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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Testifies on Biden Budget and Banking System’s Soundness

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen appeared before the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday to testify on President Biden’s 2024 budget proposal, as well as to reassure legislators and citizens that the country’s banking system remains “sound” despite the recent collapse of the second largest bank in U.S. history.[0] The government’s response to the bank failure was […]

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Warren and Porter Propose Bill to Strengthen Federal Oversight of Banks After Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank Collapse

In the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Katie Porter of California have proposed a bill that would put banks with at least $50 billion in assets back under the Dodd-Frank Act’s stringent regulations.[0] This would repeal a Trump-era banking regulation rollback that raised the […]

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