Balloon Popping Jack Russell 🎈 ~ Happy Birthday Jesse!

By | March 21, 2019

Jesse absolutely LOVES balloons! 🎈 He loves to keep them up in the air, pop them, and of course shake their deflated bodies to make sure they are dead. He is so funny, and can keep a balloon up in the air all by himself. 🎉 March is Jesse's Birthday month, so we broke out the balloons to celebrate! Jesse also got lots of pressies, a doggie cake, we went for a long walk to get a puppachino and jerky, played some games, agility, and tricks together, and after a day full of fun, we cuddled up on the bed to watch our favorite dog movie together. ♥❤♥I love you Jesse, Happy Birthday! You are the BEST friend I ever could have wished for~ We have so many more adventures and memories to make together as a team! ♥❤♥
We hope you enjoy!
~Heather and Jesse~

Music by: Josh Woodward ”Dead Code”
Kevin MacLeod ”Gold Rush”

Music used is under Creative Commons License.

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A ghost and still alive [Music]