's going on with their own dogs Socialization and exposure You can find it pretty much anywhere um One of the best places if you're trying To socialize with specifically with Other dogs Would be like pet stores Go to petcos pet smarts Bring your dog anywhere you there's a Lot of places now they're becoming more And more dog friendly i don't know where You where you live if you're in the u.s But i mean So many places now are becoming Dog-friendly malls people can take their Dogs into um there's you know Restaurants that are now dog friendly Exposure and socialization doesn't just Have to be The dog park it's anywhere in the world That we're

Just giving the dog a change of pace Change of scenery But yeah if you're trying to Specifically socialize them with other Dogs i would try pet stores pet stores Are A great thing You know Go to your local animal shelter most Local animal shelters will have people And volunteers walking the dogs every Single day So you go out front of a local animal Shelter and you're going to see people Bring in dogs in and out coming and Going say hey i'm just trying to Socialize my dog can they meet real Quick 10 seconds they sniff each other's Butts they don't nothing bad happens Beautiful that's it we're done Um yeah that's another idea maybe to try I'm all you are very welcome Come back another day let me know how it All works out how your sister does Hopefully We'll make a little progress Um Just appreciate the advice Thanks warrior you're welcome james Um seven weeks uh what were you asking About the crate crying right we had Um Yeah so seven weeks is even younger Right seven weeks is even scarier than

Eight weeks Um it's it's the ideal time to get a Puppy seven to eight weeks because we're Hitting that period of where we can Really really socialize them get them Used to people get them used to other Dogs get them used to being touched get Them used to everything work on bite Inhibition that's really the ideal time To To get a puppy um because we want to Make sure that the first night home is It's nice for them right that they're They're not scared um we're doing what We can to start building that bond Towards Them james so if he is aggressive Towards the vet what should we do um i Mean the vets are the vets i promise you Have seen Many many aggressive dogs before they're They're depending on what the vet needs To do let me see did you say james what Specifically we're doing at the vet Tomorrow Or you're just taking them taking my dog To the vet Okay Yeah um Depending on specifically what the dog They need to do to the dog whether they Need to give them a vaccination they Need to draw blood whatever um they'll Be prepared to deal with them they'll

Have a muzzle they can throw a muzzle on Them it's perfectly fine to muzzle a dog For You know medical thing medical reasons Um sometimes Something just has to be done we don't Have a choice it sucks the dog hates it The dog Makes him fearful sometimes you just Physically have to restrain the dog um To get to ge to get the job done um It sucks but you know that's just what You have to do sometimes when a dog is Super fearful um for a dog their health Is the most important thing um So Health over behavior So Sometimes that's just what happens Um You know If the vet feels that there's a risk of Them actually getting bit getting hurt Um like i said they're going to muzzle Them and then you know that that goes Away there's there's really nothing Just double checking double thinking i Don't i don't i don't see a way of Anybody getting hurt Any vets any vet techs ever getting hurt Anything seriously bad happening as long As the dog is muzzled which like i said If he is appearing to be super Aggressive the vet feels like he is

Going to be dangerous the oldest muslim And then you've got nothing to worry About um as far as somebody can hear Something bad happening If you commit to making sure to take Your puppy out every hour during the day Every four hours a night you won't have Any accidents Um yeah overall i would Say i agree um You know you you will have accidents They are going to happen Accidents are accidents called accidents For a reason they will happen no matter How good you are um because sometimes Dogs will just drink a little bit more Here they'll drink a little bit more There you just never know Um sometimes they had a little exercise Period that you didn't know about got Things moving you weren't uh aware of i Mean my own dog i had accidents with him Up until six months i'm professional Been doing this for 16 almost 17 years Now and i had accidents um Accidents are accidents they that's Why they are called accidents so and There's nothing wrong with it it should Be expected when a dog has an accident Oh oh well we clean it up move on Nothing we can do Nothing to be angry about to be mad About we just Clean it up and move on and we

Keep doing our best um My rothweiler growls on certain types of Lock What is that jericho loc What should i do Certain type of walk i know we have a Little typo there i'm not sure what You're asking but if you let me know Try to help you uh last question sure as I told you we spent a lot of time Together good almost 24 7. what can i do If i want to go out how long can i let Him alone and where should i put him put Him in quick and give him a lot of Stress i read Yeah so champ um that's kind of the Reason why i like the Pen setup a lot you'll see in the second Half of that video on the house training How i do the pen setup where i you know Have the pen and his crate is attached To the pen And then that way inside the pen we can Have toys in there we can have his Another bed in there his water It's much less stressful it's just much More comfortable for the dog to have That whole area to walk around it and Then if they want to go into the crate To sleep they can That's the setup i would do if it's Possible if not we want to just confine Him to a room where there's nothing that He can get into nothing he can chew

Nothing he can destroy The test i have people do to see if a Room is is safe for puppies is i tell People lay on the floor stomach on the Floor and then so you're laying flat on Four right with your stomach on the Floor you're laying flat and then just Tilt your head up And anything you're seeing right now This is what your dog has seen um Assuming it's a small dog it's a big dog You gotta You know make Adjust accordingly but in general if you Lay on the floor and you're looking Around and then you're looking up Anything you're seeing is at a risk of Getting chewed is that risk of getting Ripped up at you know Peed on pooped on whatever Um so we always want to puppy-proof a Room and make sure that hey if we leave A dog in here unsupervised um It's safe and we're going to be able to You know Come back and not have anything bad be Going on Um So yeah how long was your question um How long can i go out for Uh I mean You realistically you can go off for as Long as you need as long as the dog has

A pee pad there there's you know you Don't have to be back until it's time to Feed them again a 10 week old puppy Should be eating You know three times a day So If you're not if you've been with them Though all you know for so long then we Might have a little bit of separation Anxiety so what i would probably start Doing for the dog's sake that's going to Make things easier is going out for Shorter periods of time to start i would Go out for you know five minutes and Then come back and i go off for 10 Minutes and then come back and then i'd Go off for half hour and then i'd come Back and i would slowly start building Up just to make it a little bit easier On him You know The transition of you not being there Um Yeah Um yeah james i i would not worry too Much i want to be stressing about it Honestly vets um i promise you you are Not the first person who's going to be Bringing in an under socialized dog to Your vet Um Under socialization dogs are Under-socialized dogs that are fearful It's the number one behavior problem

So Vets have seen it Many many many times I wouldn't uh yeah i wouldn't stress too Much about it to be honest with you They will be okay uh okay bro sub to Your channel hey thanks appreciate it Talk to you later have a great day Pre-lay here in the netherlands we got Uh All sorts of people today brazil earlier Netherlands Yeah nice to meet you champ um Take a look at those videos i really Think that house training video will Help you a lot and get that set up i'm Glad you Were able to ask about Doing the rolling the and now the Stopping the rolling um that is going Your dog is going to be very thankful And Have a great life with you you seem like A good owner so good luck Um My rock balls growl on certain types of On touch oh touch that's what we were we Were going for there um what should i do He has tried biting me a few times while Touching near his face as well Yeah so growling right remember growling Is our Way that we know the dog is telling us Whatever you're doing i don't like it

And if we don't stop what happens dog Bites um So while growling is normal and Acceptable and we want a dog to growl Because we want the dog to tell us when They don't like something the biting is Unacceptable because biden is dangerous Especially with a rottweiler if they Bite down Very hard you're that's a you know Potential trip to the emergency room Um so he's tried by me a few times while Touching near his face as well okay so Jericho my Thought Thought there is number one has this Always been happening or is it something That's just started recently um if this Is just something that started recently Then the first thing is that we we Always want to rule out is there a Medical issue is there a reason why when You're touching near his face that he is Growling and telling you i don't like This And then when we continue that he's Actually biting because he wants you to Stop that badly um whether there is Something uh i would if possible i know It's hard because he's trying to bite And He's growling at you but the times You're able to get close enough and Touch there feeling if there is a lump

Or a bump something that could be Causing pain if he has a cut Um dogs can have hot spots this this is Actually something i wish oh amal Still is here i wonder uh I see your comment there i'm all um this Is another thing that kind of can cause Growling and biting um When i was saying about dogs being Touched i don't think is your problem Your sister's problem because she was The only one but hot spots hot spots Especially with dogs that have a thick Coat like rottweilers you can't really See um you know touching that can be Very very uncomfortable um So My my first thought jericho is we want To make sure that we rule out is there a Reason why the sudden growling sudden Biting is happening that is due to a Medical condition all right Um If it's not a medical condition and we Know that 100 great then we just treat It as a behavior if we're just treating It as a Behavior then i would work on Desensitizing them to having those Places touched right We start off by touching it for a second And we and we find some kind of human Level food that's going to be the Highest level reward that your dog can

Get tiny pieces of steak chicken hot Dogs cheese generally works very well Whatever that area is that the dog Doesn't like it's causing the dr grouse Causing the dog to bite what i would Tell you to do is we go over um let's Say right here on my cheek right Whenever someone touches my cheek i Growl and i bite so that's what you're Doing in your dog i would do this touch Steak That's it that fast touch steak Touch steak Touch steak and i would do that five Times and then i would stop for an hour And then in an hour i'd come back and i Would do it another five times and i'd Do another five times an hour later and I would do that For probably Three three to four days And after three to four days i would do Touch one two steak Touch one two steak Touch one two steak for two seconds Another three to four days And every three to four days i would up In another second You can kind of gauge how much more you Can push it the idea is that we're Slowly going to re D you're slowly going to desensitize him To having that spot touched and changing The dog's thought process to all right

This guy's got his hand on my face To all right this dog's got his hand on My face where's my steak where's my Chicken where's my cheese right we want To change what that what that Association is um But yeah if this is a new behavior if You were able to touch his face before And we never had this behavior happen Then um it might be worth Uh having your vets check them out or if You're not able to fully examine them Just just to make sure that we don't Have any medical condition that is Potentially causing that behavior My pup is now nine is now my pup is now Eight months but at four months i Noticed that she was people and dog Reactive at four months okay My pup is now i'm a little dyslexic my Pup is now Eight months okay your dog is eight Months old but at four months You notice she was People in dog reactive so i joined the Training group which really helped yeah Good but she still barks at dogs how do I help her be more confident Um So we want to make sure that we're using What we know what's actually going on is The dog reactive which in my definition It's still hard because there's so many So many people have different

Definitions in terms of what certain Things mean right in my Book Reactive reaction and being reactive Behavior is the dog is just overexcited The dog sees something they see another Dog they're barking like crazy and if They actually get up to the dog then They just want to play they just want to Say hi right Uh aggression is more so the dog sees Another dog they're barking they're Barking they're trying to make yourself Seem bigger skirts they don't want that Thing to come near them and if they get Close then they're left with no other Option but to bite So if we are actually talking about Reactive where the dog Is just over excited We treat it one way and if we're talking About a dog who is Um Fearful and fearful as then what leads To the aggression we treat it a little Different way so i have uh Both How to treat both things i have a video Here For how to deal with dogs that actually Have Leash aggression and then leash Reactivity I will toss in the chat here for you

If you want to take a look it's pretty Long videos like 20 minutes And see if which one of those those two Things i describe Um Sounds more Similar to what your dog is doing and Then you would follow the rules for that Um at eight months old they're still Puppy right so socialization you need to Make sure that we're keeping up oh i Should link the socialization video for You as well i would watch this Socialization is most critical the first Four months of the dog's life and then Up until 12 months um those are the the Times that it is just So critical and Um so you still have another four months We're past that very stark period right The first four months social I can't spell i think it's facebook Socialization um We're past that first four month period Nothing you can do Move on right so Now we are in the You know home stretch the eight to Twelve month period which is still very Important And socialization then Continues the rest of the dog's life so Even though right now it's very very Important it should be our main goal

It's not something that ever stops okay Should you allow a dog to mouth at you Or should you discourage this kind of Behavior i used to let my old dog do That then Do that when i was younger by mouth i Mean like letting dogs gently cheat you Yeah so this is something where this is A rule that there is no right or wrong Answer this is a rule where Um it is up to every single dog owner to Decide what do they want to allow their Dog to do If you want to allow your dog when You're playing with them and you're Rough housing with them to malibu and Put teeth on you that is perfectly fine If you want to Not allow your dog to Mouth you and put teeth on you when You're roughhousing playing with them That's also perfectly fine No matter which option you choose it's Not going to make your dog sit any Faster it's not going to make them lay Down any faster not make them stay any Longer Makes no difference this is just Something that is a personal personal Choice for what kind of behavior you Want do you want your dog to allow um The only thing i would say is that if You're going to allow your dog to mouth You for if you want to know what i used

To do with my dog he could mouth me all He wanted because he had excellent bite Inhibition Not once did that dog ever break my skin When he um Would bite down and play with me Um and that's the that's that's the only Like i guess you know line boundary That's that you need to know about Is How good is your dog's bite inhibition If we have a dog with bad bite Inhibition that when they bite down they Break the skin then then it becomes a Hard rule that okay that dog is not Allowed to Um put teeth on us for play because this Dog doesn't know how powerful his jaw is And that becomes and that dog then Becomes a danger to us humans But if you have a dog who has excellent Bite inhibition who does like you're Saying letting the dog gently mouth you And and they're doing it gently they're Not breaking the skin um I don't see a single thing wrong with Allowing the dog to Continue that behavior and i also don't See a single thing wrong with Um Stopping it if it's just something you You don't like Maybe i'll try to record him when he Growls at her

Or can i send it yeah that would be a Good thingamall if we could take a look Um You're from egypt Cool that is you're i think the first Person i've ever actually Met in my life from egypt what time is It in egypt right now I am in California And it is 4 37 p.m Right now Um if you have once you have the video This is the my My Work email there Um you can send it there Or if you have discord you can join Discord and post it in the dog training Channel i can look at both places either One is uh Either one is fine whichever one you Want to do and then Can try to get a Get a look at what's going on with your Sister see what she's doing To your poor dog Um Yeah i can't really think of anything Else That Would be causing There's something specific she's doing That is making him react that way

Um Considering the fact that Nobody else in your family is you know Getting that same reaction Um 2 30 a.m okay wow you're up late that's Those are the kind of hours i keep I don't go to actually i'll even stay up Even later i don't think i went to bed Last night to like five in the morning Yeah i'm glad you were able to catch These live streams though i did one i've Been kind of testing different times Doing Early doing late It seems like these earlier times are Better though we're getting more people So I'm Trying to still do a little bit test and Then get like a real like strict Schedule so people can Actually know when these are Going to be going um Somebody was here from ireland the other Day and i think they're in a similar Time zone as egypt there because i Remember she sails like one o'clock in The morning or something when I was asking what time it was um I was streaming around the same time Yeah so Probably gonna be Wrapping up here pretty soon if anybody

Else has any questions Feel free to let me know Going on About two hours here I'll be happy to answer um Otherwise i'll be back tomorrow Wait a little bit see if anybody has Anything they want to know Some good questions today All right well if that is the case Guys are sick of me then i will Call it a day And if you guys have any other questions That you come up with while i am Offline just leave them on the comments Below um Comments on this stream Um i will answer them tomorrow first Thing if we don't have anybody asking Okay jake has a question jake's not sick Of me Best socialization recommendations for Puppies Two to four months that's sawfish Jake if you See in the chat scroll look up about six Or seven things actually i was reposted Here so i had just posted a link for People to watch a video about Socialization i would take a look at That video there that will cover Every single thing you need to know About socialization And how to do it when the how to do it

Safely the biggest myth is that The biggest mistake people make is is Waiting too long to socialize their dogs Wait until the dog has all three sets of Shots because that's what a lot of Veteran veterinarians still recommend Which the leading Veterinary behaviorists in the world Don't any longer Socialization has to start at eight Weeks old if you wait until the dog has Three sets of shots it's too late we're Gonna have behavior problems as an adult Dog So jake maybe take a look at that video Um That will cover every single thing you Need to know about socialization Uh brian is a bad idea to give treats to Barking dogs through fences i work Around neighborhoods Um i would not recommend that anybody Feeds dogs who are not their own Treats Um Number one it's dangerous You don't know what that dog Their what their Bite inhibition is like it's a good way To Get bit yourself Um you don't know if that dog has food Allergies you don't know if that dog's a Special diet so if a dog sick and the

Human sick i would not recommend to feed Barking dogs Um Nick Hi my dog has created a fear over Hearing my washing machine he starts Panting shaking anxiety how could we go About getting him used to the noise yeah So you would want to slowly start to Desensitize him to the noise um trying To Turn it into a Good thing Um I do have a video on That and how to do it Anytime you're talking about dogs They're fearful and trying to Desensitize them it is a very slow Process and A little complicated um it's a pretty Long video it's like 16 minutes so i Would take a look at this and that will Go into um that will lay out the whole Like plan for how you treat dogs with Fear and you can just apply to the Washing machine sound so maybe take a Look at that and then if you have Specific questions about you know the Instructions there um Let me know and i will Be happy to answer them for you jake Very well push it yeah Socialization has to be done super early

Let me see if i can pull up um America What is it american Veterinary society animal behavior av Sab Um I actually haven't looked at this for Since last year i wonder if they have Anything This area new here um if they updated The Students resources Um Position statements Because i know people are going to tell Me well my vet says i gotta wait for Three sets of shots And um so many people do this and you Can't blame them because because you Take a dog to the vet right and you Assume the vet knows everything Veterinarians actually get very very Very very very little training when it Comes to behavior Of dogs and behavior problems Which is Kind of shocking right But It's true they know everything there is To know about medical stuff but when it Comes to behavior and how the behaviors Interact even now there's actually quite A big disconnect Um

To it Trying to find the puppy oh here it is Puppy socialization position statement Um And this is not written by somebody that Is just like Random people these are the leading Veterinary behaviors in the world so if Anybody is curious and anybody who's Watching this video that Um Wants to know why i recommend that we Start socialization so early at eight Weeks and that we don't wait until they Have three sets of shots That link in the chat will take you to The position statement by them and that Will you know Kind of give you some More information about why i do stress So so strongly the early socialization Um Yeah That's kind of what i figured i have to Park my huge service truck out there on The side of the road sometimes these Neighborhoods have lots of dogs which i Pretty much ignore them and carry on Yeah you're just doing your job man and You're just working and dogs are barking At you there's nothing you can do i mean That's fine if they want to bark let Them bark you know you're not you're not Doing anything wrong you're just

Doing your job um What are your opinions on that dog Whisperer on tv personally i don't like His training style it seems to border on Abusive yeah it's very abusive it is Very detrimental to the well-being of The dogs It's excellent for tv it makes excellent Television There's you know It's very exciting to watch a guy Getting dogs riled up getting watching Dogs barking at him and trying to bite Him There was actually a clip that clip of Him that Popped into my you know recommended Whatever you call it youtube Sidebar i don't know whatevers um Of i don't know when this was i didn't Even look but he had a Dog he had this woman sitting in a chair And then this big german shepherd that's Aggressive he's got a tennis racket and He's like Lunging at the woman with a tennis Racket because and the dog is going Crazy and aggressive and trying to bite Him and bark him and you know That that does absolutely nothing to to Help that poor dog like if somebody says To me okay my dog is aggressive right we Don't need to Then traumatize a dog and make the dog

Aggressive for 10 minutes that we just You should just start going right away To actually You know Helping to get rid of that aggression um It makes for great tv i i agree i was i Was rooting for him to get bit i was Watching i was waiting for the dog to Buy them it makes for great tv um Is it practical for You know People to apply these things no i mean There's a warning sign on on his shows That before they start that don't try What you're about to see um and i think That's kind of the biggest red flag If you're trying to train dogs and You're trying to help people i would Think that You'd have a warning sign at the start Of your show that says try what you're About to see like listen these methods Are easy to do they work they're safe do It Follow this please Um But yeah when you have to put a warning Sign that tells you what you're about to See don't do i think that is A Big red flag That These things are not good and a lot of Stuff he does again i have nothing

Against him personally i don't know i've Never met him i Don't have anything against him as a Person um but er but everything that he Does and all the methods he uses and Everything that he preaches is based off Of kind of what i started i was talking About the start of the live stream today Um 30 year old outdated mythology of you Know dominance theory and that you need To be the pack leader and the alpha male And the whole thing about rolling the Dogs um That one guy um champ was was asking About about really you know rolling the Dog on his side it's all stuff that is Been proven to be outdated and that We now know just doesn't work it's not How dogs think and You know we have methods that work much Better much more efficiently Much quicker as well with with zero Negative side effects So yeah I got nothing against him personally i Don't think he's doing um i think he's Like i said it's great tv but i think it Is a Very big disservice to You know dogs because a lot of people Will see it and they don't know any Better and they follow those things and Now we have these poor dogs that are you Know

Suffering because they think they're Doing something good and in reality it's Uh You know causing harm so yeah That is what i think Of that dog whisperer guy Little caesar All right guys last call second last Call i did a last call and then got a Bunch of questions so we will do one More last call I will wait another 30 seconds or so and See if Anybody uh Has anything else they would like to Know and talk about today Probably going to keep doing these Streams at this earlier time seems like We're getting uh More people for this time so Seems good So maybe around What did i start today two o'clock or so 2 30 uh pacific time probably tomorrow Get another one going for people who Have questions All right i think i am going to call it A day for uh tonight then today tonight Um Thanks everybody for watching thank you Everybody who's watching this on a Replay and i will see you guys tomorrow Have a good night