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Foreign All right Looks good looks good A little another little live stream Today questions and answers See What people have to uh Ask today I do have a little something Planned for the start Of [Music] Um The stream today until we Get people in here that I'm gonna go Over in just a second getting These last few things Um Sorted Um then We'll get into it um I thought today Would be fun to do to get started Um Was to kind of like do an online Shopping list for getting a new dog or a New puppy because I mean Everybody buys everything online Nowadays Um and I actually haven't Done this since you know like a full new Dog setup um basically since I got my Own dog you know 10 12 years ago Um So I thought it might be a fun little Thing to do

To kind of see uh you know show people What they actually need when it comes to Time to get a puppy get a dog like a Little puppy shopping checklist And also Um how much alcohol nowadays to Um Haley lazy Um to you know Get a dog Um because dogs are expensive and dog Products are Are expensive as well So I will wait just a few a little bit See if we get a few more people to pop In here And then I will Go shopping and see what we can find for Our Puppies Um let me swap Over To This so hopefully everybody can see me Good Looks good looks good okay So let's get started here so I guess probably the easiest quickest Way for looking to do a full shopping List for our puppy we'll get a new puppy Ride we want to buy everything one shot Um Amazon I don't know Amazon's probably The quickest easiest way to go about it Um so yeah so let's kind of go down the

List of What do we need for a dog for a new Puppy Um What do we start off with uh let's start Off with the actual setup right so we Want to make sure that we have a pen now We're going to an area we're going to be Able to confine the dog to I'm not a big Fan of crates I always prefer we use a x Pen something like this now a lot of These come in different heights Um you know depending on how big the dog Is going to be you always want to make Sure you get one that's going to last You probably at least till a dog is six Months old so if you have a large breed Dog I would always buy uh the bigger Size so that you know one time or you're Not buying it twice I like the metal Kind a lot better than something like This Right anything like this that is cloth And material the dog can very easily Chew on and Um that's not what we want ones like This that are metal are really really Really good because the dogs obviously Can't chew on them and get through them So something like this is probably good Um let's say we have a medium-sized dog Or a large let's say we have a large Breed dog so let's let's do one of these All right so toss that in there all

Right so we have our X pen what's the Next thing we need Um we need to have a bed in there My human bed come on dog bed We want to make sure we have a dog bed Because I need a nice place to lay and Rest Um dog beds you know are something that It's one of the areas where I would not Be cheap on Um hey Jess Carol I will get your Comments in just a little bit Um I do see you guys there Um dog beds are definitely something That you want to make sure your dog has A good one something nice because think About especially puppies think about how Much time dogs spend you know sleeping And that's what puppies do you know 20 Hours a day at the start Um so you want to make sure they have a Good a good one Um something like this maybe Orthopedic Foam would be good Um Yeah something like this you know it's Always important that you get one that Has Um that like this where it has a cover It can be unzipped because your puppy's Gonna have an accident they're gonna pee On it they're gonna poop on it there's Gonna get dog food and toys and slobber All over it so having the zippers really

Easy we can just Um unzip it throw it in the wash and we Are good to go so yeah I think one of These will work we'll add that in there Just getting a new puppy adds up quick I Already had 100 bucks and we only have Two things Um okay so we have our pen we have our Dog bed next thing um I would do is dog Bowls right I always talk about how I Hate dog bowls we don't I always prefer We feed dogs meals out of toys instead And puzzle toys Um for their dinner and breakfast However the one exception to that is Puppies I would I'm okay with feeding Puppies when they're super young Um super young you know up to about four Months out of bowls just because we just Want them to eat and then you know go Back to sleep get back to Growing Um bowls are something where you know I Was saying beds you want to make sure You always get a good one Um bowls can be cheap we don't need Anything fancy I would get metal because Metal is easier to clean Um plastic bowls dogs will be likely to Chew on them so metal is a lot better These are nice with the little uh rubber Around the edges puppies get very Excited when they eat when they drink Their water you put the food down and They go running at it and if you don't

Have those little rubber guards the bowl Is going to go sliding all across the Floor when they're trying to get in There Um So something like this would probably Work and that's kind of nice A little Two pack so we have one for water one For food We'll Chuck that in there Um so we got our bowls we Need dog food puppy food next Um let's see puppy food we want to make Sure we get something really really good My default brands are either Blue Buffalo or Wellness Remember if you have a large breed puppy A puppy who as an adult dog is going to Be 65 pounds or more as an adult they Should be on a large breed puppy food Otherwise any any kind of puppy food is Fine Um Let's say we have a large breed puppy so We'll go for a 30 pound bag of this Uh Let's see we don't want We want a one-time purchase let's do That So we'll add that in All right so we got our food we got our Bowls we got our X pen we got our dog Bed what else do we need well we need

Pee pads if we're going the route of the Exped pee pads for dogs I should put I Think it just defaults to dogs hopefully Um P-pads are something where you can be Cheap on as well because they're you Know we're throwing these things away or Going through a lot of them every day so We don't need to do anything fancy we Don't need you know The dogs to be peeing on and pooping on Organic pee pads they can pee on Anything that works just look for Probably whatever is the best value 100 Count here Um Maybe glad it's actually I've never seen This brand before Glad is our it's the trash bags isn't it Um 100 count oh wow up to 300 count you Could probably do uh so how many pads do You need Um probably go through like three a day Four a day depending so you know Depending on how fast your dog becomes Trained Maybe I would just do a one-time One-time 200 pack We'll do that Add that in there And let's see what we are up to we get That add the cart Did it update okay cool okay x-pen bad Bulls food pee pads what else do we need

We need some dog toys That's very important Um I don't really like the plush toys Especially for puppies because they will Chew on them and they can you know tear Them up when you're not there we don't Want the dog eating the stuffing we Don't want the dog eating tiny pieces of Cloth so Um let's start with a Kong we always Want to have Kongs and I would actually Buy a couple because It's important that Um You can Give the dog multiple ones when we need Them to do something so having multiples You can have them already pre-filled and Then when it's time to give the dog Something you need to be behaving you Just whip the Kong out of the freezer or Whatever it is so we want to make sure We get the puppy kind right the the Rubber is color coded by Um by softness Um It's color coded by softness Um So blue and pink is super soft all right And this is what we want to get for our Puppies so let's go with a medium we'll Work we'll get that in there red is the Next level up and then black is for Super hard for like the adult dogs all

Right so we have our Kong toys Um I would like another few puzzle toys Though I would probably like to have Four total puzzle toys for dogs just so I can kind of rotate them out Um make some easier ones for the puppy Let's see what's this one looking like This is a good little one here Two pack that we'll do We'll get that in there good okay Um well what else do we need we need Something to put in those puzzle toys Now Puppy treats So already we are up to almost 300 bucks And I think we're probably a little over Halfway but we still have a few more Things where we've got to get here Um Puppy bites so you want to try different Types puppies any dog uh can be picky With what they like not all dogs are Gonna like the same flavors that's why There's so many different types of Treats Um and treats these are something where You don't you know I food we want to Spend a lot of money we we don't want to Skimp on food don't be cheap on the food Treats doesn't really matter treats Should only be 10 of a dog's diet so you Can be cheap on treats uh we don't need Anything super super fancy Puppy soft bites let's do these

Um one time we'll add those in What else can we do Let's add in Some jerky type treats these are really Good these are my my go-to for actual Actual training because you can take These take take your scissors and cut These they're kind of hard to rip but if You take scissors Um you can cut these into tiny tiny Little pieces this will be my go-to Training treat Um let's do that I would get some liver treats as well as My other go-to go-to training treat Liver treats and jerky you can do Chicken jerky duck jerky anything like That these are the And they come in there's beef liver and I think there's lamb as well Beef All right so we're going to add in these So we have our two types of training Treats our beef and our jerky We've got our puppy bites that we can Shove into the puzzle toy I think we Need a few more things for the puzzle Toys though puzzle toy filling For dogs let's get a Kong Um Let's get the Kong spray dog Kong Spray what do you call it spray cheese Yeah this is really good for people will Put use real human peanut butter to fill

Up the toys I'm not the biggest fan of Doing that because you know real peanut Butter has all can have a lot of sugar Can have a lot of salt which is not Great for dogs this stuff is Specifically made for dogs peanut butter Flavor So let's add in a two pack Add to cart all right so we've got our Two training treats we've got our Filling for the Kongs we've got our Puppy bites we can shove in the congas As well let's see what we're up to here So we have our treats our toys our pee Pads our food our bowls our bed Um our pen what else do we need we Should start getting dogs used to having A teeth brushed from the time they are Very young dog toothbrush So I would probably just buy the little Finger brushes These are these are cool I actually Haven't seen these before a little like Disposable ones I guess Hi gray finger toothbrush disposable oh Cool all right those will work 50 count Uh You can get multiple uses out of these I Don't think we need to be you know these Are one-time uses I think eight counts Is fine you can like probably do one a Week I would imagine so we're not going For the 50 eights will Work we'll do that add to cart

Um And then if we're brushing our dog's Teeth did that get on there let's see Let's see let's see if that got on there We also need dog toothpaste we never use Human toothpaste human toothpaste is Toxic to dogs so always human toothpaste Um toothpaste again that doesn't have to Be anything Crazy Special or expensive let's go for a Basic one here this looks good bad Breath tartar plaque buildup any type of Product that is going in our dog's mouth That our dog is eating we wanted to make Sure it is made in the USA country of Origin USA good Um we'll add that in there Okay so we got our dog toothpaste dog Toothbrush how are we taking our dogs Out we need collars we need leashes and We need a harness again collars Harnesses leashes there's lots of fancy Ones you can get custom ones engraved You can get custom design if you want to Get a super fancy one you know diamonds Whatever you can do that it's fine it Doesn't doesn't matter if it's Um if you just want something basic for Training I always just like the super Basic light nylon ones especially for Puppies you know we just want something At the start very very light we don't Want prawn colors ever that's a big

No-No that's uh A little unfortunate that first thing When you type in dog collar that you get Is the prong collar Um Well I guess it's sponsored that's why It's an ad Um yeah something just super simple Though if it was me I'll just go for Something really simple Like this Um just a little leather nylon or not Leather a little nylon collar that is Adjustable Um And we get started with that what do we Say we have we have a medium dog we'll Go for one of these eight bucks can't go Wrong there we need a leash Dog unleash Um Again at least kind of the collar you Don't have to do anything super fancy Just get something basic standard Leashes are four foot and six feet Lengths I think six feet is always the Best four feet is a little short you Don't really just have it you don't have Enough room for the dog to go out and Explore your your um you know it's They're just a little they're a little Too close to me at four feet so I was Like six feet maybe something just like This

Strong durable nylon Yeah something like that can work six Feet five feet We'll stick with six feet what color do We want red what color was the color Color is blue maybe we should Get a blue leash to match let's do that We'll put that in there All right we want to start teaching our Dog from a young age not to pull so we Do need to get a harness because Remember when you're training the dog to Not pull we use a harness and a collar At the same time Um dog harness no pull so let's find our Go-to where is it here we go pet safe Remember the nipple harness the leash Always attaches on the chest of the dog So that way when the dog goes to pull it Turns them sideways makes it physically Impossible for the dog to pull Um medium already set good we'll add in That Okay let's take a look at what we've got So far up to 400 bucks for our starting Dog stuff we've got our harness we've Got our leash we've got our collar our Dog uh toothpaste toothbrushes puzzle Toys or puzzle toy treats training Treats one more little treats we decided To get for our puzzle toys Um we actually need a few more dog toys We really don't have enough Because remember puppies are going to be

Chewing on everything so we actually do Want to have a few more toys that we can Get so let's we'll look for some more Toys we have our pee pads we have our Food bowls bed Um X pen I think we do need a few more like I said puppy toys plush toys are okay if You're gonna supervise the dog I just Don't want to us to ever leave them Alone Um with the unsupervised these are Actually some pretty good wow these Like 20 pack these are really good look At this 18 pack for 26 bucks wow Um Okay let's we'll see what else I got Actually Don't buy the first one Um These are some pretty nice things here Maybe something like this this will give Us a nice assortment of toys there's Rope toys which are really good for dogs When they're teething it's really good To try to to redirect them with those Good for tug of war these are kind of Cute I like a little little donut a Little star so this would be good gives You the different sizes five inches yeah That's pretty that's actually pretty Good Um Pretty good spread that's a that's big

11 inches for the Rope toys you've got a Little bit smaller ones so why do we do This then we are set with um what are The different styles Then we're set with our toys all right That's a really good deal actually 18 Bucks for all those toys that's really Really good Um I wouldn't leave all these toys down For the dog at all time I would rotate Them so you know 18 toys is a lot every Day we pick three of these toys and Those are the ones that the dog is gonna Get three or four four is okay Um and then the next day we pick them up And we put down a different four and Then a different four every day and we Just kind of rotate them and this way The dog will be really excited every Time they they you know get a toy They're going to think is something Brand new they've never seen before once It's in that rotation Um Another thing just came to mind if we Are taking our dogs out for walks we Need poop bags Hope that shows for dogs yeah defaults For dogs good Um Two bags probably get biodegradable We'll we'll Care about the environment today let's Find some biodegradable ones

Um Earth rated poop bags brown box these Are probably biodegradable let's see Value pack leak proof leak proof very Important that's probably the most Important thing right we don't want to Be walking around and things are Dripping out All right let's do these how many do we Get wait 15 oh 15 per roll okay uh 270 Bags 18 rolls That will work for us We'll add in some poop bags All right let's see what are we missing Are we gonna break 500 bucks 449 we're Close Um Poop backs toys harness collar leash Toothpaste toothbrush Um We've got our toys we've got our pee Pads we got our food our bowls our bed Our X-pen or pen Um A couple grooming things we do want to Get some dog brushes there's two Depending on what kind of dog you have What kind of coat they have there's two You're going to want to get the first One is Um dog brush Zoom Groom so dogs that Have undercoats and um coats that and Then the top coat that sheds you won't Have two brushes once you get the top

Coat once you get the undercoat the Zoom Groom I swear to God this thing looks You think this thing is useless in that It's not going to do anything but this Is the most amazing brush for getting The top coat out you will be shocked at How much hair This gets out um of any dog with a top Coat and that that's those big long Strands okay that comes out Um it is Really amazing that's what it looks like On the other side it's just rubber Fairly hard rubber uh but it is amazing For the for the dog's top coat yeah Fantastic for my dog's top coat really Really really really good so you want to Get this one and then we want four dogs To shed um Or have an undercoat we want to get a Ferminator For dogs and this thing gets out the Entire undercoat it's really cool when You start brushing your dog and you do This you'll see the two different Um You'll actually see the difference of Hair between the undercoat and the top Coat so all the furminators are all the Exact same the way the blade works the Only difference is the size so the Bigger the firminator just the less Strokes you're going to need we'll go With we said we were going to have a

Medium large dog when they're an adult So we will go for this one 33 bucks it's actually on sale we like a Good deal So we've got that Um let's take a final look 497. we're close we're almost at that 500 Mark Um and this is this this list is stuff That is you know I these are just the Basics that are required for a dog Nothing here is anything that I'm like Going overboard with and I'm not picking Like the most expensive things right I'm Getting fairly as cheap as stuff as Possible it's eight bucks for caller Eight bucks for a leash you know value Pack of toys for 20 bucks like I'm Trying to be very conservative and Looking and you know Making this as inexpensive as possible But dogs are expensive getting a dog for The first time like you're seeing here We're basically at 500 bucks for you Know the initial setup Um am I missing anything here I think that's probably about it We've got our pen inside the pen goes The bed the bowls I got our food for the bowls Waters Water our pads we have four different Puzzle toys that we're gonna use for When we want the dog to to you know Behave and give them something to do

We've got our treats that we can put Inside the puzzle toys and also use for Actual training right because we want to Start obedience training socialization Exposure Um toothbrushes toothpaste our collar Our leash our harness our other toys Which we're going to be rotating through Um our poop bags when we're out on our Walks and our brushes So let me just think real quick dog Products see if anything else I'm Missing comes to mind But I'm pretty sure that's it oh for the Car Um Cards do you need a car seat belt for Dogs Um It's probably it's probably the safest Thing because if you are in a car and You know you slam on the brakes the Dog's gonna go flying so a dog's seat Belt is not like You know it's a good idea that or this Is the one time I would use a crate is Inside the car and putting the dog Inside uh inside the car in a crate Um but that's kind of optional maybe Maybe you're a really good driver you Can we can Go for no seat belt for now Um we'll skip that to get started Um this is like this is a pretty basic

One though 10 bucks it's not bad Okay we're not that good of a driver We're actually gonna get a seat belt Just to be safe let's uh let's add that In all right so get our dog seat belt Um Let's see anything else just some kind Of going through some random Recommended things I think I think I hit It all though oh flea and tick Medication Um we can add that in I'm not crazy About the topical ones I always prefer The uh I think the oral ones just are More effective Um and normally you can just get those To your vet the Comfortis so it's the One I always used to use Comfortis I Think is about 100 bucks Or so Comfortis Flea dogs let's see how much is it these Days it's been like two years since I Bought it Since I've had my dog 100 bucks all Right so we've got to add on 100 bucks To remember Um oh I know something that I forgot Very bad me dogs are going to have Accidents and when dogs have accidents It has to be cleaned up uh sorry it's Very hard for me to type and talk at the Same time Um Whenever a dog has it goes pee there is

An enzyme in the dog's urine that Attracts the dog to go back to the same Spot so it's very very important that When we clean up our accidents that we Use something to break down the enzyme In that urine so that the dog doesn't Come back to the same spot okay so the One thing that does it is this is Nature's Miracle this is a must your dog Is going to have accidents doesn't Matter how good you are Um I had accidents with my dog and I was Professional all right you're going to Have accidents nobody is going to ever Have a puppy in the and house train them Without having accidents so Nature's Miracle we definitely need this whenever The dog has an accents you take your Paper towels cloth whatever we wipe it Up and then Nature's Miracle On Top let It soak for a little bit and then you Wipe it up it's there's different ones That are made for different materials This one's for leather there's ones for Hardwood this one's for tile Um so no matter where your dog has an Accident there is a Nature's Miracle That will clean it up for carpet for for Everything so I just got the basic one 13 bucks all right we will do that Let's go back real quick okay I think That now maybe I got everything Um stuff like this like extra Supplements right so I think extra

Supplements can be really good they're They're optional if you are going to do A supplement Um There's the only two that I probably Would ever do Um strictly is like a fish oil so Salmon Oil Um something like this would be good You know what we want our dog to be Really happy really healthy let's just Go for it we're going to do this a Little salmon oil We'll add that in and this goes on top Of the food some of them some of them You'll have to read whichever one you Get Summer once a day summer twice a day Um But I think it is this is this is the One supplement that would be worth doing So we'll add that in why not Add it into the cart and One last look before we get our total Here puppy Stuff puppy things let's see I just want To random things to get recommended see What if I forgot anything Um We've got toys we've got treats we've Got food we got our car seat just in Case or our car Buckle we got our pee Pads we've got our flea medication we Got our food already Um

We got our treats Shampoo uh yeah you should probably get Some shampoo I guess just in case you uh Are going to be needing to give your dog A bath There's no there's really no reason you Got to take your dog to a groomer your Puppy to a groomer at a super young age So well I didn't we'll find a shampoo After this we'll add that in we have our Brushes we have our pee pads we have a Leash already let's go one more page and Then I think we find the shampoo and Then probably call it there and see what Our total ended up being we don't need a Stroller for our dogs they're cute I Mean you can get one if you want but I Probably you would not see me pushing a Puppy down the street in that Um choose oh you know what let's get a Couple shoes just to be safe Let's get a deer antler for our puppy Because deer anthers are a very good Thing for dogs to chew on they last Forever dogs love them you always want Any kind of chew you always want to make Sure you get one that is like a size Bigger than you think you actually need So let's say we have a medium-sized dog They probably can be okay with six to Eight but we want to just make sure that There's no choking hazard especially as It gets down to the end when it gets Down to the end I just take it away I

Don't let the dog finish these fully Um so the bigger it is then you know Just to see if it gets towards the end Um they're expensive but they last a Very very long time This is another good shoe we've got There and then what did I say we need Shampoo [Music] Um A little dog shampoo again that doesn't Have to be anything super crazy fancy we Just get a nice little like well puppies Can be Um Puppy shampoo you want to start with a Puppy shampoo because puppies do have Sensitive skin so let's do a puppy Shampoo This looks kind of cool two in one Shampoo conditioner get a nice little Soft coat going they have different uh Flavors or not flavors uh scents Lavender oatmeal With aloe vera what do we like lavender Oatmeal let's go oatmeal We'll put that in there Okay Let's do our last dog Stuff let's do one more one more look Anything else that I'm forgetting pretty Sure I got it all now Um Toys we've got food we've got

Seat cover we don't really need a seat Cover that's the seat cover is super Optional I would just put a little cheek Put a little towel down if you're Worried about your car getting Um ripped up which which you should be I Mean if you have a car with leather Seats your dog's claws will absolutely Scratch it and we'll we'll ruin it Um so I would put something down Um do you have a nice car because you Don't want your car getting destroyed by The dog's nails Um but I don't think you need anything This fancy I think just honestly I just Used I used to use beach towels I would Throw beach towels down on the back of My back seat of my car and that's where My dog would go and they got the job Done just fine Um ear wipes uh you don't really need Ear wipes nail clippers I don't think You actually need no Clippers I think It's a lot easier just to take your dog To the vet you most vets will just let You walk in and they'll you know clip The dog's nails 10 bucks That'll just take them to the groomers Um we got our toothpaste we got our bed We got our toys Clickers we don't need shock collars we Definitely don't need Um we don't need a hat

Yeah I think this is pretty much we'll Go on our page just to see just in case Something pops up that I'm missing Rawhide we never want to give our dogs Rawhide right is a very bad thing for Dogs very hard for them almost Impossible for them to digest it can Cause foreign body obstructions if you Need a hard chew that's what the deer Anther is for or you can do a bully Stick as well and we'll get a bully Stick let's add a bully stick I think And then That's it all right I think we got Everything we need one more chew just to Be safe just because we don't want the Puppy uh Chewing the couch chewing whatever we'll Get a little multi-pack here this is the Best alternative to rawhides Um Again similar to the deer antlers we Want to make sure we always get a size Bigger than we think we need You can you really can't go too big it's Kind of expensive 59 bucks but you get Quite a few let's go for this one seven Inches all right One time okay so remember I said we Needed the flea medication which well I Don't think the flea medication is on This site There's some sites you can actually oh No we don't want uh

Beds um Comfortis dogs Um I don't think you can get it through Here there's some sites where like you Can you know submit your vet's uh Prescription or whatever and they'll Fill it for you yeah I don't think you Can do it through Amazon they're not Quite there yet Um But we'll just add in something that's 100 bucks we said Comfort is 100 bucks Let's just find something close to 100 Bucks Just so we get our final final total Because Math is not my strong suit I want to try To figure out how much we're actually up To is there anything here for 100 bucks 43 38 All right 88 close enough we will just Put this one So I don't really like Frontline we're Just going to pretend this is the Comfortis the oral medication that you Get from your vet all right what are we Up to Um I don't have an account on here let's See go to cart all right so our grand Total is 712 dollars This is and I was being very Conservative this is the amount of money That you are going to need to spend if You are getting a new puppy or a new dog

For the first time all right flea Medication dog chews dog shampoo the a Supplement supplements optional 26 bucks Though but I would do it it's for their Health Nature's Miracle for cleaning up Accidents a dog car seat the dog brushes For grooming dog poop bags dog toys Harness leash collar toothpaste and Toothbrush training treats and and Filling for puzzle toys Puzzle toys pee pads food bowls bed and X-pen all right 700 bucks Um A lot of people who are thinking of Getting dogs you know or puppies don't Realize the expense don't realize what It actually costs to get set up you know Like oh those little cute puppies it'll Be easy let's let's go get them Um but dogs are expensive you know and a Lot of stuff here is things that are Going to be recurring costs keep that in Mind this is this is not just one time For the rest of the dog's life there's Stuff that is recurring fleeing tick Medication the rest of the dog's life Chew toys forever shampoo forever Um Nature's Miracle not forever Um brushes last you yeah those last Forever toys you're gonna be buying toys For your dog throughout their life Because they're going to be destroying Them harnessing calling leash those last A very long time toothpaste is something

You know forever dog treats are Something that's going to be adding up Forever Um food forever food is always gonna be The most expensive thing you know nearly 70 bucks for a single bag of food Depending on the dog you can estimate Roughly a bag of food per month Um maybe more if you have a big dog Maybe less if you have a smaller dog Um But yeah so I wanted to do this because I think this is a good way to kind of You know show people who are thinking of Getting puppies thinking of getting dogs You know a little checklist of Everything that you should get that you Need to get Um and then just to really give you a Real cost And real idea of what you need to be Prepared to spend in order to you know Uh set your dog up So yeah Um hopefully that will Be helpful to people Um I see a bunch of people in the chat Let me get set up here and start Answering your guys's questions I just Wanted to get this uh Started today and do this first Um while people came in hopefully People are still around to listen Um if if I didn't answer your question

If you ask questions and you left and Then uh hopefully you'll see on the Replay I will be answering your questions Let me just pull them up here Okay uh Jess can you talk about pet Insurance and what one you would Recommend if possible yeah so pet Insurance is something that you know Kind of comes down to everybody's Individual you know financial situation Um If you can afford you know if money is Not an issue and you can afford anything That your dog is going to need when it Comes to vet bills then you don't really Need pet insurance right Um Vet bills get expensive a trip to the Vet can just just to walk in the office Is usually 75 to 100 bucks you have some Kind of major surgery you're looking at Three thousand two to three thousand Dollars um teeth cleaning 1500 bucks You know your dog breaks a leg or Something really catastrophic anywhere From six to ten thousand dollars so it Gets expensive Um depending on the pet insurance you Have people have different deductibles Different you know Um different coverages the one I had When my dog when I had a dog It covered up to 90 percent of the dogs

Uh 90 per Visit per symptom whatever it was Um And I I forget what my deductible I Think it was like a thousand dollar Deductible and then I had it I had it Set to and then it covered everything Um everything after that Um So I don't have one that I specifically Could recommend But pet insurance Um it can save you a lot it saved me you Know when my dog had surgery when he was Eight to nine months old Um And it saved me uh he ate part of a Cloth towel got stuck in the stomach in Intestines they had to cut it open to Get them all out stitch them back up Um it was a six seven thousand dollar Surgery and I only paid ten percent then So pet insurance can be really good Um I don't have one specifically that I Can recommend but what I would say is You know just get some quotes from a Different ones and see which ones are it Gives you the best deal Carol my dog Chews every bed she's ever had she's a Three year old Jack Russell What would work Um I would say making sure that if we Have other options that's the most Important thing we want something to be

More exciting to chew than the dog's bed So Whether that's puzzle toys Um toys with food stuffed in them making Sure we have you know like I was kind of Going over in the list Bully Sticks deer Antlers Um things that the dog can That we want to find things that are More exciting for the dog to cheat in The bed Um if the dog is getting is chewing the Bed when we're you know leaving her Alone It's also really important that we are Making sure the dog has enough exercise Dogs that are tired and don't have the Energy to chew and to you know be Destructive so if we know we're gonna Have to leave the dog for you know three Or four hours we need to plan into our Day that okay well 30 to 45 minutes Before we're going to go out we want to Make sure we Tire the dog out Um You can try the bitter sprays the bitter Apple things like that where it's a Really bad tasting spray you spray it on The bed wherever the area she's chewing The dog goes to chew and lick they go oh This tastes gross Um and they don't want to chew it then Works for 50 of the dogs the other 50 of Dogs think it's candy and they will chew

And lick and more so Um it kind of goes both ways just kind Of trial and error but the biggest thing Would be on it would be puzzle toys or Choose something that we can give the Dog to say to them very clearly hey dog This is what I want you to choose what I Want you to you know work on Um agent my puppy will Become one year in a week and he's not Coming to me when I call him so anytime You are trying to teach a dog any kind Of command whether it's it whether it's Down come in this case we have to go in A very certain order Um very specific order it follows Specific steps in order to Um train our dog to do whatever it is we Want them to do Recall is one of the most important Commands it's like the you know one of The top three I call life-saving Commands commands and things that you Know teach your dog is going to save Their life come is what is one uh and Then leave it and drop it Um yeah getting your dog to be able to Come back to you is so important and Like I was saying there's very specific Rules we have to follow so I have a Whole Uh video on how to do it I'll link it in The chat here hopefully I don't know if You're still here if not you can catch

This comment in the replay Um or how to train dog to come back to You Um A recall is something that has to go Very slow we have to go step by step and This is one where do we have to keep in Mind dogs don't generalize just because Your dog is good at coming back to you At home when you are in the you know You're in one room you're in the kitchen And the dog is two rooms away and you Call the dog and dog comes running back To you doesn't mean that when you uh Take the dog out and you know you're in The middle of a people Park you're in The middle of the I don't know pet store Whatever and you the leash breaks or the Leash slips out of your hand and dog Goes running that you call a dog as they Come doesn't mean that they're going to Come back then We have to practice in many different Steps many different just levels of Distraction many different environments To gear and do it the right way that's The key do it the right way to guarantee The dog knows what those words mean and How to respond so Agent take a look at that video Um and you know kind of go through it And see see where you're at and then I Would start working at that Um at one year ideally we start training

Recall at eight weeks and by one year They should have it down pretty solid But it's never too late one year you Know average dogs live what 10 to 14 years nowadays depending on Breed so you start training a dog now at One year perfectly fine you have a whole Life your dog has a whole life ahead to Uh you know know that command then be Able to respond with that to you Um hey Jess have you tried warding him Rewarding him with little treats when he Does come to you oh rewarding him with Little treats Um when he does come to you when you Call him by his name yeah that's one of The things that we do and when you watch The video on recall and I talk about is Making we want the dog to learn that Running back to us is the greatest thing In the world and there's a few rules With recall Um one is the other type of reward and Treat we use On that this is one of the biggest Mistakes people make with recall is Getting mad or trying to punish the dog When they come back because they don't Come back fast enough So you're at the dog park and the dog is Has run away right and you call dog come Dog ignores you dog come here and they Ignore you and then you start getting Mad and come here come on get over here

And finally the dog gets over to you and You grab the collar after they've come Back to you you grab the collar and you Go what are you doing you're so slow why Didn't you come back faster right And the dogs my dog is going these People are nuts why why would I ever Want to run back to these people when Something bad happens they get angry When I come back to them I'm not I'm not Doing this anymore Um whenever a dog comes back to us it Doesn't matter what they did on their Way back we reward them if you were you Know in a different room And you call the dog and dog comes Running and on the way to you they Jumped on the couch and ripped a hole in This in the couch and they knocked over The vase with your flowers and they you Know broke something else but they came To you you have to reward them and you Tell them good dog good boy good girl Because getting mad at them otherwise They're just they're just responding to The last thing you said and getting mad No matter what they did on the way will Just Go to slow down there we call in the Future Um Hey Karen yes stroller when they good Old yeah that's a good point when I was Talking about the strollers

Um That actually is a really good point When you do have an older dog that can't And they can't walk they have arthritis Or you know especially if they're a Larger size and it's hard for you to Carry them yeah that is a really good Point actually that you could use a Little dog stroller for for an older dog I didn't think of that Um It's me hi My dog got out of the car at the park no One No one was there and I got him back Without him going too far but it was Like the Wilderness so it was scary geez His tackles were up and he loves snow Had a ball his obedience is so good at Home I finally grabbed his leash but Acted like nothing was wrong good Meanwhile at the Traverse a snowy hill Was ticks tried to be cool as possible Yeah so that's a great great example Kind of like um What I was just talking about right Where If something happens right perfect Example you're getting ready to go to The dog park and you know maybe the door Accidentally got open the dog goes Running out But you any you know goals over here Gold over there grab something does

Something but but you call them and You're getting back to them we we act Like that was the greatest thing in the World we act like he uh you know just Won a trip to Disneyland that that is How we react even if they did something Bad When they respond to coming back to us Every single time we have to reward them To to show them that hey it's a great Thing when you listen when you When you come back to us Um yeah So I'm glad you glad you were able to Get him back Hopefully you survived the snow there Um I had a couple questions from the stream Yesterday that people left on the Comments Um mountain goat how do I know the next Stream will be and how can I submit Questions yeah any questions that people Have if they missed the live stream If you just leave them on the Every time I do a live stream the next Day or within like 12 hours this stream Gets uploaded to the channel Automatically I can't do it any faster It just does it on its own Um so any comments that or any questions That people have if you just leave them On the previous day stream I will go Over them the next day and answer them

Either at the start or At the end whenever we don't have Questions I will go over them I don't Have something planned to talk about Um So as far as when will the next stream Be I haven't been doing this that long I've only been doing this uh a little Over a week I don't know what the stream This is maybe this is like my 10th 10th One or so Um and I've been trying to do different Days or I've been doing every day but Trying different times to see when People can watch when is the best time To do these get the most you know Exposure and opportunities for people to Come in and ask questions and watch Um I think at some point I'm going to be Able to get like I'm gonna have a strict Schedule at certain days certain times Um and then I'll just I'm trying to find A way that I can post that or I think There's something in here like in the YouTube live streams where I can Put a schedule up and put like pre I don't know like pre-announce when the Streams are going to be I'm not like Crazy good with the YouTube live stream Stuff yet I'm still I'm still doing a Little learning and trying to figure it All out myself Um But I yeah as I continue to do a little

Bit of testing here and there and then Once I've actually figured out what's What's best for people then I will try To have the actual like more stricter Um more strict schedule as far as when Live streams will be that way people can Know when to watch them so Mountain Gutter Sam I see I guess it says your Name at the end there Um hopefully you see this and um Yeah that is what I have to say about That okay Namilia has a question Um I watched your video and I have to Ask something Today my 10 month old Rottweiler puppy Bit me hard on my hand and I had to go To ER and get stitches he's been trained Through Dog Training Academy okay I'm Not quite sure what that is um and it Says by Behavior specialist two all said He has good temperament he loves playing With me and likes me to pet him all the Time I was petting him this morning and He gave me no such signs as mentioned by You he just turned quickly and bit me I Need advice if it's a dangerous sign or Should we give him away to shelter or Give him a chance and train him more so I don't think a dog bite even if it's uh Drew blood necessarily is I mean it's a It's a problem of course um it's Unacceptable that a dog bites us and and Draws blood

Um I don't think that means that we need To get them away I don't think it means That they're dangerous One thing that stands out to me and you Mentioned I was petting this morning and He gave me no such signs you this was The comment on my video about the Warning signs for Um dog bites he just turned quickly and Bit me So if he had turned to you it sounds Like you actually weren't facing him you Couldn't you couldn't see his face you The odds are 99.9 of the 99.9 chance There were warning signs and we missed Them you know because if he wasn't Facing you he you said here that he Turned to bite you Um and you couldn't see his face you Couldn't see the blinking you couldn't See the lip looking you might not have You might have missed a yawn it could be Very very very very very subtle you know Um a dog licking the lip it takes half a Second if I'm right here and I'm petting My dog One second There won't always be a huge progression Of warning signs dogs will not go Through every single warning sign up to A bite they will they will just they Will always give one warning sign and Then they will bite Um and that warning sign can be very

Very very very very fast So one thing is that I I'm sure there were warning signs um I Think we probably did just miss it Um That said we need to figure out what Were we doing At that time that caused the dog to bite Us Regardless of whether there was a Warning sign or not the dog ended up Biting anyways because we were doing Something to the dog or we were putting The dog in a position that was making Them uncomfortable making them nervous Um The dog obviously did not like something That was going on So our step as the owners and and as far As training goes We need to figure out what is it we were Doing Um let me double let me reread this just In case I'm I don't you didn't I can't Think of anything that you said here As far as what you were doing Specifically he just turned around Quickly and bit me Um I was petting him So that's the only clue really I have Here is that you're you're petting him With the only information rather Um

I don't know if there was food around if There was toys around Um and we have some kind of resource Guarding going on maybe and then we need To work towards that Anytime you if you're just petting a dog My whenever someone says I was just Petting a dog and they bit they become Aggressive they growl something like That the first thing that pops into my Head is Is there some sort of potential medical Issue going on as far as is is that area In the dog hurting are they sore do they Have a growth there do they have a Spider bite there do they have Um a scratch there a cut something and Are we touching them someplace in that And it caused them pain Because when we touch a dog someplace And and they're in pain Um they'll bite because that's their Only way of saying I'll stop at her get Off of me Um so that is you know without more Information it's hard to kind of go too Much deeper into specifically what was Going on but that's one thing I would Say is If you're petting your dog and You know the dog seemingly bites out of Nowhere then Excuse me my Um

Take on it would be that that's the First thing that pops into my mind of of Can we rule that out Um Because for a dog to bite down that hard And draw blood and to need stitches that Is one of the times dogs will will do That Um and I also wonder just about the Dog's overall bite inhibition as well Because you know 10 months old Rottweilers at 10 months they have a Very strong jaw you know they continue To develop up until three years and that Jaw only gets stronger but by 10 months Yeah they definitely can They have the power to do that so Is this a dangerous sign it should we Give him away to a shelter there is I I Would never give a dog away to a shelter That's my for behavioral issue Um unless it is a matter of safety with Like children right if there's a matter Of a dog being dangerous and the Potential that they can hurt children And because children are not the most You know uh cooperative and can't follow Rules as well as adults can with with a Dangerous dog that is probably the only Time I would consider Um a dog needs to be re-homed is if There are threat to children adults Should be able to follow rules for for How to interact with a dog they know has

A bike history or could be potentially Dangerous so there's never a case where You know a dog bites one time and we Give them away Um as long as it's in a full adult Household Um or give them a chance to train them More yeah I would always train them more I would always give him give him a Chance even if they've uh Bitten down that hard drawn blood things Like that it's not a death sentence for A dog to bite it is a problem it's Unacceptable it's something that we as Owners though have to have to work Towards and fix you know imagine you Have a children a child like a real Human right a little kid can they do Something bad Um we don't put them up for adoption Right we have to help them and teach Them hey you know they get in the fight At school and punch somebody in the eye We don't just say all right well I'm Done with you you know I've had enough I've had enough of having children now Um you're a problem see ya we we have to To teach them and train them and and you Know figure out what the what was the Cause why are you fighting and then you Know teaching that's wrong and and go Through the whole process so Dogs when dogs bite there's this thing Like oh my god dog bite that's it that's

It's over the dog's dangerous he's gonna Kill somebody he's gonna kill me this is This right Um we have to look at at the history Also this is the very first time the dog Did this it's he doesn't have a history Of biting he doesn't have a history of Breaking skin uh overall temperament Behavior is good it's a one-time Isolated incident it's it's not a It's not it's not the end of the world It's a one-time isolated incident and It means that we have to figure out how To work towards solving that problem and How to fix that Um so yeah an Amelia Um three hours ago I saw your it says You commented so hopefully you will see This and um if you wanted to leave any More feedback for me and information About the situation I'd love to hear About it Um if I can give you a little a little Bit more specific advice as far as what To do but yeah anytime there's there we Have dogs that are biting of course it's Unacceptable to us humans dogs should That that is the only Universal rule Um I talk I've talked a lot about how you Know things like there's really no rules That dogs need to follow that every Single dog owner should be implementing You know that no dog should be allowed

Up on couches or beds that no dogs Should be allowed to jump on people Right those are individual personal Choices that people can make for their Dogs to decide if they want to allow That kind of dog behavior if you want to Allow your dog to sleep on your bed Perfectly fine if you want to not allow Your dog to sleep on the bed Perfectly fine as well whether or not a Dog sleeps on a bed is not going to make Them sit or lay down or come back to you Any faster same thing goes for jumping If certain people want to allow their Dogs to jump on them that's fine and at The same time if people want to not Allow dogs to jump that's also fine There there's a lot of behaviors that uh Everybody can make their own decision on As far as whether or not they want their Dog to do it The only Universal rule I have that all Dogs need to follow and all dog owners Need to implement is that dogs cannot be Dangerous Dogs cannot be a threat to hurting Humans to hurting other animals Um to causing serious serious harm or Pain that is the only only Universal You know Rule They don't know what they don't know my Dog was given up twice by nine months That's sad no way he was just inherently

Evil and he needed rules yeah that is You know uh dead on Um no dog wakes up in the morning and Goes all right what can I do today to You know piss these people off what can I do today to you know make their life Hard that's not the dog's mentality dog Behavior is changed and influenced by Two things Dogs do something and when they do Something something good happens So that makes them more likely to repeat That behavior Or dogs do something and something bad Happens makes them more likely to not Repeat that behavior and that is the Basic that's the basics of how a dog Thinks and how a dog chooses what They're going to do and what they're not Going to do Um dogs you yeah it's me that is such a Good thing he needed rules right nine Months they're babies they're Pub They're puppies they're babies their Mentality is nothing they don't know This world you know they're living in a World with humans they don't know our Our rules until we take time to teach Them and train them you know think how Long it takes about about human children How long it takes to train kids and Teach children things right dogs are not As smart as human babies as children Um they take even longer to train and to

Teach and to explain things to you have To have even more patience so a dog That's given up twice by nine months That's really sad Um You know puppies are a lot of work we Went over the my little shopping list at The start of this and we found out that You know getting a puppy is very Expensive but the training part is a lot Of work it is not an easy thing having Having a puppy Um You know people see commercials they see Ads and stuff of you know oh the little Cute puppy comes over and just sits and They give them a treat and the happy Family sitting on the couch with a puppy On the lap and they go oh that looks Really nice I think that's what I want Get me you know get me one of those Um but the reality then is we is when They get the puppy that oh my God this Thing is you know pissing all over the House it's chewing up pillows Um it's you know digging holes what the Hell do we get into here right puppies Are a lot of work Um so it's a great very rewarding thing When you know once they're trained and Once you can actually enjoy them but Yeah it is you know they have to have Rules that's a such a good thing you Said that they have to have rules

Um and you have to have the patience to To train them and teach them work with Them Um hey Kowalski what's up um what is the Best food to feed yeah what type of dog Do you have When we are talking about dog food Um the most important thing first is age So we want to make sure that if we have A puppy we feed them puppy food puppies Are a dog from eight weeks old to 12 Months once they are 12 months and older We swap to adult dog food Um if we have a dog who is going to be a Large breed dog this is something that Kind of confuses people Large Breed Puppy does that mean the size now or Does that mean the size as there as an Adult Lab Doberman eight weeks old perfect Okay so you have a large breed puppy When they say when you look at the dog Feedback and says large breed puppy that Is that they're talking about the size Of the dog as an adult Doberman as an Adult is a large breed dog So what I would do is put him on a large Breed puppy food he will stay on that Until he's 12 months old Um at 12 months old you can switch him To large breed adult all right as far as What which dog food specifically I will Pull it up here and show you I am a big Fan of Wellness that is my go-to what I

Would do is Let's see here Wellness Uh Uh three puppy So I would do this one here the Wellness Large breed puppy food This is my favorite one so the one that My dog ate and did amazing on And you would do this one for uh like I Said up until the dog is 12 months old And then after the dog is 12 months old They have an adult one I would you swap over to here To the adult food large breed adult And that is that would be my Recommendation Um whenever you swap a switch a dog's Food we always have to do it very very Slowly you never want to just switch a Dog's food cold turkey and go to a uh go To a brand new one because it can very Easily upset their stomach so what I do Is I kind of do it over the course of 10 Days or so whenever I I switch a dog's Food the first three days I do 75 Percent the old food 25 to the new food For three days or so and then after that I go 50 50. 50 the old food 50 of the New food for three to four days Um and then next and then again every 20 Every three days or so another 25 if you Notice your dog is having an upset Stomach diarrhea Um then we need to go a little bit

Slower and go back to a little bit more The old food and transition even slower Maybe we need to transition you know About 25 every four to five days instead Of every three Um They said he had ADHD and was aloof and Aggressive Christmas time KOA puppy oh He's doing so well now six months later Yeah I'm glad that you were able to get Him and you're having um good success With him Um there actually is such a thing as Dogs having having uh 80d ADHD Um obsessive-compulsive disorders as Well they there's a study that came out Last year Um kind of showing some links to it so That actually is a thing with dog and Dog behavior Um But I'm glad you were able to to get him Um do you have any recommend or do you Recommend any raw or proteins So raw diets when they're done properly And they're done well I think I think Can be better than kibble Um I think they are a lot more expensive To do properly You also have to be careful because There's a lot of supplements for That's put into dog foods specifically For large breed this is the difference Between Large Breed Puppy Food and just

Regular puppy food that affect how the Dog grows I'm trying to remember I Forget the specific thing but I believe That with the larger puppy food versus The regular puppy it's about it's the Thing with it's the the ratio of the Calcium and phosphorus that goes into Large degree puppy food versus regular And what did what the way large bee Puppy food is formulated it allows the Dog to grow at a much more steady Pace Whereas a regular puppy food because of Whatever happens with that balance they Can kind of Spike and have growth spurts And when they have growth spurts for a Large breed dog it's very bad on their Hips and joints and their growth plates Um So feeding a large breed puppy A full raw diet Full raw diet basically Or real food diet I'm not sure how great that is maybe as An adult it's okay But as a puppy I would probably say that We should really just stick to the Large Breed Puppy Food just to be safe Um and as an adult dog if you are going To go to a full you know real food diet I would probably talk to your vet to see If they could help you formulate you Know what the best diet is because you Want to make sure that they're getting The proper percentage of proteins and

Carbs and fats and then all the other Things that go into it right the fish Oils the vitamins the minerals because If you look at I mean when you look at Dog food let's see here where did I have It Um The ingredients on there there's a lot Of stuff on here Um The Omega Omega-3s you got to make sure You get in there the vitamins I was Saying vitamin A vitamin E the Glucosamine chondroitin that's another Really really big one for Um you know large breed dogs the Glucosamine chondroitin helps to prevent Arthritis and helps with the hips and Joints yeah those things are easy enough To supplement they make you know Supplements you can just give your dog Separately for those specifically but Again it's making sure that we get get The proper amount Um You know my dog would eat large breed Puppy food or sorry like he was on large Breed Adult food which had the Glucosamine chondroitin and even then I Would supplement even extra twice a day Which was so important and I think that Supplement is why you know at 10 years Old as he he moved just as well as he Did when he was six months old

Um diet is a super super Yeah important thing So that's what I would say I would say For your Doberman Um If it was me I would do it was my dog I Would do large breed puppy food right Now do that up until he is 12 months old And then After 12 months decide if you want to Just stick with the larger breed Adult Food or actually do a raw or you know Real real food diet Um Kibble is easy it's convenient you know It's very very high quality Um I'm lazy I would I I'm not the kind Of person who would want to have to make My dog and I like to cook too but I Don't want to be making my dog's dinner And having to pull out all the real food Every single day doing it twice a day it Sounds really nice but you know it's it Takes a lot of time it's well not a lot Of time but it's more time out of the Day than you know scooping a cup of food And put into the puzzle toys dumping it Into the bowl and doing that Um So yeah you know something to think About All right Um if anybody has any other questions Anyone that's popping in or lurking and

Wants to ask feel free otherwise I Probably am going to wrap up here in a Little bit been doing these streams past Couple days early I might try to do some Tomorrow a little bit later and see Um okay thank you do you have another Dog no I do not have any dogs at the moment Had Max for 10 years and Um yeah At the moment I am just taking a break From Having a dog Maybe one day never say never you never Know what could happen but yeah Just me All right well anybody that Um catches this on the replay if you Have any questions that you want me to Answer for tomorrow as always leave them In the uh comments once this video gets Uploaded and I will get to them at some Point you have to start of tomorrow's Live stream or at the end and I will Answer them for you Otherwise everybody else who's watching Now thank you for stopping by And I will uh See you guys later hope everybody has a Good day