Blue Banana’s come to Market

By | November 9, 2022

Blue banana’s are being sold now

This is called an Achilles banana I get Them from a exotic uh fruit distributor And it's an it's an unusual type of Banana they're blue and the the thing About the Achilles banana is that They're grown in very cold climates Um tastes pretty much like a banana but Have more like a pineapple taste to them Pineapple strawberry They look they look like a regular Banana they're um I believe they're called an Achilles Banana because they they can't handle Warm temperatures so they're they're Very unlike a normal banana they're um They look very much similar to any Banana They do have more of a um You know like a Well they they don't they don't smell Like a regular banana they that their Texture is similar it's very similar The same but they're just blue