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By | February 27, 2022

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Hello Everybody welcome back to another Stream here I'm trying to wait a few Minutes while people show up My mic set up here let's forget to put My mic Get my mic ready before i press that Live button gotta remember to do that Okay I think that's good Um hello hello hello Got some Things to talk about today i actually Have two questions from people From yesterday that um they wanted to Know So i will uh Get started with That in just a minute Hey cudi thanks Don't think i've Seen you here in the lives before but if You've been watching my videos then Thanks for that Appreciate it do you have a dog or do You just like um Watching Dog videos dog content Okay Um Let's see here so i wanted to start with A question these were um two comments People

Left on the live stream video Uh that got uploaded yesterday um So andrea and andrea will have something To ask and the mountain ghost Has something to ask um so let me start With these and hopefully you guys will See This um On this video the answers to these maybe You guys will pop in and see it there as Well uh so let's start with mountain Goat uh So any advice on leash pulling with Scent driven dogs like beagles And other sniffing dogs that typically Have nose to the ground so any type of Um Like any kind of training you're doing Where you're where dogs are pulling you Basically treat it the same way the the Type of breed and the type of dog Is pretty irrelevant to How you actually train a dog to stop Pulling and to You know behave So The fact that they're a beagle and yeah They do like to smell a lot more than Other dogs We don't go about changing it any Any other way we just treat it like any Other dog so I do have two videos that go over how to Train a dog you know to walk on the

Leash without pulling Would take a look at that if you just Search on the channel for Leash polling you will find them if you Were actually maybe i can link them to You i'll link them in your comment As well But basically what happens is whenever We're training a dog to Not pull unleash i'll just give you the Short version here we need to have two Things we need to have a caller we need To have a harness and what we do is we Train the dog on the caller we have a Set of rules for the caller and we have A set of rules for The harness and the idea is that Eventually we don't need the harness Eventually we have a dog who is Able to just walk on the leash without Pulling but in order to get to that Point we have to follow a certain set of Rules And in order to do that we we need both Things so The harness is kind of the thing we use When we're not able to follow the very Specific set of rules we have for Walking dog on a collar and then we try To train the dog on the collar as much As possible to To walk nicely without pulling so Mountain goat I'll

Try to put the link to your To those videos in the In your comment And then Take a look at those and then try to Come back for one of these you have any Specific questions Andrea um hey cudi um i'll get to yours And your comment in just a second uh Good day my sister's dog was roughened Up by a big dog when he was about eight Months old My niece was hurt and was a bit Traumatized by it they stopped Socializing him at that point Okay not good uh now he's almost two and Not very friendly towards other dogs People he likes familiar people i have His half brother they don't get to see Each other very much but It looks like the rest of your Comment got cut off andrea oh wait Um they don't see each other very much But he has growled at him before how can We help him Um so let me read just double check here My sister's dog was roughing up when he Was eight months old This job was my niece was her stop Socializing yeah So anytime that we You know puppies the most important time For socialization and puppies right is Any dog that is from 8 weeks old to 12

Months Any Any time that something negative happens In the first 12 months and and really in The first like three to four months is The most critical time um those bad Things can stick with dogs for a long Time and it can cause you know a lot of Behavior problems Fear is a very It sounds like he's fearful and the fact They stopped socializing him then means That that fear and everything probably Just starting to compound and now we Have a dog who is Very fearful very fearful dogs are the Ones that usually bite become aggressive So The best thing really to do is we have To almost restart socializing Treating this big dog Just like he is a eight week old puppy Again Um getting them out getting exposed to The world to dogs to you know sounds to Smells to cars to motorcycles to you Know different surfaces walking on sand And grass and cement and going up Elevators and you know everything Um It's it's hard if they you know are Fearful that he's going to do something Um that he's dangerous there are ways That when you have a dog that is fearful

And You know under socializes you can get Them out there and do it safely um i Would say have them and you look at the Socialization video i have and try to Follow that as much as possible um and Really what we want to do is kind of Just like i said we basically Re-socialize them from the start Okay cuddy let's see what you gotta say Um new to the lives but watch the videos I have two dogs one named diamond she's A staffordshire pit mix with brindle Coat am i the dogs named nova she's a Mountain curmix not sure if i spelled That's right um Cool well welcome to the lives Glad you caught this one today I've been doing this at different times Trying to get different people and see How How we do and what times are best for People to ask questions did you have any Questions about Either of your dogs they get along Pretty well Let's see i had a few other comments i Wanted to Get through today as well here See if i can find them Um Okay so this was another comment from Mina from two days ago How can i teach my pup to put his hand

On mine So i don't know if You're mean like to you know shake hands As a trick If that's what you're trying to do Though the Best way to do that is We start off with a dog sitting or Laying down usually sitting is a little Bit a little bit easier and all you're Going to do is you're going to take the Dog with your hand you're going to pick Up the dog's paw and the second you pick It up you're going to put a word to it You can say shake you can say paw you Can say you know whatever you want it Doesn't matter but pick a word and That's going to be our word that's going To mean uh you know give me your paw um So there's a dog the dog sitting i take My hand pick up the dog's paw and i'll Move it for you know half a second up Now real quick and then While i'm doing that i would put a word To it so i pick up the dog's paw i start Moving it up and down and i say shake And then the second that i'm done saying Shake boom treat And then i do it again Shake treat pick up the paw shake treat And That's basically all you do it's Actually really really simple um If you want to

Make it kind of take it to the next step You can actually put each paw on command When you pick up the Right leg say you know shake right and When you pick up the left paw go shake Left and you can even make it you know That specific um Having dogs that will do that it's Actually a lot of people think oh it's Just a you know Cool trick something fun for the dog to Do show off right It actually has some practical use Because if you ever need to be able to Touch your doc's paw and see if Something's going on something's wrong Um being able to have your dog just Give you your give them uh give you Their paw right is a really really Useful thing Makes cutting their nails easier It will be good for the vet if the vet Ever needs to check that you know a lot Of dogs have um Do get Don't let their feet be touched because Often times we don't touch their feet Enough as a puppy and then throughout Their you know adult life we don't touch Their feet much the only time we do is When you know kind of like what i'm Saying where the vet needs to check it Out or we need to cut their nails um Things like that so doing doing teaching

Your dog yeah to You know put your their paw in your hand Is really good um there is some actual Actual practical You know Uses to To doing that You can you can sometimes you can do the Back legs too but it's much much more Challenging to To do that because when you grab that You kind of have to do that when they're Standing so then you get into a whole Issue of you know trying to make sure The dog has to balance and then you Don't want the dog falling over um so i Would start with just the front legs and Front paws and doing it where you know You do Either just shake and always the same Same pause input or we do um We put a word to To each one where we do shake left shake Right all right um let's see So Nasreen was here yesterday And i think you we were talking about Your puppy in this and yeah you had a Good comment here about socialization um She said So this was on the on this puppy Socialization wow i really could have Used this um advice when my pup was Eight weeks my vet

Said to stay away from all and by the Time the vaccines were done my pup was Three and a half months i now have to do So much more to get my pup to not be Fearful yeah So this is one of the things that I was talking about at the end of our The stream yesterday where You know The So many vets still will tell you okay we Don't take your puppy out until they've Had three sets of shots And By that point we've already missed the Critical Socialization period The most important time to socialize a Dog is the first three months of their Life Because With At that time the way their just their Brain is has developed their fear level Is down here and their curiosity levels Up here and every single day that ratio Switches as they get older and older and Older so by the time they've had all Their sets of shots they're at three to Four months already um They're already have now that that fear Period they know what fear is so getting Them to run up to things getting them to Be used to new things is

Becomes much more difficult um It's that is the number one thing for People who have a puppy you know the First thing you do and the most Important thing for the first two three Months of owning a puppy Is socialization you can teach a dog to Sit and lay down and roll over and Do whatever else anytime in their life You only have one Shot in one small window where you can Really really really get that you know Critical socialization um In so yeah so it's unfortunate that we You know you did miss that period um You know not all hope's not lost there's Still stuff we can do You can still do socialization exercises Still help improve and the dogs make the Dog's behavior better But there's a certain element where it's Never you're just that dog will just Never be able to be Have the same behavior have the same Exact mindset as a dog who Was socialized early and did have that You know Exposure um In those first three months Hi sherry um how do you teach your dog To go up and down stairs step at a time For helping someone keep their balance That's an interesting one um i've Actually never been been asked that

Before Um I suppose the best way to go about doing That would probably be focusing on Teaching the dog to heal And have a very very solid heel right so In dog world or well human world i guess When when i teach a dog to heal or we're Teaching a dog to heal heal means stay Right by my side for as long as i'm Saying the word As long as i keep saying heal heal heal Heal it means the dog is staying by our Side um So i guess the best thing would be was Is we start there teaching the dog a Super solid heel and then as we were Going up the stairs Your that would be the the new command Kind of that you would be telling the Dog as you're going up the stairs heel He'll heal I don't know how Practical and safe it is to To to go that route Of relying on the dog to help somebody Going up and down stairs just because I don't know You know Handrail probably is a lot safer option And a lot more Sturdy option [Music] Just because you know grabbing on to the

Dog Depending where you're holding on to Them um where the dog hits you on on Your height how big the dog is um You know i just i don't know how Practical how much support that's Actually gonna give somebody to Hold on to a dog unless it's like some Giant um you know great dane or math Differ Some kind of dog that's really really Powerful and sturdy um It's an interesting idea though uh if You do end up going that route though i Think yeah maybe just working on Training them to heal perfectly i Actually I'll pull it up here Um Harness doberman okay so yeah doberman That's a pretty Pretty solid dog Assuming they're an adult dog and You know they actually have the Harnesses where there's a grab let me See if i can pull it up here Because now you're actually giving me a Little idea let's have a Let's have a little Lucky here See what we can find Okay so let me see Harnesses leather dogs They're harnesses that you normally use

For Like protection Training because they have a nice big Handle on the back And it gives you a place where you're Specifically Able to grab the dog [Music] Let's see And if you're gonna like try to rely on A dog to help you up the stairs and you Know do it consistently we will so kind Of like this um although It's not exact when i had in mind but That's what this is the idea of what i'm Talking about where over the back of Their shoulder blades the front the Front two legs um that's where that Would rest And um it gives you that to To hold on to But yeah if you have a harness like that I can't find the kind of i'm thinking of Let's see Yeah um any kind of harness though where It has that special loop on the back Maybe it's got to look for service dog Type harness is really the best way to Stop harness Let's see Here's a doberman Um looks like a little A tactical vest that's what we need to Get for him yeah something something

Like that where you have As long as you have a handle there um Then it's fine because if you do have to Pull on the dog you do have to Grab them that's where you want This this type of thing will give them The most support and you know be able to Help you up the most it's actually Pretty good 33 bucks a couple Different colors Yeah So as long as you have the right type of Harness you know then um Something like that could be good for Doing uh Training him to Help somebody up the stairs i think yeah [Music] See where do we leave off um hey neato How do i make my labrador stop chewing My couch when i am not home that's funny We actually had an exact person we were Talking about this yesterday he had his Puppy chewing the couch Um how do i make her understand when i Discovered the damage hours later very Good question Sherry with a bridge handle leather yeah Bridge handle maybe i guess that's what It's called i just didn't know the i Didn't know that type of handle had a Specific name makes sense bridge handle Kind of looks like a bridge um So yeah sure maybe something like that

Could work Uh nino really good questions all right Two parts here first i'm gonna actually Answer answer your second question First how do i make her understand when I discover the damage hours later all Right um the answer to that is you don't Unless you catch a dog in the act of Doing something that you Don't like what they're doing you don't Want them to do there is nothing you can Do To punish them or to tell them that was Bad or wrong because It's past the point The only way you can tell a dog you know No or which you really shouldn't be Telling them anyways but tell them no Put them into timeout um If you Not that there's any scenario where i Would ever Want to do it Or would i do it but for people that you Know want to shock the dog put a choke Chain prong collar give them a Correction like that The only way Corrections work with dogs is telling Them Is correcting them while the bad Behavior is happening and it's one of The big mistakes people make with Destructive chewing

It's a really big mistake that people Make with house training right They come home the dog has peed all over The floor And He did it two hours ago And what do we do we come home and we Grab the dog and we put their nose in it And we go no bad dog why'd you do that Right And The dog doesn't understand that we're Mad that they peed in the house because It's way past the point they just think We're mad they peed at all so what Happens now now next time they have to Go to the bathroom they're going to hide It they're going to go pee behind the Couch or pee under the table and because They go oh whenever these humans see pee They they get angry and i got to pee These humans are crazy so i better hide It so they don't find it next time Um It's really really important that We don't try to correct the dog unless We catch them in the act all right That's the first thing If we come home and the couch has been Chewed up oh well we just move on There's there's nothing you can do to go Back and tell the dog they did something Wrong all right now your first question How do we make them stop chewing the

Couch so there's a couple things there Um number one is make sure that anytime You're going to have to leave your dog Alone for an extended period of time If possible we always want to try to Make sure we've exercised them Physically exercise them Well before we're going to have to leave Them all right if i know that i'm going To have to go out for four to five hours At a time and i had a dog Um I would plan for Into my day an extra 45 minutes That 45 minutes before we're going to go Out i'm going to leave the house then We're going to the dog park we're going For a walk i'm going in the backyard and Rough housing with the dog and tiring Them out all right a dog who is tired a Dog That's been physically exercised does Not have the energy to Misbehave because they're they're tired They've gotten it out of them So that's the first step the second step Is making sure it's very clear to the Dog what do what we want them to chew on If we just leave a dog to their own Devices to decide what they want to chew On well the couch looks like a big giant Chew toy They'll chew on the wall they'll

Chew on power cords on whatever we've Left on the ground So How do we Get the dog to not do that well Puzzle toys are one of the best things You can buy any kind of toy that you can Take food and you can shove it into There kongs um Are like the most popular kind but Anything that you can shove food into Works really really well So now when i leave Time to leave our we've tired out our Dog out comes the puzzle toy and i go Here you go and other things other than Puzzle toys are also good deer antlers Bully sticks any kind of chew but the Thing is we want to tell the dog hey Listen i'm leaving this is what i want You to chew on not the couch This puzzle toy figure out how to work On this you can give them multiple ones We need to have things and make sure we Have enough things also for the dog to Chew on the last thing that you can try Is there are bitter sprays that you can You know spray on things spray on the Couch that you can spray on Anything really And when the dog goes to bite and chew On it and lick it it tastes really bad For about fifty percent of dogs the Other fifty percent it has no effect um

And the only way to know is trial and Error so you get the spray you spray it And if a dog licks it and they don't Like it well you know it works you can Use it if not then you know take it back Um So yeah so those are three things for Kind of destructive chewing how to go About working with them Um And hopefully that makes sense about why You know We can't correct them after the point if If you know we come home and something's Destroyed well We just we just move on All right let me know if that makes Sense and you know um hey rebecca Can i help my dog overcome fear of water Um What about a bad tasting spray on the Couch yep so that's what i was Mentioning good very good idea sherry Let me read rebecca's next part just Elaborate all right so we're talking About dogs Fear water Just to elaborate She gets so scared before bath time and Refuses to play in the water at the Beach and gets scared if she hears the Hose turned on just terrified of water Okay so Good questions you know that made sense

Cool Um good i have a video on my Um channel here as well nino if you want To watch i'll let me pull it up real Quick and then we'll start talking about This water um All about destructive chewing Just in case you want to review Everything that i just went over on your Own time um I will link it in the chat there so That's on that's my video on destructive Chewing it might be Something good for you to look at okay Let's talk about the dog who is afraid Of water so yeah Dogs can develop fears of anything And something that might seem irrational To us and Yeah right there you know so you can Have that Link for yourself um Things that might be irrational to us Are things that for dogs are A lot of dogs are fearful of water um Being one of them and this is one of the Things where when i talk about exposing Dogs and socializing them when they're Young uh you know getting them used to Things like this it's like water a lot Of people don't do that a lot of puppies Don't even get their first baths for a Couple months so you put them in water And now they start freaking out because

They've never felt this before they Don't know what's going on right There's a certain part where we need Them to be tolerant of it there's also a Certain part where we want to look Take into account the dog's point of View right um i think a dog needs to be Able to get a bath because you know dogs Roll in things they get dirty they get Smelly sometimes they're gonna need a Bath and it's reasonable as humans for Us to You know need to be able to give a dog a Bath and for them to accept it um at the Same time what i'm saying you know Putting ourselves in the dog's position And thinking how they feel things like Refusing to play in the water at the Beach i don't think that's uh really an Important thing if a dog doesn't want to Go in the water at the beach We don't they don't have to go in the Water that's it's you know There's no real benefit to that um so i Think there's a balance i think there's Certain things that we need to fit we Need to figure out how to get the dog Used to it i think there's also certain Things that You know take into account the doctor Doesn't want to do something and there's No real benefit or or reason that They need to be doing it other than we Want them to do it i don't think that's

Something to push um But bath time right we should be able to Give a dog a bath and it'd not not be a Problem So What i would do there there can be a Couple of things um Because you say she gets scared if she Even hears the host turn on which which You know it's not just the sensation of Water it makes me i i feel like if i'm If i'm understanding this correctly it's Even just the sound of water is is um Freaking or out so what i would do is Kind of start with a like Desensitization program around water First you're starting with the sound So what i'd like you to do is find some Kind of very very high value Treat food All right And not dog treats not dog food Human level food Tiny pieces of steak of chicken of Cheese of hot dogs human level food food That's good enough for you to eat And we're going to make tiny pieces Little little tiny pieces the You know size of your pinky nail right Super super small And the first step in this is i would i Would start we just get her used to here She she um get her used to just the Sound of water

So i would probably start in the kitchen Or the bathroom wherever or if you have A sink and it's easy to work you know do You have a big dog You need the room maybe you got to stay In the kitchen Um And all we're going to do is we're going To turn the water on for one second We call the dog over Sinks up here we turn the water on for a Second Turn the water off that's a good girl Treat That's all we're gonna do we're not Gonna Touch her we're not gonna act like you Know this is scary like this is a you Know some crazy thing where it's gonna Act like it's a perfectly normal thing Turning on this turning on the water and Give a dog a piece of steak then we do It again turn on the water for one Second that's it turn the water Water off treat good girl Again water on Off good girl treat And we'll do that you know five six Times And then we're done And then an hour later come back again Come on talk let's go we come over we go To the sink water on for a second shh Off steak

Water on shh off steak and we do it Another five six times and if you can do That every Do that once an hour five to six times Um perfect We do that for three to four days After three to four days we're gonna Start leaving the water on a little bit Longer Now we leave the water on for three Seconds steak Three seconds steak three seconds steak And then we do that for a few days And then every day we start building up Another second another second another Second Once we are up to about 10 seconds of Having the water running the dog was Going i don't care that that sound i Love the sound of running water running Water Is my favorite sound in the world Because every time i hear running water It means something amazing happens It means these humans they they give me Steak they gave me chicken all right so We're going to start off first and what You might even be able to do you'll have To kind of test this because the thing With with getting a dog used to Something they're afraid of To get them over the fear is going very Very very slow we break it down into Tiny little steps and then we slowly

Build up to the final thing they're Afraid of um you can you can try this Exercise with the hose and see It might be too much you might need to Start with just with the sink If you can do this exercise with the Hose though that it might be Better you're going to have to kind of See See how she does but you can do the same Thing with hose hose on for a second off Treat all right um Once we're good with the sound then We're going to start getting her used to The actual sensation of water touching Her so what i would do is i would get a Washcloth or they have like the little Dog grooming pads you can even get i Mean a washcloth is fine i think You get a wet and Wherever on the body that she you know Is most tolerant of being touched i Would go over i would take the washcloth And i would just Tap it on the dog off and again we're Going to use that same high level Reward a steak of chicken whatever it is And we give it to him then we do it Again touch Steak touch steak touch stick three to Five times we're done And then you repeat the same process of Doing it slowly every day We build up

After a while then we start doing two Touches and then three touches and then Four touches right pretty soon we're Doing it over the whole entire body and Then once we're the dog is used to Having the wet cloth the wet glove Whatever being touched all over their Body um then we would repeat the same Process with actually like pouring water On them i'd probably start with pouring Water on their feet and then slowly Working up to pour water on their legs And then over their back and then Eventually over their head you know Something like that so that's kind of The thought process in the the Um You know steps i would take to start Desensitizing a dog to water You start with the sound and then once The dogs go the sound we get amused to The touch and then you know Months from now you know this is a slow Process like i'm saying You every single day you know the first Couple steps might take two weeks right Fear is not something you can rush that You can just tell a dog all right time To stop being afraid you know Get get together like you have to go Slow you have to go slow and you have to Take your time to Go at the pace that the Um dog is comfortable with so

Hopefully that makes uh sense for you Um judy hello Two-year-old maltipoo has extreme high Anxiety okay Um Barks and runs from everything How can we help her understand that These are not scared things Yeah so kind of similar to What i was talking about with the water Right we kind of approach it the same Way [Music] We have to look at specifically what are Barclay runs from everything right That's that's very broad Um Very general so we need to kind of try To break down the Um Specific things as far As what is she barking from and what is She You know Running from Um Do you have i don't know if you're still Here judy do you have anything like Specific okay children okay good um Pretty says high energy dogs yeah Rebecca you're welcome if you have any Questions Let me know come back and let me know How it goes updated update me um

Okay children strollers bikes So okay good good so we So similar to what i was saying with if You were listening about how to go about You know getting dogs used to water um We kind of want to do similar things With Those things that you're mentioning Right right now your dog's mentality is I see a child oh my god i need to run Away i see a stroller oh my god the Scariest thing in the world We want to change the dog's thought Process and thought patterns to i see Children Uh where's my steak I see i see strollers i'm gonna get Something good something great happens That that's the main thing with fear and With working with dogs that Um are fearful is changing the thought Process To when i see these things that used to Scare me now i love them because the Best things in the world happen So we kind of have to Do Each one separately Children are children is probably Actually the easiest thing to get a dog Used to and to over help dogs overcome Fear with Because Um

There's some easy games we can play in Easy exercises we can do one of the best Things you can do is i was talking about This the other day we need to Figure out where we can go find some Children usually like a park is good you Go to the park your dog and children Love to feed treats to dogs children Children love dogs in general most Children do at least um So you go over and as they're coming up A lot of people you'll find we'll just You know always ask at least when i had My dog would always ask can i pet him if I talk to him whenever people have dogs It seems to always attract People um So yes okay you guys want to Feed him some treats And what i would do is i would have the Children or even if you have have Children you know you know the Neighborhood kids or just whoever we We got to find some children right so we Find some children and we have them stay About 10 10 feet away from the dog And all i would do is Have them you give them the treats the Tiny pieces of steak of chicken of hot Dogs of cheese And We have them throw the dog treats from 10 feet away that's it i don't want the Kids petting the dog i don't want the

Kids Touching the dog i don't anywhere near The dog 10 feet away and if at 10 feet Maybe 10 feet is even too close the dog Is barking at him is Nervous at 10 feet then they need to get You know further away and you got to Find some kids who are strong enough to Throw the food even further um That's one exercise that can work really Well If that doesn't work you can also do it For yourself it's it's I think it's a little less effective um But it still can make big progress you Go set yourself up uh you know um go Outside of like where school is right Whenever school gets out i don't know i Don't know what time school gets out Nowadays for kids when i was a kid it Was always three o'clock maybe it's Still around three o'clock for Little Elementary schools um nowadays but you Go there you go to where school is you Know and kids are coming out and you set Yourself up far away Far enough away where the dog can look And can watch children but he's not Reacting He's not barking he's not getting Fearful he he's he's called he's Watching he's on alert but he's not Showing any signs of you know being

Anxious of being aggressive or anything Like that And we would basically do the same Exercise where he looks at a child Nothing bad happens he stays under that Threshold piece of steak He looks at another child stays under That threshold piece of steak And then what you do is we slowly get Closer and closer and closer you know Maybe every day we take one step closer That's all one step one step one step One step Um And you can do the same thing with Strollers you know you sit at a park and People are walking around with strollers Position yourself in a place where you Know you can just always have people in Front of you and you would do the same Thing you're Standing there sitting there with a dog Here comes a person with a stroller Right the dog looks nothing bad happens That's a good dog steak That's a good dog chicken Every time they look And then we slowly over time start Getting closer and closer bikes you can Do the same thing Um front door guests Um okay should we work on one thing at a Time yeah pretty i'll get to your Question in a second about the cats and

Dogs um Should we work on one thing at a time no Uh you can do the you can do all these Things you can do multiple you can work On multiple fears at the same time that Is not a problem at all um You know the It just comes down to you really how Much time can you spend and devote to This um The front door and guests that's a great Way to Or the idea i was saying about children It's a great way to do great exercise to Do with the guests you know You leave a nice little bag of food bag Of treats outside of the the front door And this is the guest treat bag and when Guests come over they're gonna Walk in they're going to not i don't Want to talk into the dog i don't want Them looking at the dog I don't i'm trying to interact and calm The dog down um all i want to do is take The treats and just throw the treats to The dog One by one and then you just go on with Whatever you're doing Um So yeah hopefully that makes sense i Have let me i will link for you because I do have a full video on Fearful behaviors and how to work on Them

Um If you ever want to review it i will Give it to you here it's pretty long Video almost 17 minutes so Might not have time to watch it Now but this is the basic i should type Here fearful Dogs um But there's a lot of stuff there that Will kind of some of that i talked about Now and then just a few more things that Will um Maybe help you with with him so yeah Just have to go slow um Thanks for excellent advice i'll watch The video yeah whenever you You have a chance and then if you ever Have any questions You let me know okay um okay Pretty pretty hope i'm saying that right Uh How do you introduce a dog and cat Together how do you get dogs and cats Closer yeah So Dogs and cats can be a great thing it's Always ideal to introduce them to each Other as young as possible It's not always possible to do that Sometimes we adopt an adult dog and we Get an adult cat But anytime you can you are thinking for People in the future who are thinking of Getting a cabin thinking of getting dogs

You know getting them at the youngest Age is always the Is going to make it make it easier I am not a cat expert i'll be the first To admit my Knowledge of cat behavior is fairly low There are a couple things though that i Do know that are very important so one Thing is when we do have dogs and cats And especially when there's a big size Difference right big dogs small cats Small dogs small cats not as As much of a problem because Um There's just not as much risk for injury But a big dog can very easily kill a big Cat So we want to be careful with that So a couple things so first thing is When we have dogs and cats living Together we want to make sure that There's always a place for the cat to Escape to for cats the higher up they Can get the more safe and secure they Feel Whether that's up on the bed up on desks If you actually have cats trees they Have some pretty cool things now where You just like nail them to the wall cat Like ledges or whatever Um So the first thing is making sure that If we we're bringing a cat into a home With a dog we got to take into account

The Cat's point of view and make sure that The cat always has a place that they can Get away from the dog when When need be okay yeah cat trees are Good um Depending on you know how big of a house You have or apartment or wherever you're Living You know i would say that every single Room needs to have a place you don't Need a cat screen every single room Right that's probably a little extreme i Mean you could but um They just need to have a place that They're going to be able to get away From the dog whether it's jumping up on The bed up on the table it Chairs might be a little low if you have A big dog um So yeah so that's the first thing now There's an inch kind of an interesting Thing that happens with Dogs and cats because body language is Very different for dogs and cats If you've seen cats you probably know or Have cats that When they're like interacting with Another cat and they're becoming Aggressive or something they don't like Something what do they do they raise Their paw and they raise their paw and Then they they they you know do the the Swipe right that's what cats do and in

Cat world that's a very threatening um Behavior it's a behavior that says you Know get back i'm gonna hit you right And in dog world it's the exact opposite In dog world a raised paw and pawing Like this is play This means hey come on chase me get me i Want to get you let's play let's do Something right um So we always have to we we gotta or Hissing yeah and they'll hiss too yeah Um So they're always there is a little bit Of a disconnect because they're they're You know two different animals two Different species and their embodied Language alone is uh is very different Um Anyways so back to getting them used to Closer so what i would do is i would Start off by actually separating them Completely If you have a room that you can close Off Door shut i would start off with having The cat in there and the cat stays in There so you got the litter box their Food and everything And the dog is not even allowed It's not even allowed in there And It's nice because having the door closed They can still go nose to nose Underneath the cat can you know stick

Their hand out their paw under the door If they really want But the first thing is just getting the Dog used to Understanding and knowing that there's Another animal in the house okay um And i would probably do this Maybe a week to start Um Just come with complete separation not Even allowing the dog to see the cat we Don't let the dog get in there we don't The cat get out That's all we do okay And then after That after about a week has passed then I would i would try to Actually introduce them I would have the dog on the leash And i would have the dog I would probably have the dog just in The Like a neutral room you know and i would Open up the door From the cat and i would let the cat Come out On their own we don't want to force the Cat we don't want to the cat doesn't Come out the cat doesn't want to come Out that's fine we'll try again another Day um But as the cat slowly starts to come out Yeah treats and food together um I would start rewarding the dog the dog

Sees the cat he's nice and calm he's not Reactive that's a good dog and similar To what we do with with fear we Can do with the cat Of turning turning the cat into Something good that when the dog sees The cat they get steak they get chicken They get cheese something really really Amazing happens every time this little Little cat is around um And we have the dog on the leash so There is no risk of the dog you know Potentially hurting the cat Um You'll f uh Whenever there's like a Something with you know dogs and cats a Lot of the time it's actually the cats That are the harder thing to Deal with um So We kind of have to work around the cat's Behavior how the cat is towards the dog You know some cats are very brave They'll come walking up to dogs no Problem some are super super shy they'll Just stand in the bed the whole time They'll hide um If the cat comes out of them this is Where the you know Thing about having the cat trees and Having the high places for the cat to Get to that'll be the next step then is Is leaving the doors open

And letting the cat go open the catcher And what i would do is i would walk the Dog over to the cat tree the dog looks Up he's looking at the cat he's staying Nice and calm that's a good dog treat That's a good dog treat every time he Looks over Um Is there anything specific As far as how your dog and cat is Reacting Your dog is scared of the cat oh look Interesting Okay So tell me a little more when you say Your dog is scared of the cat um What happens like the cat will start Approaching the dog and does the dog Just run away does the dog try to bite The cat What If you can tell me a little bit more About like how your dog reacts We can Try to figure something out here It's actually easier to be honest i Would prefer a dog as afraid of a cat And we have to fix it that fixed that Way than Cat being afraid of the dog because cats Being afraid of the dog is Much more trickier And Not actually not something that i'm

Crazy good at At fixing like i said my my Knowledge of cat behaviors is pretty low Um But if your dog is scared of the cat Tries to get closer and cat oh wait a Minute Well if the cat's hissing it makes it Sound like maybe the cat's afraid of the Dog then Because usually when a cat Is hissing that's you know kind of like I was saying about the raised paw um Is something that in cat world i do know Means i don't like what's going on cat Hissing is like dog growling They are essentially the same sort of The same function of the cat saying I'm scared i don't like what's going on Get away or i'm going to scratch you Um Yeah If your dog is scared of the cat then Okay Tries to get closer cat hisses dog walks Away Yeah so maybe even just doing the Fearful the fear exercise with the steak And chicken things like that probably is The You know the best solution i would i Would have the dog on the leash Um Just so you have a little bit more

Control over him Make sure we want to also take into Account the cat right if If the dog is getting close enough that The cat is hissing then We've probably crossed the Uh the cat's threshold which we we don't Want so we want to try to um you know Keep the cat as common as you know low Stress as possible as well um But yeah doing that exercise with the Treats and again it's got to be Something super high value and something That we're only going to Use when um When they're around the cat i don't want You using the steak and the chicken and Cheese and hot dogs at any other time Not for sit and down and anything else i Want it to only be when the Cat is around Um Another thing you could try is actually Feeding them their meals At the exact same time Uh normally i'm not a fan of food bowls Um i hate food bowls actually For for dogs Because i think it's a waste of food i Think a dog's meal is much better Put to use in puzzle toys and them Having to work out you know how to get The food out and dinner turns into a 20-minute production

But in this case When we're trying to get dog used to a Cat i think maybe a food bowl Could be okay And i would try maybe feeding them at The same time And feeding them very close so again we Were talking about the height heights Right making sure cats have a place to Get away from the dog feeding our cat up On the counter And then feeding our dog on the ground Right below And start making feeding time a time Where they both come together um They're they're safe though because the Cats again the cat is up high and the Dog can't get to the cat's food And that could be something that could Be Maybe helpful that you know we turn Feeding time into a time that they're Together Nothing bad's happening it's all Positive everybody's eating That might be something else you could Try to Help with a cat thank you yeah you're Welcome let me know how it goes Hey real deal welcome back again Um how are you What's it mean when a dog gets his Favorite toy he shakes his entire head Vigorously

He only does it with a particular toy Uh i think it means you found a toy that He really likes Um That is uh that's what my dog used to do Actually when i would give him some with Certain ones he just Really really liked him um you know dogs Are I think sometimes we forget How Uh I don't know if emotional is the right Word but you know personal i guess maybe Emotional um how personal Dogs are I think sometimes we think we think of Dogs kind of just as very robotic Creatures like we get a dog and we they Have to follow all these rules that we Set and they have to have this perfect Behavior and they have to always do this Um Sometimes we forget that you know How much maybe personality um dogs have Dogs definitely will have certain toys That they um Just like and love more than other ones They'll have you know certain beds that They would will prefer they have certain You know just behaviors that they they Prefer dog to dog and things they like To do um This was actually i was talking about

Earlier i don't know if you were here When we were talking about someone had a Dog who was fearful of the water and They were asking about the dog doesn't Like to go in the waves at the beach and I was saying that's perfectly okay If the some dogs love the beach and love Going in the water and that's great and If some dogs don't like the water and Don't like going in the beach that's That's okay as well there's no Right or wrong um You know Thing so It kind of goes with You know same thing with toys some dogs Will Have some toys that they just love Certain things that get them very Excited um And That Shaking the head vigorously is uh Just them having fun Fun with the toy what kind of Toy is it that you uh Have for him That he does it with Curious I know mine used to do it um with like If i would ever give him plush toys um He would always do with the plush toys More than anything else and uh The only time i ever gave him plush toys

Were like i get ones from like thrift Shops that were basically Children's toys because you know they Would get be destroyed within five Minutes um But it was fun for him to Take those things and shake them and Rip them about Curious yeah what kind of Toy he does with if it's a Soft one or Something else Um My dog will always do with the squeakers Okay Yeah squeaky toys are Pretty common for him to do it with as Well Squeaky toy yeah Any kind of toy that gives a dog Immediate feedback um Is Really good No just joined okay um had a tax Appointment oh Uh Toy is a frisbee made by kong rubber It's soft and pliable oh yeah i think i Know that one i think i used to have That one um Actually but i had it in the The uh I thought i think i'm pretty sure they Made a they make different colors of

Them different The same way they do the other ones Actually let me look now i thought it Had a black one It's been a few years But um A lot of the kong toys i really like the Reason i like them so much Is because Let's swap over here Um It's because of the different rubbers In a different you know Hardnesses a lot of people Maybe don't know but the different Colored kongs are actually color Coordinated According to how soft and or how hard i Guess depending how you look at it um The rubber is so the puppy ones are the Blue and pink rubber is very very soft Purple is just a tiny bit harder and Then red is a little bit harder than That and then black is Quite quite hard Fetch and retrieve maybe there's a Frisbee here let's see Calling extreme Yeah conga has been around forever They're really good Really good products They uh oh this one i had maybe it's What you have the real deal the flyer This one like here this is the one i had

I remember the black one This one's not something you can Shove treats into anything but this is Great for dogs if you just want a Good little fetch toy and It's nice for In the water Works well Yeah Hello i'm late You are late joanie we've been going for An hour here already how are you today Hope you're doing good I actually haven't looked at kong um Puzzle toys super recently i wonder if They had what new ones they have here Let's see knots cozies Interactive let's see what they got Interactive here Anything new this is a new one i haven't Seen before The babbler Shake for babbling fun See how this one works [Music] Little squeaky part in the middle That's pretty cool with the different Different sounds it's got [Music] Maybe this one you don't put food into Though [Music] Yeah i don't think it's when you put Food into but i really like that how

The different sounds it makes when it Just rolls around and moves it's pretty Cool I like that Um Yeah So yeah the flyer anyways i think that's Probably what you Had real deal Those are good ones um I'd like to introduce him to water and Swimming in the summer he tolerates Baths but really doesn't like water any Ideas we have the red flower yeah so i Was i actually talked about um This a lot earlier real deal i think Before you got in here i think i talked About like almost 15 minutes so if you The live streams they get uploaded right To my channel um By tomorrow so i would Take a look at the replay for this one Um tomorrow and i'm just it's like in The first 15 minutes i went over a whole Thing on how to desensitize dogs to Water to sound starting with the Just the sound of the sink and the hose Of water coming out to then actually Touching them getting used to them So if you could yeah check the replay on This live stream tomorrow um And that will i went over everything About water and that will help with the Baths

I am doing pretty well joni it is uh Very cold here today Probably how is it in New york cold there cold for california At least But there was one guy i think it's like 40 here now which is very cold for me It's uh Nothing compared we had our russian Friend in here the other night who Was living in negative 40 degree weather So I shouldn't be complaining about 40 degree weather I ordered the harness you recommended And just bought another puzzle toy good I like the idea of using puzzle toys for Meals yeah The um Puzzle toys for meals is a really Good thing in my opinion i think just Feeding dogs out of food bowls like i've Said you know so often it's just a waste Of food and even doing meals in multiple Toys we don't even have to limit the Dinners and breakfast to You know just one puzzle toy we can do It to Um To multiple ones i used to break break My dogs God how much did he get Maybe a cup and uh Half or so per meal i used to feed him

Um Maybe it was a little little less Um But yeah i would take you know that food And i would split it up into um Three to four different puzzle toys And that's how he got every meal and Dinner time was a 45 minute activity and Breakfast was a 45 minute activity every Single day And i just think it's a better Better use of food um Yeah the harness hopefully you got the Right size it's really they are a little Tricky so They do need to fit nice and snug um Feel free to you can always send me a Picture a little video of it on him and I can take a look to you know make sure It's adjusted right um Okay i'll check out the video Yeah so just take a look at that for the Water Possibly going through my videos thanks Joanie uh cold had been snowing for two Days jeez I don't think it's ever snowed Actually i know it's never snowed here In california at least where i live i've Only been to the snow once in my entire Life It was a very Very traumatic experience maybe i'll Tell that story one day um

22 here geez under a winter advisory Yeah I think you're asking the other Day about um we were talking about joni Taking the dogs out right in in certain Weather in cold weather and things like That um yeah that's pretty cold for For dogs to be in be out exercising in Um Mainly i just worry about their paws i Think like just you know the ambient Temperature is perfectly fine for them To be Walking in but you know super long walks In in that cold um You know there could be maybe a little Potential for Um Like frostbite if they're out there Super super long so i remember if you Were the one asking about getting the Boots for the dogs somebody was asking The one night About putting little booties on their Dogs um Not tech savvy i don't know how to get a Photo on here yeah i mean you can always Just email me it's fine um i will Link my email here and Then one day Yeah that's that's that that works just As well My email is very simple alex dog Training

Send me a photo over then Let me know One of these nights when i'm or days When i'm doing these uh streams and We'll go over it um Wembley burrito what's up How do i train a dog to not take socks Good question so The best way to do that and Let's not even limit it to socks let's Talk about how do we train dogs not to Take anything that we Don't want them to take um there's two Parts to this there's one part that's Training and there's one part that is Management The management part is what do we do as Humans to set the dog up to succeed Right Anytime we have a dog who likes to steal Things we have a dog who likes to Destroy things Our first option is to make sure that we Don't even allow the dog to get in a Position to do that right Um i was the messiest person in the World before i got my dog When i was i don't know how old was i When i caught my dog maybe 18 19. um And i was the messiest person in the World You walked into my bedroom you could not

Even see the floor Because I had so much stuff all over the place And when i got that dog And I learned that anything on the ground is At risk of getting chewed is going to be Picked up is going to be stolen um i Transformed into the cleanest person in The world That you know Floor was spotless from there and on my Desk my end tables everything right Um So the first part is management setting The dog up to succeed right if we We always kind of have to be alert and Aware of what what is there that the dog Could take could steal and if we can Just prevent it in the first bit first Place by Not leaving those things out putting Them away putting them somewhere else That's the easiest thing That is the best thing to do Second is the training part right um What i would work on is a very very good Very strong leave it so leave it and Drop it are two different things right Drop it this is the dog's mouth right Drop it is the dog has their mouth on Something and we want the dog to let go And open it right drop it open your Mouth

Leave it is the exact opposite Leave it is the dog's mouth is already Closed They're going for something the socks Getting ready to pick them up Leave it Don't open your mouth get away don't you Even think of Touching that thing Taking those socks right So drop it and leave it two different Things i would actually work on both Because Odds are there's going to be times where The dog is going to get the socks you Need to get them back Um But leave it is the is the big one Anytime we have a dog that is um You know Has the I have a Couple of videos here um tendency to Pick up things they shouldn't leave it Is the most important thing to teach This is my Video on how to do it if you're Interested how to Leave it whoops If you want to take a look at how to do It i'll put drop it let me find the drop It one as well just in case And and leave it is actually something That all dogs need to know in my opinion

It is the first One of the first three Commands i would start with a puppy i Don't care if a dog knows how to sit and Lay down and roll over doesn't matter Not going to save their life what's Going to save their life is when you are Out for a walk and the dog sees a Chicken bone and they go to grab the Chicken bone and you say leave it and They Stop And now that chicken bone is You can kick it out of the way move it Move the dog um same thing with drop it Maybe the dog's faster than you and the Dog got that chicken bone right and you Need it out of their mouth before they Swallow it before they shoot and It splinters and something bad happens Um Drop it Drop it and leave it are the two Commands That Are gonna save your dog's life recall Two right you're getting your dog back To you um But drop it and leave it are the two Things that everyone else All right here is the dropped one Um Uh are the ones that are really going to Save your dog's

Life Um i tried the boots on my dog and he Wouldn't move with them on yeah kind of Like i was saying the other night where There's definitely Quite a Bit of time it takes for the dog to get Used to it um To You know Just kind of they almost have to learn How to re-walk with the Um with the boots on them Okay real deal says i made a big mistake With my commands uh oh what did you do Uh Yeah Wembley you are welcome try those things See how it goes um what mistake did you Make he is used to leave it to really Mean drop it he is now two years old how Can i change the command from leave it To drop it i would just change the words That would be what i would do So remember dogs don't really hear hear Words they hear sounds right He knows right now that the sounds That comes out of our mouth that sounds Like leave it He knows the association of that means Drop it Um you could you could say anything Though you know if i train a dog i could Train a dog to say i'm drinking some tea

Right i gotta train a dog to drop Something every time i say t Instead of drop it just a sound it's It's I could train a dog to drop it when i Say uh mouse i have a computer mouse i'm Clicking around here with right So you can use any you can associate any Sound with any behavior you want uh so If you're using leave to mean drop it Already that's fine we just need to Figure out Um Something else to use if you want i Would just Swap the words and use drop it for Leave instead it might be be more Confusing for you than it will be for The dog or use out or What else could you use Whatever it is you use you just want to Make sure that you're picking a word a Sound right that is not going to slip Accidentally you want to try to um use a Word that is not going to be Something using super common everyday Language This is one of the things that when i Train a dog to stay it's always Important and this is one of the big Mistakes people make is training the dog To stay And not training them when to move at The same time

And if you train a dog to stay and you Don't have a release word then In my opinion you might as well not even Train the dog to stay because you don't Know when they're gonna break they could Break a second into the stay or they Could break you know 30 seconds in And we don't want to leave up to the dog We want to leave it up to us tell the Dog stop moving and then okay now you Can move again So when we're picking a release word This is what i talk about this a lot With stay You have to pick a release word that is Not going to slip accidentally Because a lot of people will naturally Want to use them like okay Um that's always like the common one i Say what do you want your release word To be and then okay well let's use okay Like you know stay okay you can move Right but we say okay way too often in Everyday everyday language so imagine This We are ordering the pizza right and The doorbell rings and pizza man is here And we tell the dog all right dog down Stay we open the door because we don't Want the dog to run out attack the pizza Man right so we have the dog stay um Here's your pizza okay thanks oh I just released the dog Dog's chasing the pizza man right

Um you're on the phone you're having a Conversation and you need the dog to say Dog's day you're on the phone you're Talking yeah yeah that sounds okay oh we Just accidentally released the dog dog's Running across the street now So When you when you're thinking about Sounds and words like leave it as a Right who says leave it in their Everyday language pretty much nobody Drop it Pretty much nobody Unless you're me maybe But it's really important yeah when We're picking sounds and this is why Saying no is So useless to dogs we say no So often we say no in different contexts No right like as in do you want Something no no as in um oh you know That guy right we we say so many That word has no value to dogs um I'm not explaining okay not saying this Correctly let's try again If he wants a toy i'll say leave it Then he stays and looks at me and waits For me to say break yeah break's a good Word to use that's another good one um Then he goes and gets it I'm not explaining this correctly I'll try again he wants a toy i'll say Leave it okay if he wants a toy i'll say Leave it

Then he stays so he's leaving it good He's looking at you And waits so he's still leaving it good And then you say break and then you tell Him he can have it yeah that seems okay What i don't think that's a mistake at All um That seems like he has a very good leave It And i do the same thing with the same Way i do stay and then a release word Stay in free stay and whatever I do the same thing with leave it i Always have leave it and then i have Take it because again we don't want the Dog to decide when they can how long They should leave it for right we don't Want them to we don't want to be walking By that chicken bone on the street and We say to the dog leave it and in their Mind leave it means uh i might maybe I'll leave it for a second maybe i'll Leave it for five seconds maybe i'll Leave it for half a second and then i'll Grab it real quick when the my owner is Not looking right So leave it is the same way we teach a Word for leave it don't you touch that Item get away and then if we want them To get it we can say take it I thought you did leave it as an item I thought you did leave it Is for an item that he should never have Leave it is just a general um

I thought you said leave it is for an Item That he should never have sucks leave it As just a general Command rule that just means Don't open your mouth Do not touch whatever that is you're Looking at until i tell you it's okay It can be for socks it can be for like i Was saying you're walking down the Street and there's a chicken bone it can Be for you at the dog park and your dog Is gonna run up and smell another dog Poop and eat the poop Leave it as just a general Command term whatever Don't touch whatever you're thinking About touching do not pick it up That is the basis basic uh like You know Meaning of leave it So it sounds like yours you've done Quite well You he wants a toy and you say leave it And he doesn't touch it until He's watching you he's waiting for that Release word to come um Yeah it sounds to me like you've Actually done a really good job with Training him on that and teaching them That So i don't think there's too much of a Maybe the drop it is the part you've Got to work on how does he do when you

Actually When he actually has something in his Mouth and then You need to get it out will he Give it up without a fight will he drop It the first time you say it hey Everyone alex here from whoops hey Everyone alex here Thanks so much for your help you give me Hope yeah you're welcome It seems like you've i know you've been Here quite a few nights stace And um Sounds like you're really trying hard to Do well which is you know that's all you Can do um I say let's go not draw but yeah So that's perfect as well let go is a Good good good phrase to use as well It's kind of funny people will um There was this Demonstration at this at the mall i Don't know maybe two years ago and um That these uh Police they were doing with like police Dogs and Dogs are trained kind of of that nature Big crowd and you know a lot of people Watching and Um It's really it was kind of funny because You know as we're talking about sounds And dogs and What words to use and such right and um

The one guy Cop whatever was whoever was i don't Know maybe it was one of the trainers Where it was kind of like Trying to brag oh how you know the dog Knows two languages the dog speaks Understands english and the dog Understands german right um because Oftentimes they'll train dogs with German commands because you know they Don't want the dog to Um It's just more consistent they don't Want the dog to break with english Commands um This is kind of funny because i mean the Dogs dogs don't inherently understand The english language and they don't Understand the german language they just Understand sounds so you know when You're training a dog in a different Using different languages different Words um Again it's just sounds you could train a Dog's entire obedience commands Using the names of vegetables i could Train a dog to sit when i say carrot i Could train a dog to lay down when i say The sound potato i could train a dog to Roll over when i say I don't know it's not a vegetable celery Right It's just sound and through the dog's Eyes and in the dog's mind

They're just funny sounds coming out of Our mouth And until we take time to pair an action Of what do we want the dog to do when They hear this funny sound It's all meaningless whether they're Sounds in german whether they're sounds In english Sounds in chinese you can you could say Anything And you can you can You know put an association to it Um Yeah i want to have a happy life thrive And meet his potential yeah it sounds Like you you really do um you've been Asking a lot of good questions hopefully This has been helpful over the Past week Um it's a funny thing you say that Because this is something i kind of Um do think about when you say about Thriving right There's a big there's a big difference Between Um Dogs thriving and dogs surviving In life and With us living with us humans and i Think that We always should have the goal To have our dogs be thriving right a big A big thing of uh kind of where this Comes into play is dog food

You can feed your dog dog food from the Grocery store right from safeway from I don't know whatever other big you know Target um And you can buy the 40 pound bag of dog Food for 19.99 and you can feed it to Your dog and your dog will survive on it Um But he's not thriving In life then you know with at least with His Nutrition and his health because There's a huge huge difference between Feeding a dog a natural You know Organic diet a dog food a bag of dog Food that's 60 bucks right something Like wellness blue buffalo something Very very high quality you will see a Difference in their coat you will see a Difference in how much they poop you Will see a difference in their As they age their hips and joints and How their arthritis is or Rather doesn't even develop um So i always like to think about you know Or even people that want to leave their Dog outside yeah a dog could survive Outside and living outside you know All day all night um But i don't think that's a good quality Of life so it's actually a really Interesting good good thing you said or It makes me happy to hear that that you

Want him to thrive and um You know i think that's what we should All All want for dogs right i mean if you Don't want your dog to thrive why do you Even have a dog in the first place it's Kind of the way i I think He's a teenager he senses when play time Is over sometimes refuses to let go the Toy took advice And tried to give him a super treat that Didn't work hmm what kind of Food did we Try for that time Curious Um If he didn't go for the food I wonder if there is Um Another toy That you could use instead That would be higher value and maybe you Can use that as the thing to trade We could use the other toy to distract Them to get the other toy out And then and you or use that toy also as The way to start teaching drop it Instead of out comes the treat hot dogs Okay Let's try a few more things um Some dogs are picky some dogs don't like Hot dogs so a little bit more trial and Error and then

Do do some chicken And steak you know cheap cuts we don't Need to be That's not an area that our dog needs to Thrive on they don't need you know filet Mignon for training but get a little Cheap cut and and cook it up real quick And maybe try tiny tiny pieces of that And see um and if not maybe yeah let's Try another toy that he maybe hit the Red flower yeah so we might be able to Use the red flyer as the as the thing Then that's of higher value to Get him to drop it right because rewards And what a dog values is going to change From dog to dog some dogs value food That's the greatest thing in the world Some dogs value toys some value just Attention Uh Some value going for a walk right so we Kind of just have it's a little bit Trial and error to figure out what What will work Um wembley how do you help dogs with Separation anxiety yeah so Let me i have another video for that as Well um which is another quite long one Let me pull it up for you Um separation anxiety though while i'm Looking Is kind of about routine That dogs get into Um

Routines of seeing us leave and then Being uncomfortable when we're gone And separation anxiety then can kind of Come out in different ways and come out On dogs barking and come out and dogs be You know Doing destructive behavior chewing Digging [Music] So Take a look at that video if you Would when you have a chance um about 12 Minutes long and i kind of cover All of the different things you can do For Separation anxiety A lot of people i will say this just Real quickly They're how People Kind of give up on training with Separate anxiety too quickly i've Noticed and run to the vet for Medication A lot of the a lot of the medication That they give to dogs is the same Medication antidepressants and things They give to humans for anxiety and Depression depression because we Separation anxiety right it's anxiety um Just like humans uh Medication does not solve the problem it Does not address the underlying cause And i'm speaking from experience here um

If you have anxiety if the dog has Separation side and has problems the Only the medication is just a band-aid Sometimes it can be good to help the dog As you're doing training and you're you Know getting getting over Helping them get over the um Behavior But That should not that should be a last Resort going to The vet and getting getting having the Dog on any sort of um like prescription Medication for separation anxiety there Is a lot a lot of training things that We can do To Help the dog improve before before we go To that we feed our dog blue buffalo and He poops about three to four times a day That's really interesting joanie How often do you feed him Do you feed him on a like strict Schedule food goes down Twice a day Um I'm curious Or just do you leave the food out all Day long Most most dogs if you're feeding them on A strict schedule most dogs will poop Only like once or twice a day And Three to four times is quite a bit i'm

Surprised And the reason that when i was what i Was saying about earlier about you know Like uh grocery store dog foods is There's a lot more filler in there There's a lot of corn and wheat and Things that just dogs don't process they Just it goes in and they poop it out Which is usually why you will notice Dogs will poop more with that kind of Food versus You know A good high quality diet And blue buffalo is super good The wilderness is What i really like is it's the grain Free one the grain free formula it's Quite good I should have a take a look here Actually while we're Talking about Food because Um i linked a really good website the Other day about the dog food advisory As far as what the Um like top foods are Let's have a look here Um Dog food advisory And you know all dog foods are Formulated differently and then you Always want to um Look at dog food based on Number one the age and the number one

The size of your dog right so There's The first big bracket is puppy food Versus adult food right puppies are any Dog that is from uh You know Time they're born up until um 12 months And then at 12 months they become an Adult dog senior dog depending on the Breed and the size senior dog can be Anywhere from starting at seven years to 10 years super big dogs can be Considered seniors around seven um Smaller dogs seniors around ten so Picking That that's the first thing when you're Picking out a dog food is going by the Age and then the only other real big Thing is for um Size so large breed puppy is formulated Very different than normal puppy and Then large breed adult is formulated Very different down here um than regular Adult food Other than that there's not too much to It um Best dry dog foods Oh burning my eyes i need a dark mode For this website yeah so wellness i Guess is still looking like it's one of The top ones Instinct is really good Nature's logic and it's a really cool

Website for people that didn't see um The other night taste of the wild There's blue buffalo yeah there's blue Buffaloes on here Any of these Purina's actually stepped it up a lot Purina used to be just uh You know Not not great to say the least um But they have gotten Better over the years um For anybody watching for me wellness is Was always my go-to this is just the Kind of food that Um Nope i don't want alerts Um They have so many so many formulas wet Food dry food treats as well For anybody that's Looking for a new food and you know no One's paying me to say this i'm just Just saying this because i truly believe It I really really like wellness for For dog food and for treats When i was when i need treats this is The Go-to let's see here Because they have Jerkies they have the soft ones these Are really good treats Doesn't really matter as far as puppy or Adult because treats should only be 10

Of the dog's diet um So you really can use any kind of dog Treats um No cat treats don't use the cat treats Only for we only want dog ones they have A lot of cats treats here Um The core is really good too protein pack You know Part of me feels though like when it Comes to treats you know spend money on Your food That's you shouldn't cheap out on food Right because that's your dog's main Diet that's important to spend money on Treats it's okay to kind of be cheap Cheap on treats um Because again treats only 10 of the Dog's diet it's not going to make the Biggest Overall impact on your dog's health if We're Not using you know top top of the line Treats Um I leave the food out all day long okay So that could be part of it um it is Grain and wheat free good so yeah so You've got a really good quality food But yeah if you're leaving the food out All day long Then That's probably why he's pooping so much Because when you

You know Pooping becomes very unpredictable when Eating is unpredictable if he's eating a Little bit now and eating a little bit Later and then a little bit later His pooping schedule is is going to be You know Kind of crazy um I think just overall it's always better To feed a dog on a strict schedule of Food goes down in the morning For 20 minutes whatever the dog doesn't Eat we pick it up and then food goes Down a night for 20 minutes And And then whatever they don't eat we pick Up And there's actually a medical Health reason why i say this it's not Just it's actually not about behavior um When a dog doesn't eat or slows down Eating or This just doesn't eat i guess um that is One that's like the biggest red flag That something is wrong we need to go to The vet all right We have our dog on a strict schedule and Every morning we know he eats all this Breakfast right and we do it we've been Doing this for months And then one morning we wake up and we Put the dog's food down the dog goes Over to his bull sniffs it and walks Away

We know uh-oh Something is not right Because when a dog doesn't want to eat Like i said it's it's that is just the Crystal clear sign that something uh Something is wrong Now when we're feeding a dog just Filling up the bowl once a day just you Know chucking food in there and just Leaving it and letting the dog kind of Graze and come and go and come and go Um it's very hard to notice how much They're eating when are they eating you Know Things like that um So that's what i always prefer i mean Plus the house training and and the Pooping i mean that is a is a benefit as Well when you feed a dog on a schedule It becomes very predictable and they Have to go to the bathroom um But the medical reasons why i i always Fed my dog on a schedule and why i Always push people to Feed their dog on a schedule because you Can catch things a lot easier that way And it's just a very clear Clear sign when that something could be Wrong um When they stop eating so Yeah it might be something to consider You know um Especially In new york you don't the less times you

Got to be Dragging them out in the snow to Go proof probably the better for you I don't know maybe you have a dog or he Goes out on his own in the backyard but I know a lot of people in uh new york It's very popular to have apartments There and um If i had to take my dog outside i was Very lucky that I am lucky that um i had a Dog door for my dog so he would just Automatically go in and out of his Um out of the house to go to the Bathroom you know I never had to actually Take him out um but people who live in Apartments and or just don't have the Luxury of being able to have a dog door For whatever reason um it's a lot of Work having to take a dog out to go to The bathroom Three to four times a day every single Day Um So yeah if maybe we can do a little Something to Make it easier on you that might be Something good to try Yeah All right guys um I am going to start wrapping it up here Unless there is Any other questions i'll

Wait a little bit see if anybody else Has anything To ask otherwise we will be back Tomorrow um Okay i will try it that makes sense yeah And when you first start doing this you Might notice the first couple of days um Don't freak out that the dog doesn't eat Because he's not or she is not used to What's going on So put the food down for 20 minutes In the morning leave it down and Whatever they don't eat you just pick up The bowl um And at dinner time Just add in the dinner don't take away The breakfast we're still going to offer Him the same amount throughout the day I'm just adding the dinner on top of Whatever he didn't eat and then Bowl goes down for another 20 minutes And whatever doesn't get eaten then at Night all that food goes away in the Morning we start fresh for for the daily Amount clean bowl Full breakfast serving bowl goes down 20 Minutes whatever is not eaten in 20 Minutes we pick it up Same thing at dinner time we add in the Extra Food bowl goes down for 20 minutes And then we just repeat this most dogs Who go from Free feeding

Grazing whatever you want to call it to Being fed on a schedule Usually they pick it up within about Three days so you might notice the first Couple days he's kind of confused what The hell's going on i used to have my Food all the time i don't know should i Eat now show you later um You know you might notice that which and That's okay just take some time just be Consistent um we have a big yard acre And a half oh wow how cool he has lots Of room we live outside the city oh very Nice That is uh Quite a life for a dog to have Or wait half acre no acre and a half um That's a lot yeah for him to be able to Run around rome did you what kind of dog Do you have joanie did you tell me Before i can't remember If you mentioned what kind of breed it Was Um Yeah that's a great Sounds like a great setup for him then To be able to do that But yeah just start with doing the Feeding schedule and um See how that goes and then you know once He starts eating uh on a strict schedule You'll probably you'll start seeing the Pooping should reduce probably down to About once to twice a day my dog used to

Poop Once a day After every single dinner is when he Would poop It became just just like clockwork Never would poop in the morning never Would poop in the middle of the day His routine I swear to swear to god it was like Clockwork the second he was done eating Finish his food drink a little bit of Water and then he would run out to the Backyard because i had a little area Where it was all gravel around the side Of the house that's where he was trained To poop And every single day after dinner he Would run out And It was just completely predictable Pooping every single day after dinner um Yeah He picks at it all day yeah So i think feeding him on a schedule Might be a little bit of a shock the First couple of days but i think After about two to three days he will Pick it up and and um it'll make things A little bit easier for you You know All right this is the last call for Today if anybody has any questions Otherwise wrapping it up here Had some good

Conversations today i'll i might Actually try to i'm going to start Trying to I think make some um Little videos And upload them separately out of uh These live streams because i've had some Good conversations like things about Water and stuff like that so people can Come back and just review those Separately um oh golden doodle cool yeah They're they're fun dogs smart Easy to train so She'll probably pick up the What's going on with this food pretty Quickly Yeah Okay guys uh hope everybody Has a when we have the next live uh Should be tomorrow around the same time As today Um when did i start today uh hour and a Half ago Five o'clock 3 30 maybe i'll try to go a Little bit earlier try around 3 3 30 pacific time Um That is what we will shoot for I think um It could be a police dog Um Seems like these afternoon streams It's kind of 50 50 i feel like When people um

Make them the or can make the streams You know Afternoon or or later at night so Um still doing a little test and still Trying to figure things out What And then what what kind of consistent Schedule i can get into for Um Doing it so most people can help i might Just you know long term just do an Alternating thing where Certain days i just do early streams Certain days i do live stream uh do Later streams and that way i can kind of Hit as many people as possible That's six your time Okay cool are you on the east coast i'm Guessing I think that's right is my math right Math is not my strong suit three o'clock Six o'clock i think that's right Um So yeah something something like that Around three to four o'clock tomorrow All right everybody thank you for Watching hope you guys enjoyed this Anybody who's watching us on the replay Enjoys it and Again any questions that you have as You're watching this Just leave Comment on the um The uh night is better for me

Pennsylvania oh i have a cousin who Lives in pennsylvania how funny Um Yeah if you guys have any questions Leave the comments on this video when it Gets uploaded and i will answer them First thing tomorrow on the stream And yeah hope everybody has a good night Good day And i will see you all tomorrow bye