Addressing dog training, problems too soon

By | January 8, 2023

Many trainers start by addressing the dog’s behavioral problems day one. I do not. The trust and relationship comes first, then the problems are easy to face

All right what's going on guys So today I took Dell for the first time To the dog park outside the dog park and Out to see some cows if you remember the Main reason she came to me from Florida Was uh she would lose control around Cows and horses and dogs out on a walk I Guess on a leash all a lot of very Normal stuff right That was the main reason why she came Here they couldn't control her in those Situations Um and I guess they're surrounded by That stuff where they live So Dell uh dell Daisy has been here for 17 days now and this is the first time I Exposed her to that stuff okay very First time What a lot of people tend to do Especially young trainers and I get sent Videos every day of these same types of Problems and I think it's the one of the Biggest mistakes you can make as a Trainer The dog comes to someone for a specific Problem and immediately people put the Dog in that situation and tried to start Correcting it out of the dog through Punishment or bribery with food either Way both sides of the spectrum right It is in my opinion such a very very Wrong Way to approach it and has an incredibly High failure rate

Okay So with Daisy you guys have seen from The start I don't believe those were her Biggest issues her biggest issues were She was scared of everything right very Insecure shut down she had a very bad E-collar experience Um The owners didn't know any better they Didn't do anything purposely to try to Harm the dog but it was a very bad Experience for the dog so I had to Change the mindset with that so you guys Have seen all this from day one right And she's doing really really well So today was the first day I took her Out to expose her to those things she Really struggles with dogs while out on A leash and the cows right so I put her On a 50-foot line we went to the park And we just went and had a good time had A very good time And the only thing I was going to work On today was recalling her away from Those things that she struggles with Okay now for one I always tell people if You build the foundation build the Relationship get the trust from the dog Build the communication system You have to have that Foundation there Once you have that then when you expose The dog to the issues it has The reason they're with you usually one Of two things happens

Either the bad behavior is completely Gone or it's so mild that when they give It to you it's so easy to stop you know It's literally just saying knock that Off I don't like that and the dog Understands what you want because you Already built that in to what you two Have together and that's exactly what Happened today So when I got Daisy out put her on a 50-foot line and just let her run around I didn't even recall her until she was Focused on some dogs playing ball and Barking at her and when I called her She immediately hesitated she did not Come right away Right because this is brand new and now She's into this on the flip side she Didn't freak out when she saw a dog she Was normal but now she was just Interested I knew she would Hesitate or be slow on her recall or you Know kind of give me the middle finger At least once today and I was hoping so Because this is where I start proofing Stuff now and I need her to make those Mistakes that's the stage we're at right So that very first recall I gave her When she was running around you know Fairly close to the fence and dogs are Playing ball and running around as a Daisy come she didn't come immediately I Didn't wait and ask a second time I

Immediately Tap that e-collar On a on a very aversive level to her Remember she's a very soft sensitive dog Right on a very aversive level now Everyone's going to say what number what Not everyone cares about the damn number I'll tell you exactly where it was at it Was on a 35 on a mini educator she's a Super soft sensitive dog right that is Very sensitive to single digits I went there prepared for her to do that I'm not looking for levels I'm not Looking for the lowest level that's Working in that situation I want to make Sure that I can reinforce what she knows And it has to be aversive enough that She wants to avoid it the next time okay Very simple so she's never felt the E-collar to that level and the funny Thing was when I did that she jumped Pretty good and came flying back As happy as could be Right hair blowing in the wind like a Young Beyonce Not down in the dumps Tail going I praise her good job free Dog she went about running running Around not scared of anything I did that Two times today I probably recalled her 15 16 times at the park and two times I Did the same thing with the cows I had To do it one time right Same situation same exact thing I just

Waited for her to give me just the Slight hesitation because I have to let Her know when I call you you have to Come to me that's it so before we could Ever completely get rid of the leash We have to know that she understands How to escape the negative reinforcement But more importantly we want her to know How to avoid it And that's what I taught her from this Taught her from the start right very Simple no different than any other dog T Teach the dog how to escape the negative Reinforcement Where it's very clear and not so Aversive that's where I'm using the Lower levels teach them how to escape it Every way possible So later on they understand completely How to avoid it now because I put her in The situation where she's most fired up And she blew me off a couple of times Now for many people Because they live by the definitions of The four quadrants And I added the aversive after she Didn't respond to many people that's Going to be considered punishment And that's why if you live by the Definitions of the quadrants you're Always going to struggle Okay Still negative reinforcement I gave her the opportunity to escape it

Which she did immediately Right Escape avoidance training that Simple And until people start to understand the Difference between negative Reinforcement and actual punishment I Never had to punish her You're going to struggle All right So again young trainers you get a dog That comes in with behavioral problems Don't put them in that situation day one Build something with that dog first Allow that dog to trust you and give a about who you are and lay that Foundation solid then everything is Usually very easy to get rid of okay Peace