Can you guess these dog breeds? | Why they’re staying with Uncle Stonnie

By | November 5, 2022

How about a fun question and answer game? Answer two simple questions in the comments section below: What breeds of dogs are these and why are they staying with Uncle Stonnie for obedience training and socialization?

Post your answers below!

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Let's go all right guys welcome back to The Bluegrass we're going to walk a Couple of dogs and I'm going to let you Write in the comments what kind of dogs They are and you know what it's like to Train them or manage them at a boarding Kennel okay we will start off with this Dog this dog's name is Tucker right okay So at any point you can stop the video And uh write down in the comment section What kind of dog Tucker is and what it's Like to train them like what are the Considerations what's my methodology What's my uh session and repetition Schedule looked like does this kind of Dog look like he would do better in warm Weather weather or cold weather okay now We'll switch all right now here's the Dog I think some of you guys might might Know what this is this is a I'm gonna Give you a little hint this is a popular Mix right now and it's a it's a mix of One of my most popular dogs with a dog That's in one of my most popular videos Right this dog's name is Lottie Lottie Is awesome the particular mix that makes Up this dog I think out of all the mixes That they're doing right now uh it's Top Notch okay I think it's just a really Good mix in terms of giving you a big Friendly outgoing dog that alleviates Some of the health issues that are Associated with each individual breed Let's see who else I have here uh come

On Oscar very nice okay So we have Oscar okay watch out Lonnie We have Oscar Oscar uh if I didn't have Uh Labs you know like maybe as I get Older and I can't you know load my big Dogs up as easily you'll see my channel Switch over to having a bunch of these These have also been in some of my more Popular videos Oscar is an awesome dog I Will give you a little hint Oscar is a Dog bred uh to kind of run out in front Of hunters and zigzag and flush Birds Okay now there are two kind of Variations of this dog and um This is the variation that can come to My kennel and there's another variation That we don't watch because they have a Lot of trouble and I'm too old to be Having problematic dogs here easy Okay who else can I walk come here for a Second Now you notice yeah this dog just got a Little bit of some leaves rattled over There and went to blow off and she got Or he got excited and he darted off that Direction that's a Hallmark of a Flushing dog so if you're going to get a Flushing dog Make sure that you understand Their breed specific traits and Tendencies okay here's a Labrador Retriever his name is Caleb And so I went ahead and gave you that One for free Caleb's pretty good but

Let's talk a second about types of Labrador retrievers because Caleb is a Yellow lab Hey Seymour what are you doing Let me come over here and find Seymour All right hey Seymour come here Okay so here we have come here batboy Here we have Seymour I'll go ahead and Walk him up here and turn him around Cameraman so you can see him All right so see more Is He's a yellow lab too but you can write In the comments section like what they Call a yellow lab that looks like this Okay also tell me what is it like to Train a yellow lab that looks like this Okay uh you know if you if you get just Guessing you can go on my channel hey Come here nerd you can go on my channel And see hundreds of videos of me Training them so you shouldn't have to You shouldn't have to work too hard to Figure that out now I got I might have To go get this dog but I got one more Dog over there maybe two more that would Be interesting for this exercise uh let Me go I'll be right back Calypso what are you doing Very nice Oh I got two more I can watch cameraman That's right okay let me run around here Okay now cameraman was just on a dog It's a mixed breed uh and I'll be

Interested to see what kind of mixed Breed you think that is watch out Kayla Now this very interesting case give you A couple of little hints this doll comes From an area where they're Multi-generational feral dogs okay so uh If you look at this guy right this guy's Survivability in real life is less than Zero okay now if this dog got put in she Would she lives on a big nice farm right Now but if she got put in a bad Situation right uh she pretty cat-like She's probably going to be able to Survive her name is Calypso which is a It's another hint as to what kind of dog That she is very nice Ah now Uh it's interesting extra thing to talk About what do you think kind of problems Can a well-intentioned person run into When they bring a puppy even though it's A puppy right so you still have all of Your socialization windows open you Still have all the the training that you Can do what kind of problems do you Think might arise taking a Multi-generational mixed breed dog right Into a highly social Farm environment Okay so I'll be anxious to see you know What you think about that and then also Like this dog if you'll notice like the Just kind of her movement kind of Reminds you a little bit almost like a Cat Okay so think about running a dog

Kennel where most of the dogs that we See are actually dogs that are bred to Do jobs in conjunction with handlers and We get most of our dogs young what do You think I have to change in terms of My Approach and my expectations to uh You know make inroads with this dog Considering what her problem is right so That's two questions like what's your Problem right okay and then what Considerations do I have to take to help Her like live her best life because Where she lives is about uh as awesome As a place where anybody could live but If she keeps doing what she's doing She's not going to get to live there Very much longer and that's a big Problem so we got to help her one way or Another okay and I have one more dog Let's see if I can round her up she's Over there Running and playing Sadie come on We have one more dog That I want to walk and I think a lot of You are gonna have a pretty good Understanding of what this dog Oh what I think it's mixed with oh Granted what I think it's mixed with and Uh what it's here for And also let's talk about for this dog What's his problem number one how did it Get here and in number two like what Modifications do I have to make to my

Normal daily activities to help this dog Maximize its potential now this dog Lives in a sub-optimal environment like Calypso wherever she went Perfect environment it was on a giant Farms lots of people coming and going Everybody's nice to her you know so like Theoretically like she couldn't really Find a better place to live this dog Lives in a big city in Virginia as Sub-optimal for this type of dog okay so So let's think about those questions Right what kind of dog is it do you Think and then why is it here that's Super important and then how we're going To modify our training routine to help The dog realize its full potential but More importantly what kind of advice are We going to give this dog's owner to Ensure that the dog continues to make Progress when it goes home even though Its home environment is not not really The perfect environment for this kind of Dog and you know like we all find Ourselves in those situations right I Mean we're all like none of us really Just get to live the perfect fairy tale Life we think we deserve right so we Have to make do you know we have to make The best of our situations and so Calypso and Sadie you see Calypso back There notice how she's like always like Perched up and watching she's really Skeptical why is that what do you think

Genetically makes that dog so skeptical Okay and then what do you what is it you Think genetically that makes this dog Hard to manage like in a city or in the Suburbs okay all right well that's a lot Of stuff to work on for the weekend I Just thought you might want to do some Interactive stuff I'll check back Monday And uh we'll see what y'all came up with