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By | February 28, 2022

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It Is Alrighty this set up here Always forgetting to Put my mic up before I get going Hey pretty pretty How do you say your name welcome back Pre-t like that how are you today Sorry forgot to get this in the right Spot before I get going here try to keep Out of the camera there Uh there let's see Okay I think that's We'll get the job done like that Um hello everybody oh It's falling over maybe not one sec Technical difficulty here Okay maybe like that Should hopefully hold Um hello everybody who is coming in here And Anybody who's Gonna be watching this on replay hey Kelsey how are ya Um As always if anybody's got questions Feel free let me know to get started Here though I actually have something I Want to go over Um I've been doing some different stuff With uh Different dog stuff getting some things Ready things that I'm like working on

And doing and um I started feeding my dog and cat at the Same time seems to be working good were You doing Um like the bowl in the uh I think we Were talking about yesterday with the Bulls doing in both the same room and You had a place to put the cat up high Is that what we I think we ended up saying we're gonna Give it a try Um Which what were you Trying Whatever it is I'm glad it's starting to Work that's really good That's what I like to hear Um Cat is higher yeah good Perfect that's what we want Keeping them Separated and in a safe doing it in a Safe way So that we don't have to Worry about anybody getting hurt Um Yeah you're welcome Let me know keep doing those things and Let me know how you know continues to go Um Anybody has any questions I'm gonna I'll Start going through the chat as things Come up but to get started I actually Wanted to go over a

Little image that I found that was um Pretty cool and This was oh I think I found Um about puppy training mistakes and for The most part actually there's some Really good stuff in here there's a few Things that uh I'm not crazy about and I Kind of would make a few adjustments too Um but as people are kind of coming in And the streams getting going I just Wanted to start off with talking about This and then Um I'll get into answering people's Questions anything people want to know So Yeah this is actually has is a pretty Cool little guide and I kind of want to Go through each step a little bit and Talk about a few things Because a lot of these things are things That I do see happen and and Um this actually isn't just puppies it We should we should that's the first Thing I would probably change is it's Not just puppy training mistakes it's Dog training mistakes because all these Things apply to adult dogs as well Um Puppies right are any dog from the time They're born up until about 12 months And then out of 12 months they you know Technically become adult dogs Um So number one failure to encourage right

Dog treaty mistakes when your puppy dog Does something right lavish you with a Lot of attention and verbal Encouragement and this is a really Important one it's one that Um this this one I agree with 100 You know the fastest way to change a Dog's behavior is you ignore what we Don't like and we reinforce what we do Like And so often we forget to reinforce what We like because when the dog is behaving And doing something right it's it's not As obvious Um How often when your dog is laying down Just just being calm not barking not Chewing not destroying anything just Behaving right how often do you go over And you pet him and say good dog good Job I like it when you're when you're Doing this and you give them a treat Just for behaving very often we forget To do that we don't Um We don't tell the dog what when they're Doing the right thing often enough and Then on the other side whenever the dog Is doing something wrong when they're Barking when they're yelling yelling They're barking when they're jumping When they're being destructive right Those are all Very very obvious behaviors so when we

See that then what do we do we give the Dog lots of attention we yell at them no Stop off get off right Um And a lot of time we actually end up Encouraging those very behaviors we Don't like so yeah failure to encourage And giving your dog proper attention and And rewards is really really important Um inconsistency Training needs to be consistent and Should be done daily and most you want To train your puppy for 10 to 15 minutes At a time so part of this I agree with Part of this is I think Overkill the inconsistency is True A lot of people you know one of the Biggest reasons why dogs don't learn Well is because we don't practice enough Um that said 10 to 15 minutes at a time I think is way too much especially for Puppies dogs have very very short Attention spans and when you're trying To train get a dog to do something I Mean I don't even want to spend 10 Minutes 15 minutes straight teaching a Dog to sit that that would bore me right Um so if it bores me then it's Definitely going to board the dog and The last thing we want is for training To be boring to the dog we always want Training to be exciting we want the dog To be happy that they're learning

Something And always on end on a positive note so For training sessions I would actually Limit it to about three to five minutes That's really all it takes Is three to five minutes but then what You can do is you do that three to five Minutes once every hour once every two Hours Um And then you know throughout the course Of the day you now have hundreds of Repetitions it's much more fun it's a Lot easier to follow Um 10 to 15 minutes though is actually I Think Too long you're going to get bored the Dogs need to get bored and then the Learning starts to you know kind of go Downhill uh tone of voice You need to have a firm and Authoritative Voice without appearing Angry or irritable you should not shout At your puppy this is a very very Important one you know dog's ears are Very very good There's no reason that we need to ever Yell we ever need to raise our voice The same tone I'm talking right now this Is the tone that I talk to a dog when I Want them to do something dog sit down Leave it all right that's that's Probably the loudest I've ever I ever Used to get with my dog or if I'm

Working with a dog the loudest I'd ever Get Um We want the dog responding to our words We don't want them responding to our Tone of voice and we don't want them not Doing something because you know they're Scared Um because they're Afraid of what's gonna happen we want The dog hearing our words and choosing To then listen so Firm and authoritative you know to an Extent Firm is good authoritative it we kind of Are we have to be careful we don't want To you know cross the line into being Um angry but yeah tone of voice and I Guess level I don't know if it's kind of It's the same as tone but the level of Your your loudness I guess you know Dogs ears are very good just a normal Like you would talk to a young child That's the same tone of voice you should Be using with the dog repeating cues if You toss a toy and say fetch your puppy Should run and fetch it if it doesn't do Not keep saying fetch fetch fetch Um Yeah so we can apply this with any Command right you say sit you say down You say roll over every time you repeat A command you're basically teaching the Dog it's okay to ignore you

And We want the dog to respond the first Time we say something the first time we Ask them to do something we want a Response and this is why kind of the way I've laid out all of my Um all the training commands right sit Down stay leave it come drop it all of Them is we take it step by step And The way I have them set up is there's Always going to be a hundred percent Compliance we never give the dog the Opportunity To not succeed and to not listen to what We say and not not do it when we say it The first time Because the way we do it you break down Everything into steps we start off by Luring the dog then we start off by Asking for the command and then we you Know go into uh doing the commands in a Area where there's higher level Distractions And Whenever we get to a step where the dog Is struggling is not able to do it then We go back to an easier version And by going back to that easier version We are basically going to guarantee that The dog is always going to listen to What it is that we are trying to get him To do Um and then the last one poor leash

Handling right you should never drag or Pull your pup around on a leash a puppy Should always walk by your side so the First part I think is great the second Part I think is not so great Um yeah we never want to be dragging or Pulling a dog unless it's you know to Get them out of some place you know They're gonna get hit by a car they're Gonna step in something they're gonna You know eat a chicken bone right Something really really bad Um yeah please then pull your dog right Save their life Um but for General walking in general You know Just general rules yeah we don't want The dog being dragged we don't want to Have to be yanking the dog's collar Doing things like that Um The second Part though Your puppy should always walk by your Side this is the part where I disagree 100 percent There's no reason for a dog and puppy to Ever have to walk by somebody's side When you're out for a walk Um when you're out for a walk you're Taking your dog out for your dog's sake So if your dog wants to walk ahead of You let him walk ahead of you they want To walk behind you let them walk behind

You to the left to the right if they Want to stop and smell a tree for five Minutes Um there's there's no Yeah There's nothing what that is going to Change your dog's Behavior or you know Allow where your dog walks when you're Taking down the walk is going is not Going to change their overall Behavior Your dog walking to your left is not Going to make them sit any faster your Dog always walking on your right side is Not going to make them lay down any Faster They're it just doesn't do anything it's Much better off you know when we're Taking the dog out we should be for Their sake at least we want to let them Kind of dictate the Pace of the walk and dictate what what Happens Um the biggest mistake I see with people And this kind of goes with poor leash Handling and with walking is we rush the Dogs Through their walk We're taking the dog for a walk and the Dog you know turns because they see a Car or something and come on keep going We pull them and then we walk another You know 10 20 feet and then they stop Because they see a little flower or they Smell something in the bushes and they

Start to smell and come on keep going Keep going we pull them again and then They look over this way now here's a Bike that they want to watch and then we Pull them again and the whole time the Dog is trying to to process what's going On they're they're getting good Socialization because they're out they Were exposing to all these things Um But we're never giving them time to just Stop and process and take in what's Going on and this is a great way also You know do walking a dog that way is a Great way to make a dog become uh Reactive on leash Because they never get time to just Take it in Um so yeah I never dragging or pulling Your you know dog around on a leash that Is very very good Um but as far as your puppy or dog right Should always walk by your side that Part is the part that I do not think Is the greatest advice in the world Um so yeah I saw that this little Graphic and I thought it was pretty cool So I just wanted to go over that and Kind of share some Thoughts about it Um let's see what's going on here Kelsey Okay let me answer questions if anybody Has any questions or anything Let me know and we I'll get to

Uh answering everything You can talk about Whatever you guys like um should I train Tiger my female doberman to be a service Dog or a protection dog Good question so both of those things Are kind of Um To have different different Interpretations in different meanings to Different people so can you tell me like When you say service dog what exactly Service are you thinking and when you Say protection dog same thing if you're Talking about like doing the Um like shoots in You know think with your dog if that's The protection you're talking about it's A fun you know bonding exercise for dogs Dogs really enjoy it's good exercise for Them it's good training you have to be Careful because a lot of them do use Very harsh Corrections for training dogs Um in that way If you're talking about service dog um Again I'd be curious what kind of Service dog your service you're thinking About trying to train her to do because Those vary from You know service to service Um as far as a protection dog for Actually protecting you you know I think This is a big Um I don't know myth misconception that

People will get a big dog they will have A doberman they'll get a Rottweiler German Shepherd and they get the dog With the you know hope and intention That the dog was going to save their Life one day when something bad goes Down and somebody breaks into the house Um you should never rely on a dog to Save your life It is not practical Um it's you know this is real life it's It it work it sounds great in the movies And in TV shows but in real life if a Person is prepared to break into your House and they hear a barking Doberman And they hear a barking Rottweiler and They're prepared to break in anyways if The if the Barking doesn't deter that Person then 99 chance they are going to be prepared To deal with the dog Um and you know unfortunately guns beat Out the dogs every single time so You know having that I feel like Sometimes people get a false sense of Security which we don't want Um An alarm system or something else is Going to always be a much better option Than hoping that your dog is actually Going to protect you in a situation a Lot of times what happens is Um you know people think we have these Dogs and they're big and scary and they

Can protect us and a lot of times the Dogs actually just become fearful in Those in those situations Um Southwest arm wrestler hello A three-year-old lab stays outside on a Child area we have a sectioned off grass Area so he can do his business lately He's been pooping on the tiles when Raining Okay Um Let me see we went back to the initial Toilet training tried classic Conditioning getting feeding Getting feeding him treats on wet grass When raining Etc no luck okay let me Let me just reread this three-year-old Lab stays outside on a child area we Have we have a sectioned off Grassroots Back to the initial toilet training try Classic Yeah so how long have we been going back To Um like the fur trying to do the you Know classical conditioning and trying To to retrain him there Um I'm curious how long we've been back to Doing that We have a section of grass areas he can Juice business like he's been pooping on The tiles when raining do the tiles Not get wet

If I'm reading this right and just the Grass gets wet then Um Jamie what do you think is the best For Chihuahuas free feeding or schedule Feeding Good question I think for every dog regardless of Breed that feeding a dog on a schedule Is always the best option Number one when you feed a dog on a Feeding schedule it's going to make Their bathroom and toilets time very Predictable when we let a dog just eat And kind of graze throughout the whole Day then Their eating is unpredictable so then Them going to the bathroom is Unpredictable we don't know when they're Gonna have to poop when they're gonna Have to pee The number one reason why I always would Feed a dog on a schedule is because for A medical reason If every single day we feed a dog and we Put the food down in the morning dog Eats All their food at night food goes down To eat and they do that for months one Morning we wake up we put the food down And the dog doesn't touch it they go Over they sniff and they walk away then We know that there's something wrong one Of the signs that a dog you know is Sick or has a medical issue one of the

The Most clear signs is they stop eating They lose their appetite and when you're Free feeding it's much much harder to Get a gauge of you know How much are they eating today do they Stop eating are they eating less Um So yeah I would say we go back to or Start if you haven't before Um scheduled feeding and if you're new To starting to do that basically what You're going to do is you take the food Food goes down in the morning for 20 Minutes whatever the dog doesn't eat we Pick it up and no more food until dinner Time dinner time the food goes down we Leave it down for 20 minutes whatever The dog is gonna need after 20 minutes We pick it up no more food until until The next day usually takes about two to Three days for the dog to get into it But then after that you should start Seeing them kind of you know learn the Routine Um I'm talking about protecting me as if Someone tries to break into my house Yeah so kind of like I was saying it's You know It sounds great you know in TV in the Movies that you know we can have our dog That somebody breaks in and you Send the dog and dog's gonna take them Down right

Um but in real life it tends to not Usually go that way Um the biggest deterrent is The Barking Honestly when you when you have a dog Um it was actually kind of a funny study They did with with uh I don't know they Asked they pulled a bunch of inmates at Some prison Um I think it was everybody who had been Like convicted on burglary or robbery Things of that nature Um it was pretty I think it was like I Don't know it was pretty pretty decent Sized study but anyways They were asking about deterrence for Breaking into people's houses And it was this was uh many years ago so I can't remember like the specific I'm Trying to remember the specific details Of it Um but the summary was that pretty much Everybody who was you know the robbers Burglars whatever Um said that the number one deterrent Was a beware of dog sign Not even if there was a dog inside or if They heard a dog but If they actually just saw a sign that That said Beware of dog that they go all Right this is uh not the house I wanted To be be getting into Um And I know people that just have have uh You know signs on their houses on their

Gates whatever that just says beware of Dog and they don't even have dogs Um so people who have the you know Little alarm things with their alarms That they leave on the grass thieve on The house and they don't even have Alarms and that alone is the deterrent So I mean yeah there's training you you can Do Um but again you know I don't I I hate To kind of ever like push or something Like that because it's you know It push comes to shove it's probably not Gonna Save your life you know looking at into Other options for protecting yourself is Especially at home Um is probably a better option Okay went back to the initial toilet Training tried classical conditioning Getting feeding him treats on my grass Right all right all gets wet but he Hates squatting on the wet grass Three months training no luck he hates Going on the grass patch when it's Raining Or the grass is wet Okay Um Let me think here three-year-old lap see Those are in the tiled area we've Sectioned Is there any way we could

Swap to Only allowing him to Go on the tile And section off or sorry Only go on the grass and not even allow Access to the tile Is that a possible setup Um I'm curious also when you say try Classical conditioning getting feeding Treats on the wet grass when raining What were we using for that because That's a really good good approach You're definitely on the right to track With that Um Whenever you know if the dog is afraid Of whatever it is whether it's uh sound Whether it's a you know feeling of the Wetness we definitely have the right Approach of trying to turn that into Something positive I'm curious what type Of treats though were you using because Whenever we're dealing with something That essentially it sounds like maybe He's Um Fearful I guess Um we want to make sure we're using Something that's very very high value Regular dog treats are not good enough We want to use things like people food Tiny tiny little pieces of steak of Chicken of hot dogs of cheese it's got

To be something super super high value And this is kind of what I use with Um Tried his normal food yeah so normal Food definitely not good enough and they Move to his liver treats and even liver Treats I don't think are good enough Um What I would also do is kind of Go back to house training some back to House training Basics one of the Rules with how well there's a couple Rules okay so one thing would be almost Treating like a like we're completely House training them so we would have him On a leash and taking them out you know Every hour to that specific area to the Grass Um to try to encourage him to go to the Bathroom there and one of the things I Do with puppies When we're house training them is every Time they go to the bathroom Um we don't reinforce them one time we Give them a jackpot basically so when They go to the bathroom on the right Area they get one treat two treats three Treats every single time and the only Time they get this three these three Treats in a row is for house training Um So one idea would be that we limit his Access to Um basically the whole

The whole outside area Um You know I don't know if he's I say um He said he stays outside though huh Yeah so see if we go this route we need To put him in and make it so he doesn't Have free access outside Um and it's reliant on you taking him Out on the leash and only to the grass Or we need to actually section off the Tiled area and when he does the outside He only has access to the grass That's probably the best way to go about It is only allow you to go on the grass And then every time you can actually Catch him doing like I said this um Doing the three treats thing where we're Really reinforcing them again it has to Be something very very very high value Normal normal food and and you know dog Liver treats those really aren't good Enough we really want him to see that You know only the best stuff happens Um The fact it's been going on for Three months is quite long to be honest Um here's an older dog you know Sometimes older dogs do take a little Bit longer than like we have a little Eight week old puppy we're trying to House train at three years they Definitely can go Um Take a little bit more time a little bit

More patience to You know Actually Change your behavior uh Kelsey says Message retract I don't know if you Wanted to ask something Um I didn't see what What you typed there Um I'm really thinking about training tyke As a service dog like if I can't breathe Or if I pass out Um I can give her some commands can you Give me some tips What What is it specifically you would want Her to do I mean If you're passed out you're passed out Right so that's going to be you can't Really give her any tell her what to do In that situation Um Service dogs you know like I can't got Saying before it's a very general Um term right service dogs can be from You know emotional support animals Service dogs can be from seizure Detection animals to seeing eye dogs Um So we kind of have to to think about Specifically what it is as far as you Know if you can't breathe or pass out I'm not sure

What commands in that situation Is going to be You know able to help you save you Um Thanks I'll give it a go yeah I think Southwest Um If we can try to just just block off the I keep I keep having trying to reread This because I keep getting the grass Mentality area confused she doesn't like To go on the grass so if we block off The tile and only allow the dog on the Grass then yeah I think that would Probably be the first step and then Doing trying to do the big big Reinforcement with the uh with the three Treats would Also be Pretty good to get started Um One of the uh things that has gotten Really popular nowadays is you know just Having dogs that are you know Uh People call them service dogs Um that are like emotional support Animals you know where people can take The dog anywhere they take them to the Grocery store on the airplane wherever Um And like that for example you know uh There's no official training for for

That it's just uh you know having a dog Around it's supposed to help you make You feel better right give you less Anxiety or whatever it is Um So service dogs it really kind of comes Down to you know Like like true true service dogs it's Probably not something you're going to Be able to train Yourself you know like dogs that are Seeing eye dogs for example they get Started they get like strict strict Strict training socialization from the Time they are four to five weeks old Um So yeah Kelsey I don't know really if You're still around let me know what Your Like if you have an idea about certain Commands or something like a little bit More about what what you would want to Happen in that situation Um But just reading that it's kind of hard For me to Think of anything off the top of my head As far as like What you could do in that situation to You know Help or train your dog to do to do Something I had a few comments I wanted to Get to here I'm going to catch up I'll

Make sure I introduce questions first Um Foreign Okay so I wanted to answer this question From Stacy about her pit bull Um she said I have a two-year-old Um or hello I have a two-year-old male Pitbull he is extremely attached to me My husband will try to get him off the Couch or bed away from me he will growl And become aggressive any ideas So anytime we have a dog who Um is on let's talk about the furniture Park first on the couch or bed we never Want to try to force them Um force them off grabbing the collar And pulling them off and yelling at them And you know Things of that nature are never going to Go well anytime that you use force on a Dog you teach a dog to basically use Force back on you and that it's okay to To control things and get what you want That way Um One command that I actually need to make A video on this I just realized I don't Have a video on how to do this Um I need to make one The the best way to one command that we Should that all dogs need to know is an Off command for when they're on Furniture Um whether they're on the bed whether on

The couch off is just what it sounds Like get off and the best way to do this Is actually to just lure them if you Know I if there was somebody on on the Couch and the dog would see next to me I Want to get him off and I don't want the Dog growling at me and being becoming Aggressive Um or anything like that all I do is I Take a treat right in front of the dog's Nose I wave it the dog goes oh looks Pretty good and I just throw the treat Off the ground Or onto the ground the second that tree Hits the ground the dog's gonna jump to Go off to go after it when the dogs uh Feet hit the ground I say to the dog Whatever his name is off and they pick Up the treat And then I would actually put a I would Actually put going up on the bed going Up on the couch on command as well I Would take another treat and I would Rest it on the couch on the bed whatever It is Dog jumps up to get it up or on or go to Your bed or up on the couch whatever Words phrases you want to use Um And then we do it again treat right in Front of the dog's nose dog we throw it On the ground they jump off off and you Do that for a while and then you know After a week or two we test it the dog

Is on the couch and we go to the dog Dog's name off and we'll see what they Do if they jump off great then we reward The behavior we give them a treat after They've already jumped off because They've listened and we we want to Reinforce that Um and if they don't do it then we go Back to luring and we go back to Practicing the easy way for for a while Um this is probably the safest way to It is the safest way to get dogs off a Couch to get dogs off the bed who are Aggressive who are growling Um it sounds like you know dogs can Definitely uh resource guard people We talk about research guarding a lot of Time we think about it only as food Only as you know toys usually food is The biggest one when you say dog guards First thing it kind of comes to people's Mind is the food bowl right you go to The food and your hand goes near to take The food away Um Dog growls and then doctors divide and Protect it but dogs can also resource Guard people and I will I need I'll link For you Stacy if you catch this on the Replay here Um A I have a full video on Resource guarding I will link right dog And you can actually use a lot of the

Same stuff here Um Okay For yourself I kind of talk in the video about doing Resource guarding with food bowls [Music] Um And other objects but See if I can type here I can't type and Talk at the same time and spell resource Party Um you can use the same the same Principles and same ideas For people you can actually use it for Anything So I'll link in the chat and maybe You'll see this hopefully when you if You catch the replay guide Um yeah Take a look at that one catch up on the Other what else was somebody asking About here Um Somebody's asked Jean-Pierre says hi There my dog boy poops with his leg up As if he pees and usually looks for a Tall Bush to do it that is a Uh interesting technique Most dogs don't raise their legs to poop Only to pee Um Let's see here Okay I did this one Andreas is

Just going through comments here Um I think I caught up on most of them Yesterday but then People were asking questions I think I Got distracted answering and then I Forgot where I left off I want to make Sure that anybody that catches uh Doesn't see the lives and then leaves Comments On the replays that I'm Answering the questions Um Okay I don't think I read I did this one Yesterday Uh so Cass totally agree the walk is for The dog the lock was for my benefit it Would be from shop window to shop window Takes time to teach difference between Your walk and my walk there has to be Patient and not pool or wine whilst I Look in shop Windows just like my Husband yeah Um so there's definitely times where you Can take a dog out so this is what I was Kind of talking about at the start of uh Today when I was going over that little Guide about you know mistakes people Make with dogs with training and and the Whole walking thing about dogs the puppy Should always walk to your side and I Was saying you know let the dog walk Wherever for their benefit Um But that and that's true for when we're

Taking the dog out for Themselves If you're gonna there's gonna be times In life where you have your dog and you You want to take your dog out Um You're going out to do something right And you're just taking the dog along to Come along to keep you company you're Out on a walk for your benefit and When you're out on a walk for your Benefit that's when that's when it's Okay to you know yeah then we got to Keep moving we can you know pull the dog And the dog has to keep up with keep up With us rather than us dictate what you Know Um As the dog has to go with our Pace at The walk rather than allowing the dog to Dictate the pace of the walk-in us just Kind of letting him Letting him do whatever whatever it Takes Um question my Pit Boxer is very strong 90 pounds and I've tried a harness when He was six months to one and a half Years doesn't work using a prong collar For walking only and it does work better Because of covid we don't get out Um how can I keep him socialized again People pets dogs cars loud sounds yeah So a couple thoughts the first thing is That you got to make sure that we have

The right type of harness there are Certain harnesses that will actually Allow a dog to pull even more any kind Of harness that hooks onto the back of The dogs Um Shoulder on their back in between their Front two legs actually allows a dog to Pull more if we have the kind of harness Where it hooks on the dog's chest Doggles to pull and they get turned Sideways that kind of harness it's Physically impossible for a dog to pull So I if the kind of harness you had Wasn't working I would make sure that we Actually have the you know right kind of Harness number one Number two Yeah re-socializing is very important It's happened to laws with covid people Couldn't get their dogs out Um and Yeah dogs definitely are going to lose Socialization over the with all the Lockdowns and things Um that's is a very big problem so we Kind of just have to approach it as we Would an eight week old puppy all over Again taking them out going slow just Just exposing them to the world getting Them used to everything and getting them Used to to it in a way that Um is positive and that makes the dog You know

Uh well socialization is exposing the Dog to something nothing bad happens That's it and the problem with trying to Socialize a dog Um With a prong collar Is this Is we have a dog on the prank call a Prong collar actually is going to hurt Socialization it's going to slow down a Lot and it actually has a very high Chance of making the dog become more Fearful more aggressive right so here's What happens we have the dog and we're Taking him out for a walk Dogs dog is on the prong call okay It's nice and loose because the dog is Just calm walking along the dog sees People and what does the dog do because He wants to go say hi he's excited he Pulls what happens when he pulls he gets Choked prongs going to the dog's neck Um Then we're walking along again walking Along again it's nice and loose you see Some children he gets excited he pulls Right again pain We're walking along walking along and he Sees a dog more pain The problem with choke chains and prong Collars is Whenever the dog pulls and they get that Correction they get that pain because That's what it is that's that's why it

Works that's why it stops them from Pulling because it hurts Um they can associate that pain with Whatever it is they're looking at So if over time every single time they See children they Get that pain right pretty soon they Start to go hey you know every time These little little uh kids come around Something really bad happens I my neck starts hurting something these Kids are are not good these kids Actually are the ones causing this Discomfort this pain In my neck Um so I think I probably should be you Know make myself seem big and scary Started barking started growling when I See children Um to keep them away Because every time I see him bad things Happen so prong callers can actually Have Have the opposite effect where they can Start to cause aggression start to cause Um you know hurt socialization as a Matter of fact so yeah I would say that You know getting a uh no pull harness The type of harness where the leash Hooks on the chest would be the first Step Um and that alone just swapping from a Prong collar to a harness actually Can make a huge huge difference

Um even if you do nothing else because We just no longer have that that pain Or any more Um negative you know Negative associations Um Let's see here what else we got My dog is a rescue dog he's aggressive With food after I put it in his bowl So if some food drops outside his bowl While he's standing there I can't reach Down to pick it up he growls yeah so any Dog that is like protective over food Bowls does have resource guarding for That a really really important thing to One exercise that you can do that will Start to help a lot is actually feeding Dogs their entire meals By hand We don't even leave a food bowl down Anymore Um we see them on schedule right twice a Day and we feed them their entire Meals By hand One kibble at a time or you can do you Know three to four cables at a time Um But starting to Teach the dog that you know hands coming Into our food is a good thing and then Once you know you've done that for a few Weeks kind of the next step to to go About doing is To the food bowl so the food bowl will

Go down and I would drop a treat into The dog's bowl one by one Um and then kind of progressing from There but the very first step with any Kind of dog that is Has any kind of food bowl Um aggression resource guarding would be To do that See here keep going Um See Hey Okay uh my dog play my dog's play too Rough I can't catch them when they're Off leash so most of the time I separate Them for exercise Um Whenever people say their dogs play too Rough I always question them and ask Um you know what is your what are the Signs that your dogs are playing trough What makes you think that your dogs are Playing too rough Because oftentimes what We think as humans is You know dog play that is to rock that's Not great Um it's actually perfectly normal Healthy dog play Um in dog world so in dog world dogs Growling and biting and barking at each Other Um humping chasing all those things are Perfectly normal and you know acceptable

Behaviors Um Yeah So we always want to keep that in mind Whenever dogs are playing and one dog Gets too rough or another dog that needs A break wants to stop the Number one way we know that is that one Dog is being the aggressor the other dog Is the one kind of getting Bullied so lack of better words Um The one that's getting bullied well yep Really high pitch loud Yelp and in dog World that's the Dog's way of saying hey I don't like This stop I've had enough give me a Break leave me alone Um And normally dogs will get that normally The dog that's going after the other one Will back off and go okay that's sorry Sorry I Too rough right Very rarely do we actually need to step In it and even they might Yelp a bit and They might snarl and growl and kind of Get into it a bit more after that but 99 of the time if you just let Let It Go They will will work it out Um and you kind of have to look at the History as well if There's the dogs have a history of you Know breaking skin of actually hurting

Each other of it starts off as play then It gets too often they actually hurt Each other Then we have then then yeah then we need To do something then we need to step in Then we need to be working then it's Definitely become too too much but A lot of the time when we think that we Have dogs that are Um Too aggressive or are having issues Things like that We we kind of jump in a little bit too Soon And when we do that We we don't we don't we want the dogs to Be able to work stuff out you know dogs Playing getting too rough it's kind of Like humans right sometimes us humans we Will Get into scuffles and get into fights And you know that's just that's just Kind of part of part of being humans Part of having interactions Um and it goes the same thing with dogs So what I would say is is that if you're You know seeing the dogs Do that one of them is letting out that High-pitched Yelp the other one is not Backing off if they've ever you know Gotten drawn blood Um then Then that would be the time to step in Yeah

Um so that's all the comments I looks Like the last one I I haven't gone over Or answered Um Very quiet today but that's okay let's Say Sunday Yep so maybe I will Wait a little bit otherwise maybe I'll Just call it for today a little short Stream I might maybe I'll try to do Another one later tonight Um Remember this is the first I think is This the first Sunday I've done this No Um hey Jay what could be a best Probiotic for Yorkie I was about to give Her the brand zestypaws but I heard Those products have that has palm oil Can be dangerous Um I think let's take a look I don't Have one off the top of my head that I Could just Tell ya and recommend but let's have a Look and see what we can find Uh give me one second here I'll pull up My Desktop and we can have alerts to look Probiotics Probably something that is natural Organic would be good something made in USA Dog probiotics there is one brand That I used to use let's see if I can Find it's been like two three years

Um What was it called Let's see I haven't heard anything about palm oil That one is a new one for me Um zesty pause let me look this up real Quick zesty pause probiotics Let's start here and see Is it made by Nature event wait No Um Is there one of these that you're doing These soft shoes or Which one is it that you're looking at Maybe just this probiotic the powder Let's see Okay Um oil [Music] What's that you palm oil fruit maybe This is the one you were Looking at pumpkin Rosemary It seems like this one would be pretty Good yeah the whole the palm oil thing I Haven't Um Heard about being a problem Where is this guy made USA okay well that's good made in USA That's what we want Um when you see here safety ingredients Were you looking for probiotic just as a Like General use or were you does your Dog have like an actual

Um Problem like a specific stomach problem You were trying to address this one Seems to be perfectly fine I don't see Any Anything too crazy That um what maybe you want to not give This to your dog Um the reason I think she may need Probiotics is because she looks her paws Too much Scratch her ears often no fleas so My take on that would be that that I Don't know if it's the probiotic would Be The Um First thing I would think of I would Consider perhaps there is a food allergy That could be going on food allergies Are very very common with dogs and one Of the things that you'll often see with Dogs when they have a food allergies is Itching especially licking their paws Um and scratching the ears well actually There's two different things here okay Especially licking the pause while we're Talking about licking the pause another Thing I would Um be like thinking about are your dog's Nails uh making sure that the nails are Not overgrown because a dog who's has Nails that are overgrown and they're Walking it becomes very very

Uncomfortable it's actually painful to Them Um and that can be a sign or them Licking their paws can be a sign of that Um Licking the paws I would also make sure That we first are really really uh Checking them out nice right make sure They're you you feel in between all the Pads that there's nothing stuck in Between the pads that the pads aren't Cracked aren't cut Um in yeah in between making sure Nothing is stuck Um as far as the ears go also make sure That you take a look inside the ears see If there's a lot of you know any ear Buildup wax Um growths we want to look for my dog Actually had a uh cancerous growth in His ear when he was four years old Um We want to since there's multiple things Going on there we kind of want to look At at each one Um and if everything there all checks Out they got no fleas then I would I Would consider perhaps maybe there's an Allergy it can be an allergy to food I Don't know if you've switched the food Recently if you've tried new treats There can be just environmental Allergens depending on where you are in The world you know if it's spring and

There's pollen coming out all sorts of Stuff like that Um There's actually an allergy test That your vet can do I don't know how it Works I think it's blood it's dumped Through a blood test that will tell you Every single thing that your dog is Allergic to it's really it's really Pretty amazing actually I did it for Um My cat years ago funny enough found out That my cat's allergic to fish Um who would have thought a cat allergic To fish but that was her having fish was Causing a lot of problems Um I don't so yeah probiotic wouldn't be my First think I would jump to as far as Um Is that going to fix the dog's problem With their paws is that going to fix the Problem with itching the ears um I would Make sure we really check out and rule Out All those other very specific things First Um you know I don't know how long it's Been going on the excess Policking and ear scratching if it's Been over a week two weeks Um probably best to make a little of That appointment just have them check Them out and rule out all those things

That you know I was mentioning um if you do end up Doing the probiotic though I think that When you were looking at was okay I Don't think that was uh Anything anything really wrong with that Um Most vets will sell probiotics you know They have there as well so you can Always get get whatever the vet has In the office I used to use a little Powder just the Purina Flora Flora Something let me see Purina probiotic Flora Flora something like this let's See here 40 Flora yeah This one here is a Yeah Purina fortiflora is I'll put a Link to the to it in the chat here and Um This is the one I just have personal Experience using So it's usually the one vets recommend Um So yeah if you want a different one you Don't want to go with that one you're Worried about the palm oil actually I Guess I should probably check I don't Think this one has palm oil let me Double Double check here I don't believe it Does uh no I don't see any palm oil in It

So that would be Another option for you if you're in the Market for a probiotic all right All right I will wait about 30 seconds Here a minute or so if you uh have any Other questions or anybody else Gets any questions and wants to pop in I used a new thumbnail for my image for My stream today and I'm wondering I'm Curious if that's why uh things have Been so low maybe people don't Uh Recognize my thing my my stream because I've been using the same image for so Long of My big old face and now my face is Missing So I wonder if maybe that's Effectiveness today because this is the This is actually lower today than I had The first day I was streaming But that's okay it's a good test you'll Learn what to do what not to do All right well People who did stop by today not too Many but that's all right thanks for Coming by and asking questions anybody On the replay thanks for watching and uh We'll try tomorrow and see how Tomorrow's stream goes Have a good day