cardboard food puzzle box enrichment game

By | January 11, 2022

To make this great toy, all you need are a pair of scissors, some masking tape and a couple of pieces of light cardboard. Dd you count how many times I sad ”simple?” LOL! Enrichment game

A simple food puzzle box can be made by Some pieces of cereal cardboard boxes Or an old yogurt Box or whatever you happen to have all You need is a pair of scissors and some Simple masking tape So i'm going to start with the yogurt Box and all i'm simply going to do is Fold it in half As it is because it's perfect Exactly the way it is so just fold it in Half Cut the two halves apart And There's your starting point so what i'm Going to do is use the folded lines that Already exist in the cardboard as my Guide and i'm going to cut approximately One third Towards the middle on each of the lines They're super simple here Third this side And i'm going to trim off a little bit Of excess because you can see that this One piece is a little bit long Over the fold so i want to just trim That so that it's even with the fold Line So i'll just Do a simple trim And you don't worry about being perfect About it at all because this is a toy For your dog Now

Take that fold that you made and fold it In So that the two sides overlap More or less Exactly doesn't have to be again bang on It doesn't have to be perfect as long as It more or less lines up It's close enough we just want to make This a quick and easy thing for us to Make because our dog Is gonna destroy it anyway Here we go Okay so now we have Eight folds that we made on our piece of Cardboard Really simple so all we do is start at One end and i'm going to start at the Smaller end just so that that's the Middle of the box and simply fold it in To the next half of the box And do the same thing with that so that The flaps are on the outside and the Last one the flaps are on the outside Next we're going to take some pieces of Tape that we've already ripped Off the masking tape and simply Apply them to keep the box together On the one corner where there's an Opening that's where we're going to make A little Cut And Well just fold this back and that makes The opening where the treats can come

Out when your dog flips it around Let me just finish adding a couple more Pieces of tape We'll load it up it's really super Simple just load it up with Some food in here A couple of pieces oh and i need one More piece of tape To tape this closed so that it's not too Easy for the dog to get it out we do Want it to be somewhat of a challenge so That's what it looks like And then we give it to our dog and She has a lot of fun with it It'll probably take her anywhere between Five minutes and 10 minutes to kick it All around some dogs get really Have some fun applying it other dogs Will grab it and pull it apart doesn't Matter it's for the dog so the dog gets To do with it what she wants just keep An eye on her and make sure that she Doesn't eat the cardboard if she's of That kind of dog As you can see lucy knows what to do With it You