Conditioning a Bigger Elizabethan Cone Advanced (Part 2)

By | February 1, 2021

Jessie is going in surgery number 3 for her lumpectomy. She is one month shy of 14 years old! In these sessions, i am getting her comfortable with a larger E cone so she's ready for it when she has to wear it after surgery. We do a review of the process but can progress more quickly through them. She thinks it is a fun game. Check out Part 1 for the process.

So jessie's going in for her third Surgery last time last two times she Wore the smaller cone And it is short enough that she can Reach her head And just reach her ankle which is where The incision is So to prevent her from getting at it Again this time she got added a little Bit last time but This time the surgery i think is going To be a lot more because it's a larger Area so i got a deeper cone So we have to get her used to that so That she can orient around she actually Did really well with this one She was pushing it against the wall she Was happy Didn't seem to bother her this one's Going to be a bit more ordinary On her so i want to get her ready for it And be comfortable for it Long before she's ever drugged up and Disoriented So that she understands how to use it And manipulate it So we've been working on this for Probably about a week now and i've got Four more days before She goes in for surgery so we'll do some More until we get to the actual day So here's a couple of training sessions That we did Yesterday

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