Dog Toy Hack Wobbler adapter

By | June 3, 2020

Here's simple idea so you can use smaller treats and decrease the amount of treats coming out of your toy.
You need:
plastic lid
duct tape
dog treat puzzle toy

Dog toy hack for food toys for small Treats If your small treats fall out in large Amounts You Use a plastic lid and cut a circle Bigger than the toy treat opening In the middle of the circle cut Slightly larger than the small treats Place duct tape on the edges of the Plastic circle Wipe the inside of the toy And press the plastic into place over The hole You Make sure the tape does not block the Screw threads Filled with treats and use Fewer treats will come out of the toy And the toy will last longer You If you notice that too few treats come Out and your dog starts getting Frustrated either make the hole a little Bigger or reduce the size of the treats Further