Best Friends Forever ~ I love My Jack Russell Jesse ♥❤♥

By | May 8, 2019

Who are Heather and Jesse? Just a glimpse into our lives and who my amazing little man, Jesse, is! Every day with Jesse, since the day we first met, we have been inseparable! Jesse is a happy and healthy Jack Russell Terrier who thrives on adventure! Jesse has brought so much happiness and joy into my life from the moment our eyes met and I knew we were destined to be best friends forever. He inspires me so much on a daily basis and encourages me to live life to the fullest~ Jesse loves life and always has such a happy big smile on his face and a prance in his step; his zest and happiness for life is contagious!
There is never such a thing as a bad day with Jesse by my side. Jesse is my heart dog, my best friend, and constant companion through all of life's adventures and experiences. He is my World and every day with him by my side is the best day ever! ♥❤♥

Jesse absolutely loves adventure, exploring new places, going for car rides, learning tricks together, playing games, visiting our favorite place together; the beach!, and so much more! Jesse is such an amazing little guy and he has changed my life for the better in so many ways. He has taught me so much, saved my life on many occasions, and makes every activity 100% better with him right by my side. He has such devotion, heart, and charisma in everything he does. Just being around Jesse is happiness to me; I love him with every beat of my heart.❤

Happiness to us is so many amazing things! Happiness to us is wet kisses, yummy treats, exploring new places, playing in the Ocean and digging in the sand, fun tricks that strengthen our bond, long walks with just us, and at the end of the day cuddling up together watching a movie on the couch and sleeping curled up under the covers with Jesse's head on the pillow. ♥ Jesse understands me better than most people. He knows exactly what I am saying when I talk to him. He has such intelligence in his eyes and our communication and understanding together is like we are old souls who have always known each other; even from the moment we first met. ❤
I owe it all to him! Thank you so much Jesse for being the best friend I ever could have wished for. So many years of waiting, hoping, and praying for a little pup of my very own ever since I was a little girl was all worth the wait. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so very much Jesse!~ ♥❤♥
We hope you enjoy our video and adventures together as a team~
~Heather and Jesse~

Jesse is taught with positive reinforcement and relationship-based training. He loves learning and has so much fun figuring things out. We have so much fun together in whatever activity we participate in!
Music by: Kevin MacLeod ”Life of Riley” His music is under Creative Commons License.
Note: We had a lot of fun making this video showcasing our relationship and how we live our lives together as a team! ♥♥ Heather and Jesse; Best Friends Forever!
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